Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020

Everything should be perfect in the bride’s wedding look, from beautiful jewelry to a snow-white dress, and elegant wedding hairstyles become the most important part of a luxurious style on an unforgettable day. Increased demands are placed on the wedding hairstyle, because it should not only help in creating a sophisticated, romantic and fabulous image, but also with dignity to withstand a long celebration.

How to choose a hairstyle for a wedding

As in any other field of hairdressing, wedding hairstyles are regularly updated - new trends and trendy trends appear that help the girl look like a real princess on her most important day.

Advice!All the girls who are preparing for the wedding celebration should remember that the wedding hairstyle, like any other, is selected taking into account the shape of the face, density and length of hair, their structure, as well as the model of the chosen wedding dress.

Today's brides expect a huge variety of luxurious holiday hairstyles, which can become one of the main decorations of the wedding celebration.

With loose curls and short hair, with a snow-white veil, a chic diadem, a delicate floral wreath or exquisite hair clips - the choice is so huge that every girl can choose the perfect option for herself. In addition, it is not necessary to run headlong into an expensive hairdressing salon - a charming hairstyle for a wedding celebration can be done with your own efforts. A little patience, zeal and training - and you can make a luxurious wedding hairstyle no worse than any professional master.

In 2018, wedding hair accessories are very popular. Lush loose curls decorated with an elegant diadem An unusual accessory can turn you into a queen

For brides with long curls

Long curls open in front of their owner almost limitless open spaces for fantasies and experiments with their style. Famous designers and stylists advise charming brides to categorically abandon complex, multi-level hairstyles that resemble heavy architectural designs. The main trend of 2018 is naturalness. The styling should look as gentle and natural as possible, as if the hairdresser's hand had not touched it at all.

Wavy hair gathered in a low ponytail Long large loose curls decorated with a delicate hairpin The hair is piled up and nicely laid out on one shoulder

For girls with thick, beautiful curls, a hairstyle with her hair will be an excellent option. Twist the ends of the hair with a curling iron or curlers, straighten the curls with your hands and lightly sprinkle with hairspray. If you wish, you can decorate the hairstyle with a wreath of artificial flowers, shining hairpins, lace rims or a precious diadem. If the bride believes that her hair can cause some discomfort during the wedding, the front strands that frame the face can be slightly braided and removed from the face. This will make the hairstyle even more tender and romantic, turning the bride into a real forest nymph.

Long hair braided in an elegant braid You can complement the romance of curls with the help of a living flower High tail with flowing curls

A very beautiful addition to any hairstyle with long hair will be a wreath of delicious artificial flowers, which can have a variety of shapes - a small wreath of greenery, decorated with several interspersed flower buds, a luxurious crown of roses, which will become the main decoration of a magnificent wedding look. A wreath can also be minimalistic - consist of one large or several smaller flowers located on the side of the head.

The ideal hairstyle for owners of long hair is a high or low bun, decorated with stylish hairpins or a royal diadem. This styling is perfect for almost any face shape, making the features much more elegant and sophisticated. A high beam can be made more voluminous with the help of a special roller, which is sold in every cosmetic store - this styling looks really aristocratic and noble. The low beam is ideal for attaching a veil or a variety of jewelry, as well as tiaras.

Malvinque hairstyle complemented by a small crown Ponytail made of long hair decorated with small flowers. Stunning long curls adorn the scallop in the style of the Snow Queen Hair seems to be loose, but neatly removed from the face and does not interfere with the bride

Advice!It is best for girls of short stature to avoid low beams, since such a hairstyle can visually “shorten” the already small growth of the bride.

Today, one of the most popular styling options remains a braid - not simple, "rustic", but complex and intricate. Do not think that braids belong to everyday styling - exquisite decoration will turn your hairstyle into a real wedding masterpiece. There are a lot of variations of braid weaving - Greek braid, braided around the head, “French waterfall”, spikelet with reverse weaving. The main difference between the festive weaving and the usual one is decoration - for this purpose, you can use hairpins with rhinestones or beads, shiny hairpins, shining jewelry or artificial flowers.

Delicate look with a low beam Luxurious long flowing hair decorated with a wreath of flowers Unusual braid on long hair A work of art from braids on long hair

Medium Hair Wedding Hairstyles

Medium hair is curls up to shoulder length or slightly longer. Many modern women prefer medium-sized curls - they are extremely versatile and easy to care for. In addition, medium hair looks feminine and charming, allowing the happy bride to realize the most daring ideas of wedding hairstyles.

Medium Hair Wedding Hairstyle - Malvinka with Elegant Diadem Medium hair can also be combined into a low bun in the Greek style. Crowned top malvinka

A luxurious flower of curls - despite the apparent complexity, this beautiful and extremely spectacular hairstyle can be done independently. To do this, gently comb all the hair, dividing it into several zones - bangs, whiskey, upper and lower parts of the nape. After that, a lateral tail must be made from the occipital strand, around which a special foam roller is attached. For reliability, the roller is tightly fixed with invisible hairpins.

The process of "making" the flower itself looks quite simple - each strand is pulled out of the tail, carefully varnished and laid in the shape of a flower petal. Then comes the turn of the side curls and the bangs - they can be slightly combed with a comb to give volume and twisted with beautiful flagella, the ends of which should be wrapped around the flower. The curls remaining in the lower part of the nape can be laid in a variety of ways - for example, wrap on a curling iron or curlers.

Shell hairstyle ideal for medium length hair Hair neatly picked up and decorated with flowers It is important that the hairstyle not only looks beautiful from the back, but also creates a harmonious image in front

Beautiful wedding hairstyle for medium hair with flagella - created very simply, but looks stylish and bright. For styling, all hair must be divided into equal parts, each of which must be well coated and twisted with a ring. Thus, all hair is stacked, and the curls framing the face can be braided into a braid. All flagella are fixed with invisible and hairspray. To decorate the hairstyle, you can use artificial flowers, satin ribbons, rhinestones or brooches.

Very elegant and feminine looks hairstyle in the Greek style, which is great for curls of medium length. To create it, you need a beautiful wreath or rim, instead of which you can use a satin ribbon.

Retro Front High Hairstyle Wedding Hairstyle Two parallel French braids weave into a lower bundle A bunch of braids decorated with lavender flowers

Comb a little the root zone of the hair - this will give them a beautiful volume and splendor. After that, wear a bezel or tie a ribbon, twisting all the hair under the elastic, including bangs and occipital strands. Fix the hair with varnish.

Advice!Professionals do not recommend doing wedding hairstyles on cleanly washed hair, as they will not be “obedient” enough and the hairstyle will not last long. The best option is to wash your hair the day before the wedding.

What will be the wedding dress 2019-2020: photos, ideas, fashion trends

The bride’s wedding hairstyle is an important component of a beautiful image, just like a dress, sandals, veil.

All future brides dream of being incredibly beautiful and irresistible on their own wedding day, capturing the admiring glances of those around them.

Wedding hairstyles for brides are constantly being improved and transformed, new hairstyles for brides 2019-2020 appear. Our gallery where you can choose wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 - photo will help you choose modern hairstyles for the bride 2019-2020 to create an excellent image.

To create truly elegant and chic hairstyles for the 2019-2020 wedding, a good stylist will help you, who will tell you all the subtleties and secrets of a delightful look, and will best select the types of hairstyles for your wedding for you.

Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 should harmoniously complement your image, so as to take into account the type of your hair and the desired image.

Choosing hairstyles for brides 2019-2020, we offer you interesting types of wedding hairstyles presented in the photo in the gallery.

Wedding hairstyles 2019 for long hair

The most luxurious wedding styling is made of long hair. The fantasies of stylists have no limits; they invent new and more sophisticated hairstyles for beautiful ladies:

Elegant bun at the back of the head will make the young bride a little older and more serious. A veil and optional accessories perfectly complement the smooth styling.

Braids in the most incredible performance: in Greek style, wrapped around the head, a bit disheveled and smooth.

Cold wave - large curls laid on one side and decorated with beads and flowers. One of the most popular styling options for which a sufficient length of hair is required.

"Hollywood wave" - gorgeous large waves that do not need additional jewelry, except for a little shine or hair wax.

Good old fleece - simple, but very solemn and festive styling.

Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020: hairstyles for long hair

Classical wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 for the bride with long hair are always feminine and delightful images that you will definitely like. A good hair length allows you to create romantic hairstyles for brides 2019-2020 in a variety of styles: unassembled or semi-assembled strands, a braid, a bun or different weaving options and many others.

Stylish hairstyle for the bride 2019-2020 allows you to create a charming, sophisticated type of bride with a long hair type. Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 look very feminine, elegant and relaxed.

For brides, you can easily choose the best wedding hairstyles for 2019-2020, and the chosen type of hairstyle depends solely on your preferences and the desired image.

As, for example, wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 with curls that look unusual and romantic.

Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 with the use of a veil also look excellent, fixing it under the hairstyle or on top.

Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 decorated with flowers look very beautiful. In hairstyles with long hair 2019-2020, the bride most often uses flowers are pale pink, beige and white. Also popular are a variety of dressings and headbands decorated with flowers.

Peerless hairstyles: wedding flowers from strands

An ideal option for long and medium hair - laying strands in the shape of a flower. The original hairstyle of 100% will make an indelible and memorable experience for everyone. This type of modern styling on hair dyed in trendy pink blond looks especially impressive. You can try to cover flowers from hair with shine. Stylists recommend using discreet jewelry when styling, thereby emphasizing a floral hairstyle.

Wedding weaving and braids - the trend of 2019

For many years, the elements of weaving are very popular, and 2019 is not exclusive. To make the desired effect on the guests, and first of all on the groom, it is worth stopping your attention to the hairstyle with a braid in the Greek style. A braid braided around the head looks especially impressive. The top also has loose and slightly disheveled hair with braiding elements. Neat and delicate braids, which are in demand at all times, are no exception. It is advantageous to emphasize the wedding image with the help of decorative elements woven into the braids themselves. A fashionable bride can braid an ordinary magnificent braid, decorating it with a rim made in the form of flowers. It is this, at first glance, ordinary hairstyle that will be at the peak of fashion in 2019. The more complicated the weaving is, the more elegant and interesting the image looks. Wedding braids well complement a certain rural style, therefore they are widely used in rustic style weddings.

Greek braid

Charming brides with long hair are able to afford the largest number of variations of the wedding hairstyle. If you do not remove the hair to the top, then the best option would be a Greek braid.

Such a wedding hairstyle combines luxury and simplicity, a little curly hair is gathered back in the form of a long braid. Although the curls here may not be intertwined, visually, the wedding hairstyle looks like a long and magnificent braid. Grace such styling can give decorations from fresh flowers or jewelry.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Short hair before the wedding is not a reason for sadness. Even a very small length of strands makes it possible to try several styling options and choose the best one based on their face shape, complexion and outfit of the future bride.

♥ Curls and curls are a great option for a haircut like a “bob” or short hairstyle with strands of sufficient length. After curling your hair, you can experiment with them from the heart:
- Divide the curls into small curls, gloss them and add a few small jewelry.
- Make a smooth bang and collect curls on the back of the head.
- Put the bundle in the net and release a few strands on the forehead.

♥ Straight smooth strands laid with a hair straightener - the choice of daring serious women. But this is only at first glance, since simplicity in this case gives the image of tenderness and femininity. Even an ordinary square with a perfect styling turns into a festive hairstyle with the help of additional accessories.

♥ Fluffy hairstyles from short hair raised from the roots keep their shape perfectly and make their owner a playful girl, ready for fun pranks.

Stylish styling for short hair

Many brides worry that short hair will not make an elegant and sophisticated wedding hairstyle.This is not so at all - even from the shortest strands, you can make a spectacular styling, which will become a worthy decoration of the wedding image.

The bride with short hair complemented her image with a gentle hoop Styling on short hair can be decorated with an original hairpin Short hair wedding hairstyle Short haircut with amazing accessory Laconic wedding hairstyle for short hair - a haircut is decorated with a hairpin in the shape of a flowering branch

For example, a square or a short haircut in a boyish style can be beautifully styled in a retro style - to do this, comb the hair on the back of the head, making it more magnificent, put on a beautiful bezel or tie a ribbon. Many hairdressers believe that the main "weapon" of the owners of short haircuts is a variety of jewelry that will make the image more luxurious and more solemn. It can be a traditional veil with a diadem, a wreath of fresh or artificial flowers, hairpins with lace and pearls.

Large curls on a long square Retro hairstyle for short hair Artistic mess in a wedding look Even the shortest strands can make a spectacular styling, which will become a worthy decoration of the wedding image Short hair twisted into a horn

Advice!Brides should remember that the creation of a wedding hairstyle should not be treated negligently - improperly selected styling can ruin the solemn image. That is why it is necessary to “rehearse” the festive styling in advance without delaying hairdressing experiments on the wedding day.

Wedding hair styling in an actual hairstyle - tail

Stylish wedding styling are hairstyles with a low or combed tail back. This option is very convenient in that throughout the event you can keep your hair style in the same fresh and natural look. So that your hairstyle does not look too simple, complement it with weaving, fresh flowers and other catchy accessories. A low tail is perfect for classic wedding looks.

High beam

One of the most popular wedding hairstyles of the 2020-2021 season is high styling in the form of a bunch. You can collect hair carelessly by releasing a few locks. In this version, the wedding hairstyle will look irresistibly and playfully.

A more strict and elegant image will be emphasized by a wedding hairstyle with a smoothed bun, complemented by an elegant decoration with pearls.

Wedding hairstyles with veil

In recent years, veils are not in such demand as the mothers and grandmothers of modern brides. Many of them prefer to get along with jewelry or focus on a luxurious dress. Nevertheless, the veil is a symbol of purity and innocence, the bride in her looks cute and touching. You can use this weightless lace splendor with both collected and loose hair:

♥ Large, small, medium curls collected above the nape are fixed with hairpins with flowers, beads or stones. A long veil is fixed to the beam so that it can cover your face.

♥ A bundle on the back of the head with a smooth or curvaceous styling in front fits perfectly under the veil.

♥ A fluffy three-layer veil is most often used in combination with high styling.

♥ A short veil is an ideal option for a short haircut, laid both curls and smoothly.

Hairstyles with veil

For many years, one of the main “hits” of wedding fashion has been a hairstyle with a veil, which makes the bride’s image more delicate, sophisticated and touching. For laying with a veil, increased requirements are imposed, since it must be maximally fixed in order to hold the veil.

A veil attached to a high beam The hair is collected in a braid, which is laid around the head in the form of a rim, and the veil is attached to the crown with the help of invisible If you decide to wear a veil, you should not come up with a super-complicated hairstyle - you will still not be able to see it behind the lace

Professional hairdressers do not recommend combining a veil with complex, multi-level styling - they will still not be visible under the lace. When choosing a styling, it is necessary to take into account the type of veil fastening, as it can be mounted both in the upper part of the nape and in the lower one.

An excellent option can be a hairstyle with loose curls, previously twisted with a curling iron or curlers. Also, curled hair can be collected in a "malvinka", to which the veil is attached with invisibles.

The veil is attached to a low beam Petite hairpin in the shape of a hairpin The veil is attached to the braid rim The short haircut is adorned with a diadem holding a veil

A great addition to the snow-white veil can be styling with a high or low beam, a French braid, braided to the side of the face or around the entire head. No less spectacular looks hairstyle in the Greek style, decorated with a luxurious veil.

Bunch - hit wedding hairstyles 2019

Despite the innovations in hairdressing, a delicate and classic look will never become obsolete and will not go out of fashion. A smooth fleece with a bunch will suit almost every bride, regardless of her face shape. Smooth, straight strands stacked in a bun are the choice of only courageous and very serious women. For young brides, a free-flowing bunch is more suitable. This hairstyle looks very festive, gentle and elegant. To diversify the bundle, you can weave braids or jewelry from beads and flowers.

Low beam

If you do not have very long hair and want a chic wedding hairstyle, the best solution would be a bun, only low. Having done a pile on the top of the head, and laying the strands in a small roll, you will get a very beautiful and sophisticated wedding hairstyle.

A hit of the 2020-2021 season for young brides will be a bridal hairstyle bundle combined with a spikelet in a sloppy performance.

2019 Greek Style Wedding Hairstyles

The great goddess from antiquity - this is how the bride feels with a styling made in the Greek style. This is not surprising - the ancient Greeks were true connoisseurs of female beauty and left contemporaries with a huge number of historical monuments, from which stylists repel, choosing the image of the Greek beauty.

A simple fitted dress made of white flowing fabric, decorated, perhaps, with a chic belt, flat shoes, appropriate styling, natural make-up ... Such a bride is like Aphrodite coming out of a sea shell to people. Several options for hairstyles for the goddess:

Greek braid in the most diverse versions: sideways, tight or slightly weakened, in addition with curls. As a complement, you can use a diadem, a rim, flowers and beads.

Corimbos (Greek knot). The hair, divided into a parting, is slightly lowered on the forehead and along the face, and then collected in a knot that can be decorated with a net. On the forehead will be very relevant ribbon to match the dress.

"Women of Mycenae" - hair curled in spiral curls and divided into a straight part.

For Greek hairstyles headbands and flowers that gracefully decorate the hairstyle are great.

How to beat a bang

Solemn hairstyles go well with bangs of various shapes - long, short, straight, asymmetrical or "torn". Such styling have virtually no restrictions, harmoniously combining with loose or collected curls. The bangs can be leveled with an iron, beautifully laid to one side, braided obliquely or form charming waves in retrostyle. In addition, bangs help make facial features more harmonious with a too high or low forehead.

The long bangs are divided into two parts and neatly laid on the sides One-sided bangs in a wedding hairstyle

Advice!When laying your bangs, do not forget to pay attention to the shape of the face, as the bangs can significantly correct existing flaws. For example, an asymmetric bang, combed to one side, will be the ideal solution for girls with a round face, and owners of a rectangular face shape are advised to take care of a sufficient volume of bangs.

The bangs can be combed away from the face, fixed with hairspray and decorated with a stylish wedding decoration or flower. But such decoration should be approached with caution if you decide to use a veil. In this case, flowers or hairpins can make the hairstyle “overloaded”.

Smooth Bangs Wedding Hairstyle

Lush curls

Emphasize the beauty of long strands under the power of a wedding hairstyle with her hair loose. The trend is both styling with perfect curls, and a wedding hairstyle with slightly curled hair, with which a wreath with fresh flowers looks perfect.

Choosing a similar wedding hairstyle, you need to know for sure whether your hair will withstand a similar styling. Curls can quickly lose shape or not at all give in to wrapping.

Retro Style Wedding Hairstyles

Fashion shows every time prove the power of the saying that if it is good to forget something old, then in the modern world it turns into a new and relevant one. Is it any wonder that “retro” hairstyles are incredibly popular today in 2019?

Fans of Vera Cold, Vivien Leigh and Audrey Hepburn are undoubtedly the owners of exquisite taste. Creating an image of many years ago, they often opt for dresses and shoes from a grandmother's chest and, of course, hairstyles suitable for such an occasion:

20s hairstyles last century. Cold and slightly haughty perfect short-cut curls, smoothed to the head and secured by invisibles. "Kare", separated by a side parting and laid with lush large curls.

An echo from the 1930s. All the same "caret" and medium-length hair with and without bangs. Wavy locks became smoother, and the image of a woman became romantic and tender.

50s style. Strict buccles of regular geometric shape, smooth bunches and curls a la Marilyn Monroe.

Wedding Hollywood Waves on Long Hair

Hollywood waves never cease to be at the peak of popularity. The most relevant option for decorating loose hair is a neat, small wreath made in the form of small flowers with the addition of greenery. Such an ornament dilutes the image without weighing it down. Volumetric, spectacular, large curls, divided into small locks and laid in a chaotic manner, are most suitable for the classic style of the bride. With the help of waves, you can create a chic, high wedding hairstyle. And you can collect the curled hair under the diadem or leave it loose.

Modern brides choose tiaras

The diadem is a luxurious accessory that will make the image of the bride truly fabulous and charming. The diadem blends perfectly with long or short hair, with various bangs. In this case, the decoration is located at the place where the bangs begin. This will make styling more harmonious and attractive.

Tiara of braided hair Short haircut with tiara

Loose hair, a “malvinka”, a pile or a bun are perfectly combined with a diadem. Do not experiment with complex weaves or tall "hairdresser designs" - this will make the hairstyle overloaded. You can make a simple "horse" tail, then divide it into strands, each of which must be sprinkled with hairspray and wrap around the tail, forming beautiful flower petals or flagella. The diadem is located in front of the beam, and the veil is underneath.

Fine graceful decoration on short hair Luxurious tiara adorns a modest hairstyle

If you want to make a romantic and refined hairstyle, pay attention to the loose curls decorated with a diadem. Apply fixing mousse to wet hair, wind it on a curling iron or curlers, and then slightly adjust curls with your hands, without combing with a comb. Sprinkle the hair with strong fixation hairspray, put on a diadem and securely fasten with invisible hair. You can make a light pile on the back of the head - this will make the styling more magnificent and voluminous.

Stylish bride hairstyle 2019-2020: wedding hairstyles for short hair

Hairstyles for the bride on short hair are very unusual and feminine. Creating beautiful wedding hairstyles for 2019-2020 is not difficult if you turn to a good master.

Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 for short hair can also be successfully used for hair to the shoulders and square.

Among the many different types of wedding hairstyles, you can choose beautiful hairstyles for the bride of 2019-2020 with a diadem, veil, veil, curls and curls, flowers and many others.

Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 for short hair also look unusual and cute. It is customary to decorate such wedding hairstyles with luxurious tiaras. Retro hairstyles for the bride 2019-2020 - this is an incredibly beautiful and chic type of wedding hairstyle.

Braided hairstyle

Incredibly sophisticated and original wedding hairstyles 2020-2021 with weaving are becoming a favorite among all hairdressers. Weaving gives vent to imagination and here you can safely experiment with the styling and combination.

It remains fashionable wedding hairstyle with a braid around the head, braided braids in the same bun or tail. And how charming a spikelet looks in a tandem with a low styling, you will definitely see a photo gallery.

Wedding hairstyles 2019 in boho style

Boho is an eclectic style that combines many diverse motifs, from hippies to gypsies. In 2019, all kinds of untidy styling will become popular: slightly disheveled curls, elegantly laid in the form of an evening hairstyle or in a loose form, as well as various versions of fluffy braids. It is these hairstyle options that should be chosen by young and modern brides. In addition, wedding boho hairstyles look great in combination with decor in the form of live or artificial flowers, ribbons and similar voluminous decorations.

Wedding hairstyles 2019 with decorations

Even the most ascetic and restrained women on their wedding day turn into charming coquets, ready for bold experiments. Jewels from such a lady should be in abundance, and hair in this case is no exception. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it.

The more complicated and intricate the bride’s styling, the easier and more restrained the accessories should be. And vice versa - a simple smooth hairstyle is an excellent basis for fixing the most daring and luxurious jewelry.

Wedding hats. Suitable for collected and loose hair. The only negative is that you have to spend a lot of time to choose a hat to face.

Voilets - A charming version of the hat with a mesh on the face. The advantage of the veil is that its small size does not spoil the hair, in addition, it acts as a small veil.

Wreaths - jewelry for young brides with long flowing hair.

Flowers, hairpins and combs in the hair of the bride is always in trend. Any wedding hairstyle looks elegant and festive with such an ornament.


Who said that a hairstyle with a tail can not be done to the bride? If a veil is not provided in the bride's bow, one of the most stylish options for wedding hairstyles 2020-2021 will be a fluffy tail with a pile.

Today, even the tail can look festive, cute and very feminine. A more spectacular similar wedding hairstyle looks on blonde hair.

Bride hairstyle 2019-2020: wedding hairstyles with medium hair

Hairstyles for the bride 2019-2020 are a wide variety of options and styles of hairstyles with medium hair to create a delightful and incredible image of the bride.Sophisticated hairstyles for the bride 2019-2020 can be in the form of fashionable volumetric bundles, with braids, a variety of weaving and retro style.

The hairstyles of the bride 2019-2020 look cute and relaxed. A great option would be to decorate such wedding hairstyles with a variety of flowers, tiaras and headbands. An important element for the bride's hairstyle is the use of a veil, which will make the image of the bride elegant and feminine.

Stylish jewelry for a wedding hairstyle

It is recommended to decorate the current wedding hair styling in 2019 with natural flowers, hairpins with decorative flowers in accordance with the tone of the holiday dress or wedding bouquet. The use of soft combs, elegant tiaras and headbands is trending. They help in creating unusual hairstyles of various styles, especially in Greek or 30s format. For a retro style wedding, pick up a veil or an elegant hat that will be combined with the dress. Previously, at each wedding, a veil was a traditional accessory. Recently, it is used not so often, but still does not go out of fashion, since it is considered a classic accessory.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Properly selected bangs can produce an incredible effect and change the bride beyond recognition. In order for such metamorphoses not to change a woman for the worse and not add visual years to her, you need to contact only professionals.

A good master, before cutting off several strands, will determine the shape of the face, select the appropriate version of the bangs, or even dissuade from such experiments. With bangs, both loose curls and collected hairstyles are well combined. At the same time, it is the bangs that need to be given the maximum attention, it must be perfectly laid out.

The choice of hairstyles with bangs is very diverse:

Straight thick bangs, covering the eyebrows, goes well with a bunch on the back of the head, fleece, babette, Greek knot, "shell" and long loose curls.

Long oblique bangs It is a great addition to a high bundle of bouquets or a bundle at the bottom of the nape.

Hairstyle with a diadem or rim, framing a bang, looks perfect.

Long bangs Suitable for brides with a round face and puffy cheeks, visually hiding the extra volume.

Based on a French braid

Wedding hairstyles based on a French braid have special charm and appeal. If your celebration will be held in the style of boho or rustic, and you have a dress of the appropriate style, then it is better to find a wedding hairstyle with a French braid on one side.

In a tandem with fresh flowers, such a wedding hairstyle will look amazing. And if you have an average haircut, the braid can be gracefully styled, secured with invisible hairpins.

Wedding hairstyles 2019-2020 for brides. Stylish wedding hairstyles: photos

We offer you beautiful types of wedding hairstyles for brides 2019-2020, as well as interesting ideas for hairstyles for brides, photos of which can be viewed in our gallery ...

How to choose the right wedding hairstyle

To get started, let's figure out how to choose the right hairstyle for a wedding. There are a large number of hairstyles and you must choose the one that matches the lice of the face. For brides with a rounded face shape, asymmetrical hairstyles with side parting, hairstyles with loose hair, high styling and elements of fleece in the style of the 70s are suitable. Girls with an oval shape are better to focus on lush styling. The braids and magnificent curls popular in 2019 will look great. Consider the most popular hairstyle, in which hair is laid in two braids on the sides with a curled look. In no case should newlywed beauties with a triangular oval perform smooth styling. With such an oval, separate, delicately laid curls look good. This hairstyle, although quite simple, but the decor in the form of a diadem or other decoration will complement the wedding image.

Choosing a hairstyle for such an important and exciting celebration is serious. Many modern brides do not miss the opportunity to “rehearse” their hair in advance. After all, the only way they can be sure is that on the most important day, hair styling will look gorgeous and breathtaking.

Bridal hairstyle - the perfect classic look 2019

The bunch has always been a classic of the genre for a wedding hairstyle, and for good reason! Carefully collected hair allows you to open your face and add an image of tenderness.
There are a lot of variations of the wedding bunch and at the same time you can choose one so that it blends perfectly with the chosen dress style.

For example, a dress with an open back fit volumetric beam with curls and knocked out strands framing the face.

If you have a dress with a full skirt, then you should not choose a smooth bunch, as the head may not look proportionally.

For lace dress, you can choose slightly sloppy light beam and decorate it with a small accessory, such as a flower.

The bunch goes well with diadem and veil, so you can safely choose this option hairstyles.

High hairstyle with crown

If you want to look like a queen on this day in the literal sense of the word, a wedding hairstyle with a crown will be able to emphasize the chic image.

To make the bride look harmonious, it is better to make a chic wedding hairstyle with a crown for a magnificent dress made of expensive fabric with minimal decor or without it at all.

Oriental style wedding hairstyles

Girls of the East have always been associated with mystery, charm and attractiveness. Elements of the east are increasingly entering our lives, this did not bypass the wedding sphere, where wedding hairstyles in the oriental style are especially popular.

Hairstyles of the east look luxurious and at the same time elegant, most of all they are suitable for girls with long dark or black hair. Also, one of the most important attributes of a wedding hairstyle is various decorations.

Therefore, choosing a wedding hairstyle in an oriental style, pay attention to jewelry that would emphasize your hairstyle.

Elegant shell

Another variant of the wedding hairstyle 2020-2021 deserves special attention - styling in the form of a shell. You can beat such an evening hairstyle in various ways.

Like a bunch, it can be made sloppy and laid back or restrained and neat. Such a wedding hairstyle is ideal for a veil, which can be attached both from below and on the crown.

Boho wedding hairstyles

Boho style appeared in the 60s and gathered elements of different cultures, but weddings in the style of boho began to gain popularity relatively recently. In 2019, the boho style is at the peak of popularity, let's see what kind of style it is and what its features are.

Ethnic motifs, ornaments, fringe, natural fabrics, lightness and negligence, naturalness and naturalness, flowers, lace, massive jewelry and accessories - all this is a boho style.

If you are planning a wedding in this wonderful style, then everything should be thought out to the smallest detail, because the boho style is only a little sloppy and disheveled in appearance, in fact, the boho style should be impeccable in everything. This applies to dresses, shoes, ceremony design, groom's outfit and of course hairstyles.

Boho wedding hairstyle distinguished by ease and romance. Usually these are slightly sloppy curls that do not require any styling in a certain hairstyle, are also relevant for the style of boho braids and petting.

An interesting feature of the boho wedding hairstyle are jewelry and accessories. Fresh flowers will be a wonderful complement to the wedding image, and here it is not necessary to observe the measure.

Headbands and braid around the head - Another required attribute of a boho hairstyle. You can also choose feathers, pendants, wooden and leather jewelry as an element of the hairstyle.

In any case, the boho style is freedom, creativity, lack of frames and rejection of wedding patterns!

In greek style

An amazing option for a wedding hairstyle will be styling in the Greek style. This hairstyle beautifully and gracefully frames the face and looks delightful.

Neatly assembled, one after another, the locks form a beautiful styling that can be complemented by elegant decoration or flowers.

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