Patterns of skirts of large sizes

Shelves of shops are bursting with an abundance of things, and the problem of “how to dress beautifully” is still relevant. Moshposhiv will never be able to compete with an individually sewn thing. It takes into account all the nuances of the physique and makes all the necessary changes after a carefully conducted fitting.

Women's figures of chic sizes can be divided into five types.

  • Hourglass. Owners of this type with a small size of clothing do not need an individual sewing, and ready-made clothes rarely need adjustment. The shoulders and hips are the same width. The waist circumference is less than the circumference of the hips by 30%. You can wear almost everything; things with a pointed waistline look good.
  • "Pear". Feminine type of figure with narrow shoulders and wide hips. The relatively thin waist creates a good contrast with the line of the hips. Skirts from flowing heavy fabric of A-silhouette go well with this type. The silhouette is achieved due to the fit of clothes at the level of the waist and hips and smooth expansion to the bottom line.
  • Inverted triangle, sports figures - broad shoulders and relatively narrow hips. The type of figure goes well with a sporty style in clothes. When choosing a style for a skirt, preference should be given to models of a flared cut.
  • For rectangle identical measurements of the chest and hips are characteristic. To create a harmonious look, it is recommended to use a belt on the waist line in clothes.
  • "Apple" often characterized by beautiful legs, narrow hips and lack of waist, in the presence of a stomach. A narrow short skirt combined with a tunic will be a good choice.

How to make patterns with your own hands for obese women

The first pattern, for any figure, should be the base of a straight skirt. Using simple modeling techniques, on its basis you can build and sew a large number of models from different types of fabrics.

Initially, a preliminary calculation is made by the measurements taken. As a result, for the construction there is the width of the front and rear panels, the length of the product and the general solution of tucks.

Reference! The number of darts, their length depends on the size and physique. For a figure with a stomach, tucks along the waist line in front are not calculated.

When cutting the base for modeling, the desired silhouette of the future skirt should be taken into account.

Large-size sun skirt pattern

To build a skirt-sun pattern, you need to take only 2 measurements:

  1. Waist 90 cm
  2. Product length by the measure of 65 cm

Fig. 1. Pattern skirts-sun

It is necessary to calculate 2 radii: radius R1 = Waist circumference / 6.28 = 90 / 6.28 = 14 cm, second radius R2 = R1 + Product length = 14 + 65 = 79 cm.

Draw a circle of a given radius with a simple pencil and a flexible centimeter tape as shown in fig. 1.

IMPORTANT! Check the length of the first semicircle: A1A2 = 1/2 Waist circumference. Since the cut is performed obliquely, after cutting, pull the slice cut by 2 cm (additional increase in freedom of fitting is not required).

Belt: Belt length = Waist + 5 cm, belt width 8 cm (4 cm in finished form). How to calculate fabric consumption per skirt and How to sew a sun skirt

Fig. 2. Details of the skirt skirt

Pleated skirt pattern

To build a pleated skirt pattern, you need to take 2 measurements:

  1. Waist 90 cm
  2. Product length by the measure of 65 cm

We calculate the width of the canvas, based on the number and depth of folds. In the model there are 5 bow (oncoming) folds on the front panel and 5 on the back. The depth of each fold is 8 cm (4 cm in finished form). Thus, the necessary increase in folds for the front panel of the skirt: 5 x 2 x 8 = 80 cm.

Divide the increase in folds for the back panel in half, since the back panel of the skirt consists of 2 halves, a zipper is sewn in the center.The skirt pattern is shown in Fig. 2. Place the folds at the same distance from each other, calculating their location in such a way: (Waist + 2 cm) divided by 20 (1/20 From) and (Waist + 2), divided by 10 (1/10 From) . Carve 1 child. front panel, 2 parts of the rear panel, and a belt (AB = Waist + 2 cm).

Fig. 2. Pleated skirt pattern

Lace pencil skirt pattern

If you have a ready-made base pattern for a straight skirt, use it for modeling, or you can build your own base pattern according to the following instructions: Skirt base pattern

For large sizes, it is necessary to make adjustments to the skirt-base pattern (adjustments must be made only if there are large buttocks - Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Adjustment of the back half of the skirt

Align the front half of the skirt along the side seam with the rear half of the skirt.

Fig. 4. Adjustment of the front half of the skirt

To create a pencil silhouette, tapered along the side seams. To do this, back down from the hips line down 10 cm and draw a new side line, narrowing the hem by 1.5 cm in width. Additional stitching can be achieved by a subglottic tuck.

A subglottic tuck: what is it for and how to build it

To further emphasize the convexity of the buttocks, on the pencil skirt sometimes additionally do a subgluteal tuck in the middle seam of the back half. Firstly, she perfectly draws a silhouette, giving it a more emphasized feminine shape. And secondly, such a tuck will not affect the volume of the skirt in the hips. If the product has a slot, you can simulate it and be sure that it will not diverge.

Set aside 5-8 cm from the thigh line of the hips (depending on the shape of the buttocks) and draw a tuck 1-2 cm deep to the bottom line of the back half of the skirt.

Fig. 5. Modeling of the subclinical tuck

Pattern pencil skirt with embossed seams

The skirt is made of fabric in two colors and textures - black jersey and fabric with sequins in pink gold, a belt is sewn around the waist. The modeling of this skirt style is based on the previous model.

On the back panel of the skirt along the hips line, put 8 cm from the side line to the left and draw a line of a relief seam vertically through the resulting point. Move the tuck dart along the relief line, draw smooth bump lines to the waist line, deepening the tuck dart by 1-2 cm. Transfer the second tuck dart (if it is in your design) to the middle line in the seam. Similarly, simulate the front panel of the skirt.

Fig. 6. Modeling pencil skirts with reliefs

Details of the cut of the skirt are shown in Fig. 7. Additionally, cut a belt 6 cm wide (3 cm in finished form and a length along the Waist circumference + 5 cm increase in the fastener and freedom of fitting). When cutting, add 1.5 cm seam allowances on all sides of the parts, 3 cm on the bottom of the skirt.

Fig. 7. cut details of pencil skirts with reliefs

Pleated Skirt Pattern

For sewing this model you need only two hours of your time! The main condition - the fabric must certainly be elegant.

To build a pattern, take 2 measurements:

Hips 116 cm

Skirt length from the waist 63 cm

Draw a rectangle as shown in fig. 8. Seam allowances - 1.5 cm, do not bend the lower sealed edge of the pleated fabric (!). From top to bottom set aside the width of the belt with an increase in the hem; the length of the skirt is measured. From left to right, put the thigh circumference to a measure with an increase of 3-5 cm.

Fig. 8. Pattern pleated skirt

How to sew a skirt. Stitch back seam, overcast seams and iron. This should be done very carefully on a tailor's blank so as not to spoil the pleating. Bend the hem allowance and stitch, leaving an open area for the elastic, do not stretch the fabric during sewing. Insert the elastic band, adjust its length, grind the ends together and stitch the open area. Your skirt is ready!

We wish you happy holidays! Shine with your beauty and be happy!

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Skirt pattern construction

Let's start with the most necessary - building the foundation for a straight skirt pattern. On its basis, almost all other models of skirts are modeled. For drawing we will need the following measurements - waist and hips, skirt length.

For example, take the following parameters:

  • skirt length = 72 cm
  • Waist = 72 cm
  • hips = 100 cm.

It is more convenient to build a pattern on graph paper. In the upper left corner, mark the point (∙) A, retreating 5 cm from the edge of the sheet. From (∙) A to the right and down we draw straight lines. On the vertical, we postpone the segment equal to the length of the skirt and set (∙) D. On the horizontal line, set aside 1⁄2 OB plus 1 cm = 100: 2 + 1 cm = 5 cm. We set (∙) B. We complete the rectangle ABCD.

Find the middle of the segment CD and draw a perpendicular from it to the segment AB (= sideline of the skirt). From (∙) A we measure down 20-22 cm (the size of the hips, adjusted by measuring from the waist line to the line of the hips). We put (∙) L. Draw a line of the hips and mark (∙) Л1 and (∙) Л2.

To determine the depth of the tucks, we use the formula (OB - OT): 2 = (100 - 72): 2 = 14 cm. Half of this value will be removed in the side tucks, 3.5 cm each. Having set aside the desired value, we connect the obtained points with (∙) Л2. Extend the side lines up 1 cm.

Connect (∙) 1 with (∙) A and (∙) B with a curved concave line. The segment LL2 is divided in half and from this (∙) we draw up the perpendicular to segment AB. From (∙) B1 we postpone to the right along the curve of 5-6 cm (a constant number for all sizes), draw a straight line straight down to the level of the hips.

The remaining 7 cm, intended for tucks, are distributed between the rear and front panels of the skirt. For the rear part, the tuck is slightly larger than for the front - 4 cm and 3 cm. The height of the tuck on the rear panel is 12-13 cm, on the front - 9 - 10 cm. We shift the lower (∙) tuck on the front part to the left by 5 mm . This is done for beauty.


The height of the tuck is directly dependent on its depth. For deep tucking, its length should increase.

A segment of the lateral line between the waist and hips is divided in half. We postpone from received (∙) 5 mm. Draw the lateral lines of the sides through them.

The basic pattern of the skirt is ready!

Now we will consider how on the basis of the main pattern it is possible to develop different patterns of skirts for full women.

The original cut of the skirt corrects the silhouette, favorably emphasizes the contours of the figure. For women with wide hips, flared down styles create the right proportions, perfectly stretching the figure.

For special occasions, the best choice for a full woman is a maxi skirt length a year. Covering full legs, such a skirt will add to the figure's growth.

Modern skirts are made from a different number of wedges - from 4 to 12. But it is advisable to sew skirts for full women with a minimum number of wedges, so as not to unnecessarily weight the figure.

Styles of skirts a year:

  • classic - usually a six-blade or an eight-blade, fits the hips and expands downward,
  • spiral - wedges are cut in a spiral,
  • bell - sewn-in wedges cut out in the shape of a circle,
  • with a train - the back of the skirt is longer than the front.

  • when sewing skirts for full women, the flaming begins at 5-7 cm below the most convex line of the figure. Otherwise, the whole silhouette of the year will be lost,
  • Considering the features of your figure, it is important to determine at what height it is better to start the flare of the skirt. The most common options are as shown below.

  • the sum of the widths of all the wedges is equal to the circumference of the hips, but the width of each wedge may vary.

Tips for beginner seamstresses:

  • be sure to mark the cut parts of the wedges, otherwise they are very easy to confuse, marking is applied along the seam, and not in the center of the part,
  • if the skirt is sewn with a lining, then it is cut in similar patterns, but shorter by 4 cm, it is permissible to replace the form of the lining with a trapezoid.

Asymmetric wedge

The figures given in the drawing correspond to the 48th size.

One side of the wedge is straight, the other is flared. With such a cut, it is important that the straight and flared sides are equal in length. The angle indicated by the “3” must be pulled back with a hot iron.

Set-in wedge

To save fabric wedges can be made set-in. Sometimes such a decision is made if the sewing of a skirt is made of a material of two colors - companions.

Spiral wedge

The construction of such a wedge is made on the basis of an eight-blade.

Let's consider step by step how to do the pattern of the skirt with your own hands.

The presented model is modeled on the basis of the main pattern. How to build it for your size - see above. If desired, you can find ready-made patterns on the Internet and print the desired size.

The skirt has a length of 88 cm, you can change it. From the line of the hips we measure down 20-30 cm and draw a horizontal.

Front panel

The width of the front panel along the hips line is divided in half. Through this point (∙) we draw a vertical dotted line. On this line, as on the axial, we transfer the tuck. On the bottom of the part from the lateral, middle seams and from the dashed line, we postpone 15-20 cm on both sides.

Draw the contours of the year (marked in red). We round the lower edge of the wedges by lowering the central part by 5 mm.

If you increase the length and width of the wedges, then the hem of the skirt will turn out more magnificent.

We reshoot the side and center part of the front of the skirt onto a new sheet.

Back panel

Wedge modeling is shown in the photo below.

Similarly to the previous algorithm, we postpone 20-30 cm down from the line of the hips and draw a horizontal line. We divide the back part in half along the hips and draw a vertical dotted line.

Transfer the tuck to the dotted line. On the bottom of the side and middle seams and on the dashed line, lay 15-20 cm on both sides. We draw a profile of the wedges, rounding their bottom. To do this, lower the central part by 5 mm.

We retake each wedge on a tracing-paper separately.

For this model, gabardine, crepe, wool or blended fabric is suitable.

  • lateral parts of the front - 2 children.,
  • the central part of the front - 2 children.,
  • the central part of the back - 2 children,
  • the side of the front - 2 children.,
  • belt - 1 child Its length is equal to the length of the OT on the pattern plus 3 cm to the fastener, width - 7 cm, in the finished form - 3.5 cm.

When cutting, you need to take into account 1.5 cm allowances for all seams.

How to sew a skirt

We wipe and stitch all the wedges along the longitudinal sections, except for the rear central seam. We process allowances with basting or overlock. Sew a zipper into the back seam. We turn and lower the lower edge. If desired, it can be hemmed manually with a blind seam.

Sew in the belt. Wash the fastener, sew on the button.

Mad Year: MK video

Wrap skirt

For overweight women with a belly, the model of choice may be a wrap skirt. A cut with an overlap on the belly will hide the bulging belly, the length of the midi will narrow the hips and accentuate the ankles, the maxi skirt always looks perfect.

Options for wrap skirts for overweight women can be:

  • tulip: suitable if you do not need to hide unnecessarily full legs. Usually represented by the length of the midi,

  • pencil skirt: asymmetrical hem distracts attention from full legs, slim fit slimmer,

  • wide long skirt: the model, the sun or the half-sun, smoothes large hips, hides the legs, emphasizes femininity.

Summer wrap skirt for full

Sewing a summer skirt is best done from lightweight fabrics that are drapable. The proposed model is made of printed chiffon duplicated by a lining of solid chiffon.

Product dimensions - from 50 p. 58 p., length - 89 cm (measured from the waistline).

For sewing you need:

  • printed chiffon 1.12 m wide - 2 m, 3 m, 3 m, 3 m, 3 m,
  • chiffon - color companion without a pattern for a petticoat 1.50 m wide - 0.95 m (for all solutions),
  • elastic braid width (can be replaced with an elastic band) 2.5 cm –0.85 m, 0.90 m, 0.95 m, 1.00 m, 1.10 m.


The pattern of the skirt with a smell is so simple that it is advisable to mark it immediately on the fabric.

At the same time, allowances must be taken into account:

  • at the seams and upper sections of the front and rear parts - 15 mm,
  • on the bottom of the hem of the skirt - 5 cm, on the bottom of the hem of the petticoat - 0.75 cm
  • on the upper edge of the details of the front and rear of the skirt, as well as the front edge of the flying fragment of the front, there are no allowances.

A wraparound skirt consists of the following elements:

  • the front and back panels are 92 cm long and 56, 58, 61, 64, 67 cm wide. These details are cut out from the main and lining fabrics,
  • front fragment — length 98 cm (of which 6 cm is a one-piece top hem), width is 50, 52, 55, 58, 61 cm (of which 8 cm is a one-piece left side hem),
  • right tie - length 72 cm, width - 11 cm,
  • left tie - length 65 cm, width - 11 cm.


We cut at an angle one of the ends of both ties. We turn the edges on a small amount along the long sides and oblique cut. Lay open sections of the ties into folds and sweep to a length of 3 cm.

Fold the front sides of both panels of the women's skirt. We make a seam on the left side, simultaneously flashing the end of the left tie. The allowances for the upper cuts on both halves are not stitched.

On the take-off fragment of the front, we double up the allowance along the bottom to the wrong side, iron and press down.

With a double bend on a solution of 4 cm, we turn the top edge of the left half of the front cut together with the detail and take it in.

With a double bend on a solution of 3 cm, we turn the top edge cut out together with the detail of the fly-away fragment of the front and sew.

We put the end of the right tie near the left front edge of the flying fragment of the front at the top between the stitching and the cloth, we embrace.

We remove the flying-away fragment of the front to the edge on the left side of the front, then we sew a line through 4 cm, starting from the finishing seam of the top.

On the front and back parts we turn on the wrong side, weighed and iron the allowance.

We mark a cut to the length of 45 cm along the side line to the right, put a mark. Similarly, we act on the rear and departure fragment of the front.

Fold the front and back panels with the front sides, sew sections below the marks. At the same time, we seam the bottom mark seam and turn the hem down.

Above the marks, we chip the lateral contours, leaving the allowances of the upper edge protruding beyond the upper boundary of the front fragment.

We impose the front part of the skirt with the front side on the wrong side of the fly-away fragment of the front and perform a side seam on the right side above the marks.

We turn the bottom edge of the skirt and sew it with a hidden seam.

We process a slice on the front panel. We grind the seams of the sides of the lining, leaving on the right side an open area below the length of 45 cm.

We pull the petticoat over the skirt, with the wrong sides facing out. Sew the upper borders of the skirt and lining, without grabbing the edge of the top of the flyaway panel.

Fold the lining and the main skirt with the sides facing out.

We build up the upper edge for the drawstring, backing 3 cm. At the same time, we do not flash the fly-away fragment of the front and the left tie.

Through a sub-threaded small section of the stitching seam of the lining, we put elastic braid or elastic in the drawstring. Its length should equal the waist circumference. Turn the bottom of the lining.

Boho skirt for full

Boho style has long been a favorite among fashion designers and fashionistas. Bright, combining incompatible things, preferring natural fabrics, the boho style is widely used in the manufacture of three-dimensional clothing.

Elegant, loose things in this style look great on women of all sizes, including large ones. We suggest you sew a boho skirt for full on a simple pattern.

Product dimensions: 40-64.

The length of the skirt along the center line of the wedge is 81.5 cm - 90.5 cm (varies according to the shape of the wedge).

Patterns for full ones contain cutting details:

  • wedge pattern for a simple six-link,
  • wedge top for option with a cutting wedge,
  • bottom of the wedge with a bevel (as on the model - see photo),
  • bottom of the wedge with a flat bottom.

How to choose a finished skirt pattern

The patterns show three sizes - small, medium and large.

When choosing a size, consider not only OT, but also the density of the fabric. For example, if a summer version of a skirt in the 40th floor is sewn of very thin fabric, such as gauze, then you need to perform a fairly dense assembly. To do this, choose the largest size of the skirt.

If the degree of assembly is average, then OT is multiplied by 1.5. The resulting number will determine the length of the cut at the waist for six wedges.

With tight assembly, we multiply OT by two.

Optionally, you can adjust the number of wedges and the length of the skirt. You can change the length of the product by adjusting the length of the upper part of the wedge from above or from below.

What and how to sew boho

For the model under consideration, natural thin fabrics are best suited - cambric, gauze, chintz, fine knitwear.

With a width of 1.4 m - 1.5 m, 1.9 to 2.6 m is required for a model with a beveled wedge.

To determine the right amount of fabric will help the preliminary layout of the patterns on any segment. At the same time, allowances for seams of 1 cm can be taken into account, and you can do without them. You should never do an allowance at the waist. The boho style allows certain liberties when cutting and sewing. Layout options - see below.

When laying out, make sure that the shared direction of the threads coincides with the center line of the parts.

Let us dwell on the manufacture of the belt. He can be:

  • at the waist: in this case, the length of the workpiece is OT plus 10 cm,
  • on elastic: the length of the workpiece is equal to the length of the cut at the waist plus 2 cm,
  • on a rubber band slender: the length of the workpiece is OB plus 4-6 cm.

The width of the belt blank is always equal to twice the width of the finished part plus 2 cm.

We start sewing with the assembly of the lower part of the wedges. Then we sew the top and bottom of the wedges, process the edges with a trim or trim, iron the seam. Wrap vertical slices. At the same time, if the skirt is performed as in the photo, then the sections are opened and the bottom needs to be dipped or processed with a roll seam initially, the top of the sections is wrapped or processed with a trim.

Sew and iron the seams.

Fold the belt detail in half, sew and process it.

Plaid skirt

A fluffy silk skirt with a wide lining made of taffeta looks impressive thanks to contrasting cells.

The length of the upper skirt is 110 cm, the bottom - 106 cm.

Sizes - from the 40th to the 50th.

For sewing you need:

  • dense silk with a checkered pattern 0.9 m wide - 4.45 m long (we take into account the direction of the pattern), 3.6 m, 3.65 m, 3, 7 m, 3.8 m, 3.9 m, 4.9 m (do not take into account the direction of the pattern),
  • belt gasket,
  • lightning 22 cm long - 2 pcs.,
  • fabric for the lower skirt 1.4 m wide - 2.8 m long,
  • non-woven H250.

We sew five luxurious patterns for simple patterns

For most girls of corpulent physique, several styles of skirts are suitable, there is no need to always wear only one look.

  • Pencil skirt fully consistent with the base. She is very loved by full girls. Slimming effect helps on weekdays and holidays. The exception is the figures of a rectangle and an inverted triangle, which this style is contraindicated. Straight skirts without narrowing to the bottom line are suitable for girls with a pear figure. “Bullseye” needs a straight skirt without tucks in front. Hourglass can decorate the waist with a belt, down the skirt can be easily narrowed, the silhouette will be incomparable.

  • Silhouette year It is achieved by two types of cuts - wedges of a characteristic shape and a trimmed lower part in the form of a flare or poluklesha. Godet looks good on girls with an hourglass figure. Such a silhouette is not recommended only to “pears”, the rest need to choose models with a loose fit at the top.

  • A-line skirt almost as beloved as a direct one. Smoothly expanding from the line of the hips to the waist, the inverted triangle and the apple balance the figure well. Emphasizes the merits of the figures hourglass and pear.

Reference! A-silhouette is a universal style, well suited for evening and elegant clothes. The skirt can be any length. For office style, you can choose a skirt model with minimal ticking down.

  • Tulip - A model with drapery or soft folds at the hips, narrowed down and high waist. You can build drapery lines on the basis, cut them and push them apart depending on the desired volume. Well suited to these types of shapes, such as an inverted triangle and rectangle. Other girls are better off refrain from acquiring such a style, only if there is no desire to emphasize their features.

  • Long skirts can be of two types - A-line and straight. Of great importance is the choice of fabric. A denim skirt will make the figure cumbersome, you need a flowing, heavy fabric. It is very important to choose the right fabric color. Preference should be given to plain and fabrics with a small or dim pattern in combination with a plain top.


We grind the central seams of the front and rear, we perform a side seam on the right side. Sew on a belt. We iron the allowances on the belt, fold it in half, the wrong side inward, iron it.

Again, lay out the belt in a full U-turn. Sew a zipper from the top of the belt, that is, from an ironed fold.

We notice the inside of the belt a little higher than the seam of the grind and we cut it off.

We carry out a side seam of the left side.

We perform seams on the frill of the lining. Sew it on the top and sew to the upper part of the lining. We trim the lower skirt next to the seam of the grind.


There is no more feminine type of clothing than a skirt. It goes well with the rest of the wardrobe of a modern woman. Wearing a skirt gives confidence, helps to feel beautiful and desirable. Allows you to complement the wardrobe with many new sets that are easy to assemble from existing blouses, tunics and a new skirt.

Owners of a chic figure are very useful to be able to sew or make friends with a talented seamstress. And then features will become virtues.

Pleated skirt on the yoke

Such a skirt can be worn by both a slender girl of size 40/42 and women 44/46, 48/50 of size.

Length - approximately 98 cm.

For sewing you need:

  • taffeta 1.4 m wide - 2.75, 2.85, 2.95 m long,
  • decorative braid 4 cm wide - length 3.35 m, 3.6 m, 3.85 m,
  • elastic braid 1.5 cm wide - length 0.7, 0.8, 0.85 m.

It is better to use light fabrics with a high content of synthetics for the manufacture of this skirt, since a material of this composition holds pleating well.

Pants floor skirt for overweight women in a pattern

A loose fit, an elasticated belt, no pockets or zippers - these pants will be the perfect choice for many women with a variety of shapes.

For modeling, we need a basic skirt pattern. We build it ourselves in terms of size or find a finished one and print it in full size.

For clarity, we take the necessary measurements equal to:

  • OT = 76 cm
  • OB = 100 cm
  • hips = 20-22 cm,
  • seat height = 26.5 cm
  • the length of the trousers along the side cut = 106 cm.

Front half

We draw the step parts along the central axis of the part. AB = seat height + 1.5 - 2.0 cm = 28 cm.

DB = 1/8 RP - 2 cm = 10.5 cm, DB = DC.

DC - auxiliary line. From (∙) B draw a perpendicular to DC. Build a bow line - see drawing.

We remove the tuck at the waist, from the line of the hips draw a perpendicular up to the waist line. We are building a new waistline. We complete the one-piece belt from the waistline. Its width is 8 cm.

Back half

Using the same algorithm, we construct the back part. The height of the seat on the rear part C1B1 = B2 D2 = 1/8 OB + 2 cm = 14.5 cm.

D1C1 - auxiliary line. From (∙) B2 we draw a perpendicular to D1C1. Build a bow line - see drawing.

We remove the tuck at the waist, from the line of the hips draw a perpendicular up to the waist line. We are building a new waistline. We complete the one-piece belt from the waistline. Its width is 8 cm.

We must carve:

  • front part with one-piece belt - 2 pcs.,
  • backrest detail with a one-piece belt - 2 pcs.

Do not forget to leave allowances: at the seams - 1.5 cm, at the bottom edge - 4 cm.


Main skirt

We grind the central seams of the front and rear. Sew a zipper into the left side seam. We sew the side seams. Sew on a belt. Iron on the seamy side the bottom allowance and sew it manually with a blind seam.


We grind the central seams of the front and rear, we perform a side seam on the right side. Sew on a belt. We iron the allowances on the belt, fold it in half, the wrong side inward, iron it.

Again, lay out the belt in a full U-turn. Sew a zipper from the top of the belt, that is, from an ironed fold.

We notice the inside of the belt a little higher than the seam of the grind and we cut it off.

We carry out a side seam of the left side.

We perform seams on the frill of the lining. Sew it on the top and sew to the upper part of the lining. We trim the lower skirt next to the seam of the grind.

Pleated skirt on the yoke

Such a skirt can be worn by both a slender girl of size 40/42 and women 44/46, 48/50 of size.

Length - approximately 98 cm.

For sewing you need:

  • taffeta 1.4 m wide - 2.75, 2.85, 2.95 m long,
  • decorative braid 4 cm wide - length 3.35 m, 3.6 m, 3.85 m,
  • elastic braid 1.5 cm wide - length 0.7, 0.8, 0.85 m.

It is better to use light fabrics with a high content of synthetics for the manufacture of this skirt, since a material of this composition holds pleating well.


The pattern of the skirt on the yoke is completely simple, the details can be marked directly on the material.

  • yoke: height - 19 cm, width - 94, 102, 110 cm,
  • the skirt panels are 87 cm long - 138 cm wide (2 pcs.), 66, 90, 114 cm wide (1 pc.).

Accordion pleats

We turn it on the inside and iron the upper edge by 4 cm. We turn the lower edge with a narrow hem or process it with an overlock (zigzag). We perform pleated in the workshop: three additions, the width of the fold is 2 cm.

How to sew

We sew pleated panels into a common fabric, stitching along the internal folds of folds. We sew over allowances at the seams, capturing two layers of material at once. We count on the long cloth 55, 59, 63 folds and mark the boundary of the extreme seam. We cut off the excess material, leaving an allowance.

Sew or pin decorative braid at a distance of 24 cm from the bottom, spreading the folds with your hands. Adjust the braid. We restore the folds with an iron below the braid.

Stitch the last seam of the panel.

Sew the short edges of the coquette. Wrap its bottom cut.

On the upper edge of the panel, we shift and sweep the folds so as to equalize the length of the upper section of the panel and the lower section of the yoke. We impose a cloth on the yoke, stepping back 4 cm from its bottom. We take or pin the cloth, tune it to the yoke, 2.5 cm away from the top.

We sew the ends of the elastic braid, measuring the length so that it is equal to OT. We iron the allowance on the upper cut of the yoke to the wrong side. We stretch the elastic braid, put it under the upper edge of the coquette and adjust it so that the elastic braid protrudes slightly (about 2 mm) above the top of the coquette.

Pants floor skirt for overweight women in a pattern

A loose fit, an elasticated belt, no pockets or zippers - these pants will be the perfect choice for many women with a variety of shapes.

For modeling, we need a basic skirt pattern. We build it ourselves in terms of size or find a finished one and print it in full size.

For clarity, we take the necessary measurements equal to:

  • OT = 76 cm
  • OB = 100 cm
  • hips = 20-22 cm,
  • seat height = 26.5 cm
  • the length of the trousers along the side cut = 106 cm.

Front half

We draw the step parts along the central axis of the part. AB = seat height + 1.5 - 2.0 cm = 28 cm.

DB = 1/8 RP - 2 cm = 10.5 cm, DB = DC.

DC - auxiliary line. From (∙) B draw a perpendicular to DC. Build a bow line - see drawing.

We remove the tuck at the waist, from the line of the hips draw a perpendicular up to the waist line. We are building a new waistline. We complete the one-piece belt from the waistline. Its width is 8 cm.

Back half

Using the same algorithm, we construct the back part. The height of the seat on the rear part C1B1 = B2 D2 = 1/8 OB + 2 cm = 14.5 cm.

D1C1 - auxiliary line. From (∙) B2 we draw a perpendicular to D1C1. Build a bow line - see drawing.

We remove the tuck at the waist, from the line of the hips draw a perpendicular up to the waist line. We are building a new waistline. We complete the one-piece belt from the waistline. Its width is 8 cm.

We must carve:

  • front part with one-piece belt - 2 pcs.,
  • backrest detail with a one-piece belt - 2 pcs.

Do not forget to leave allowances: at the seams - 1.5 cm, at the bottom edge - 4 cm.


Seams on the sides, we sew and sew internal seams. We iron and process the allowances with an overlock or grind.

We process the allowances of the stepping seam, we sew and sew the seam.

We fold the belt in half and iron it. We twist the allowance and deflect, leaving a free area. We measure the desired length of the elastic, cut it off and thread it into the belt. Sew the edges of the elastic. We cover a free site.

Turn the bottom allowance and tune.

How to choose a skirt model depending on the figure

Skirt universal cut does not exist. That is why before choosing a model, it is worth deciding on the type of your figure and understand what clothes will decorate you.

  • Hourglass. It is considered the most desirable type of figure for all the fair sex. Parts of the body such as the chest, waist and hips of this type are pronounced. The main problem is to correctly emphasize these advantages and not turn the figure into a “rectangle” with the wrong clothes. It is better to choose A-line skirts, tulips and pencil skirts. From fabrics - to prefer soft ones, minor draperies may be present, pleating should be abandoned in favor of smooth options.
  • Pear. Girls with this type of figure have distinct hips and at the same time have small narrow shoulders. The task is to cover the hips with concealing clothes and balance the figure. This will help to cope with light, flying tissues that distract attention from the volumes of the lower body. Among the styles, the A-silhouette and sun skirt will be the best choice. Decor and prints should be vertically oriented: folds, vertical stripes, elongated pockets.
  • Apple. The drawbacks of the figure are large hips and an indistinct waist. Advantages - beautiful slender legs. Girls “apples” are advised to abandon a pencil skirt or models with a wide belt, as they will focus on what I would like to hide. They should prefer an asymmetric cut, a high waist and decorative elements on the hips.
  • Inverted Triangle. This type is distinguished by a massive upper body (prominent shoulders and chest) and a very small lower (narrow waist and hips, thin legs). It is easier to balance a figure than others, because you only need to add the missing volume in the hips. This will help to make skirts made of wedges, pleated, with peplum and any other models with decor that adds volume.
  • Rectangle. Disadvantages: a rather "masculine" type, in which there is practically no waist. Usually, the owners do not have enough femininity. However, it is worth noting that the rectangle girls go with many styles of skirts, especially those that are undesirable for all other types. The only thing that is better to refuse is direct cut models, which make the “rectangular” effect heavier and stronger.For the replacement, multi-tiered options with a low waist, all kinds of large prints and voluminous details in the hip area are selected.

Unwanted Models

For girls with a delicious curvaceous figure, there are many models of skirts that make them even more feminine and attractive. But there are options that it is better to write off any complete girl, without exception.

  • Skirts bags. The fact that such a model “hides” extra pounds is a big mistake. On the contrary, she will add several sizes.
  • Low-waist skirts. In most cases, it burdens the silhouette, which negatively affects the image as a whole.
  • Skirt pants. An ambiguous option. You can wear this style, but you need to choose it very carefully, since the wrong model can shorten your legs and make your figure heavier.
  • Mini skirts. They go only very thin and slender, make the dumplings shapeless and unattractive
  • Too narrow. Not only fettered movements and bring discomfort, but also emphasize all the flaws of the figure.

How to sew a straight skirt model

Pencil skirt - a straight cut skirt that fits most full women.

The construction of the drawing for the pattern is done in the same way as for the base model. To perform this work, measurements will be required:

  • skirt lengths
  • ½ waist circumference
  • ½ hips.

The drawing is build based on the circuit. It should be the same, only with your size.

Pattern skirts for complete cut and transfer to the fabric from the wrong side. Do not forget to leave allowances of 1-2 cm for more convenient seams.

Wrap Pants

Sizes: 40-42, 44-46, 48-50.

Length: 95 cm (measured along the side seam).

For sewing you need:

  • fabric with printed border width 1.4 m - length 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 m (it is cut perpendicular to the longitudinal thread).

Working process

  1. Tuck in front and back. They are necessary to fit a pencil skirt exactly on the figure. Iron seams with an iron.
  2. Combine and stitch the sides of the skirt, do not forget to leave room for the zipper.
  3. Sew a zipper.
  4. Tuck and sew the bottom of the product to give it a finished, neat look.
  5. Treat the top of the skirt.

Sewing such a skirt will not take much time, while giving you a beautiful and elegant wardrobe item that fits almost any look.

Pattern and tailoring of a summer skirt

The following is a pattern of a skirt for full women, based on which was taken the standard pattern of a straight skirt with two seams. To make the drawing easier, the parameters of the base pattern are changed.

  1. The first thing to do is to reduce the length of the back of the pattern.
  2. 2-2.5 cm is added to the half-circumference of the hips. The resulting excess tissue is divided by the number of tucks, each of them increases by the resulting millimeter value.
  3. The figure below shows how to draw cut lines.
  4. An incision is made on the front part along long lines to push the edges of the fabric to the required distance.
  5. The lower part needs to be tightened. All these manipulations will lead to the fact that the excess extensions are compensated and the skirt will ultimately fit perfectly.
  6. When building the back side of the skirt, do not forget that the length of the back of the pattern was initially reduced.

The instruction will help to sew an original skirt for the summer with a simple pattern.

For the convenience of socks and because of the characteristics of summer fabrics, it is better to abandon the use of zippers. The model assumes the presence of a drawstring belt and elastic braid. Pick up a beautiful, seasonally suitable fabric, and more than half of the work is done.

To sew and wear a skirt was comfortable and pleasant, choose a light, drape, natural fabric. Ideal option is cotton or linen. A width of 1.5 meters is enough. The length of the canvas will range from 1 m to 1.70 m, depending on your size.

After cutting the fabric, go directly to sewing.

Skirts for overweight women

Naturally, skirts that should be chosen by full women differ from those that suit slim young ladies, but there is still a wide choice. The main task of such skirts is to correctly hide too massive hips, to make the figure more attractive and sexy.

Full women can choose different models of skirts, there is no need to focus on one thing, you just need to know some nuances and take them into account when buying. Then in the end, it will be possible to look very impressive and absolutely no one will think that the girl is overweight.

For starters, you should consider the most common skirts for overweight women that currently exist and are popular. Among them, there is certainly something that will suit ladies with magnificent forms of any type.

Perhaps this name of the skirt is not known to everyone, so you should understand how this thing generally looks and what features it has.

This skirt belongs to the retro style, which, by the way, is now actively returning to fashion catwalks around the world. “Year” means the presence of artificial expansion at the bottom of the skirt. Such expansion is achieved, as a rule, with the help of tailored wedges.

The skirt-year perfectly fits the figure, can emphasize all the most feminine parts of the body, which men always pay attention to. Thanks to its cut, such a skirt can make any figure visually slim.

Full ladies need to give preference to skirts of light fabrics that will flow along the figure. In addition, these fabrics should be well draped, thanks to draperies, all the flaws present in the figure can be successfully hidden. And the length of the skirt for overweight women in this style should be below the knee. This will also make it possible to present the figure in a more favorable light, since the knees of overweight ladies, as a rule, are not the strength of their figure.

Pencil skirt

Perhaps almost everyone knows what a pencil skirt looks like. This model is most often associated with office style, because it looks quite strictly and officially. Since such a model fits the figure, many are sure that it is contraindicated for women with excess weight, but this is not so, because pencil skirts can still be different.

It is worth noting that, thanks to the available cut, such a skirt is able to slim and stretch the silhouette, any full girl will look advantageous in it.

Plus, it also consists in the fact that full ladies may well experiment with its length, it is only important to know the measure and not go too far, after all, too short skirts for full women, if there are imperfections in the figure, will be inappropriate.

Full ladies sin by the fact that they often dress casually, hiding their complexes behind this deliberate negligence. And many simply do not consider it necessary to monitor their appearance, because they think that extra pounds will spoil any image. So, a pencil skirt helps to make the appearance of even a full lady neat. This undoubtedly attracts attention, and looking at such a woman is much more pleasant.

This skirt model is universal, so you can wear it in different situations. It will be good both for work and for going out. For full girls, there are not many truly universal things, so it’s worth taking a note.

Well, do not forget that when full, women have attractive bends on the body and so they can not be shy, they must be emphasized, because it is on them that most men stare.

A-line skirt

The A-silhouette is perhaps the most universal of all, it suits any girls and girls with curvaceous shapes are no exception. He is good because he can profitably present absolutely any figure, even one that at first glance seems far from ideal.

Lush ladies need to choose skirts flared downwards, since such a style hides too full hips, which many are so shy of.

The fabric from which such a skirt is sewn should again be light and drapable, while a wide hard belt or drawstring may be present in the skirt.

Tulip skirt

This style of skirt for obese women, as the name implies, is very similar in shape to a tulip bud. Recently, such skirts have returned to fashion, and many famous personalities began to wear them.

As for overweight ladies, they should take a closer look at the skirts, which are made of tight-fitting and soft fabric, which will emphasize the appetizing roundness that a woman has. It’s definitely not worth hiding them, especially since the tulip skirt will present them exclusively in a favorable light.

Sun skirt

This model is mostly suitable specifically for women, who are often called "bigsize." The thing is that in it you can easily feel incredibly fashionable. In addition, the clear line available on the skirt very favorably emphasizes the chest, which for full ladies is very attractive.

The chosen length largely depends on the growth of a particular girl. For example, tall women can choose a sun skirt just below the knee, and a shorter length will suit low ones. Well, of course, you need to assess the condition of their legs.

Beautiful images with a skirt- content:

Girls, those who do not like to read a lot, immediately follow the link in the menu to the section you need about fashionable skirts or their styles. This will allow you to go directly to viewing photos and stylish images. The review consists of such points, on topics: skirt models, how to choose a skirt for young girls and full ladies for adults, with which it is better to combine it on the occasion of the release. Trendy fabrics and shades.

Flared skirt

Such a skirt is best chosen from denim, it will look much better on a girl with curvaceous shapes. The original flared style is good in that it fits any figure and any age, that is, it can be called universal.

This material is also very practical, especially since a denim skirt can be worn absolutely always and absolutely everywhere.

Full ladies should choose elongated models, and also make sure that the skirt sits tight enough on the hips so that there are no wrinkles, and it does not spin in different directions. That is, you need to select a thing strictly in size.

We choose a fashionable color and prints, fabric and images of successful combinations with what to wear a large skirt.

Clothing color is an important component of a woman’s mood. Therefore, fashionistas are especially careful to monitor changes in trends. What color skirts are fashionable to wear this year? You will find out in a few minutes. As well as women with large sizes of clothes, what prints are suitable to visually look thin.

Fashionable and popular models of skirts of large size

We hasten to please you today, designers of fashion houses and women's clothing brands of large size are constantly working on creating exclusive and new women's looks. Creating unique collections, they focus on the skirt as an important detail for a modern woman, a resident of a big city.

Almost all brand models and mass samples of the market emphasize the merits of a complete figure, carefully masking its imperfections. A fashionable skirt for the full allows you to feel like a woman, gives a feeling of lightness and spontaneity, for this you need to decide on the correct style.

Long skirt for overweight women

Long skirts for overweight women are the embodiment of pure femininity. Despite the fact that they completely hide their legs, many men find them attractive enough, because they make a woman desirable, give an opportunity to play out male fantasies.

In a long skirt, you can very easily hide all your flaws, without having to make any effort.

It is best to choose a pleated skirt, especially since it has been in trend for several seasons. For such a skirt, it is important to correctly select the top, it should not be too loose, otherwise the figure will look even bigger. A tight-fitting V-neck tank top that accentuates the chest is perfect.

It is no secret that the color of one or another garment is of great importance, since it is able to visually change the figure, for example, make it more slim or increase growth. The same goes for the color of skirts, especially for full women. Properly selected color combination will allow the lady to change literally beyond recognition. Often full ladies are limited only to dark shades in clothes, believing that only they can hide flaws, but this is wrong.

Plaid Skirts

A cage is a very fashionable color that has become popular for quite some time, but still many ladies love it very much. Previously, this coloring was associated with schoolgirls, but now it has become obvious that plaid skirts are perfectly absorbed in any style of clothing and, in addition, are suitable for many girls, including those that have mouth-watering shapes. True, the cell must be chosen wisely, the fact is that too wide a picture will only visually increase the lady, but a small cell, on the contrary, may be appropriate. In this case, you will have to abandon the bright prints, they will only draw attention to the problem areas.

It’s best to buy a wraparound plaid skirt or a yoke skirt, but the latter option is preferable for ladies who have a problem area of ​​the abdomen, but the hips look narrower compared to it.

Pleated pleated skirt

The second place in the hit parade of the online magazine Skirts for overweight women and a photo catalog, is occupied by a pleated skirt.
Especially for lovers of exclusive models, the online magazine of fashionable women's clothing plus size presents a huge selection of colors and materials for pleated skirts.

This model is the main trend of the upcoming season. Popular blogs about XXL fashion, each other in front of each other publishes posts of the most unexpected and stylish combinations with skirts in a small fold.

You can find both with prints, and plain, casual and for special occasions, classic looks and sports options for combination with sneakers and denim jackets. Length for every taste and age - mini, midi and maxi. Fabric from leather to chiffon. To resist not to buy such fashionable and beautiful skirts for full pleating is extremely difficult!

Style mermaid photo

The skirt of this style has a characteristic feature - flares to the bottom, fitting the line of the hips. Such a skirt is also called a fish. The model is usually always long. This style of skirt suits full women with hourglass shapes. Looks beautifully for ceremonial exits with heeled shoes and a tuxedo jacket. Fabrics are used for sewing from knitwear for everyday models, to lace and shiny fabrics for the evening.

Bright skirts

Bright colors should not be afraid, especially since they are able to dilute any image, make it more positive. Particularly bright skirts for overweight women will be appropriate in the summer.

In principle, you can choose a skirt of any bright color: red, yellow, green. The main thing is that it is combined with those shades that are present on other clothes in the image.

The skirt should be one bright element, all other things it is advisable to choose more muted and better dark tones, on a full figure, such a combination will look very good.

For business images, choose skirts for full pleats

The style of the pleated skirt is applicable in almost any weather, in the summer it can be a linen skirt or a cotton one. In autumn, in combination with elegant blouses and business jackets, check skirts or monochrome skirts made of suit fabric.If you decide to keep up to date with fashion trends, then make no mistake choosing a pleated leather skirt!

It is preferable for full women to choose a skirt below the knee with pleats, this length is suitable at any age and universally complements your stylish looks. It can be combined with clothes in any style. Blouses and shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and jackets.

Floral Skirts

This coloring came into fashion back in 2008, but it is still considered relevant, especially for the summer. Skirts for full women with such a print can harmoniously fit into many styles, and the print itself, in combination with other things, can radically change its character.

Full girls are better off choosing pleated skirts with a floral print midi length or a sun skirt. Such models, due to the bright colors, will look festive and are suitable not only to wear them every day, but also for any special occasions. It is important that there are no prints on other clothing that matches the skirt.

Slit skirt for overweight women

Older girls and women want to add a little seductiveness and coquetry to their images. If you are one of those who prefer attention, then pay your attention to the styles of skirts with a slit. A cut at the back or a slot will decorate any product. Skirts with a slit on the side, maxi lengths are good for elegant images or for a trip to the resort.

Striped skirts

Skirts for overweight striped women can be very dangerous. Probably the chosen color can make the look just awful.

In no case should overweight women wear skirts with horizontal stripes; they contribute to the fact that the hips, which are already rather large in size, will appear even larger. It is better to choose vertical stripes, but they should not be too thick, otherwise the effect of them will be negative and the figure will look extremely unattractive.

Large skirt model with flounces

Fashion in women's clothing of large sizes also requires key points based on delicate and romantic images. You can emphasize the feminine image with the help of skirts with frills, ruffles and frills, especially this year it is fashionable! The material of a fluffy or narrowed skirt with frills is selected according to the season. In the version of summer models, batiste fabric, chiffon and staple look good and are great for hot weather.

For business images, you can choose a fashionable skirt from a thin suit of direct silhouette with a vertical flounce. Length and cut from mini to asymmetrical skirts with a wide belt that emphasizes the waist. Shuttlecocks like a Basques are able to visually adjust the silhouette of a female full figure and add volume for balance. For example, if a girl has breasts much more than hips.

How to choose a skirt for overweight women?

When there are any features in the figure, you need to take the choice of clothes very seriously, because you need to present your forms favorably, especially when it comes to those who have extra pounds.

The skirt must be the correct size, so all models must be tried on. Only then will it be clear whether this skirt is suitable or not.

Many women believe that if you choose a skirt a little less than necessary, you can slightly tighten your figure, but this decision is wrong. In such clothes it will be very uncomfortable, it will expose absolutely all the flaws that exist in the figure.

Denim should be chosen as a material, because, firstly, it is always in fashion, and secondly, it has an excellent property to slim. Yes, and it is the most practical of all available materials. You can also choose light fabrics, they are also not contraindicated for full ladies.

As for the styles, flare skirts look most advantageous on the magnificent ones, which allow you to visually reduce the real size of the hips.

To give the image of romance, it is worth choosing models with frills sewn along the edge, especially since they will distract attention from the flaws of the figure.

Tulip skirts and pencil skirts are also incredibly successful models for overweight girls.

If we talk about color, it is better to give preference to plain skirts, as it is very easy to make a mistake with the choice of print.

Even without the podium uniforms, ladies should not deny themselves the pleasure of wearing skirts for full women, just need to learn how to choose them correctly.

In the video below you can see how beautiful and interesting modern skirts, blouses and other clothes for magnificent ladies are.

Women with mouth-watering and rounded shapes always attract men's attention. It is important to choose the right style and color of clothing, which will show the best sides of the figure and hide its inaccuracies. You should not use shapeless and baggy things, this will only make the image heavier. The perfect choice would be a one-year-old skirt for overweight women.

Stylists insist on wearing such products, since they are able to turn flaws into virtues, emphasize the seductive bends of the hips and beautiful buttocks. Stylish and luxurious designs have their own characteristics of cutting and sewing. The upper part fits the hips, thereby smoothing the shape. A flared bottom balances the figure and creates a proportional silhouette. A fashionable product looks luxurious and presentable, therefore it allows you to create elegant and solemn ensembles.

The model combines two styles: and. A straight piece at the top ensures a perfect fit, and an expanding hem balances the silhouette. The starting elements are wedges or shuttlecocks, the number and volume of which affects the perception of the image . As a rule, modern “years” include from four to twelve wedges, which can be made of fabric that differs from the main material of the skirt. Full women are recommended to use products with a minimum number of wedges, so as not to focus on the lower part of the skirt and not to make the figure heavier.

A-line skirt model

The style of skirts for overweight women - a trapeze is often used by lovers of the style of military, casual and safari. The most common fabrics in which such a style looks good, denim canvases and other dense materials - leather, deputy leather, quilted fabrics.

A trapeze skirt is suitable for girls with wide shoulders and large breasts with relatively narrow hips. We recommend that women of short stature use this model with great caution because it shortens the silhouette.

Style Advantages

Excessive girls will always be at their best, as a year is an ideal modeling element of clothing. The product perfectly outlines the contours of the figure, allows you to accentuate the individuality and originality of the appearance. Women can safely use products flared downwards, miraculously correcting the silhouette.

Even if nature decided in her own way, and you so want to look seductive and harmonious, use a floor-length skirt. This thing gives unexpected results - the silhouette stretches, and the figure becomes more elegant and slimmer.

Skirts for a full straight silhouette

Straight skirts are even along the entire length of the product or slightly narrowed along the hips. The waist of such a product may be too high or with a low fit. The most common model is a pencil skirt for full or sheath. But choosing a maxi length. The style is a pipe, you can also hide some flaws and make the figure thinner.

Bouffant skirts

Curvy skirt models for a full figure are usually narrow at the waist and decorated with pleats. Length may vary. Lush models of long skirts are good for any age, they look beautiful and even the same in their everyday version girls usually choose for the summer or for a celebration, going to the theater or restaurant.Fluffy skirts hide the true volume of the hips, with their cut.

Skirts midi length lush cut, suitable for women in business looks. Look beautiful with clothes and shoes in any style. In such a skirt, a girl can distinguish her waist even when she is absent, thanks to the silhouette of the hourglass shaping the female figure. Choose the right color for you from natural fabrics and show your imagination when creating stylish bows.

Model Year

The skirt is straight across the hips with a detail cut in the hem, which expands. This style is chosen by women who are over 50. It is customary to see such a model on teachers with a large figure. As a rule, such models are now sewn by domestic manufacturers and are not particularly popular with young girls. Adult ladies combine them with knitted cardigans and turtlenecks.

Tutu skirt

The fame of Kerry Bradshaw and her memorable movie image in a fluffy tutu skirt inspired the creators of women's clothing for full skirts in large size from multilayer tulle. On sale you can find a model from any fabric and a diverse color palette. It is great to combine and wear such a skirt with a top made of roughly textured material or in a harsh military style. A frills cloud of air as opposed to strict forms.

Try a coarse-knit sweater or leather jacket; denim jacket models for full-size ones also look great with a ballet-style skirt. It is suitable for full women who have problems with the waist, but there are no problems with taste.

Odor skirt

The style of a wrap skirt looks stylish on women with a full figure. Midi length will emphasize slender ankles and visually narrow the hips. And the detail of the cut in the overlap on the abdomen will make the folds in the waist area not so noticeable and will hide the bulging belly of a lady with curvaceous shapes. In the performance of maxi length, such a style looks perfect and if you do not have such a skirt yet, then you should buy it.

Fashionable colors of skirts this season

When choosing which skirt to buy, overweight women are often guided by the choice of color in the first place. If the skirt is selected as the base of the capsule wardrobe. As a rule, a straight pencil skirt for full, in classic shades is suitable for these purposes. An alternative to a black office skirt can be a skirt of a fashionable shade of Marsala or indigo.

Classic colors

Burgundy, dark blue shades, browns and the whole range of gray palettes has become a classic for skirts. Such colors are universally used in everyday and evening bows with full fashionistas. To revive the wardrobe and dilute the usual color scheme, skirts of fashionable khaki and a popular wine shade can.


Listen to the voice of fashion trends easily by looking at girls' fashion blogs plus size or Instagram photos. Designers are working to ensure that the image is elegant and memorable. If you want chic results in working on your own style. Choose skirts with a noticeable pattern. Like for example patterns from fabric to pea.

Choose skirt fabric plus size

Not everyone will be able to resist the creative flight of imagination of designers. It is difficult to avoid the temptation to buy fashionable skirts for full ones. So many materials are amazing. The fabric of the skirts in the creation of the image is selected taking into account the mood and the case of exit. Delicate satin gives femininity and mystery, chic velvet is an indispensable favorite of festive events. A flowing chiffon gives an incomparable feeling of lightness and airiness.

Shiny brocade and sequin skirts

Skirts for overweight women do not look like standard sizes. Pleated and corrugated, with sequins and floral prints - they make men's hearts beat more often.

Fabric and modern materials

  • Woolen and suit fabric
  • Knitwear
  • Linen
  • Denim skirts
  • Chiffon and silk
  • Velvet
  • Leather, eco leather and leather
  • Guipure and lace
  • Satin and satin
  • Embroidered, sequin and brocade
  • Velveteen.

What could be more beautiful for a woman than to plunge into the world of unforgettable impressions thanks to the creators of designer skirts. Delicate satin gives femininity and mystery, chic velvet is an indispensable favorite of solemn events, flowing chiffon gives an incomparable feeling of lightness and airiness.
How to choose a skirt?

How to wear skirts, cool and stylish looks

When creating a bow, you need to start from two points:
select the style attribute based on the available forms. The skirt will advantageously emphasize the advantages of the figure and discreetly hide its flaws. Give preference to the usual style.

When putting on a new thing, it is important to feel comfortable and easy.
listen to the voice of fashion trends. Designers are working to ensure that the image is elegant and memorable.

Skirts of blue shades, leopard print, with sequins are very popular in the season for evening outings.

We sew wrap pants

Fold the details of the trousers with their faces facing each other and sew along the middle seam. Wrap over allowances immediately through two layers of material, iron them on either side from the top cut to the start of the step. We do not iron over allowances on the fillet line.

Turn the inside out of the upper and lower cuts, twist and sew.

Fold the ties in half and make a bevel at one end. We sew along the long sides and on oblique sections. We turn out the details and build to the edge. Sew the ties to the longitudinal sections at the upper ends and turn them over the stitched seam.


The best choice for women with curvaceous forms will be a long skirt covering her full legs and visually adding growth to the figure. The product looks very beautiful, elegant and suitable for special occasions. . Midi samples look no less impressive, the hem of which ends in the narrowest part of the leg. Such things fit perfectly and are suitable for a variety of events - working in the office, walking, a friendly party. Short samples are not recommended for overweight women, so as not to flaunt figure flaws. Everything should adhere to the golden mean, then your image will be attractive and harmonious.

Ways to cut

The skirt - year is represented in different interpretations. Wedges can be sewn in at the bottom of the whole canvas, or be cut out along with other details of the skirt. A one-piece product can be based on one of the wedges subject to the equivalence of details and multi-seam skirt. If the “year” is cut along a shared thread, then the wedges are cut along an oblique line.

Today, no fashion show is complete without a demonstration of a product with an asymmetrical hem (front part above the back or vice versa). A fashionable product brings expression to the image and adds extravagance. Particular attention is drawn to the sample, including the flounced part of the pleated fabric. Charm is added to skirts, the tail of which is made of other fabrics that differ in texture and color from the main fabric.

Material selection

If you want to narrow the silhouette as much as possible and create the visual effect of an elegant mill, use samples made from fabrics with the addition of polyester and elastin. Many elastic materials - synthetic acrylic, polyamide, denim, viscose, have a draining effect. It is better to opt for smooth fabrics without embossed patterns. Such materials do not add extra centimeters and perfectly fit the silhouette. You should not use samples from velveteen, boucle. Knitwear with openwork patterns will add splendor, which is not permissible for overweight women .

For the manufacture of the summer version of the skirt, Indian gauze or crepe de chine is used, which add luxury and nobility to the image. Winter ensembles can be created using woolen, leather or jacquard skirts.A skirt made of black genuine leather looks very stylish, the tail of which is made of dense synthetics or viscose. The product provides a perfect fit and adds a special twist to the style . An excellent choice for the demi-season will be knitwear or woolen jersey.

Fashionable looks

Every year, fashion designers present new collections, which necessarily include elegant one-year skirts suitable for women of any age and physique. Bohemian people shake with miraculous properties to transform the figure, adding elegance and grace to the silhouette . Universal midi with frills, decorated with accents and appliqués, add charm and luxury to the female look. A cute and elegant product requires special cutting, so the advice of stylists and your own intuition will be useful when creating a fashionable look.

What to wear with a year-long skirt? Given the belonging of the skirt to a classic or urban style, you should choose elegant items in an elegant design. Stylists recommend wearing a tight-fitting top without unnecessary decoration or short outerwear.

Elements of clothing matching with a skirt :

  • Strapless top.
  • Asymmetric T-shirt or T-shirt.
  • Openwork fitted jacket.
  • Blouse with long sleeves.
  • Short coat.

If you want to create a harmonious image, do not use blouses with a deep neckline and voluminous, frill or. The upper part can be tucked in and emphasize the waist with a tight belt. Hide protruding belly will help or loose blouse. A special gloss will allow to introduce such elements as a fur vest, bolero, short fur coat into the image. Every detail matters, therefore, creating a fashionable bow, it is necessary to consider everything to the smallest detail.

Shoes & Accessories

It is no coincidence that the skirt-year claims the title of the most feminine and romantic thing. That is why all elements of the ensemble must be sophisticated and refined. A stylish mix can be ensured with elegant classic-style shoes. . The nobility of the image will emphasize high-top boots or ankle boots. Closed with a round toe on a high comfortable heel will help to add a presentable style. Graceful wedge sandals will serve to create a casual ensemble, and platform shoes will be a great addition to a long skirt.

Accessories play a special role in creating an attractive and seductive look. Full women can apply bright and catchy elements . Massive beads will distract attention from magnificent forms. They will add a special twist to the female appearance of a bracelet, earrings or pendant. Stole, cape, openwork scarf attract the attention of others and accentuate the style. The best feminine adornment of women will be a fashionable hat, stylish glasses or elegant watches.

Properly selected skirt will help to correctly focus on the features of curvaceous forms and emphasize femininity to corpulent girls. It is important to pay attention to the choice of style, fabric and colors.

Choosing a skirt model for full

A universal cut of skirts for women with curvaceous forms does not exist. The only thing that designers can advise is to abandon one or another model that does not fit your body type. As for the rest of the models, there are some nuances in the design of the skirt that should be considered.

Models should be selected taking into account the type of figure:

  1. Apple-shaped (O) . The silhouette resembles a ball, and the volume of the hips and shoulders is almost the same. The waist in women with an apple-shaped figure is absent, while the stomach stands out. Do not give preference to the style of tulip skirts.
  2. Pear-shaped (A) . Narrow shoulders, sophisticated upper torso, neat chest and wide hips. Also, owners of this type of figure usually have full legs. Flared skirts are not suitable for such ladies.
  3. Rectangular . The volume of the chest is equal to the volume of the waist and hips. Broad or straight chest, flattened hips.Do not wear pencil skirts.
  4. Hourglass (X) . The volumes of the hips and chest are equal. The waist has clear lines. The problem areas are the hips and buttocks. In general, most of the models are suitable for such women, except for too short skirts.
  5. Inverted Triangle (V) . The shoulders are significantly wider than the hips. Wide back, large chest, weak waist, narrow hips. Pencil skirts and straight skirts are not suitable for such figures.
The correct definition of the constitution of the body will allow you to choose the appropriate skirt, in which you will look spectacular and feel comfortable.

Long skirts to overweight women

This model has been very relevant lately, and when choosing it is important to consider several key points:

  • If there is no waist or it is weakly expressed, then give preference to skirts on the hips.
  • Horizontal prints are not suitable for this style. Choose solid colors.
  • The best option is long skirts made of light material. Thick fabric will overload the silhouette.
A direct classic model, asymmetric or slightly flared, is perfect for a full figure. You can complement the image with a jacket, covering the belt, tunic, tight-fitting or loose jacket. Shoes are recommended to choose with high heels or a platform.

Full Body Pencil Skirts

This model should be selected according to the type of figure:

  1. In combination with a draped top, visually reduces the size of the hips in women with a pear-shaped shape. However, it is important to ensure that there is no excessive narrowing at the bottom.
  2. For women with the “apple-shaped” type, such models with an elongated blouse, blazer, shirt or long tunic are suitable. It is better to refuse a belt.
  3. Having supplemented with an original belt, owners of an hourglass figure can wear such a skirt.
  4. This style is not suitable for women with a V-shaped and rectangular type of structure.
A pencil skirt figuratively stretches the lower part, especially in combination with a high heel. This is a good option for a business meeting. In this case, the image will complement the classic jacket, stylish blouse, elongated jacket, turtleneck, pullover.

To visit the club, a cropped pencil skirt is combined with a top. From above you can throw a cardigan, leather jacket, jeans. To create a stylish evening look, the model can be supplemented with a fashionable blouse made of chiffon or satin. Dark inserts on the sides of such a skirt visually thin the silhouette.

Straight skirts for full

This classic model emphasizes the virtues of a pear-shaped figure. She perfectly complements both business and evening look. A straight skirt can be combined with almost any top. A knitted sweater, an original jacket, a stylish blouse, an elongated jacket and a flared tunic - choose what you like best.

However, it is advisable for women with a silhouette of an inverted triangle to abandon this element of the wardrobe. Such a style will visually expand the lower part.

Full body a-line skirts

This style subtly emphasizes the silhouette of both puffy and slender women. The model goes well with a loose shirt, sweater, and an adjacent blouse made of light fabric. Low and full women are advised to choose a skirt up to the knees, and high - below the knees. An interesting everyday look can be created by combining this model with a top, and for an evening out, complete the ensemble with a fitted blouse with a neckline.

Flared skirts for women with uniforms

This category includes styles of skirts a year, six-link, bells. These models are appropriate year-round and are sewn from various materials.

They need to be selected taking into account the type of body structure:

  • For the "apple" type, such a skirt is combined with a tunic.
  • For women with a figure in the form of an “inverted triangle”, a year-skirt is suitable if the chest is not much wider than the hips.
  • The “rectangle” figure can be favorably emphasized with a not too fitted skirt with a high beginning of wedges.
  • Women with a pear-shaped figure are not recommended to wear such models.
  • But for girls with a figure in the form of an hourglass, one-piece wedges visually lengthen their legs and slim the silhouette.
Shirts, blouses, sweaters, t-shirts - such skirts are combined with almost any top. An evening and elegant look can be created by combining a long skirt-year and a blouse made of silk or chiffon. For a medium-length model, a fitted shirt is suitable. And tunics and tops are optimally combined with short ones.

Scottish skirt-kilt full women

This unusual original model is sewn of dense fabric (wool or knitwear). The trapezoid kilts with side pockets and pleating are relevant in this season. It is recommended to choose such knee-length skirts. It is desirable to combine it with a blouse, sweater or pullover. Top and panty hoses are better to pick classic white and black colors. Shoes fit in a massive and steady heel.

Actual colors of skirts for overweight women

When choosing a skirt, you need to consider that black does not slim everyone. Correctly selected colors of clothes will create a harmonious, fresh, bright and interesting image. Plain skirts are certainly versatile. It’s easier to pick up the upper, shoes, accessories. However, it should be borne in mind that white and pink color are full. It is also undesirable to choose skirts in pastel colors. Keep in mind that light tones fill up, as a rule, women with an “apple-shaped” figure. So you have something to experiment with.

Skirts with prints for full figures

Refuse from the original prints should not be. The main thing to remember is that too large or small drawings are not suitable for puffy women. In addition, it is not recommended to choose skirts with colored inserts on the sides or horizontal lines. They visually increase the volume of the hips. The best option is a medium-sized vertical print (preferably abstraction).

Dark colors for full skirts

Usually, collections of clothes for overweight women are presented in a dark color palette. Everyone knows that dark colors visually reduce. However, one should not go to extremes and wear only black clothes. The wardrobe can be diluted with blue, burgundy, purple, crimson, dark olive, ginger and chocolate flowers.

Light materials, such as silk or chiffon, are selected for the summer skirt. However, a multi-layer organza looks ridiculous on puffy women. It is better to refuse such models.

For a winter skirt, choose wool, half-wool or knitwear. These materials are warm and practical. Almost all styles of skirts for corpulent girls are sewn from jeans. But knitted patterns need to be selected carefully: fine knitting with a medium-sized pattern is optimal.

In order to thin the silhouette as much as possible and look spectacular, puffy girls, choosing a style, you need to consider some rules:

  1. Linen, silk, cotton and chiffon are the best fabrics for sewing a summer skirt.
  2. To emphasize the silhouette, the flare should start from the middle of the thigh.
  3. Large drawings (flowers, peas, cells) are visually enlarged.
  4. The originality of the model will emphasize an interesting drapery.
  5. Buttons and buckles on the skirt distract attention from the flaws of the figure.
  6. Excessive tightening of the belt makes the chest heavier and visually increases the volume of the hips.
  7. Eliminate short trapezoidal and baggy straight patterns from your wardrobe.
Keep in mind that shiny fabrics, horizontal and voluminous prints visually fill up the puffy women. You should also abandon multilayer skirts from printed fabrics.

How to choose a skirt for a full woman - look at the video:

Remember, in any clothes you need to feel comfortable. Our recommendations will help you choose the skirt that most emphasizes the silhouette from the wide variety of models.

Many full women do not just think, but are completely sure that they are strictly forbidden to wear skinny or short skirts. All of them choose something formless, huge and completely hiding mouth-watering shapes and smooth bends.At the same time, it is completely not clear how the logic of fashionistas works in this case. After all, no woman will definitely decorate such clothes.

Seeing a woman choosing obscure clothes, I just want to exclaim: “Stop! Think! After all, everyone deserves to be attractive. And there are styles of skirts for fat women that perfectly emphasize the seductive movements of full ladies. "

Existing styles of skirts for full

If you correctly “put” the skirt on the figure, a woman with large sizes can successfully wear almost any version of the cut of this type of clothing. The main thing is to make sure that the skirt hides possible flaws, and not clearly demonstrates them.

  1. A-line - this model is simply an amazing find for full ladies. It looks particularly advantageous with a small flare below. As a rule, skirts are sewn of light, draping, falling fabric and have an elastic band, a drawstring or a tight belt. For a cold time, a woolen jersey or knitwear is suitable. In summer, use Indian gauze skirts and crepe de chine skirts. Length depends on personal preference. Options are possible from flirty skirts to knees to bohemian "on the floor."
  2. Styles of skirts for full women with ruffles - this is an opportunity to "go wild". Adjacent and lush, with wide ruffles on the hem and small ruffles cascading downward from dense or flying material, asymmetrical or even. Each beauty will be able to make a choice on her own and will never be mistaken, because they all look beautiful on a full figure.
  3. The tulip skirt is a super-fashionable model tailored from soft-fitting fabrics. She sits well on any figure, and full ladies are no exception. When choosing a length, you should give your preference to slightly elongated models. At the same time, the most daring beauties can wear a short “tulip”. And they will be right - he perfectly emphasizes the magnificent figure. However, when choosing this model, special attention should be paid to the legs. "Tulip" is suitable for those ladies who have slim, beautiful legs and neat knees. Otherwise, such a skirt will only focus all eyes on those defects that most women would try to hide.

Perfect pencil skirt for overweight ladies

Pencil skirt - contrary to the belief that this model is sewn exclusively for thin women, the names of such a skirt surprisingly emphasize the curvaceous. A pencil skirt emphasizes the curves and slimmer silhouette, tightens the stomach and fits the buttocks.

It should be worn with a draping or adjacent top, tunic or an extended blazer. The length of this model can vary depending on the case for which it is worn. You should not just use the indistinct length of the midi below the middle of the calf - it will turn a large woman into a monumental statue.

For obese women with the correct proportions related to the type of figure “hourglass”, it is worth choosing a pencil skirt, slightly narrowed down. It should not be too narrow - this will create a disproportion between the volume at the hips and the width at the knees, but it should not be very straight. A moderate narrowing to the knees will make the curvaceous more attractive and effective.

It is not superfluous to remind our women, who consider themselves fat, that the idol of all times and peoples Marilyn Monroe wore size 42. Isn't it true that many of us consider it “terribly big”?

Spectacular denim skirts for full

Denim skirts for overweight women - this option is especially suitable for those who love denim and prefer a sporty style. A skirt made of such material is not only practical, but also feminine. Particularly beautiful in this model look overweight women with high growth.

Informal material is exactly what you need for a club party or for shopping. A correctly selected result will help the skirt to sit well on the figure, emphasizing all its advantages.In addition, the longer you wear denim, the more spectacular it looks.

A nice feature of denim is its ability to hold its shape by visually tightening the shape of the body.

Full Year Skirt - Great Choice

Flared skirts for overweight women - here the choice is quite large. Six-link, bell or godet - these styles are always in fashion and are in demand both among fashion designers and fashionistas. Depending on the season, a variety of fabrics and patterns are chosen for their sewing. However, flared skirts for many seasons remain at the peak of popularity. They are romantic and simply created for lush ladies, as they make smooth curves even more exciting and desirable. And one more fact - this model is suitable for any occasion.

A skirt-year is an excellent silhouette that is able to emphasize the best in the figure of a woman. The main thing is not to overdo it with excessive relief. The thing should not "hang out" on the hips, but also can not overtighten the body so as not to emphasize the folds. For such a silhouette, soft, beautifully flowing fabrics are best suited.

Fashionable long skirts for fat

To look good on a large woman, a long skirt should not be lush at the waist, it is desirable that she fit beautifully, but not fit the hips. Dense fabrics that hold their shape, or light, softly draped, are perfect. The main condition is not to use thin knitwear, it is only able to emphasize all the defects and shortcomings of the figure.

To look slimmer in a long skirt, you need to choose a more compact and tight-fitting top. The massive upper part of the dress will make the figure too bulky, bulky, visually add weight.

Is it possible to wear full skirt pants

A skirt-pants can be good options for a woman with a large size, subject to the right choice of fabric, a good fit and proper selection of the upper part of the kit. In order not to draw attention to the full tummy and magnificent buttocks, it is best to use a light flowing tunic of an elongated silhouette or a soft knitted top.

How To Wear Plaid Skirt And Stripes For Full Women

If you choose a not too aggressive and large pattern, then the cell and the strip can even make the figure visually slimmer. The strips should be vertical, and the cell - implicit, not too small or huge, but medium, it is best to place such a fabric diagonally.

Do not use coarse “thick” fabrics - they will visually add extra centimeters. Also, with such a picture, it is worth avoiding too complex cuts and many details.

Modern wrap skirt in a full ladies wardrobe

Diana von Furstenberg's favorite trick is the smell on an elegant feminine dress. Moving it to a skirt, you can get a very beautiful and stylish image. Vertical and inclined lines on the skirt give harmony, and draperies help to hide the lush, voluminous shapes. For such a thing, it is better not to use large buttons and details that unnecessarily fragment the silhouette.

Models of skirts for overweight women are very, very diverse. The main thing is not afraid to make your choice in favor of a really fashionable thing. And then you will always feel like a queen, and attract close gaze.

Regardless of the type of figure and physique, a girl should always remain feminine and graceful. Moreover, thanks to clothes, you can often hide your flaws and emphasize your advantages. For this, fashionable skirts for fat women are ideal, which you can see in our photo gallery.


Many patterns of skirts for fat women from old magazines created the impression that a plus-size girl has a very small selection of clothes. This is not entirely true, with the right combination, the owners of even the most magnificent volumes can wear different styles, colors and prints.

What style can be worn by full women:

  1. The sun.This is the most popular and beautiful option, which, regardless of physique, will make you a real princess. Satin, silk, gabardine models are very popular now. Depending on the style and season, you can find any model you need,
  2. Skirt pants. This option will help visually slightly balance the parameters, and flared models will create a beautiful contrast between the waist-hips,
  3. Pencil. Despite all the tips from the fashion forums, we don’t recommend putting on a pencil skirt to overweight women if you don’t have a waist or it is poorly expressed. The fact is that this model is suitable for owners of a guitar figure, i.e. with lush hips, a thin waist and large breasts. Of all the others, such a hem will make a “rectangle”,
  4. Lightweight pareo skirts, possibly crocheted. Naturally, these are completely summer variations, which mainly play the role of beachwear, but with the right selection of accessories, you can wear them at the party. It all depends on the type of fabric and cut,
  5. Straight pleats or pleated skirt. Pleated - these are very popular now models of skirts with pleats. They most often have a midi or maxi length and are mainly sewn from chiffon. You need to be careful with them, in most cases it is difficult to choose the right shoes and upper for such options.

Photos - Fashion for skirts

If you need an outfit, look for evening dresses or sundresses with a wrap skirt.

Video: choosing the right length


In addition to the correct style, it is very important to choose beautiful prints for skirts for overweight women and girls. Modern fashion dictates some trends that work for the owners of a magnificent body. For example, unusual and original large floral patterns located in the right parts of the body can visually reduce the volume. To do this, try to sew a hem with large flowers, located on the sides of the seam.

A great way to visually become slimmer is to wear clothes with wide vertical stripes. Many modern fashion houses offer their fans such models: Zara, Mango, H&M.

Photo - Suitable cut skirts for full
Photos - Variety of skirts
Photos - The combination of colors for skirts

Solid models work perfectly, in which patterns - contrasting dark stripes are located on your problem areas. For inspiration, look at some of the images of Kardashian, she often uses this move to visually make herself more elegant. In addition, a model with jewelry from colorful bright stripes looks interesting.

If you are looking for warm skirts for overweight young women, then pay attention to stylish long plaid options. Again, do not forget about the size of the print - small will increase the proportions even more, while large geometric shapes will help you become more interesting and thinner. Alternatively, look for beautiful crocheted hem, knitted or woolen patterns. More expensive drapes are also suitable.

Photos - Stylish skirts Photo - Extra Long Skirts

How to choose and what to wear

Tips for overweight women how to choose a skirt:

  1. Now jeans models are in fashion so that they "sit" on you, wear flared options, and it is very important that there is an overestimated waist line,
  2. For short, full fashionistas, interesting flared mini-outfits are suitable. Such clothes are just perfect for little girls of any complexion. A great example is the editor-in-chief of Marie Clair,
  3. If you don’t know what to wear, try on classic models with an oblique strip (even narrow ones are allowed in this way), completely black or flared maxi. The large rhombus, abstraction, peas,
  4. Do not buy women's suits, hem and dresses in a shallow horizontal strip,
  5. It is very important to choose the right material. For full low girls, lush woolen models or fringe options will not work. At the same time, modern cotton skirts, linen, silk,
  6. If you can not decide what to combine the skirt with, then put on a light shirt in the fall (blouses are also suitable), a light knitted blouse or a T-shirt with an asymmetric top (if it is summer or spring outside). A jacket or an elongated jacket will help to complete the outfit, depending on what cut is at the bottom of the image.

Photos - Air skirts
Photos - Pencil skirt
Photos - Skirts with elements

The ideal color option is cold colors, dark (black, dark blue, deep green). If you look at the catalogs of 2015 branded stores, then you can find and buy elegant winter maxi skirts for obese women with a very correct combination of black and white.

Watch the video: How to: Large Buttocks Alteration for Skirts (April 2020).