Fashionable men's jeans 2019: trends and trends

A man must be brutal, strong. Questions of appearance should not worry him. Such conviction was guided for a long time. Now the situation has changed: men follow trends, and some understand them no worse than women. One of the basic items of men's wardrobe is jeans. The article understands fashionable men's jeans 2019. Today, stores are full of a variety of models, but how to choose the current option? What will look trendy? What jeans to choose?

The main fashion trends of the season 2019

What jeans are in fashion in 2019? This question is asked by many men, because today not only girls are watching the appearance and conformity to fashion. Due to the fact that this wardrobe item is appropriate not only for walks and informal events, but also in work and office environments, stylists offer a lot of models for all occasions.

The following ideas became real hits:

Fashion options

Not only women want to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends: men today are increasingly thinking about fashion trends. Shops offer a huge number of diverse models that will help hide flaws, emphasize the dignity of the figure. We will analyze fashionable men's jeans 2019:

  1. Classic jeans are a piece of clothing that will always be relevant. The model is great for creating images for every day. With it you can combine both loose sweatshirts and more classic shirts and cardigans. Foreign brands call this option REGULAR FIT - straight-cut jeans. They sit well on men of thin or medium build, as well as full. The type of figure does not matter, they will suit almost everyone,
  2. Skinny jeans. SKINNY FIT - trousers that are narrowed to the bottom as much as possible. They strongly fit the legs along the entire length. The model does not appeal to all representatives of the stronger sex. Jeans will be appropriate for thin, slim. Most often they are chosen by young people and middle-aged men. This option is equally suitable for both
  3. Baggy jeans - this model blends harmoniously with casual style. LOOSE trousers are suitable for men with a problem figure. For example, overweight. However, if the choice fell on them, it is necessary to consider all the details of the image. Otherwise, a man risks looking ridiculous,
  4. Wide jeans - stylists like to add this garment to the wardrobe of modern men. They help in creating relaxed looks. Pants are suitable for athletes, tall men. Those who are overweight with their help can correct the flaws,
  5. Jeans with cuffs - this variety is distinguished by the presence of elastic or cuffs. The option is not suitable for full men, but it looks good on all other types of figures. Most often, such a model of trousers is worn to meet friends, communicate in an informal setting.
Wide Skinny Baggy Classic On the cuffs

What colors are popular

Fashion trends for men's jeans models are changing very slowly. From year to year they remain virtually unchanged. A rare exception is the low-waist models - fashionable men's jeans of 2017. However, now it is more of an antitrend.

Jeans color fashion is changing more dynamically. Designers offer new items every season. In 2019, the following models are most popular:

  • Classic blue jeans - start again with the classics! Blue color will never go out of style. Shades can vary: from dark, deep to light, almost whitish. Arriving at the mall, you can easily choose the right color. If the wardrobe has more neutral things of discreet colors, jeans of muted shades will be an excellent solution. In blue trousers, it will be appropriate to appear in any company, at a business meeting or date. Shoes and outerwear can be varied. Blue jeans will suit lovers of absolutely any style. They look beautiful when spring, autumn, winter or summer comes. The classic version can be given character. In this case, it is a classic cut in combination with scuffs. Ripped jeans are trending now
  • Gray jeans - mods will definitely like this color. These are the most popular men's jeans! Color is universal, like classic blue. However, gray has a peculiarity: it helps to correctly place accents, to add zest to the whole image. This color looks fresh, in a new way. Fashionable men's jeans in 2019 on the catwalks are most often gray,
  • Beige jeans - summer pants of this color will look relevant. Light shades always look noble and expensive, so it will be appropriate to look at the holiday. Wearing beige jeans with a darker shirt, you can safely go to a meeting with friends. This option is applicable for any situation! They are especially suitable for the summer of 2019. It is enough to replace the jeans of the usual color with beige and the image will immediately sparkle with new colors,
  • What jeans are in fashion now - khaki jeans. Military style has been in fashion for several seasons in a row. They help to look more manly. Indeed, the military coloring at the subconscious level is perceived as a symbol of firmness, strength.

Khaki jeans for men are inappropriate for business negotiations. But they can be worn for an informal meeting. Khaki models with patch pockets are especially popular.

Rules for combining with clothes

How to wear jeans in 2019? In order to look truly stylish, you need to know the rules for combining and combining clothes. First of all, you need to think about the style of clothing, under which one or another model is selected. The table contains the basic clothing styles of a modern man:

Fashion stylebrief informationMatching jeans
ClassicalAll types of clothing that are appropriate as part of the dress code: jackets, suits, ties and shoes.Classic straight models.
SportsClothing more suitable for going to a fitness club or for a run.Instead of jeans, pants or shorts are more often used. For example, from knitted fabric.
CasualEveryday things for every situation.All variety of models.
Business CasualA combination of classic and casual style. It has no strict framework and requirements.Classic jeans.
Sport casualThe combination of sports and casual style is the most popular among young people.All kinds of jeans trousers.
Smart casual"Elegant style" - sophisticated and neat, improvisation is allowed. You can easily mix a cotton jacket and sneakers.Any current model.

Today, fashion dictates its own rules and offers to move away from familiar patterns. This statement applies to the classic style of clothing. If earlier, with the mere thought of him, the image of a respectable man in a suit appeared in his head, now pants can be easily replaced. Fashionable men's jackets for jeans are very diverse.

However, one should be very careful: jeans for an official style are not always appropriate. Before creating an image, you need to clearly consider a certain situation. In no case do you need to choose trending models with holes, scuffs, stripes and large pockets.

Clothing style is extremely important, but there are other rules. Here are the main fashionable prohibitions on the compatibility of jeans trousers:

  • Don’t wear patent leather shoes with denim pants,
  • You should be careful when combining athletic shoes with jeans. There is one simple criterion: shoe models designed specifically for sports, fitness - remain in the gym. They are not designed for everyday wear and are not suitable for jeans trousers,
  • Color restriction: white shoes cannot be combined with dark blue jeans, light models of trousers are not suitable for black leather low shoes. Care should be taken in color, materials. In this case, black leather low shoes look beautiful with dark blue jeans trousers, and white shoes with light trousers,
  • There are such models of jeans that, having a good color and material, are not suitable for creating a fashionable image. The veto is superimposed on outdated models, it is worth forgetting and throwing them out of the closet, they do not combine with anything. This section includes hipster options, cargo jeans.


It’s worth mentioning right away that jeans are sewn only from denim. Models from knitwear, wool, linen and others are called trousers. Denim fabric has a huge number of varieties that vary depending on the production method and method of staining: denim, ecru, chambry, stretch, broken twill, gin. What are the fabrics “at the peak” for men's jeans in 2019?

Denim jeans are suitable for any time of the year. This type of fabric is the most common. World brands most often use it in their collections.

In the classic version, white and colored fibers are intertwined during production. Ultimately, jeans are lighter on the one hand and darker on the other.

Especially popular are men's jeans from broken twill. They can be distinguished by the figure on the back, which is called the "herringbone". Variants of dark colors look especially impressive.

Stylish “no” should be considered stretch jeans and gin. Stretch - fabric, which includes elastane. Due to this, stretch clothing stretches well, tightens the figure. Gin is the most inexpensive type of fabric with low quality. Models from these materials will not suit the representatives of the stronger sex, they will ruin the image. Because of the composition of the stretch, stress can be highlighted. Gin will look cheap and will certainly not add an image of solidity or gloss.

Gradual return to basics

So, I had a hearty breakfast, tuned in for a busy day, and advanced to the first point of my route. I will not indicate the names of stores and manufacturers, because I do not need any specific brands.

First of all, I was interested in what fashionable men's jeans in 20119-2020 will be in trend? It was from the posing of a similar question that I began my conversation with consultants in clothing stores.

When I was offered to get acquainted with the latest products in the first store, I realized that the classic was and remains a win-win option.

Among the jeans offered to me, models of a classic cut and blue color prevailed. Also, according to the seller, gray jeans are also popular.

Several copies were with narrower legs, and the rest had a straight cut. In general, it looks pretty good, but this was only the first item on my research map.

In the second store, I asked about fashionable men's jeans for the winter of 2019-2020. A sweet girl told me incessantly about how gray skinny jeans look good on me.

Like, and for such weather it’s the most, and emphasize the silhouette of my legs. I noted for myself that there are three options for skinny jeans:

  • narrowed only to the bottom of the legs,
  • the narrowing starts from the hip line,
  • The leg fit begins immediately with the line of the belt.

Here it is already a matter of taste and physiological characteristics of the leg. The third option is unlikely to appeal to people with large hips. It seemed to me few of these options, so I asked to show something else interesting and fashionable.

After that, jeans with wide legs appeared before my eyes. Even a little wider than the classic cut. What I immediately noted for myself: they sit very freely, and the back pockets were very deep.

Impressions are a bit mixed. Although I am sure that wide jeans will be an excellent choice for those who want to hide their legs and a wide basin.

Ripped jeans

The trendy solution for the spring season offers the coolest option - ripped jeans for real dudes. It can be small slots in the form of stripes, small holes and even large slots for a warm season. It is important to remember that such models do not provide for the possibility of twists.


Any brand, from mass market brands to luxury, offers a wide selection of jeans and other fashionable novelties. However, the choice must be approached very carefully. It is important not only to follow trends, but also to take into account the features of your style and figure. If the choice is correct, the man will look irresistible and enjoy the convenience and comfort in your favorite jeans!

Fashion trends in 2019 in men's jeans

This season, stylists and designers have chosen the basic principles of men's fashion. comfort and simplicity: excessively narrow models have lost relevance, giving way to a moderately loose cut. The hit of the coming autumn is an updated variation of the classics, slightly losing volume in the lower part and the hips.

Length experiments are also slowly fading into the past. Shortened or deliberately long (in terms of twists) trousers can be seen less and less, in most autumn bows the lower seam of jeans covers 1-2 cm of the upper part of the shoe.

Do new trends seem boring? It's time to argue with the system and buy wide, even baggy denim pants with decorative pockets - a trend inspired by nostalgia for zero. But unlike the prototype, modern the model has an average fit and does not slip on the hips.

Well, the most daring and stylish will choose torn grunge jeans, not forgetting to cover the largest holes with fashionable burlap patches: innovation will come in handy in cool weather.

Twisted Jeans

The favorite of recent years is rolled up jeans, they are good because they are suitable for any type of male figure. In addition, in the case of the correct turn of the legs and the harmonious selection of outerwear and shoes, you can create a trendy look. Particular attention should be paid to jeans models, some of them do not accept the upside down.

What else will be in the trends in the near future?

My little adventure gradually gained momentum. And now I'm in the store, which recently opened. I am interested in what fashionable men's jeans for the spring of 2019-2020 I can buy from them.

At first I was asked to pay attention to jeans with lapels. This is not necessarily a long leg that can be tucked up for easy walking.

In fashion today and models with lapels sewn on jeans of normal length. It looks really stylish and cool. I noticed one model for myself, which I’ll definitely buy later.

By the way, men of short stature should not give preference to models with lapels that shorten the length of jeans. Your image from this will only get worse.

I liked print jeans even more. Yes, this option is not something revolutionary, but it looks very interesting. Among the models offered to me there were many bright jeans.

The wide variety of drawings available makes the selection process even more interesting. This is a very fashionable thing, with the help of which it will turn out to create an unforgettable image.

Another important thing: In any case, do not try to choose jeans with a low width - such a performance several years ago lost its appeal and went out of fashion.

My research was coming to a logical conclusion. It only remained to find out more about what fashionable men's jeans will be in use in the summer of 2020.

In the largest store in my city, they immediately told me about the main favorite of the summer season. Here, men's ripped jeans will hold the palm. Their popularity is returning again.

As for the popular colors, here the clear leaders will be blue, white, bright blue jeans. Also, many models use special patches.

These denim pants are great to wear with sneakers or sneakers, but not with classic shoes. In general, worn jeans, contrary to logic, will make a man more beautiful and sexy. This is an interesting element of clothing that allows you to express your personality.

What colors are priority?

A variety of colors completely compensated for some limitations of the lineup this season: men were asked to create casual ensembles with turquoise, brick-red, brown and even yellow trousers. But the stronger sex, tired of fanciful images, preferred calm colors.


Given the return of classic models, the typical “denim” shades - blue, are expected to increase in popularity. Almost the entire palette from pale blue to saturated indigo is relevant. In priority: dark blue, sky, ultramarine - this color triple allows you to create typical office combinations, while preserving the ease and relaxedness of the image. A good option: straight blue jeans, a blue shirt, a walnut jacket, brown leather shoes.

Important - The tie is matched to the tone of the pants.


Beige shades of jeans unexpectedly entered the TOP of the most sought-after in the season of 2019. In the fall, against the background of orange-brown natural tones, they look especially organic. A casual combination: black shirt jacket, terracotta pullover, flesh chinos, cement gray thick-soled sneakers.

On a note! If you need to look strictly and businesslike, but not stiff, the best solution is to combine beige jeans with a dark blue jacket: this combination is often used to appear on the pages of fashion magazines.


Impractical, easily soiled, cold, but what an elegant - white color! Snow-white jeans are definitely not an option for every day, and you need to wear them very carefully. That's the thing for a romantic date in the summer: women like gentlemen with a subtle sense of style. What to combine with? Of course, with the classics: a dark shirt or polo shirt, a thin pullover, oxfords. Do not forget about the flowers - and the image of the conqueror of girl's hearts is completed.

Olive and gray-green shades are borrowed from the world of high fashion from military camouflage. They turn a business style into an informal one, giving originality to the simplest image. Khaki jeans are very practical, go to almost everyone and successfully fit into everyday style. Example: green and brown joggers, Vance sneakers, a black T-shirt, double footer hoodies. In this form, you can go for a walk with friends, and to the cinema with a girl.


Previously straight, but now slightly narrowed trousers of the classics have lost a couple of centimeters in length - now it does not reach the middle of the height of the boots, but only slightly covers their top. A note of creativity in a conservative style is made by textured side seams. These jeans fit perfectly in both business and sports bow. The ensemble for work: a dark blue bottom, matte oxfords, a shirt of any shade, a tart coat the color of milk chocolate. An informal version with the same jeans pair: sneakers or slip-ons, bright longsleeve, sweatshirt.

With lapels

Tighten narrower models better without getting too carried away - flashy high gates in the past, elegance is in fashion today: two bends of 2-3 cm are enough. The advantage of this technique is the possibility of combining with any shoe. To create a relaxed everyday look, you can choose lace-up shoes and a large check shirt. If you don’t have a strict dress code at work, you can tuck a classic model in combination with derby shoes and a jacket.

Joggers with elastic

These trousers belong to the Casual, sport-chic styles and have a characteristic feature: they look good only on slender men of medium and high stature. Still greenish camouflage joggers - they will be complemented by snow-white leather sneakers, black hoodies with a large white inscription. Sand shades of khaki look more restrained, they can be combined with semi-sport boots with lacing, a thin quilted jacket with a hood.

Wide ankle-tight

The wedge-shaped cut of men's jeans is gaining popularity and promises to become the trend of the next season. It's time to replenish the wardrobe with a fashionable thing. The model is close to joggers and also “loves” sports guys, but at the same time hides light fullness and slightly stretches the silhouette. What to wear: sneakers or slip-ons, plain t-shirts with long or short sleeves, jeans, windcheaters, bomber jackets.


Tapered denim is slowly losing ground, but is still popular. We take the opportunity to organically fit into the everyday bow twists and complement the slightly shortened skinny loafers. Upstairs you can wear a gray jacket. Business option: trousers without up-and-downs, dress shirt, jacket, derby shoes.


LOOSE trousers were created for men with a problematic figure, but won hearts and athletically built handsome men. They are comfortable like slippers, they look sloppy, but very stylish. The model was especially fond of the followers of hip-hop and became the hallmark of this musical direction. 2019 Choice: Deep Blue Baggy Jeans, Basketball Sneakers, Spacious Sweatshirt.

What do we get as a result

On this my research was completed. I received a lot of relevant and useful information about fashionable men's jeans 2019-2020, about the latest in the season. I quickly shared the results of my intelligence with you.

Will choose from what. For a long time there was no such diversity in models that are capable of not only being convenient in everyday use, but also capable of emphasizing the image of every man.

During my trip, I slightly updated my wardrobe. I hope now it will be easier for you to decide on your new jeans.

The most fashionable models of men's jeans from the collections of 2019

If before jeans and trousers were presented in several models for different events, today, thanks to the development of designers and stylists, offers have increased by several dozen. Only the jeans in the latest collections were presented in classic, wide models, with a low waist, scuffs, trimmed hem, holes and patches, conical shape, in the style of grunge and denim pants.

Jeans Trending Details 2019

Even taking into account the seasonal cravings for classics, designers offer to add flamboyance to models using decor. This fall in trend:

  1. Volumetric pockets. On joggers, wedge-shaped and wide sports jeans, one-piece briefcases-pockets are located on the side at the knees and supplemented with a flap on a large button.
  2. Rivets made of metal. They no longer look aggressive and do not refer to rock culture. They carry a functional load, and do not contrast with the color of the fabric.
  3. Attrition. Sections of slightly wiped denim on the hips and buttocks look organically and give the image a touch of negligence, as in the photo.
  4. Applications. In warm weather it is permissible to wear jeans with bright patches, but with the onset of cold weather it is better to abandon the flashy colors. Autumn hit - trousers with patches of "jeans" tones, fixed with a textured seam.
  5. Prints. Impressions in the form of inscriptions or geometric patterns are the main feature of informal bows. A large cage is also popular, especially on chinos.

What else to draw attention to, how to show individuality? Belts of different widths with massive metal buckles will come to the rescue - not glare in the sun, but with a restrained brilliance of precious metals.

Low waist jeans

Do not underestimate Regular rise jeans that sit just below waist level. Such clothes are found more and more often in collections of cool brands, in addition, this is a universal option for guys experimenting with different styles in the image. Cool print ideas were suggested by Miharayasuhiro (inscriptions) and Dsquared (blots).

Wide jeans

The latest peep in men's fashion for women in 2019 is a wide model of pants, including denim. But these are far from those formless and huge options from the past (king size), rather they are simply spacious models of direct and even slightly narrowed tailoring. The hit was the pants that have a finish in the form of large patch pockets and suspenders, for example, offers from the brands Oliver Spencer, Bottega Veneta, James Long, Topman Design.

Scuff jeans

Different jeans options look original, but complemented by scuffs. These can be classic, casual, narrowed or vice versa wide models. Most often, scuffs are located in the knee area or below. It is important that the scuff is present without fanaticism or in front, poured on the buttocks.

Skinny jeans with lapels

Skinny jeans are now complemented by lapels in the collections of designers. This trend first originated in women's fashion, and now only the lazy did not try skinny pants with lapels at the bottom. Such a trick will make the image especially modern and somewhat youthful. But for this you need to learn how to choose a lapel for different types of pants.

Cropped Jeans

Models with a deliberately unprocessed or roughly trimmed bottom will look cool and stylish. Moreover, the edges can be smooth without processing or asymmetric, supplemented by hanging threads and even pieces of denim.

Ripped Jeans

Today, scuffs and small slits on the pants are no longer considered a sign of wear, on the contrary, this is a cool fashion trend for several seasons. A feature of the spring collections of 2019, stylists consider such a decorating element as large slots and holes.

Men's jeans with patches

For the autumn and winter season, models with holes and slots will not be appropriate, so the designers proposed a new cool trend - patches in a contrasting color, overlapping areas of scuffs and holes. It looks very creative, especially if the color of the patch is combined with accessories or shoes.

Loose Men's Jeans

Another relevant style is Loose, that is, baggy and loose pants that do not restrict movement (pipes). In this form, the man will look somewhat relaxed, you can combine them with loose t-shirts and sports shoes.

Men's tapered jeans

The conical model provides a free fit at the waist, making it spacious and in the groin area. Next is a slightly narrowed cut in the calf zone of the legs, due to which it will be possible to create the correct silhouette and slim shape, which is important for overweight guys and massive hips.

Men's jeans in grunge style

All the fashion gurus announced at fashion shows offered torn and worn men's jeans in grunge style for lovers of creative images and a custom style. The decor was made of inserts and rubbed zones. Vivid examples of such ideas are ideas in the collections of the brands Miharayasuhiro and Moschino.


Denim fashion is becoming more and more vague, blurring the lines between the usual denim clothes and new products, from which many are perplexed. The same can be said about trousers, which can now be made of denim, but belong to the classic and strict style for the official situation and the working dress code.

Fashionable colors of men's jeans in 2019

Which models are worth considering, we have already decided. Now it is worth discussing the most fashionable shades of jeans. Almost all famous brands have focused on several options - blue, all shades close to it, white, green and its midtones. Also, a fashion trend has become options that combine 2 colors at once.

Blue and all its shades

For several years now, blue classic jeans have been the undisputed leader in demand and popularity. And the stylists unanimously declared that the dominant color is blue in all its manifestations, from light blue to a mysterious shade of indigo. The deep blue color is organically combined with sports jackets and large knit sweaters.


Another original proposal for fashionistas is white jeans, which are not very practical, but fashionable and fresh. And organically, such clothes will look not only in a summer wardrobe, fashion designers are strongly advising such jeans in the winter.

Green and its shades

Green color, starting from fresh mint, ending with noble turquoise, will fit into the denim style of clothing in 2019. Restrained and deep tones are acceptable in the strict official style of the pants, and bright and neon shades - in narrowed, worn, shortened versions.

Combination mainly 2 colors

Jeans, which consist of several shades at once, look cool. Many well-known manufacturers presented models that combine the main color and a shade close to it. This may also apply to patches that are intentionally made in a different color scheme.


In a checkered print, most often you can see chinos denim pants. Stylists advise wearing them with gates, complementing the rest of the image in a plain restrained style. In this case, the man is provided with enthusiastic looks.

Patch pockets

Men's jeans decorated with patch pockets look original and courageous. These can be small concise options, or there can be massive pockets, thanks to which the pants take on a sporty character.

Bright inserts, applications

With the help of inserts, designers tried to create the most vivid and creative models for young and expressive guys. The embroidery is considered to be a real hit of the past year, which has remained relevant today. Also, some designers used the applique for brave and confident guys.

Denim or Twill

As a rule, jeans are made from durable cotton fabric with a diagonal weave of threads, which are denim and twill, for a cool season. Advantages - windproof, frost protection, density, wear resistance. Minus - if the fabric is 100% cotton, models can “sit down” after the first wash.


Skinny models are now made from combination fabrics, where stretch is necessarily present - a fabric made of cotton with an addition of elastane of 2-5%. In this design, the clothes not only fit well on the figure, but also stretch, keep their shape, should keep color and novelty.

Famous brands

Having decided on the fabric, model and style of jeans, fashion trends, it is worth taking a closer look at the manufacturer. Brands also have their own reputation and guarantees, and many dudes try to dress only in well-known brands. The best offers of 2019 were models from:

  • Levi’s - An American brand profiling on luxury jeans,
  • DIESEL - Italian designer, producing all the above models with pockets, with straps, buttons, narrow skinny, elastic and straight, as well as options with a low waist,
  • Wrangler - An American brand, where the main emphasis is on “cowboy” models,
  • Gant - an international manufacturer, qualifying primarily on classic models,
  • Hugo boss - a popular German brand, in the assortment of which there are classic blue and youth light jeans,
  • ARMANI JEANS - An Italian brand in whose collections elegance and conservatism determine the design of jeans.

The first 4 brands presented in their collections a huge variety of bright and youth models, the other two leaders are more profiled on classic models for mature business men.

What to buy

2. Wide straight jeans

Wide but not baggy! It is important that the trousers are not gathered “accordion” over the shoes - such oversized models are outdated. Jeans should be straight and their fabric should be smooth throughout the leg.If it is difficult to choose the desired length, use the life hack from the point above - just tuck the bottom of the legs.

What to buy

4. Black jeans

A breath of air for lovers of the classics. The black color has not left the category of mastheads for any season, so if you bought these jeans a couple of years ago, feel free to wear them in the coming fall and winter. This is a universal option that fits any wardrobe. And besides, it will become a practical alternative to boring blue and blue shades.

5. Vintage Shabby Jeans

Modern fashion gravitates to the classics, and its jeans segment is no exception. On the wave - denim of the era of “Careless Rider” or “For a Fistful of Dollars”: durable, brutal, which does not demolish - well, unless the fabric loses its color from time to time. Choose classic shades: indigo and faded blue - in this version, vintage worn jeans look the most relevant.

6. Fit jeans

This is one of the most difficult to select, but also the most winning models of the season. Slim cut jeans do not fit your leg like a skinny: on the contrary, they remain straight below the knee, making it possible to comfortably poke high boots or boots under them. But here the area from the knee to the hip requires close attention: here the jeans should sit like a glove. You can’t do without fitting.

7. Torn jeans

The language will not turn out to call this a fresh trend: denim, dragged to holes, has not gone out of fashion for several seasons and is not going to lose ground. And the coming winter of weather does not change: just choose ripped jeans with a lining (preferably in a contrasting color). Well, in order not to give the impression of a homeless person, combine up-to-date tearing with high-quality expensive shoes and a stylish, “gentleman's” top - a warm jacket or a strict coat.

The most stylish jeans models in the season 2019-2020

World designers presented collections of men's jeans 2019-2020 in the capitals of fashion, each brand tried to show its vision of the upcoming season trends: some emphasized a non-standard bright color, others emphasized austerity and classic style.

What jeans to choose in 2019-2020?


  • Straight or slightly voluminous jeans with twists,
  • Worn jeans. In fashion, light attrition and artificial aging of denim, huge holes in the pants fade into the background and now look messy and careless.

Not fashionable:

  • The presence of accessories and, moreover, its variety: chains, rivets, spikes,
  • Large drawings and prints,
  • The most narrowed jeans models, strong fitting.

Popular color palette

You have decided on the style, now you need to determine the fashionable color of men's jeans in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season. Designers preferred vibrant, vibrant colors to classic, soothing shades of blue and black. So, in fashion:

  • Blue color,
  • Sky blue
  • Saturated dark blue
  • Indigo,
  • Gray,
  • The black,
  • Brown

The secrets of choosing jeans

Jeans need to choose a man based on age, status, lifestyle and characteristics of the figure. Full men should choose models of straight cut, wide legs, flared, dark shades that hide the flaws of the figure. If you are tall and slim, pay attention to skinny jeans - this is a skinny option, despite the fact that such pants are not as popular as classics now, they look great on thin legs, especially with t-shirts, casual jackets, fitted shirts.

In winter, jeans go well with outerwear: jackets, sheepskin coats and coats. By the way, we already wrote about fashionable men's jackets fall-winter 2019-2020, be sure to check out the new trends for the upcoming season.

Also, do not disregard the main accessory of jeans - a belt. It should be of high quality, because it performs the main function of holding pants at the waist, and if it is still fashionable and beautiful, no one forbids you to flaunt it, tucking clothes in jeans.

Fashionable men's jeans

First of all, the trend is naturalness, simplicity and comfort. All models that can be considered basic will be at the peak of popularity. On the contrary, options with a complex cut and too shocking details are better to postpone. What options will be the most trendy?

  • Classic mid-rise jeans with straight trousers. Focus on Levi`s No. 501.
  • Baggy jeans with wide legs and medium or high rise, like workers.
  • Skinny options.
  • Cut cargo with elastic around the ankles.

How to wear trendy jeans 2020?

First of all, avoid trivial combinations if you do not want to create a boring image. Although, for the sake of justice, it is worth noting that the usual combinations are indispensable if you go for household chores. But for the release of white t-shirts and black shirts, set aside. Since the most fashionable jeans options will be the most fashionable this season, you have a lot of opportunities to combine them with colorful clothes, using other trends.

Classic jeans look perfect with aviator jackets, leather jackets, short sheepskin coats and raglanes made of patent leather, as well as robes and bomber jackets - all these options are extremely popular in 2020.

Want convenience? Choose wide jeans and complement the details of the 70s. Large knitted sweaters, even elongated ones, turtlenecks, linen and linen shirts with ethnic motifs are excellent additions for a free and unusual look.

Cage is the hype of the season. Do not miss the opportunity to try on the suit of a Canadian lumberjack, complementing skinny or straight jeans with a flannel shirt and a comfortable windbreaker. And coarse shoes complement the look.

Want a riot? Wear men's skinny jeans or wide denim pants with crazy t-shirts and leather jackets, and to make the look unpredictable, pay attention to the long options for outerwear. Combine jeans with Kurt Cobain-style cardigans to add a grunge to your warmth and charm.

Trendy colors of the new season.

To find the perfect men's jeans, fashion 2020 gives us tips not only in cut but also in shades. In the trend - classic blue denim, scuffs and holes are welcome, but not required. You can use these jewelry for jeans for a walk, and for meetings choose more conservative options.

Also pay attention to dusty blue, such a color is more difficult to combine with others, of course. But it’s difficult to refuse effect. Dark gray and deep blue, which is easy to confuse with black, are not only trends, but also a beautiful basis for office images. And if you want unusual accents, pay attention to dark green, because emerald is one of the leading shades of 2020.

Men's jeans can be worn as you want, you do not have to buy exactly the models that are now actively showing on the catwalks. If you have a long-beloved model that you don’t want to change, leave it while maintaining comfort. You can be in the trend using other clothes and accessories. The main thing is your good mood and confident gait!

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