Zucchini stuffed with meat and vegetables, baked in the oven with cheese

Cut the zucchini in half and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Mix the minced meat, chopped onion, salt and pepper. Cut the tomatoes into large slices. Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.

Put zucchini on a greased baking sheet. Salt and pepper the vegetables. Stuff them with minced meat, garnish with tomatoes on top and sprinkle with cheese.

Bake zucchini for about 40 minutes at 200 ° C. If the cheese starts to burn, cover the vegetables with foil.

Delicious stuffed zucchini with minced meat and cheese - a simple recipe in the oven

Such tasty and satisfying zucchini “stumps” can be prepared for the dining or festive table. Getting ready is quick, easy. They look very beautiful and appetizing. In fact, all expectations are more than justified.


  • Gram 600 zucchini in a core-free form
  • 300 grams of minced meat
  • A couple of carrots
  • Salt and ground pepper to taste
  • A couple of onions
  • Tablespoon rice
  • A raw egg
  • 100 grams of sour cream
  • Lean oil
  • 100 grams of cheese

Oven-baked zucchini boats with minced meat, carrots and cheese

Prepare these boats for dinner. They are very tasty, nutritious and, at the same time, light in calories. Meat with zucchini is perfectly absorbed by the body in union. Therefore, there will be no severity or discomfort. You can even eat children.

Stuffed zucchini baked in the oven with minced meat

Zucchini is now in trend. How many delicious things can be made from them, especially in the oven! Here’s such an interesting recipe for meat eaters.

We’ll make zucchini rings by transferring the twisted meat into them with juicy onions and pulp of zucchini, and cover with bright sauce. Your promises will be justified.

  • about 2.2 kg of zucchini,
  • odorless sunflower oil
  • 650 gr. meat mass
  • 1 medium onion,
  • 4 tbsp. l ketchup (1 spoon in the filling, and 3 in the sauce),
  • 4 tbsp. l sour cream (2 tablespoons to the filling, 2 to the sauce),
  • 2-3 tsp dried garlic seasonings,
  • 3 tbsp. l mayonnaise
  • salt and ground black pepper on the eye.

1. First of all, we will prepare all the necessary ingredients so that everything is at hand when needed. It’s always more convenient to cook like this, you won’t have to run for anything.

2. Immediately take up zucchini. Send it to the sink and rinse thoroughly in warm running water. Then wipe the vegetable with a towel. This must be done if you decide to leave the outer layer, that is, a crust. But you need to leave it only if it is tender, thin m will chew well.

Otherwise, it must be cleaned without regret.

3. Prepare the sharpened knife and chopping board. Lay the vegetable on it and cut it into rings 5 ​​cm thick.

4. Using a knife, free each circle from the insides, be sure to leave the pulp along the edges of the rings. Put the vegetables in a bowl.

Do not throw out the pulp, it is useful for the filling.

5. We proceed to its preparation. Peel the onion. Send it to the kitchen board and chop finely into cubes. Put the mass on a plate. Let him wait in the wings.

6. We turn to the pulp of zucchini. Send it to the board and chop it into small squares. If you have a young fruit, then you can not remove the grains, as they are very soft. In a mature vegetable, remove all seeds from the mass.

7. We need a blender. Load the zucchini in its bowl and chop the mass into small pieces.

If there is no blender, then you can skip the pulp through a grater or chop finely with a knife.

8. Now place a skillet with a non-stick coating on the stove and pour vegetable oil into it. Heat it over medium heat.

9. Add prepared minced meat to the pan. So he immediately grasps on oil and he will not need to be divided for a long time, spending time on it. Stir the mixture thoroughly and continue to fry it over low heat under a lid for about 10-15 minutes. Transfer the finished meat into a deep bowl.

10. If necessary, add a little more sunflower oil to the same pan and send chopped onions to the dishes. Pass it a couple of minutes until soft.

11. Put zucchini pulp on the onion, add salt and black pepper. Actively mix the components together and simmer the mass for 5-7 minutes under the lid.

12. Combine the onion mixture with the meat in a bowl. Add ketchup, sour cream, dried garlic and black pepper to them. Mix everything thoroughly.

Try the mass on salt and on the sufficiency of dry garlic. If there is not enough spices for you, add more, but taking into account the fact that the zucchini rings will also be salted.

13. Remove the pan and grease it with vegetable oil. Put the circles of vegetables on a leaf. Salt the inside of each ring. Spoon the filling and fill it with the void in the middle.

14. Next, turn on the oven at 200 ° C and let it warm up.

15. Create a sauce for your yummy. Put sour cream, mayonnaise and ketchup in a small bowl. Mix them together well. If desired, chopped greens can also be added to the mixture.

16. Pour the sauce on top of vegetable products. Send the blanks to the preheated oven for 30-70 minutes.

The ripening time of the dish depends on which zucchini was used in the dish. Young and not large fruits will be cooked quickly, but if an old and large vegetable was taken, then the food will ripen longer.

17. At the end of cooking, pierce the zucchini with a fork. If it has become soft and translucent on all sides, then the dish can be taken out of the oven.

Well, is it not a miracle of miracles that has sunk into the native pan? Put savory food on plates. Let the family satisfy their hopes and soon dissolve in the enjoyment of vegetable and meat tastes.

And if the recipe came to taste, then take a look here too, here is a whole scattering of yummy from this vegetable.

Minced zucchini boats baked with cheese

Boat, swim in the lake of dawn ... And in your kitchen, let them fill with meat, juicy onions with spices and swim right into the oven. They will die in it for about 40 minutes, deliciously covered with a crust of cheese.

And in order to implement the vegetable delicacy, prepare the following ingredients:

  • 750 gr. young zucchini or zucchini,
  • 320 gr meat mass
  • 110 gr. onions
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 85 gr. hard cheese
  • vegetable oil to your liking,
  • beloved greens by eye,
  • salt and black pepper as you wish.

1. And again, we will be the first zucchini. Put clean vegetables on a board and cut them in half so that you get "boats".

Choose zucchini not large. It’s more convenient to work with them, and the finished dish will turn out more juicy and tender.

2. Take a teaspoon and peel the pulp of vegetables. However, be sure to leave the soft part around their edges. Leave the separated pulp for filling.

3. Turn on the oven at 180 ° C, and grease the baking sheet and the inside of the boats with vegetable oil. Lay them on a sheet with the skin up and put in the oven for a quarter of an hour. Let the zucchini soften.

4. While the vegetables are languishing in the oven, we will make the filling for them. Finely chop the peeled onions on a cutting board. Leave it aside for now.

5. Separate 2 cloves from garlic and peel them. Pass the slices through a garlic squeezer or a fine grater.

6. Remember the zucchini pulp. Cut it into small pieces on a board and place in a bowl.

7. Then heat the sunflower oil in a pan and send the chopped onion and garlic mass into it. Stir everything and simmer the mixture until soft for several minutes over medium heat.

8. Then put the chopped zucchini into the pan. Mix everything thoroughly and pass the vegetables for another 5 minutes under the lid.

9. Transfer the contents of the pan to a bowl and return the dishes back to moderate heat. Put minced meat in it. Mix it and fry the mass for 10 minutes under the lid. If necessary, reduce heat to a minimum.

If you don’t have any minced meat, then roll pork and beef meat in a meat grinder or blender. Add salt and pepper to them. Mix the ingredients. Done!

10. When stewing meat, take a grater with a large cloth and put it on a plate. Grind hard cheese on it. 70% of all its mass lay out to the vegetable filling.

The remaining cheese is useful for dusting goodies.

11. About the green. Rinse it thoroughly and finely chop it on the board. Also send it after the cheese into a bowl.

12. Put the prepared meat for vegetables and cheese, salt and pepper. Mix everything well. You got the filling.

13. Zucchini, most likely, you are already ready. Turn them dimpled up and salt them. Fill each piece of vegetable with filling. Send the food back to the oven. Bake it for 40 minutes at 180 ° C.

2-5 minutes before ripening, remove it from the oven and sprinkle with the remaining cheese. Put the food back in the oven. Take it out as soon as the cheese melts. Done!

Let the ripened boats return from the hot harbor and, rather, land by air on your plates. Soon they have an important path ahead. In your mouth. Bon appetit, friends!

Zucchini rings stuffed with meat with rice and quail eggs

Make healthy zucchini rings. Stuff them with meat, crumbly rice and fresh dill. And let the quail eggs and tender cheese decorate the top of the dish.

Everyone to whom you promised to become a stunning cook will surely be convinced of this!

For a dish you need:

  • 2-3 pcs. zucchini
  • 150 gr. meat mass
  • 100 gr. any rice
  • 20 gr. fresh dill
  • 1 onion,
  • 50 gr hard cheese
  • 12 pcs quail eggs
  • salt and black pepper on the eye,
  • vegetable oil to taste.

1. Send washed zucchini to the board and cut into thick rings 10 cm wide. We do not peel the skin of young fruits.

2. Remove the pulp of vegetables with a spoon, leaving them with a thin bottom and strong walls. Salt them from the inside and set the kegs aside. Let them give juice, which then needs to be drained.

3. Proceed to the creation of the filling. Rice is sent to the stewpan and rinse thoroughly in cold water. Do this in several steps until the liquid in the bowl of grains becomes clear.

4. Turn on the gas in the burner by setting a large fire and put rice on it to cook. Do this under a closed lid. After boiling water, reduce the heat under the saucepan and cook the rice until cooked. Then drain the remaining liquid from it and put the grains in a plate. It should cool.

5. Peeled onions finely chopped and send it to a pan with vegetable oil. Fry the mass until golden brown and send the onion to the rice.

6. Washed dill also needs to be chopped lightly and put out to the rice.

7. Now the meat. Combine it with the rice mass, add salt and black pepper to it. Mix everything thoroughly.

8. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C. Cover the heat-resistant dishes with parchment paper and put zucchini in them, draining water from them.

9. Fill each piece with filling. Leave about 5 mm of space from the edge of the filling to the top of the vegetable. It will be needed for eggs. Send the treat to the oven for 30-35 minutes.

10. After a while, remove the dish from the oven. And in each barrel, break one quail egg. Salt and pepper the food. Send it back to the oven and keep it in until the protein is completely white.

11. During the ripening of the dish, prepare cheese for it. Finely grate it.

12. Remove the finished dish from the oven and sprinkle it with feathers of cheese. Take it back to heat for another 5 minutes. That’s practically all!

Serve hot with vegetables.

How fragrant is the aura of your kitchen. Let everyone enjoy its atmosphere under the wonderful barrels of zucchini. Rather, treat them all around. Relatives will surely eat a treat to the last crumbs!

Zucchini slices with minced meat, under a cheese crust with tomatoes

And one more little rings-circles will settle in your oven. This time they will make a company juicy tomato. It will add not only taste to the stuffed dish, but will also add a festive color to your generous tables.

The family will promise you anything in return for this savory meal! Take a word from them and cook a zucchini dish according to a delicious recipe.

  • 2 medium zucchini,
  • 2 tomatoes
  • 100 gr. grated cheese
  • 1 medium onion,
  • 200 gr. minced chicken
  • salt and ground black pepper on the eye.

1. Blot the washed zucchini with a towel and cut into 1 cm circles.

2. Remove the core from vegetables and put them in a bowl. Cover the pieces with a small amount of salt, mix and leave aside.

3. Peeled onions peeled finely chopped on a board and spread in a bowl with high sides.

4. We spread chicken onion and mix everything well.

5. Now remove the blender and place the zucchini pulp in its bowl. Close the technique and grind the mass into small pieces. Transfer the mixture to the filling, salt it and pepper, and mix thoroughly.

6. Lubricate a baking sheet covered with parchment paper and flavourless sunflower oil. Spread zucchini rings on it and fill them with chicken stuffing.

7. We turn to tomatoes. Rinse them well, place the vegetables on the board and cut into circles.

8. Turn on the oven 180 degrees and let it warm up.

9. We cover each ring with meat with a circle of tomato and remove in heat for 2 dozen minutes.

10. While preparing the meal, grate hard cheese on a coarse grater. You will sprinkle zucchini “tomato caps” on them.

11. As time passes, remove the dish from the oven and gently sprinkle with cheese. Hide the treat for another 10 minutes in the oven. And you can serve!

Fill the meal with tender zucchini, juiciness of meat and tastes of tomato, and ductility of cheese. This combination of tastes you will never forget!

Baked chicken zucchini with mushrooms stewed in the oven with double cheese

Spicy mushrooms together will sing in circles of zucchini with juicy meat, the aroma of vegetables and cream cheese. This will be a great song.

Want to taste the notes of this yummy? Rather, prepare all the tools for her and compose a dish in your kitchen. It will turn out a masterpiece!

  • 1 small onion,
  • 200 gr. fresh champignons
  • 200 gr. chicken fillet,
  • 1 processed cheese (90-100 gr.),
  • 1 carrot
  • 3 cloves of garlic,
  • several branches of dill,
  • 4 medium zucchini,
  • vegetable oil on the eye,
  • salt and ground black pepper to taste,
  • 100 ml of heavy cream,
  • 100 gr. hard cheese.

1. Cook the chicken. Send the bird fillet to the pan and rinse it in warm water. Fill the dishes again with liquid and put the meat to cook on a large fire, closing the lid of the container. Once the fillet boils, remove the foam from the broth, reduce the gas in the ring and cook the product until cooked.

Put the cooked bird on a plate so that it cools down.

If you wish, you can salt the broth in which the chicken will cook.

2. Stack mushrooms in a bowl and pour over boiling water. Then put them on a kitchen board and chop finely. Put the mushroom mass on a plate. Today we have fresh champignons on the menu, but in general you can use any other mushrooms.

You can peel them, but this is not necessary. Usually it is necessary to clean it when it is dark, so that the appearance of the finished dish is more appetizing.

3. Free the cream cheese from the packaging and cut into small cubes. Fold them in a free plate.

4. Now carrot. Thoroughly clean it from the top layer and grate the vegetable on the large side of the grater. Put the ginger mass to the onion.

5. Peeled garlic cloves through a garlic squeezer and leave aside.

6. Pure dill, also finely chopped with a knife. Soon it will come in handy.

7. And, finally, the turn came to zucchini. Cut clean vegetables into 5 cm wide circles. Free them from the pulp, leaving a thick bottom in the barrels.

The pulp of vegetables in the dish is not needed, so freeze it for other dishes.

8. Lubricate the pan with sunflower oil and place the zucchini on it in neat rows. Sprinkle them with salt and pepper.

9. Remember the chicken. Install a meat grinder and scroll through it the bird fillet.

10.Place a frying pan on the stove and pour vegetable oil into it. Put a onion to it and fry it until golden over medium heat.

11. Add the carrot mass to the onion, mix everything and simmer the ingredients for 3-4 minutes.

12. To the vegetable mass send mushrooms and garlic. Mix the ingredients again and pass them 3 minutes.

13. Then put the chicken in the pan, pepper and salt its contents. Fill the filling with cream and mix everything thoroughly. Stew the future filling for about 5 minutes.

14. Remove dishes from the heat and add cream cheese and chopped dill to it. Mix well and start with a mixture of our zucchini. Turn on the oven 180 ° C and let it warm up. We hide our delicacy in it for 50 minutes.

15. During cooking, grate hard cheese on a coarse grater. Soon we will satiate them with food.

16. After the lapse of time, take the yummy out of the oven and sprinkle it with cheese. Hide it back in the oven and cook another 7-10 minutes.

How beautifully sizzles mushroom delicacy in the oven. Rather, take it out and make happy a song of taste, first of all, of your beloved. You will love yummy from the first fork. And infect everyone around you with this love.

Barrels stuffed with minced chicken with vegetables - a delicious step by step recipe

And we’ll fill in the zucchini slices with a chicken mixed with a jolly bell pepper and other vegetables that our heart loves.

This dish will bring a lot of joy and sweetness to everyday life. What do you promise yourself to repeat it more than once!

  • 2 medium zucchini,
  • odorless vegetable oil,
  • to taste salt and black pepper,
  • 200 gr. minced chicken
  • 1 medium tomato
  • 1 carrot
  • 100 gr. hard cheese
  • 1 small onion,
  • 1 bell pepper.

1. Divide washed zucchini into rings 3-4 cm wide. Using a knife or spoon, remove the core of the rings. The pulp will come in handy for the filling.

Choose young and small copies of the vegetable for the dish.

2. We pass to the bell pepper. Rinse it and put it on the board. Divide the vegetable into 2 parts and remove all of its entrails. Cut the pepper into small cubes and put in a plate.

3. Then take on a clean tomato and cut it very finely too.

4. Peel the peeled onions from the husks and cut them randomly on the board. Soon he will play an important role in the dish.

5. We turn to the red carrot. Peel it and grate it on a large canvas.

6. We begin to combine the prepared ingredients. Heat vegetable oil in a pan and send chopped onion into it. Extinguish it until translucent over low heat.

7. Put onions and carrots. Stir the mass and passer the mixture until the last is soft.

8. Prepare the pulp of zucchini. Finely chop it on the board, or chop it in a blender.

9. Let's make the filling for our food. Put the chicken meat in a deep bowl and add the zucchini pulp, tomato mass, bell pepper, sautéed onions and carrots, salt and ground pepper to it. Mix everything thoroughly.

For greater juiciness of the chicken, cook the minced meat yourself, twisting it in a meat grinder.

10. Turn on the oven 180 degrees and let it accumulate heat. Cover the baking sheet with foil and evenly distribute a layer of sunflower oil on it.

11. Place the zucchini rings on a baking sheet, salt them and fill them tightly with the filling. Pour the dishes with filtered water at 1/3 of the height of the vegetables. This is necessary so that the treat is better and faster prepared.

12. Also cover the dish with foil and fix it along the edges of the baking sheet. Put it in the oven for about 50 minutes.

13. While baking yummy, grate the cheese on a fine grater. It is useful for food.

14. 10 minutes before the delicacy is ready, remove it from the oven and remove the foil. Sprinkle each slice of zucchini with cheese. Put it back into the oven without covering it with metal paper. Once the cheese has melted and browned, remove the food from the oven.

Sliced ​​vegetables nicely decompose with meat in stunned vegetables that culinary beauty does not want to break. But the appetite will take up and you will dissolve in a duet of taste and pleasure.

Video on how to cook stuffed zucchini rolls baked in a cheese oven

Here is another interesting recipe. It is for lovers of all kinds of rolls. We already have a whole article for such gourmets. But today the recipe is special, the filling here will be super!

Minced meat, or chicken, juicy red tomato and spicy green onion. Just a royal dish. Healthy, delicious and impossibly delicious!

To roll neat rolls, zucchini strips will need to be further darkened to softness in a pan. If you have a grill, it will be even better. The surface of the outer layer will acquire beautiful fried stripes. I know that many people like to make out not only vegetables, but also meat. I myself love such dishes.

Well, then we send the beauty to the oven and bake there until ready.

Rather, almost to readiness. The last “cherry on top of the cake” will be cheese. Where without him. He will give the finished dish a special chic. It will give elegance, smooth out all irregularities and give a wonderful aroma.

However, what am I telling you? Watch the video, it is short and beautiful.

Tips for Making Delicious Stuffed Zucchini

A zucchini treat has many secrets. They are in the preparation of dishes and their components. Learn more about them, dear gourmets!

1. Now is the season. It's time for fresh zucchini. Full of vitamins and tenderness. Take advantage of this time and prepare your masterpieces from these vegetables.

2. How to choose the main ingredient of your dish? It should not contain black traces of rot and the skin should be smooth.

3. Zucchini quickly accumulate harmful substances in themselves, and this is the result of their unfair cultivation. Therefore, buy vegetables from reliable suppliers, if you do not plant them yourself.

4. Remaining filling after filling the rings? Freeze it for the next time or stuff the bell peppers with filler. It will turn out very tasty!

5. And more about the filling. Any filler can be made for zucchini: from vegetarian with vegetables and mushrooms to dessert, which will include nuts and fruits.

6. Be careful with salt. Before baking vegetables, of course, apply it directly to the fruits before laying the filling, but do not overdo it. Otherwise, zucchini will become too watery, turning into porridge.

7. You can choose any meat for the dish: beef, any bird, lamb or pork. But meat is especially tasty if you mix it in a 1: 1 ratio, for example, pork and beef.

8. You can cook the meal not only in the oven, but also on the stove, using a frying pan. Still in the pan, putting out a treat. Yes, and in your favorite multicooker it will turn out that yummy.

9. If you are embarrassed by the peel on zucchini, then safely remove it and bake the dish without it.

Promises. How much do they mean to you? Are there disappointment or long-awaited relief from the restrained word behind them? One thing is for sure. In cooking, all promises come true. In a dish of zucchini with meat for sure!

A meat-filled vegetable dish will fulfill all your vagaries and expectations. Having tasted deliciously on your plates, it will dissolve in your mouth without a trace and with relish. And meat zucchini will keep the word to return to your meal.

After all, the dish will by no means leave you indifferent and conquer even the most fastidious heart and stomach. Therefore, boldly cook it for any occasion and occasion. Let the promised culinary "masterpiece" (translated as a masterpiece) amaze everyone without a trace!

Zucchini stuffed with minced meat and vegetables

This recipe for stuffed zucchini in the oven is very simple and tasty at the same time. I like the process of its creation - it is simple, and in the presentation the dish looks very impressive. For cooking, only simple ingredients are used, which I buy at the nearest supermarket.


  • Young zucchini 1 kg.
  • Ground beef or chicken 250 gr.
  • Minced pork 150 gr.
  • Ripe tomatoes 400-500 gr.
  • Carrots 200 g
  • Onion 100 gr.
  • Garlic 30 g
  • Meat or vegetable broth 250 ml.
  • Sweet ground paprika 1 tsp
  • Black pepper (peas) 10 pcs.
  • Ground black pepper or a mixture of peppers 1/3 tsp
  • 3 chili peppers
  • Ground coriander 1 tsp
  • Dill, parsley 5 gr.
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Bay leaf 2 pcs.
  • Water 100ml.
  • Greens - for serving.
  • Sour cream - for serving.

Cooking process:

  1. Pour the tomatoes with boiling water and insist 10 minutes.
  2. Grind garlic, onions and fresh herbs with a knife. Cut the carrots into thin slices.
  3. On a tomato, make a cross-shaped incision and carefully remove the skin. Rub them on a fine grater (can be pressed through a sieve).
  4. To the resulting juice add salt, pepper, coriander, chopped garlic and herbs. Combine the resulting mixture with the finished broth.
  5. From the zucchini, cut the edges and remove the middle with the seeds.
  6. To the minced meat we add water, 0.5 tsp of salt, ground pepper and 50 g of chopped onion. Stuffing the minced meat thoroughly.
  7. In a glass baking dish in the oven, spread half the chopped carrots in a thin layer, hot pepper, the rest of the onion and laurel leaves.
  8. Fill the prepared zucchini with minced meat and put into shape. Top the zucchini with the rest of the carrots and onions.
  9. Zucchini fill with cooked tomato sauce and close the lid of the form.
  10. We send to the oven preheated to 180 ° C for 1 hour.

Here is a delicious dish we get in the end. Sprinkle with herbs before serving and offer sour cream.

A simple and quick recipe for stuffed zucchini with meat and cheese

Very tasty taverns. It turns out they are tender, juicy, with a viscous and slightly crispy cheese top. You can prepare such a dish for lunch or dinner. It can even be whipped up before guests arrive.

Zucchini stuffed with minced meat, cheese and buckwheat

This is a family recipe that we cook several times during the zucchini harvest season. The dish was enjoyed by both children and adults, so it has become one of the main treats on our table. It is very simple to prepare it - the main thing is to choose high-quality products to create a unique aroma and taste.


  • Zucchini 1-2 pcs.
  • Buckwheat groats 100 gr.
  • Minced meat 400 gr.
  • 1 carrot
  • Onion 1 pc.
  • Tomatoes 2-4 pcs.
  • Hard cheese 200 gr.
  • Salt, pepper - to taste.

Cooking process:

  1. Buckwheat is boiled until half cooked. For this, 1 tbsp. pour raw cereals with 2 glasses of water, bring to a boil and put on a small fire.
  2. The filling will be raw vegetables. Finely chop the onions and three carrots on a coarse grater.
  3. The chopped vegetables are combined with minced meat and chilled buckwheat in a deep plate. Add salt and pepper to the mixture to taste.
  4. Zucchini previously peeled - so it will be softer after baking.
  5. We cut a large zucchini into 3-4 cm segments and form deep glasses from them, carefully removing seeds and pulp.
  6. Put the prepared cups in a deep baking sheet, pan or baking dish.
  7. We start from the prepared mixture of minced meat and buckwheat porridge, ram.
  8. We cut the tomatoes in plates up to 1 cm thick and lay on top of the minced meat.
  9. Grate hard cheese on a coarse grater and sprinkle the tomatoes in a thick layer.
  10. The baking sheet is sent to the oven, preheated to 190 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

The dish can be served with fresh vegetables and herbs - no side dish required.

Zucchini baked with minced meat in cream sauce with dill

The taste of baked zucchini with minced meat will play differently if cooked and served in a creamy sauce. A light milky note will give the dish lightness, and dill - freshness. The cooking process is very simple.


  • Zucchini 3 pcs.
  • Pork and ground beef.
  • Dried white bread 1 piece.
  • Fresh dill.
  • Milk 250 ml.
  • Cream 100 ml.
  • Sour cream 150 gr.
  • Chicken egg 1 pc.
  • Butter 100 gr.
  • Wheat flour 2 tbsp
  • Marjoram 1 pinch.
  • Salt, ground black pepper - to taste.
  • Vegetable oil - for greasing a baking sheet.

Cooking process:

  1. My zucchini, old - peeled and cut into pieces of 5 cm.
  2. Using a teaspoon, remove the seeds and pulp of the vegetable, leave the bottom whole. About 100 grams of pulp should be left.
  3. Soften the bread in cream and knead thoroughly with a fork or blender.
  4. To the minced meat, add the middle of the zucchini, bread, chicken egg, salt, pepper, marjoram and knead thoroughly.
  5. We place the squash in a deep form, greased with vegetable oil, and start with the finished mixture. Put a piece of butter on top. Cover with foil and bake in a preheated oven for 45 - 50 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.
  6. To prepare the sauce in butter, fry the flour, dilute it with milk and mix thoroughly to prevent the formation of lumps. Add chopped dill, sour cream, pepper and salt.
  7. We take out the finished zucchini from the oven and pour it with milk sauce. Turn off the oven and set the dish for 15 minutes.

Zucchini in milk sauce is served warm. Bon Appetit.

Video recipe - baked boats from zucchini stuffed with meat

Simple ingredients such as zucchini, minced meat and vegetables can be prepared in many variations. I propose to do this in an original way by stuffing zucchini. This is much more appetizing than just putting out everything together. Close, will certainly appreciate and ask for supplements!

Today I collected the most delicious and simple recipes. Take note of them and take them to social networks! Use your health and delight your loved ones with new snacks. It’s so simple, especially in the season of ripe vegetables.

Visit us often. After all, many more new and tasty recipes are waiting for you! See you soon!

Cooking method:

To start, we prepare all the necessary vegetables and spices. Then peel and dice the onion. Fry it over medium heat in oil in a pan until light golden brown.

Next, add carrots grated on a coarse grater there and simmer for another 2-3 minutes stirring occasionally.

We put the roasting in the minced chicken, add salt, suneli hops and mix well.

Now we clean the zucchini and cut it into rounds, 2-3 cm thick. And with the help of a tablespoon or knife, remove the middle to make rings.

Prepare a baking sheet. And for this we need to lay parchment paper on it, and already on it we put rings from zucchini.

Prepare the minced meat tightly fill each mold of zucchini.

Top with thinly sliced ​​tomato slices.

Sprinkle with grated cheese on a medium grater and send to the oven preheated to 180 degrees for 40-50 minutes.

Then we take the finished dish out of the oven and serve it to the table.

Zucchini slices stuffed and baked in the oven

I still had minced chicken from cutlets, and I decided to use it in business. I started the rings of zucchini, put tomato slices on top, and then on top with a mixture of cheese, garlic and mayonnaise. While everything was baking, the aroma in the kitchen was such that it was simply impossible to wait until everything was baked. As you can see, everything is simple! And now I will describe in detail the whole process.


  • 1 large zucchini,
  • Chicken or any other minced meat - 500 g,
  • Fresh tomatoes - 3-4 pcs.,
  • Cheese - 50-100 g,
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic,
  • Mayonnaise - 150-200 g.

How to cook

We cut the vegetables in circles 1.5–2 cm thick. Cut out a core with seeds from them, and we get such circles. We cover the baking sheet with parchment baking paper and lay out the prepared circles.

We fill the middle of the circles with meat filling, the top layer should be on the same level with the edges of the circles.

On top of each zucchini, put a circle of tomatoes.

Grate cheese on medium or fine grater, add mayonnaise and garlic passed through a press, mix everything. For each tomato, spoon with a raw garlic mixture.

And we put the baking sheet in the oven preheated to 180 ° C for 30 minutes. Ready-made baked zucchini looks very appetizing, and the aroma from them is simply awesome. Give it a try!

Stuffed zucchini boats in the oven

Another very popular way of stuffing is with boats.Small young specimens of such a size that they can fit on a plate are suitable for their preparation. The number of cut zucchini - boats should correspond to the number of servings.


  • Minced meat (any) - 300 g,
  • Tomatoes - 1 pc.,
  • Onions - 1 pc.,
  • Garlic - 3 cloves,
  • A glass of sour cream
  • Cheese - 100 g
  • A bunch of dill
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

How to cook

Each zucchini is cut lengthwise into 2 parts. Take a spoon out of the halves

and cut them into small cubes.

Finely chop the onion and fry in a pan with butter. We add minced meat there, and then finely chopped core from zucchini and simmer for 10-15 minutes. Add salt and pepper to them. We make from the stove and let cool a little.

Rub cheese and garlic. After the minced meat has cooled a little, add chopped tomato, garlic, cheese, sour cream to them and mix well.

Grease a baking sheet or baking dish with vegetable oil. We spread the boats from the zucchini on a baking sheet and fill them with the finished filling. Sprinkle grated cheese on top.

We put a baking tray with boats to bake in the oven, preheated to 200 ° C for 30 minutes.

Sprinkle the finished boats on top with finely chopped dill.

Zucchini with minced meat and rice in a pan

This dish resembles cabbage rolls, only as a shell for them will be circles - barrels of zucchini. A thick-walled pan or pan is best for stewing.

You will also need products:

  • Any minced meat - 350-400 g,
  • Boiled rice - 1 cup,
  • Egg - 1 pc.,
  • Onions - 1 pc.,
  • Carrots - 1 pc.,
  • Tomatoes, can be frozen - 3-4 pcs.,
  • Sour cream - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • Cooking oil for frying,
  • Salt and pepper to taste.


To the minced meat, add boiled rice, egg, salt and pepper it, mix well. We temporarily set aside.

If you have young vegetables, you don’t need to peel them. On the old, you have to do this, because the peel on them is already rough. We cut the zucchini in circles with a height of about 3-4 cm, so that later it is convenient to start them. We clean the middle with a spoon or cut with a knife.

We stuff the cooked filling and put the circles in the pan, you can on top of each other. Pour water into the pan above the zucchini by 2 cm, salt a little. We turn on the fire under the pan so that they begin to extinguish.

Making the sauce. To do this, fry finely chopped onions until transparent in a pan with oil, then add carrots there and fry them until the carrots become soft. Add frozen tomatoes to onions and carrots, and then sour cream.

Salt the sauce, sprinkle with pepper and when the sour cream is sold, the sauce will be ready. Meanwhile, the water in the pot with zucchini begins to boil. Add the sauce to them, distribute it over the entire surface so that it is not lumpy.

Cover the pan with a lid, but not tightly. And leave to stew for about 40 minutes.

Ready zucchini turns out to be very tasty, and the sauce in which they were stewed resembles cabbage rolls in sour cream sauce.

Zucchini stuffed with chicken breast and cheese

Do not think that we will fill the zucchini with whole chicken breast. This recipe uses minced chicken, which can be prepared from breast, or take chicken meat from other parts of the chicken or turkey poultry.

To prepare the necessary products:

  • 2 medium zucchini
  • Chicken Breast - 250 g
  • Mozzarella cheese or any other - 120 g (half will go to the filling, the other - to sprinkle),
  • Milk - 1-2 tbsp. l.,
  • 1 egg
  • 80 g of melted butter,
  • 2 tomatoes
  • Vegetable oil to lubricate the mold,
  • Spices (salt, ground black pepper, turmeric, etc.) - to taste.

How to cook

Cut the vegetable into circles, take out the middle with a spoon. At the same time, bring to a boil 2-3 liters of water in a pan, add salt to taste there. Put prepared zucchini rings in boiling water. Turn off the fire and leave the squash in hot water for 10 minutes.

Cut the chicken breast into small pieces, put it in a blender bowl. Add the same half of the cut out middle there.

Cut cheese into small pieces, put in a blender bowl, add milk, 1 egg, salt to taste and add spices. Turn on the blender and grind everything to the state of mincemeat. If there is no blender, you can use a conventional meat grinder.

After 10 minutes, pour the water from the zucchini and lay them out in a baking dish. Fill them with cooked filling.

We cut the tomatoes into thin slices; there should be as many of them as there are cooked slices. We lay them on top of the stuffing.

Cover the mold with foil and send to bake in an oven preheated to 200 ° C for 25-30 minutes. After half an hour, we rub the cheese on a fine grater. We take out the form from the oven, remove the foil, sprinkle the zucchini with grated cheese.

We send to bake for a few more minutes, until the cheese is lightly browned.

Ready, stuffed in this way, zucchini turns out incredibly tasty, juicy and just melt in your mouth.

Recipe for zucchini stuffed with chicken and mushrooms

Stuffing zucchini is always very tasty and convenient. Because for the filling you can use any products that you have in the refrigerator. If there are mushrooms, then try to make a filling of them. Any mushrooms, for example, champignons, are suitable for this. You can cook the filling from frozen forest mushrooms, it will turn out no worse.

How to cook this dish is described in detail in this video recipe.

Stuffed zucchini with vegetables in the oven

Vegetable filling is very good for health and for those who follow their figure, since the calorie content of this dish is not so large, so this dish can be considered dietary. The combination of vegetables in the filling can be very different. Here you can add tomatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, squash, bell peppers, etc. Even the cut middle of zucchini is also used here.


  • Young zucchini - 2 pcs.,
  • Tomatoes, onions, carrots - 1-2 pieces, depending on their size,
  • Garlic - 2 cloves,
  • Cheese - 100 g
  • Olive oil,
  • Fresh greens
  • Spices to your liking.


We cut zucchini in barrels 5-6 cm high. We do not peel the peel of young vegetables. Using a spoon or knife, we remove the middle, but not through, doing something like a glass.

We prepare vegetables. Peel the carrots and rub on a coarse grater, finely chop the onion. Pour olive oil into the pan and simmer the onion in oil. We add garlic, passed through a press or grated on a fine grater, and carrots there for the aroma. We do not throw out the cut out middles, cut them into small cubes and add to the vegetables in the pan. We send finely chopped tomatoes there. Minced meat, pepper to taste.

At the end, add grated cheese and finely chopped greens to the filling. Mix well so that all products are evenly distributed.

We put the prepared barrels in a heat-resistant form, salt them and pepper, leave for 5 minutes. So that salt and pepper are absorbed. And then we stuff them with vegetable filling. Sprinkle with grated cheese on top (optional). This can be done immediately, or shortly before readiness.

Before sending the pan to the oven, pour a little water into the mold, because the pan was not greased. And salt a little water. Thus, the zucchini from below will also cook, so that they do not turn out to be raw.

We send the form with zucchini to the oven, preheated to 200 ° C for 20 minutes.

Ready, stuffed with vegetables, zucchini can be eaten both hot and cold. Everything will be delicious!

Watch the video: How to Make Stuffed Zucchini. Zucchini Recipe. (April 2020).