Top 10 best professional hair colors by reviews

Every year a new fashion for hair color changes and creates, many dyeing techniques appear that make women experiment with their image. In order for the procedure to be safe, as well as produce an effect, it is necessary to choose the best hair dye with a good composition and consistency. They will protect the curls from brittleness, cross-section, other damage, give them the perfect color.

Hair dye, which company is better to choose

Professional paint for dyeing curl is produced by trusted, well-known companies that you need to know about. Brands producing the best hair dyes:

  • Garnier. The manufacturer creates bright, resistant paints that do not spoil curls, gently affect their structure. The brand's product line is as diverse as possible.
  • Londa. A hair cosmetics company that suits women of all ages. The composition of the product is natural, without harmful chemical components.
  • Palette The brand offers various shades of paint that provide intensive care for curls, do not harm their structure. The tool is resistant, practical, safe.
  • Wellaton. The company produces a line of high-quality paint, which stays in strands for a long time, does not lose its color. It seems to be natural, safe ingredients.
  • Estel. A professional brand is used by many beauty salons. It releases resistant paint, which is not absorbed into the scalp, distributed only among the strands.
  • Ollin. The brand produces safe dyeing products that have a long-lasting, natural color. They remain in strands for a long time, preserving their luster and beauty.
  • Irisk The company presents a line of dyes with safe components. During production, oils and vitamins are used.
  • Kapous. The brand produces a high-quality, safe product for hair coloring, which contains no chemical components or parabens.
  • Schwarzkopf. The company produces persistent, beautiful hair dye, presented in different colors. It is safe for curls, does not provoke their loss.
  • L’oreal. The brand represents cosmetics for coloring, which has only a natural composition. The tool is quickly absorbed into the hair, guarantees a good effect.

No. 10 - Cream-paint Estel Professional

Price: 145 rubles

Cream-paint Estel Professional is suitable for coloring and toning hair. A wide palette is available for buyers to choose from, so you can repaint it in almost any color.

Users note that all the colors of the line are very bright and saturated. At the same time, the cost of Estelle paint is at a wave of an acceptable level. Such a choice will be especially successful if you want to get a bright color. You do not even need to pre-lighten your hair to achieve the desired result.

According to users, while washing hair a small part of the paint floats and stains the bath.

No. 9 - ESTEL Celebrity

Price: 160 rubles

The same manufacturer has released a line of dyes that helps take care of your hair. It is an ammonia-free paint that contains keratin. You can choose among a large number of shades, most of which are dark. The paint stays firmly on the hair, and it contains avocado oil.

After dyeing, a very deep and saturated hair color is obtained. The paint itself smells nice and is easily washed off the scalp. The hair is given a characteristic shine. It is worth noting that this tool is suitable for repainting, and for painting gray hair. Many customers liked the equipment with which the dyeing process becomes very simple.

If you want to get a really lasting color, you will have to wait half an hour before washing off the paint, and not 10 minutes, as indicated in the instructions.

No. 8 - Kapous Professional Hyaluronic Acid

Continues our rating of professional hair colors manufacturer Capus. He released a paint with a cream texture and panthenol in the composition, which is suitable for persistent staining.

Here you will not find bright and unusual colors. The range includes only standard shades, from dark to light. You can immediately see that this is a professional paint that takes care of the hair, because it becomes soft after use. As for the staining itself, the color falls from the first application and lasts a long time.

The disadvantages include the limited choice. You will not find all color palettes in this line.

No. 7 - L’Oreal Paris Excellence

Price: 241 rubles

The paint from the company Loreal contains the necessary components that help her protect her hair. The composition includes serum, the task of which is to help restore damaged hair.

This paint has a pleasant creamy consistency. She keeps her hair for a long time and does not wash off while washing her hair. Great for anyone with hair problems. Many women like the fact that this paint does not leave a characteristic smell on the hair in the first days after dyeing. The advantages, of course, include a large selection of various colors, of which there are more than thirty in the lineup.

Professional paint requires a professional approach. You have to work hard to apply it correctly and evenly.

No. 6 - Syoss Gloss Sensation

Price: 279 rubles

Another cream-free ammonia-free paint promises consistent tinting for up to 8 weeks. There is also a lamination effect.

This line is perfect for dark hair. Unlike other colors that change only the shade, with this brunette can really radically change the color of her hair, even brighter. It is noted that even after partial washing, the color remains quite saturated. Despite the fact that there is a lamination effect, all the shades in the line are natural. It is worth saying more about such advantages as saving time, because you will not have to lighten up first.

You will not find any unusual shades in Syoss, because they emphasize the naturalness of the paint.

No. 5 - Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal

Price: 438 rubles

Schwarzkopf German hair dye contains collagen and comes in 60 ml tubes. For full staining, you will have to spend 30-45 minutes, depending on the color.

Which paint from our top 10 is best for gray hair? Perhaps this is the ideal option. The manufacturer has specially released a line for mature hair, with it you can paint gray hair in bright and saturated colors. All shades are made as natural as possible, so you can surely return the color that you had before.

Compared with competitors, hair dyeing with this dye takes much more time.

No. 4 - Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Colorsmetique

Price: 498 rubles

The American company Revlon has released a gel-based paint that contains hyaluronic acid.

First of all, it is worth noting the texture of the gel, which many like much more than ordinary liquid. The paint perfectly stains the roots and easily spreads through the hair, without requiring professional application. Users note the resistance and lack of the ability to tarnish a couple of days after staining. We can confidently say that this tool is suitable for any hair, because in the palette there are about a hundred color options.

Not everyone can afford gel paints because of their rather high cost.

# 3 - L’Oreal Professionnel Paint

Price: 550 rubles

Italian L’Oreal Professionnel paint is an excellent option for both tinting and permanent staining.

This paint is suitable for those who like to experiment with their hair color and want to get a lasting effect. User experience suggests that color can last for several months. So re-staining is not yet useful soon.

But there is a negative point - one bundle is not designed for a large volume of hair, most likely, you will have to immediately buy two, and this is not cheap.

No. 2 - Selective Professional

Price: 542 rubles

Selective Professional does not contain ammonia and is used for painting gray hair, toning and simple hair coloring.

This tool has a very rich palette of various colors and shades. Buyers note excellent resistance, it is practically not washed off, the next use is necessary only after the roots regrow. Consumption is very small, one pack is enough with a margin. The color is bright and saturated, and the hair does not deteriorate after dyeing. As for the application, the process is easy, because the paint does not flow.

The only drawbacks are that finding this paint is not as easy as we would like.

No. 1 - BioKap Paint

Price: 732 rubles

The paint from the manufacturer of cosmetics BioKap is used for coloring hair for a long time. The palette contains many bright colors.

According to users, after using this paint, the hair looks healthier and shinier. The quality of this tool is also noted by hairdressers. The ease of use and excellent shading of gray hair are also pleasing. It is not necessary to lighten before use, because the color of the paint overlaps the natural color of the hair. Many people like the consistency, thanks to which the paint is convenient to apply. By the way, the composition does not include any elements with a pungent odor.

Even those who really liked this paint complain of too high a price.

Rating of the best professional hair dyes

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best professional paint premium segment1Redken Chromatics Ultra Rich 1 070 ₽
2MACADAMIA Natural OilCream Color 1 845 ₽
3KydraCreme 875 ₽
4MatrixS ocolor Cult 790 ₽
The best professional paints of the middle price category1Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Absolutes 490 ₽
2Wella Professional sIllumina Color 560 ₽
3Revlon ProfessionalYoung Color Excel 380 ₽
4Selective ProfessionalOligomineral 383 ₽
The best inexpensive professional paints1Kaaral ProfessionalAAA Color Collection / Hair Cream Colorant 180 ₽
2Kapous ProfessionalStudio Professional with Ginseng Extract and Rice Protein 168 ₽
3Estel ProfessionalPrincess Essex 133 ₽
4CONCEPTProfy Touch 315 ₽

Redken Chromatics Ultra Rich

The leader is the professional Chromatics Ultra Rich dyeing agent of the famous brand from the USA. Each shade has been developed based on scientific research. As a result, rare, exclusive tones with magnificent radiance and incredible color depth were presented. The technology of ammonia-free staining allows you to not only gently act on curls. It forms a dye in all layers of the hair, which guarantees a long lasting lasting effect.

Care is carried out by extra proteins. They recognize the cause of damage and quickly fill voids and cracks, making hair smooth, shiny, resistant to all external aggressive influences. The pigment covers any base. Gray hair with 100% loss of melanin acquires an intense color once.

Shades can be mixed together and experimented, getting the boldest tone. The finished composition is odorless, does not cause irritation, does not stain the skin. Both clients and masters are satisfied with the results.

MACADAMIA Natural OilCream Color

The second place in the rating was given to a professional tool that was created by the American developers of MACADAMIA Natural Oil. This is not just paint. It is also a great spa treatment that will provide your hair with a healthy glow and beauty. The composition includes macadamia oil and argan oil. They help the pigment to fix itself as deep as possible in the structure of the hair, preventing its accelerated leaching and burnout.

Hair after the procedure not only receive enhanced care. Floral aroma helps to relax during the procedure. The consistency fits tightly on the strands and does not drain during staining. All shades from the palette can be mixed with each other and create an individual color that is most harmonious for a particular type of woman.

The quality of Oil Cream Color was appreciated on several continents. In 2019, she entered the top ten best hair colors in the United States and is confidently gaining fans in Russia. Those who have already tried it in business left praise and confirmed their desire to use it further.

10th place. Hair dye Wella Professional

The latest and most perfect Koleston Perfect series guarantees a small likelihood of developing allergies (reduced to 60 times). But still, allergy sufferers should be careful, after all, the chemical composition can suddenly shoot.

Manufacturer Specifications

Koleston Perfect dye guarantees a clean, balanced color with a natural sheen and a gentle effect on the structure. The mixing ratio is as simple as possible - 1: 1. The gray hair overlaps 100%, it is possible to lighten to 3 levels.

  • Optimal consistency
  • Gentle coloring
  • Large palette
  • Middle price segment
  • The expected color is not always obtained
  • Quickly rinsed off


  • not detected.

MACADAMIA Natural OilCream Color

The second place in the rating was given to a professional tool that was created by the American developers of MACADAMIA Natural Oil. This is not just paint. It is also a great spa treatment that will provide your hair with a healthy glow and beauty. The composition includes macadamia oil and argan oil. They help the pigment to fix itself as deep as possible in the structure of the hair, preventing its accelerated leaching and burnout.

Hair after the procedure not only receive enhanced care. Floral aroma helps to relax during the procedure. The consistency fits tightly on the strands and does not drain during staining. All shades from the palette can be mixed with each other and create an individual color that is most harmonious for a particular type of woman.

The quality of Oil Cream Color was appreciated on several continents. In 2019, she entered the top ten best hair colors in the United States and is confidently gaining fans in Russia. Those who have already tried it in business left praise and confirmed their desire to use it further.


  • well-balanced composition
  • staining + SPA effect,
  • sparkling, persistent shades
  • delicate floral smell
  • creamy consistency.


  • not detected.


  • 0 points for durability,
  • + 1 point for optimal consistency,
  • +0.5 points for the caring components in the composition,
  • +1 point for a complete painting of gray hair,
  • 0 points for the expected color,
  • +1 point for the absence of a sharp unpleasant odor,
  • +1 point for popularity,
  • +1 point for the cost.

As a result, Wella Professional hair dye gets 5.5 points.

The best budget professional hair dyes

Almost every manufacturer of professional hair dye products offers for sale dyes in three price segments. These are dyes of premium class, middle category and inexpensive products that meet all the declared quality standards, but at the same time have a cost slightly higher than that of household paints. We will introduce you to several, in our opinion, the best representatives of budget brands that will help change the female image without any special material investments.

4 Estel Professional ESSEX

Estel Professional ESSEX is one of the most popular paints for professional use, which is often requested by Russian customers in search engines. Domestic product is distinguished by its affordable cost and very decent quality. In addition, Estel products can be found not only in specialized stores, but also on the shelves of ordinary cosmetic departments.

Many women who have tried the paint of this brand have noted its ability to qualitatively paint over gray hair without overdrying its hair and adding volume and splendor to them. The disadvantages are not the long-lasting effect of the action (on average, the pigment stays on the strands for up to 3 weeks) and a very strong smell of ammonia.Otherwise, the product fully meets all the requirements - it evenly stains, does not irritate the scalp and has a large palette of shades. Only one tube of the substance is included in the package of Estel Professional ESSEX, so you will need to purchase protective gloves and an oxidizing agent separately. The volume of the container with paint is 60 ml.

3 Indola Professional Blonde Expert

The professional permanent dye Blonde Expert is one of the products of the Indola Professional series and is designed specifically for blondes or those who just want to find light hair color. The use of the product makes it possible to experience the modern integrated bonding technology, which is aimed at raising the natural base by 4-5 levels, while significantly reducing the risk of cuticle damage. Highlift and Pastel shades are easy to use and help you choose the color that best suits your needs. The undoubted advantages of paint include the fact that it simultaneously brightens and tones.

Blonde Expert, like most similar beauty products, can cause allergies, so before using it is necessary to check the skin for individual tolerance to the components of the drug. Despite all the efforts of the manufacturers, it is no secret that staining in blond does maximum harm to the hair shaft, so blondes need to pay twice as much attention to the condition of their hair. Professional stylists recommend applying after-care products from the same manufacturer, for example, an Indola Color Leave restoration mask.

2 Keen Color Cream

Persistent German cream-paint Keen Color Cream is able to perfectly emphasize the natural color or completely change the image, coloring the curls in an unusual, bright shade. All the colors presented in the professional series are correctly mixed with each other, so any fashionista will be able to choose exactly the tone that will ideally satisfy her preferences and suit the features of her appearance.

Hairdressers often use Keen's Color Cream in their work, noting excellent color pigmentation, resistance to fading and leaching (up to 2 months), the presence of natural components (milk proteins), as well as the ability to do intensive toning with it (with the addition of oxidizing agent 1 ,9%). The paint is sold in large tubes of 100 ml, which will especially please the owners of long curls, because for their uniform coloring, bottles of standard sizes may not be enough. Judging by the reviews, most customers are satisfied with this tool. In some comments, you can find comments about the difficulty of washing pigment from exposed skin, so when applying should be especially careful.


Premium paint of the famous French brand is on the third line of the rating. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the stability of the pigment is provided by the plant base without the inclusion of ammonia and other chemicals in the formula. The company has rich research experience in studying the healing properties of herbs and flowers. It was thanks to him that he managed to achieve such high results when creating the Kydra Creme series.

The palette is very diverse. It has both calm and creative tones. Many shades are exclusive, and their development belongs to scientists and colorists from France. The composition includes a complex of components that can restore damaged hair in one dyeing procedure.

The consistency of the finished mixture is creamy, well distributed and does not drain. The smell is interesting, pleasant, plant. The paint can even cover coarse gray hair that does not lend itself to chemical agents. It was appreciated by both professional masters and ordinary shoppers. Paint does not cause any difficulties with independent use.

How to choose a dye for gray hair

Gray hair appears when melanin disappears in the hair, allowing the curls to be elastic.She can appear both in 20 years, and in 40 years. Much depends on lifestyle, stress and other factors. If you want to hide unwanted locks, it is important to choose the right paint.

Gray hair is a little thicker than usual, while they are stiff and often naughty. Increased rigidity in turn leads to maximum fragility. That is why it is important to choose the right paint so that it does not do even more harm to the hair. Especially carefully the shade should be chosen for blondes to avoid unnecessary yellowness. We have prepared the main factors to consider when choosing a remedy.

  • The abundance of gray hair. With a small amount of gray hair and a light color of the strands, it is worth focusing on the ashy shades of paint, then the image will be as natural as possible. Dark-haired women can experiment a little and combine their natural shade and toning gray hair with colder tones.
  • Type of gray hair. Soft hair is easily stained, so you can safely purchase cosmetics without ammonia. The stiffer the hair, especially if the “glass” effect is manifested, the more aggressive the composition should be.
  • The presence of ammonia. Means with this ingredient stay on the hair much longer. Without it, the paint is quickly washed off. Note that ammonium salts are the same ammonia when in contact with air, so pay attention to the composition.

In addition, in order to get a really high-quality paint, you should pay attention to the vastness of the palette, the quality of painting, reviews and the composition of the product.

Wella Koleston Perfect - prof. hair dye Vella Coleston, Germany

This is a persistent paint that allows you to get a rich shade. She is the epitome of unrivaled German quality. The palette contains various shades. Natural colors are especially popular, but exclusive shades do not go unnoticed. She is preferred not only by experienced stylists, but also ordinary shoppers.

Rating of hair colors

The rating of permanent hair dye was built taking into account the reviews of women, the opinions of hairdressers, as well as the results of comparative tests among many nominees. All of them gave similar results, with which we can conclude. But, for a more accurate vision of the picture, other characteristics were also taken into account:

After receiving these data, a final conclusion was formed, which allowed us to make a rating of cosmetics for staining strands. All products from the rating are characterized by useful components that do not harm the curls, look after the structure.

Matrix SoColor - hair dye from the Matrix line, USA

This is one of the favorite colorists resistant hair dye that can create rich and rich shades. The desired shade is obtained due to the patented ColorGrip technology. The paint evenly lays on gray hair and retains the resulting color for a long time. The shades already contain a natural base, in addition, dyes adapt to the pigment of the hair. Therefore, the result is always excellent. The chemical formula includes nutritional components that restore the damaged hair structure.

The best inexpensive hair dyes

Not only the durability and beauty of the strands, but also their safety depends on the choice of a quality dye for dyeing. Means should preferably have a natural composition, light consistency, allowing them to be applied to the roots and length in one layer. There is inexpensive cosmetics that allows you to beautifully and efficiently transform the strands, guaranteeing them a lasting result. The rating was based on the results of comparative tests, in which 11 nominees were considered. Of these, 5 agents with a natural composition turned out to be worthy, not having a negative effect on curls or scalp.

1 Kapous Professional

The products of the Russian brand Kapous have proven themselves both in conditions of salon staining and in home use.A professional line includes more than 100 shades, contains a minimum amount of ammonia, is very gentle, but at the same time it effectively dyes hair from the roots to the ends. Despite the fact that this is the cheapest dye in our rating, according to the reviews of hairdressers Kapous Professional is one of the best in its category.

The paint has a thick consistency, which after mixing with the oxide takes a softer, creamier texture. It does not flow, is easily applied and distributed by curls. After application, the hair remains smooth and shiny, there is a slight lamination effect. From natural ingredients, the manufacturer indicated the presence of ginseng extract and rice proteins. Thanks to these components, no negative consequences in the form of split ends or dehydration after application of the product are observed. Color is washed off gradually, without leaving spots and bald spots. The average period of resistance is up to 6-8 weeks.

How to recognize good hair dye

Often you can hear the opinion that a paint that does not contain ammonia is absolutely safe and can not spoil the hair. Unfortunately, this is a myth! Ammonia-free paints are really not so aggressive, but they also have enough hard components that can cause harm. So, choosing a paint, you need to look not so much at the lack of ammonia, but at the presence of essential and natural oils, plant extracts and other useful ingredients that soften the effects of chemical ingredients.

In comparison with paints from the mass market, professional products are more resistant - they fade less in the sun, the color disappears gradually and evenly, and does not wash out after a second or third shampoo. And finally, manufacturers of such paints offer a rich palette of shades from natural to shocking, among which you can easily pick up exactly the tone that you need. In addition, colors within the same ruler can be mixed to obtain a more accurate shade. However, one must be careful here - after all, many brands have colors that are designed solely to dilute other shades and are not suitable for full-fledged coloring. They are called proofreaders or mixtons. And know that, unlike ordinary paints, professional ones require a separate purchase of an oxidizing agent.

And to choose the best among professional paints, our rating will help you, compiled taking into account the opinions of experts and reviews of ordinary users.

Igora Royal (Igora) - prof. paint from the producer Schwarzkopf (Schwarzkopf), Germany

Designed specifically for permanent staining. Thanks to a specially developed formula, the paint does not flow and is evenly applied along the entire length of the hair. Despite the fact that the series belongs to the professional level, it is readily bought for home use. The Igora Royal line occupies a leading position in the number of shades, and the presence of mixtons allows you to create unique colors. There is no pungent and unpleasant odor of ammonia. The paint has a light fruity aroma. The composition of the product includes substances that care for hair and various vitamins.

Garnier color naturals

Garnier hair dye has a natural composition that gently affects the entire structure. It is represented by the following components: avocado, olive oil, shea butter. In a complex, these components instantly nourish the strands, making them soft and silky. Persistent color remains on the strands for up to one month, perfectly masks gray hair. Due to its good composition, a protective barrier is always formed around the hairs, which prevents various injuries. Cream-paint is not washed out, it guarantees 100% effect up to 30 days. It is easily divorced with developer milk, applied to the strands with a brush, stains them in 5-10 minutes.


  • Instant dyeing
  • Good composition
  • Durability
  • Bright color,
  • Coloring gray hair.


  • Gives rigidity
  • It starts to wash off from the third week.

Reviews show that in the first week after staining, the paint will not give in to its washing off from the neck, hands and scalp. The procedure should be carried out only in disposable gloves, since ammonia is present in the composition, which negatively affects the skin. When using dark colors of the product, it is important to use an old dark towel in the first procedures of shampooing, since the cream tends to leave its marks for a while.

Matrix Socolor Cult

The fourth place in the ranking is occupied by direct-acting paint, which allows getting the desired shade from one procedure. Incredible colors will appeal to bold, creative women. The palette has juicy yellow, green clover, freshly squeezed orange, fuchsia, turquoise mermaid and many other fashionable tones. Highly concentrated pigment is firmly fixed inside the hair and is retained regardless of exposure to water, detergents and sunlight.

Nourishing natural complex creates protection against all negative factors, improves metabolism, restores lost health after repeated chemical influences. The staining process is pleasant and without complications. The texture means medium density, well kept on curls. The smell is neutral.

High durability is confirmed not only by the test results of the company, but also by ordinary customers. The initial color persists after 40 shampoo applications. According to experts, this is one of the best fashion series presented on the cosmetic market.

The best professional hair dyes with ammonia

The presence of ammonia (or ammonia) in the composition is designed to “loosen” the hair body, allowing the color pigment to penetrate the scaly layer as high quality as possible. Such paints guarantee a more lasting effect, they thoroughly paint over the gray hair, however, they also have a number of drawbacks in the form of a possible skin burn or irritation of the mucosa. If you do not have an allergic reaction to ammonia and you do not plan to dye your hair more than once every 2 months, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the TOP of the best professional paints for long periods of exposure.

Selective Professional- Italian professional paint

This is a professional paint from the Italian brand, which is presented in 100 shades. Provides high-quality staining and obtaining ultramodern colors. The undoubted criterion for paint is color fastness. Permanent paint perfectly paints gray hair. The composition of the series includes caring components that smooth the structure of porous hair.


A means for coloring, which gently acts on the strands, gives them shine and beauty. The product palette is diverse, it allows you to choose a tool not only for coloring, but also for tinting, giving a lighter or darker shade. There is no ammonia in the product, therefore, even with regular use, the strands do not lose their strength, luster, silkiness. The composition contains wax with lipids that care for curls, prevent exposure to negative sunlight. The dye is easily diluted to a homogeneous consistency, does not form lumps, is evenly applied to the roots and the strands themselves. The staining process takes several tens of minutes, guaranteeing the maximum effect.


  • Paints gray hair well
  • Durability
  • Perfect consistency
  • Large palette
  • Moderate smell
  • Low price.


According to reviews, it is clear that hair dye is free of ammonia and other harmful components, so it guarantees a lasting result and safety. The reviews also emphasize that the real color palette is slightly different from the one shown in the picture. Differences are possible in one tone.

3 Farmavita Life Color Plus Professional

Life Color Plus from Farmavita, an Italian brand, is a permanent coloring cream-based paint based on advanced technology designed to minimize the harmful effects of ammonia without losing color intensity. For these purposes, the developers added to the composition of the oligopeptides of the fruit Bertholetia Excelsa (Brazil nut), which are able to invade the hair cuticle and create a protective film on the scalp. Thanks to this process, the epidermis is less affected by chemical treatment, which means that the risk of irritation and inflammation of the skin is reduced. In addition, in the manufacture of paint using pigment with a high degree of dispersion, which reduces the total amount of harmful substances.

The color range consists of 110 wonderful shades. When staining gray hair, the manufacturer promises up to 100% coverage. The hair after the procedure remains light, lively, does not get confused and lends itself well to combing. The drug is sold in brightly colored tubes indicating the tone number. Apparently, in order to save money, the manufacturer printed the instructions for use not on a separate sheet, but inside the cardboard packaging, which immediately reduced the usability of the product. Due to this small flaw, we cannot assign Life Color Plus the status of the best, although this is the most sparing paint in our rating.

Farmavita - Professional Paint, Italy

A sought after Italian brand in the hairdressing environment. Paints based on medicinal plants and plant extracts gently color hair in natural shades. The result is a rich and deep color. “Farmavita” paints have a creamy texture that is evenly applied along the entire length of the hair. The nourishing oils contained in the product reduce the negative effects of chemical elements on the structure of hair and skin.


The line is equipped with many shades, so blondes and brunettes can choose them. The cream contains various oils, vitamins, plant extracts that restore, strengthen curls. Panthenol and keratin are also present in the composition, which additionally soften the locks, penetrate deeply into their structure, and prevent the leaching of color. The whole palette of shades is characterized by high resistance, stored on locks for up to 30 days. The price of Palette is low, so every woman can buy a dye and try its effect.


  • Bright color,
  • Gentle care
  • Color palette,
  • Natural composition
  • Low price.


  • The dye quickly absorbs into the scalp and is difficult to wash.

In the reviews, they talk about the excessive resistance of the cream-paint that appears on the scalp. The color does not wash out on the skin for a long time, it can leave ugly spots. During the procedure, it is necessary to work only with gloves, trying to carefully apply the product on the roots and strands, avoiding getting it on the skin, ears, neck.

2 Lisap LK Anti-Age Creamcolor

Another representative of the Italian beauty industry participating in our TOP is Lisap LK Anti-Age Creamcolor, a dye for dyeing gray hair. The drug was developed taking into account age-related changes, due to which female curls become less elastic, dry out more, become thinner and lose their ability to fully stain. Lisap paint can not only visually improve the appearance of the hairstyle, but also help to cope with this unpleasant situation. Own PHYTO-ENHANCER system provides deep penetration of the active substance even into the most refractory fibers, as a result of which the coloring pigment completely covers the gray hair and provides a long-lasting and lasting effect.

The product has a creamy texture, combines well with an oxidizing agent, quickly rinses off the skin and does not cause a burning sensation in the process. It contains shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut. The palette consists of 16 series, 113 shades and 7 mixtons. Sale of paint in tubes of 100, 75 and 60 ml.

6th place.Hair Dye Syoss

Paint from advertising,) Although not? She has a smaller track record, since it has been spinning on the Russian market not so long ago. Available in almost any store with a cosmetic department. The package contains a complete set for coloring.

Majirel - French hair dye Majirel from Loreal

This is a new development from Loreal. The patented paint formula consists of the microcationic polymer Ionen G and the Incel molecule, so that the coloring does not violate the structure of the hair. Revel Color (color development system) prevents the pigment from being washed out quickly. The creamy paint texture is very easy to apply. Majirel is suitable for those who prefer bright and saturated colors or, on the contrary, restrained, closer to natural shades.


Persistent cream is easily and evenly applied to the strands along the entire length, providing a uniform and deep color. It opens to the maximum on strands, acquiring a slightly different shade than on the packaging. Due to its good composition, the product protects against the negative effects of the sun, perfectly paints over gray hair. After using the cream, the curls become soft, strong, strong. It is enough to apply the product in one layer, smoothly distributing not only along the tips, but also at the base. The product is aged for 10-15 minutes, guaranteeing a beautiful, lasting shade. Even after staining, the strands will look alive, well-groomed and beautiful.


  • High quality,
  • Quick staining
  • Low price,
  • No pungent odor,
  • Economical consumption
  • Care balm.


Reviews of real consumers indicate mainly on the merits of the product, since it really has a natural composition and carefully treats curls. The inconvenience of washing paint from the skin is the problem with most products. To eliminate or minimize it, it is necessary to carry out the procedure with gloves, avoiding getting the product on any skin area.

In the case of stubborn spots on the scalp or neck, you can purchase special means for cleaning paint, which will instantly give the desired effect.

1 Wella Professionals Illumina Color

Professionals Illumina Color is a premium quality cosmetics that combines an amazing long-lasting effect with the most gentle effect. This product was developed on the basis of the latest scientific achievements, as a result of which Wella has released “light-proof” super-resistant paint that can give shine and inner radiance even to strands with an injured structure. Microlight’s patented technology protects the fibers, nourishes the hair and maintains the optimal water balance necessary for a healthy appearance and proper growth.

Users noticed that if you apply Illumina Color in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations, even when dyed in one tone, you can achieve a chic lamination effect that will give your hair a well-groomed and noble shine like after visiting the most expensive salon. Dye with oxide is diluted in a 1-to-1 ratio; the recommended exposure time is from 30 to 40 minutes. The volume of one bottle is 60 ml.

The paint remains on the hair for up to 2 months, gradually reducing the intensity of pigmentation, but leaving behind a uniform coating and a pleasant feeling of delicate care. For such a set of positive characteristics, Wella's Illumina Color deserves to be called the best in a series of professional products that can be successfully applied at home.

Top manufacturers

In 2020, the following companies took leading positions:

  • 1 Estel - this trademark produces domestic professional high-quality hair dye, while the cost of production always remains at a reasonable level. For gray hair, a separate series is provided.
  • 2 L'Oreal is a French brand with factories in different countries. His paints are valued not only for quality, but also for efficiency. There are both safe compounds and cosmetics with ammonia.An extensive palette allows you to choose a shade as close as possible to your natural color.
  • 3 Igora - many hairdressers leave good reviews about the products of this brand. Her paints are in the average price range, being professional cosmetics. The colors are diverse, even on gray hair hold for a long time.
  • 4 Lebel Materia is a Japanese brand that offers women unique paints, they not only effectively paint over gray hair, but also contribute to the restoration of curls. Ammonia is present in the agents, but in a very small amount.
  • 5 Nouvelle - paints from the Italian company are gentle, therefore, provide a soft change in color and painting gray strands. A lot of reviews confirm the high quality of the products and the good composition: the products are enriched with vitamins and plant extracts.

Also credible: Revlon, Kondor, Wella, Cutrin and American Crew.

Inoa - French Ino hair dye from Loreal

Professional paint without ammonia from the famous brand Loreal. It does not have a pungent or unpleasant odor. The basis of the paint is the dye monoethanolamine. A carefully designed paint formula allows you to color the gray hair and even out the color. It does not dry hair and maintains a natural lipid balance. The paint contains protective components that prevent skin irritation and allergic reactions.

Estel celebrity

When deciding which hair dye is best, you can opt for the Estel professional product line. It consists of natural shades, provides maximum shine to a curl, and produces a lamination effect. The composition does not contain ammonia, so the curls even after staining remain fresh, bright and shiny. The lamination effect helps to smooth the structure, gives perfect curls smoothness and silkiness. A professional formula is used by many beauty salons who want to be sure of a complete result and a satisfied smile of the client.


  • Expected Result,
  • Perfectly paints gray hair,
  • No ammonia
  • Low price,
  • Natural ingredients
  • Not a sharp aroma.


  • The hue is quickly washed off
  • Not a quality balm.

Reviews show that the line of cosmetics completely copes with its responsibilities, despite the unstable result. The effect is observed only in the first two weeks, then the dye is gradually washed off, returning the curls to their previous color. All accessories are included to ensure safe and high-quality staining.

Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Absolutes

The voices of stylists and ordinary customers were given to Igora, which was able to conquer everyone with its qualities. She takes an honorable first place in the ranking among medium-price category funds. The Royal Absolutes series presents fashionable shades that can satisfy the most demanding fashionista. It is created for adult hair and is suitable for completely lost natural pigment curls, and for those just starting to turn gray.

Despite the small number of shades, they are so multifaceted and diverse that they amaze the imagination. The presented directions are copper, red, purple, brown. The pigment evenly covers the hair. The hue is smooth, saturated. This is the result of the fact that the formula contains 1/3 more dye than other Igora lines.

The composition includes the Biotin – S complex, specially created for aging hair. It maximally satisfies their need for nutrition and hydration, effectively protects against ultraviolet radiation, the effects of detergents and styling products, thermal appliances.

The best ammonia-free hair dyes

Paints without ammonia belong to the category of semi-permanent - they do not penetrate deep into the hair, but simply envelop it, thereby protecting curls from the harmful effects of chemicals, preserving their structure, health and naturalness.The main disadvantage of such dyes is a rather short-term effect. After 3-4 weeks, you will need to repeat the dyeing procedure again, since by this time the color pigment will almost completely wash off from your hairstyle.

Materia - Japanese paint

It is in a place of honor in the ranking of hair colors. The manufacturer of the paint is the Japanese company Lebel. The tool has unique properties. It provides uniform coloring and protection of hair. Due to the fact that the product contains a minimum percentage of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, the paint has a sparing effect. The high content of color pigments contributes to deep and lasting staining. Lipids and phytosterols are involved in restoring hair structure.

3 Matrix Color Sync

Preparations of the American brand Matrix can be found in almost all the salons of our country, since a large number of various professional products for hair care are produced under the brand name of this company. Cream color-free ammonia paint Color Sync contains the optimal amount of ceramides, allowing you to restore damaged areas, filling the porosity and making the structure of the hair shaft more silky and uniform. This is the best option for staining for girls whose curls are thin or damaged, because in addition to the complex of natural lipids, the composition of the product is additionally enriched with nutrients and protective substances. The dye is excellent for creating new shades on natural hair and can be used for color correction on pigmented ones.

The use of Color Sync will help blonde girls to diversify their look by getting a lasting shade on previously bleached or lightened strands. In combination with other paints of this manufacturer, any color can be tinted, giving the hairstyle a glossy brightness and attractiveness. Recommended for use with Color Sync Activator Cream. The volume of the product is 90 ml.

5th place. Hair dye Igora Schwarzkopf

The dye has existed for more than 50 years, but its formula continues to improve. Keep it up! The brand is famous for its 100% predicted staining result, even with a complex base. And in a specialized training center you can get a full consultation on working with the material.

Keune (Ken) - prof. paint for salons, Holland

The Dutch company producing paints for professional coloring. They are divided into: ammonia, ammonia-free and products for SPA staining. In the Keune palette you can find 107 shades (5 - mixtons and 80 - primary colors). The end result always matches the color palette of hair colors. The paint exudes an unobtrusive aroma and does not irritate the scalp. Silk proteins contained in the basic formula soften curls and make them more obedient.

Ollin professional

Cream paint is created for professional care and maximum care for the strands. Each shade is an exclusive, which in appearance and brilliance can not be compared with any other product. The palette of shades here is different, it starts from black, and ends with light or ashen. Ash hair dye is used often because it gives a natural shine, and in its shade does not at all create the effect of gray hair. The cream contains D-panthenol, sunflower seed extract, wheat proteins and others. They do not dry out the strands, protect from the sun, prolong the effect of staining.


  • Color palette
  • Durability
  • Nutrition,
  • Low price,
  • Good composition.


According to reviews, it is clear that cream-paint really belongs to professional products, completely copes with its duties. After using it for several days, mild dry skin can be observed, requiring hydration. The product does not cause allergic reactions, has a very acceptable smell.

2 Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal

The soft permanent dye without ammonia, produced using the exclusive Schwarzkopf technology, is an innovative product that can radically change the color of hair and restore lipid balance during dyeing. The composition of the paint includes a large number of natural ingredients intended for intensive moisturizing, nourishing and protecting the hair from external factors. The combination of an environmentally friendly extract of grape oil, micro-proteins of oil seeds of moringa, silica and biotin prevents the aging process and makes the hair more elastic and strong.

According to hairdressers, Igora Royal lays well and does not spread during application, does not dry out the scalp, does not cause allergies and guarantees the selected shade. This development of the girl with a light color type was especially appreciated - when repainting blond hair in blond, the paint does not yellow and has excellent pigmentation. With this ammonia-free dye, you can achieve 4-tone clarification. The product has a pleasant floral aroma, is available in 60 ml tubes.

Cutrin - Kutrin professional paints of the SCC-Reflection, Reflection Demi, Reflection Fireworks series, Finland

A popular Finnish paint among hairdressers and stylists. Effectively copes with gray hair. Active substances penetrate deeply into the hair, providing high-quality staining. The composition of the paints includes a caring ingredient - wax of Arctic cranberries. Together with beeswax, it gives hair an attractive shine. The advantage of the paint is that it does not contain preservatives, silicones and ammonia.

Fireworks is not the last in the ranking of hair colors. Extensive color gamut allows you to realize even bold experiments with appearance. Manufacturers used a gentle program in the manufacture of paints. Hair acquires a beautiful shade and at the same time maintain its healthy structure.

Irisk professional

A professional line guarantees lasting results, safety for strands, bright and natural shine. It seems to be a good composition, which includes rice proteins and ginseng extract. Due to the care and moisturizing components, maximum shine and durability are provided, as well as full protection against UV rays. The dye cares for strands, does not dry the skin, gives shine, shine and a healthy look for a long time. The consistency of the cream quickly becomes uniform, is applied with a light layer, is evenly distributed along the entire length of the strands.


  • Variety of palettes,
  • Nutrition,
  • Quick effect
  • Safety for curls,
  • Good price.


The professional line completely copes with its duties, gives shine and radiance to each strand, does not dry out. The staining procedure takes 10-15 minutes, then you can rinse the curls, apply a moisturizing lotion and dry. Reviews show that the cream does not cause allergic reactions, is well tolerated even by vulnerable skin.

1 L'Oreal Professionnel Diarichesse

Diarichesse paint from the legendary French company L'Oreal scored the most positive reviews both from aces of hairdressing and from ordinary women who made their own coloring. Using this alkaline dye “tone-on-tone”, you can easily get rid of the first gray hair and give natural hair a more saturated natural shade with a pleasant shine, noticeable even on an originally dark base. A well-thought-out formula allows you to lighten up to 1.5 and darken as much as 4 tones. The coating ideally lays on previously painted locks, does not leave the impression of overgrown roots and is suitable for processing particularly sensitive and damaged curls.

The L'Oreal Professionnel Diarichesse palette contains a large selection of dairy, ash, beige, brown, red, plum and copper colors in warm and cold colors, which are constantly updated and updated with new ones.The paint does not wash off for a long time, as the pigments penetrate deep into the hair and appear from the inside, fixing the effect for a long time. The volume of the tube is 50 ml.

Wella Professional sIllumina Color

The second place in the ranking is in the innovative paint, recently introduced by the German brand Wella. It gives you the opportunity to get a clean and radiant shade regardless of the lighting with an exact match in tone. A lasting result appears on any type of hair. The tool is suitable for natural, and for dyed, and for gray curls. It provides even coverage after the first treatment.

The recipe includes an innovative development of the company - the Microlight complex. Now the coloring takes place without stress for the hair, and the pigment is fixed even stronger. During the procedure and for a long time after it, the caring composition actively works, providing the necessary amount of moisture and nutrients. The hair is enveloped with a special composition that smooths the scales, giving smoothness even to porous, dry strands.

The paint has no smell at all, therefore it is perfectly tolerated by girls with a sensitive sense of smell. According to reviews, the colors really turn out to be shining, deep. Natural shades and tones of the blond not only sparkle in the sun, but also under artificial lighting.

1. Elgon Moda & Styling

Permanent paint, which is resistant. If you use it with a special shampoo against yellowness, the result will be even better. She is able to turn you from a brunette into a blonde, giving your hair a beautiful shade (with preliminary lightening). But even after a hard effect on the curls after dyeing, the hair shines and remains soft.

CHI - Professional Salon Paints, USA

Belongs to an ammonia-free series of paints. The manufacturer of the products is Farouk Systems Group .. In the color palette you can find natural, ashy, copper shades. Ion paint is suitable for coloring gray hair. Despite the fact that the paint does not include ammonia, it is able to lighten curls up to 12 tones. Hair coloring occurs due to the wave of a long infrared spectrum, raising the scales for the penetration of the pigment.

Video: CHI Hair Coloring

4th place. Kapous Hair Dye

Since 2001, the brand has been successfully developing hair products, including dyes. Today there are several collections: with hyaluronic acid, with ginseng extract and rice proteins and without ammonium. All of them equally provide a high-quality staining result.

The best gray hair dye for men

Men's hair is denser and thicker, so caring for them has its own characteristics. Paints for the stronger sex have a natural palette, include taurine and caffeine, which provide tonic curls and regulate the production of sebum. You can choose a tint shampoo or paint, the latter can be with or without ammonia. The main thing is to choose a tone close to the native color.

Estel De Luxe - Estel professional paints, Russia

Included in the line of professional paints. They were developed by the famous Russian company Unicosmetik LLC. The paint perfectly dyes hair, gives a uniform color and healthy shine. Thanks to the unique formula, the paint perfectly paints gray hair. The creamy texture is evenly distributed throughout the hair and does not flow. The dye contains a flickering pigment. Additional protection for curls provides a caring emulsion. It is based on vitamins, chestnut extract and chitosan.

Kydra - paints for professional use, France

This is a line of gentle hair dye from a French cosmetic manufacturer. The uniqueness of the product is that its formula contains a minimum percentage of ammonia and other chemical elements of aggressive action. The composition is enriched with natural components that reduce the negative impact of chemical components and create an invisible protective film.The color palette consists of 66 relevant shades, ranging from natural to exclusive. Perfectly paints over gray hair.

L’oreal Professionnel Inoa ODS2

The dye from the Loreal brand consists of safe natural components without ammonia. It is enriched with oils that activate the staining effect, are safe for the scalp, and help maintain natural shine and radiance. Due to the unique form, you can get a beautiful shade without damaging the structure, without causing burning or irritation. The dye has a creamy consistency, which is easily applied to the strands, quickly absorbed, and guarantees gentle care. Affordable price, it can be used not only in hairdressing salons.


  • Many shades
  • Useful components
  • Ease of application
  • Good texture
  • It does not cause allergies.


Reviews show that Loreal hair dye provides gentle care, does not injure strands, and enriches with useful components. It perfectly colors gray hair without creating the effect of visibility. Affordable price allows you to use the dye regularly, providing curls with a lively and natural look.

Revlon ProfessionalYoung Color Excel

High-quality professional paint from a well-known manufacturer Revlon is located on the third line of the rating. In its composition, ammonia is completely absent. A special formula allows you to achieve consistent coloring tone on tone. The series palette is represented by warm, cold, natural and ultra-intense shades. Innovative color preservation technology helps to feel comfortable even after 2 months after the procedure.

The pigment retains intensity after prolonged exposure to the sun and frequent washing of hair. The boundaries between regrown roots and colored curls are fuzzy, blurry. The nutritional complex is created from collagen, cationic polymers and wheat proteins. This combination of ingredients provides a powerful regenerative effect.

After dyeing, even very damaged and dull hair is leveled, begin to shine and look like after expensive treatment procedures in the salon. According to the girls, the paint is ideal for use at home. Due to the exact hit in color, the result is equal to expectations.

What hair dye is better to buy

You need to dye curls only with those dyes that consist of natural components, do not harm the structure, do not dry. Dyes of the professional line are suitable for curls of any length, quickly transform their shade, give a lively shine and beauty. Experts from the entire list identify the following nominees:

  • Kapous Professional is a professional cream paint.
  • Estel Celebrity is a low cost lamination dye.
  • Wellaton is a persistent dye with natural ingredients.
  • Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal - a professional cream paint for nutrition.
  • Irisk Professional is a dye with a large selection of colors.

Creams should consist of natural ingredients, do not cause burning and allergies. The rating of the best hair dyes allows you to choose a good version of the product, suitable for any hair structure.

1. American Crew Precision Blend

Good paint, which is presented in 4 shades. It lacks ammonia, which allows you to use the product often enough and not harm the hair. With the help of the presented shades, you can both tint the gray hair completely, and emphasize its nobleness, getting rid of the yellow undertone.

The best sparing paints without ammonia for gray hair

Paints without ammonia appeared not so long ago, they are considered safe and gentle, therefore they are recommended by leading stylists. It should be understood that ammonia is replaced by other substances. It is important that these are not derivatives of the harmful component. The best technology is paint transfer using the ODS method (using oil). It not only does not harm the hair, but also cares for it, making it softer and shinier.

Selective ProfessionalOligomineral

The fourth place in the ranking is occupied by Italian paint, which provides uniform shading of gray hair and allows you to get the desired shade with any base. There are 72 of them in the palette. These are intense, juicy, “tasty” tones from natural to creative. They are washed very slowly and do not fade in the sun. Thanks to the oligomineral substances included in the composition, the process of cell renewal takes place, which leads to a complete restoration of the hair structure.

Natural krambe oil saturates with nutrients. It has an intense conditioning effect. Collagen retains moisture, protects against the harmful effects of natural factors and styling devices. The complex also includes mineral salts and beeswax. Hair heals, becomes obedient and fit into any hairstyle.

A creamy consistency facilitates the procedure. The mixture evenly lays down, does not drain, does not stain the skin. All women interviewed confirmed that Oligomineral deserves special attention. With it, you can do both permanent and semi-permanent staining without harm to curls.

Goldwell - Professional Hair Coloring Product

The growing popularity of Goldwell paint has won the trust of many hailr masters. The product is professional, requiring training. There are three types of paint in the line: ammonia-free, resistant, tinting. Production Germany. More than 100 shades allow to realize any fantasy of the client.

1. Keratincolor BBCOS Zero Ammonia

One of the best ammonia-free paints in Europe, which is praised by most customers. The composition is enriched with flax seed oil and keratin, which makes the curls softer. After staining, the strands do not get confused and do not dry out. There are many colors, so you can create any image.

Hair-dye Loreal Preference, Loreal Preference, France

Liquid cream paint provides a lasting effect. Completely paints over gray hair. The color palette pleases with a variety of shades, it includes 45 fashionable and relevant colors. In order to restore the damaged hair structure after dyeing, the manufacturer added a special balm based on natural components.

4. Igora Royal Absolutes

Professional resistant paint that anyone can purchase. It is inexpensive, but gives a good result. Users note a complete shading of gray hair regardless of quantity, although they indicate a not too high shade duration. It is washed gradually, so the curls look neat.

Garnier Color naturals, Garnier Color Naturals, France

High quality cream paint contains three valuable ingredients: avocado oil, shea butter and olive oil. The creamy texture is easy to use. Paint does not flow during the painting process. There is no harsh, unpleasant odor of ammonia. Thanks to a specially developed formula, the paint is able to effectively paint over gray hair.

3. Nouvelle Hair Color

The paint not only paints the gray hair well, but also more effectively transforms the roots compared to other means. Even with long roots after staining, they do not differ from the main length. The thick consistency does not allow the composition to flow, and you can use it even at home. Hair after washing, as if processed with a balsam and in no case is not overdried.

Kaaral ProfessionalAAA Color Collection / Hair Cream Colorant

Color saturation persists for up to 6 weeks, then gradually fades without sharp boundaries at the roots. The palette is quite rich. Here you can choose both classic and fashionable shades. They were created taking into account the wishes of Russian masters and, despite their low cost, have an international certificate of quality.

The reduction in price was not due to deterioration of the coloring composition, but to a change in the formula of the conditioning base, which included fewer components compared to the luxury and business class lines. Its basis is an extract of tea and aloe vera, which also well restore and improve the condition of curls.

Anthocyanin Second Edition, Anthocyan - new paint with bright colors and lamination effect, Korea

Anthocyanin is a high-quality paint from a Korean manufacturer. The basis of the product is a compound of plant extracts. They contribute to rich and vibrant hues. The color palette consists not only of creative shades, but also of natural dark colors. It has an unobtrusive floral aroma.


This product was not in vain in the ranking of the best, since it is one of the most popular. Professional coloring at home is ensured by the quality of the products. Paint can be used not only for tinting, but also for easy lightening. Gray hair is painted over without any problems, and the shades delight with its variety.

Faberlic Krasa - cream-paint Faberlic of the Russian-French company Faberlic

Permanent cream paint, which will help to renew the image without harm to the hair. The resulting shades correspond to the palette. It lasts a very long time, does not fade and does not wash off. The active components of paints are amla oil and arginine. Due to these components, curls acquire unsurpassed softness. The paint contains no harmful chemical component of PDD, which is often the cause of allergic reactions.

1. Cutrin SCC Reflection

In TOP-12, this permanent paint was not accidental, because the list of good reviews about it is very long. She is chosen not only because she effectively removes gray hairs, but also for her ability to eliminate an unwanted yellow tint. Dark colors look rich and noble, keep for a long time on the hair, even with frequent washing of the head.

Casting Creme Gloss– hair dye Casting, L ’Oreal, France

Hair dye with a unique formula without ammonia. Thanks to its gentle composition, it does not cause irritation, does not pinch when stained and provides a uniform color. The color palette is represented by 28 shades. Here you can choose natural and extreme colors. The paint does not have an unpleasant, pungent odor. Pleasant texture provides easy application to the hair. To restore the hair structure, the manufacturer developed a special balm based on royal jelly.

Kapous ProfessionalStudio Professional with Ginseng Extract and Rice Protein

On the second line of the rating is a coloring series developed in the Kapous laboratory. It is created from natural ingredients that do not injure the hair and scalp, but at the same time help to radically change the image and achieve a harmonious image. The palette includes 106 shades. Among them, there are calm, and quite bold colors are present.

Persistent fixation of the pigment is guaranteed by the six compounds included in the formula. They help to quickly reach the inner layers and gain a foothold there, and also prevent the leaching of the coloring matter from porous, damaged curls. A complex of ginseng extract and rice proteins helps to heal and strengthen hair. After the procedure, they look well-groomed, comb well, styling is more voluminous.

According to reviews, the final shade is exactly as specified by the manufacturer. No surprises after staining. The composition has a very convenient texture for applying. Cream paint does not drip through the hair, does not stain the skin. The smell does not cause irritation, light, non-intense.

Avon Advance Techniques, Avon Salon Care Cream Hair Color, USA

Cream hair dye, allowing to achieve a salon effect in a domestic environment. The main palette includes popular shades of blond, chocolate and black. Advance Techniques uses a 3-step hair coloring system. It includes: protection, effective staining, including gray hair, quality care.

Syoss, Sies - hair dye from the manufacturer Schwarzkopf, Germany

Paint from the German manufacturer Schwarzkopf & Henkel is ideal for home use.In its composition, various natural components flicker that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair, these include: aloe vera, B vitamins, wheat proteins. The color palette consists of twenty primary colors.

Estel ProfessionalPrincess Essex

The third prize winner is the result of the development of the Estel Russian cosmetics brand. Princess Essex series helps to create a beautiful warm or cold shade from the presented palette. It includes 98 of the most popular and fashionable tones to date. The manufacturer made sure that from the first coloring there was an exact hit in the shade without unnecessary color nuances.

Reinforced caring complex reliably protects curls from any influences: natural factors, thermal devices, styling products. It includes natural wax, extracts of guarana and green tea. They not only intensively restore, but also contribute to the preservation of brightness and color saturation for a long time.

Many women who use paint at home, noted the ease of use and excellent color rendering. The result in quality does not differ from the use of more expensive professional dyes. To all the benefits, another important advantage is added - the budget price.

Mountain ash, producer Acme Color, Ukraine

Persistent cream paint with mountain ash extract. Provides high-quality dyeing and gentle hair care of any type. Its production uses natural ingredients and high-quality dyes. The palette is represented by thirty different shades.

Pros: affordable price, stable. Cons: liquid consistency, dries hair, unpleasant odor.

CONCEPT Profy Touch

This category of rating is completed by the budget, but very high-quality paint of the CONCEPT brand. It provides for a full coverage of gray hair and a basic tone, and rich, fashionable shades are obtained. The pigment is evenly distributed along the entire length of the curls. Flushing takes place gradually and delicately. Due to the low ammonia content, natural hair melanin is preserved.

The widest color palette allows you to create an individual image that harmoniously combines with the whole look. It includes 94 basic tones, 6 mixtons. For creative and courageous girls who are not afraid to experiment, the company has developed 7 ultramodern bright shades with pearly overflow and shine.

A special formula intensively cares for hair during dyeing, and also, having a prolonged action, restores them after the procedure. It includes vitamin C, chitosan, cedar oil, glucose. According to reviews, the paint is easy to apply on your own at home. For this, an extended instruction with a detailed description and familiar, not complicated application schemes are provided.

Add a comment

I really like AQUARELY Italian paint. The colors are very saturated, the paint does not flow, holds color well, does not fade. Hair in excellent condition. I tried to save, but immediately felt - not that! Therefore, I returned to quality.

I paint my mother with ollin color in a shade of 9/00 deep blond at 6% oxygen.
So, if you choose the right tone, for very gray hair there should be 00 at the end, then everything is super!
Persistent, does not wash for a long time, paints whiskey well, the price is very pleasing.

I think the best hair dye is AlfaParf Milano. I call it a professional colorist. Why not have a comment

Goldwell, by far, the best paint of all that I painted. Within 5 years of regular dyeing due to gray hair, hair grew almost to the waist. Moreover, the quality of the hair is very good. Do not split. The hair is soft and shiny.

Like a master, I say Goldwell! I really like the dye, I dye myself and paint the clients, everyone is happy!

Experience using Lebel Materia 2 years. Why did it last so long - did not want to change the master himself.At first the paint made a good impression, the marketing campaign was set especially well for them. But after 2-3 times I realized that the hair leaves much to be desired. I decided for some time to stop at her, in order to wait for the promised effect. No miracle happened. If you don’t use tons of very expensive care products with paint, your hair will be just tow. I have not had such an experience before, even with budget paints. Lebel really has only good care, and then, I had to try a lot of means to come to something. I can recommend Proedit serums (use in a complex way). As a salon procedure, it is very expensive.
- the paint itself does not give any shine at all (it is possible only in the salon mode or with special means for styling, but with this arsenal a similar effect can be achieved with any paint)
- dehydrates hair
- hair structure without additional funds - tow
- washed off quickly. 2-3 tones in weeks 3 (mine every other day)
- I often do not recommend painting the length at all. Hair is not restored
- does not cure as stated. Even light products do not produce very good results.
- expensive (the price range starts from: roots up to 100 cu - long -200 cu)

- a wide palette, and a beautiful color, provided that a competent master
- uniform shading
-cope well with gray hair
no smell
-does not burn the scalp (but if you overexpose even 5 minutes, discomfort appears)

I fundamentally disagree. For more than 5 years I have been painting lebel, very satisfied. Hair is always shiny! Moreover, it is not necessary to paint the entire length every time, because the color does not wash out for a long time. Customers are satisfied with the paint, the quality of the hair, just as there is no clear border of the roots during growth. Shampoos, conditioners, masks at the highest level. I do not understand how you can use products from the masmarket. Hair care, real resuscitation. Yes, the products are expensive, but you can spend money for yourself. Most likely, to whom what suits everyone is different. When you work on several brands, you can feel it very well.

I have been dyeing my hair with Goldwell products for 13 years. Used the entire palette of their products - topchic, colorance, elumen, nectaya. For a long time I was looking for just such a paint that does not harm my hair, and it will stain them stubbornly. No Loreals, Lords, Wells can be compared with this brand. And this is recognized by the hairdressers themselves. The only thing ... if you want to really have an amazing result - you have to go to the salon to the master. Real Goldwell masters learn constantly. go through a bunch of seminars and workshops., know a bunch of nuances and tricks that depend on the condition of your hair, structure, color, your wishes. And therefore, when I read reviews like: “... I went to buy paint, I smeared it - there is no effect ...”, it becomes just ridiculous, I’m almost 50 years old, but my hair looks much better and more beautiful than the hair of many young girls ... ..

Angela, thank you for your comment. Have recommended your hair dye in our rating of the best hair dyes in 2019.
Let's make the most honest rating! We vote for our favorite products presented in the article and recommend new products or proven products for coloring. Your feedback is very valuable to us!

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