How to change eye color at home

Only some ten to fifteen years ago, fashionistas striving for perfection could not even dream of a cardinal change of one eye color to another. However, as it turned out, nothing is impossible. In order to change, for example, gray eyes to green, it is not at all necessary to spend a huge amount of money on a laser operation or to suffer with lenses, while harming vision. There are several ways to change eye color at home.

Why change eye color

Fashion tirelessly dictate more and more new trends. But centuries-old traditions have it that since time immemorial, in order to attract the attention of men, women are ready for various changes in their appearance: hairstyles, clothes, body proportions, hair and eye color. Some secret tricks to look more attractive were known in antiquity, and something appeared due to the development of the cosmetic, medical industry.

Not always the desire to change something in appearance is dictated by the fashion trend. Sometimes it obsessively pursues a person who is passionately desiring to change something in life, or to be like an idol. And very often the dream of an external change is directed to a specific object on the face - the eyes. Is it possible to independently change the color of the eyes given by nature at birth.

What determines its color

The proper coloring of the iris is due to its structure, or rather, the presence of certain components in them. So, brown shades (brown and black eyes) indicate that the iris contains a lot of melanin. With a minimum amount of melanin, the shade is light. So, if this is associated with a low density of the located tissues of the iris, then the eyes have a blue or blue tint (since this is the color the blood vessels of the iris have). If there is a yellow pigment in the iris, lipofuscin, the eyes acquire a very attractive amber shade. A mixture of yellow and blue creates a green color. By the way, sometimes the eyes have even a pink tint. This is inherent in albinos, which are practically devoid of pigment not only in the organs of vision, but also in other parts of the body.

But what is the reason for such an uneven distribution of pigments and the density of the tissues of the iris? Everything has a genetic basis. In other words, the genotype of the mother and father primarily affects eye color. If we recall biology, then the brown eye color is considered dominant, which means that the likelihood of its inheritance in the baby is slightly higher. But no one ruled out that the newborn baby would have the color of the eyes of their closest relatives (grandparents), although recessive symptoms lose in frequency. Such cases when a blue-eyed child is born to brown-eyed parents are rare, but still happen.

If we talk about large populations, then we can trace a clear pattern. So, blue-eyed people are more common in the countries of Scandinavia. The percentage of green-eyed people is more common in Asian countries. Brown-eyed are found everywhere, but a greater percentage of them are among the dark-skinned.

Does eye color change on its own

The nature of the human body is very mysterious and unpredictable. Eye color can change several times throughout life. Usually, babies at birth have a bright, often blue eye color, which can change in the first three years, then the changes lie in wait in adolescence. In older people, the eyes acquire a lighter shade - “fade”.

Often you can observe such a phenomenon as the color of the eyes changes depending on the emotional mood of their owner: from anger, anger, the eyes darken, in a relaxed state they brighten.

Before you consider methods for changing eye color, you should find out what their shade depends on. First of all, this is due to heredity.

  • Blue, blue color - determined by the bluish tint of the blood vessels of the iris
  • Gray green - low melanin content
  • Black and brown color - high melanin content
  • Yellow - signals about internal diseases, more often the liver

But no matter what natural color a man gets, almost everyone, at least for the sake of experiment, thought about his change. Most often, a dream can be realized with the help of colored contact lenses, but there are other ways that visually change the color of the eyes.

Eyes like a mirror of the soul

Eyes are a mirror of a person’s soul. With the help of a peephole, you can make us fulfill our request, to fall in love at first sight. In one’s eyes one can read a person’s state, his thoughts, attitude to his interlocutor, with his eyes he can be cured, or he can be “killed”, and this list can be continued very, very long.

Psychologists know that if a person smiles, but his eyes are sad, then this is not a sincere smile, or when meeting someone, if the pupils dilate at the first meeting, the girl or boy has an interest or sympathy for the opposite sex. There are a lot of similar examples.

But it often happens that a person is not happy with his eye color and wants to change it in every way. To begin, I propose to deal with the value of the shade of the eyes, and understand how they fit your character, hair color, hairstyle, face, and the image as a whole.

What determines eye color

Eye color is determined by the iris.

2 factors affect its color:

1. The presence and intensity of melanin, he is responsible for the degree of dark skin, black hair: if his few people are light, the more - the darker. The iris consists of 3 leaf layers: the posterior muscular pigment, pigments are located in it. The middle layer is the stroma, this is the connective collagen tissue, the front sheet is the borderline.

If melanin is deep in the lower layer, its amount is negligible, then the color will be pale blue-gray tones. If there is a lot of it, the colors will be dark: from green to brown-black. It is noted that the pigmented muscle sheet is always dark, with the exception of albinos, they generally do not have melanin.

2. The second factor is density of stromal fibers. The higher the density, the darker the color, the lower the lighter.

What is the iris and what does its color depend on

To solve the problem - in this case, change the shade of the eyes or make the color of the eyes brighter - you should understand what factors it is generally determined, what it depends on and what the iris itself is.

The iris is the outer part of the cornea, it is a convex disk with a hole in the center - the pupil. The iris consists of the following elements:

It is the latter that determine the color of the iris. The more pigment melanin, the more bright and saturated it will be. Also, the shade and its intensity depend on in which layer of the iris more pigment has accumulated, how it is located.

The most common eye shades and factors shaping them:

  • Blue - the fibers of the outer layer of the iris are loose, a small amount of melanin accumulates in them.
  • Blue - the fibers are denser and have a whitish hue.
  • Gray - The fibers also have a high density and a grayish tint. The denser they are, the brighter the eyes.
  • Green - is formed if a loose outer layer contains a small amount of yellow or tan pigment, and the inner layer is saturated with blue pigment.
  • Kari - in the outer shell there is a lot of pigment melanin, while it is quite dense. The larger it is, the darker the eyes will be.

Eye color may change throughout life. Obviously, this is directly related to the formation of the pigment melanin. In all newborns, the eyes are blue or blue, and only by the year, as the visual apparatus and its functions are fully formed, the iris acquires its final shade. With age, it can only become a little darker or lighter. But to old age, when all metabolic processes slow down, and the production of melanin, including the iris, brightens again, it becomes as if it faded. That is, the color of the iris can be affected. We now consider in detail what methods can be used to change it.

What are the colors of the eyes

The pigment melanin has only a dark brown color. The shade of the iris is a consequence of the reflection of the light beam from the middle layer of the iris - the stroma. In the case of complete absorption of the rays, the tone of the eyes is black. If a high-frequency stream is reflected and low frequencies are absorbed, the color is light.

The concentration of melanin and color is transmitted at the level of genetics, but the tone and patterns on the iris are individual. Dark tones dominate non-dark. Primary colors are presented below. There are other colors, they are rarely found in people, it is red and very rarely purple in color (albinos), violet.

  • Blue - it is acquired if the stromal fibers are rare, the pigment contains a little. The stroma has a bluish tint, the reflected light makes the tone blue.
  • Gray - similar to blue. The number of fibers in the stroma is greater, the presence of yellowish-brownish spots means a slightly increased melanin content. The tone comes from the degree of scattering of light rays.
  • Marsh (mixed) - the pigment content is not enough for hazel, an additional stroma adds shades of gray-blue paint, in the picture a large number of melatonin spots. Such a color as a chameleon may look golden, brown, green.
  • Green - a rare tone, the pigment component is a small amount, light brown pigment is mixed with the blue paint of the stroma. Iris pattern with a lot of age spots.
  • Brown - the pigment content is significant, the stroma also has a high concentration of fibers. Distributed in many parts of the world, dark shades contribute to better tolerance of the brightness of the sun, reflections of water, ice and snow.
  • The black - high in melanin; stroma is very dense. The rays of light are completely absorbed.

Rare colors of the iris:

  • Red - complete absence of pigment, color due to blood capillaries. Sometimes, much less often than red, violet eyes appear, obtained from a combination of blue stroma and red paint.
  • Violet color - the reason for its appearance is not clear and little studied.

How to change eye color at home

Dramatic changes in the iris for a long time, the eyes are almost impossible. But there are ways that can change the shade or perception of other people. Having this knowledge and translating it into reality, you can get the desired result. The easiest way is to pay attention to your diet. So, if gray-eyed or blue-eyed people want to enhance their natural shade of the iris, they need to introduce such foods as fish, meat, nuts, honey, chamomile tea, ginger, cheese, olive oil into the diet. It is believed that these products contain components that affect the density of the iris tissue and the amount of melanin in it.

Well, of course, if no way is successful, then you can always get contact lenses, so you can get exactly the image that a person had long dreamed of in a minute. You can try on several colors at once and choose the one that you like the most.

Selection of wardrobe and makeup

If you are thinking about how to change eye color at home, then the following tips will come in handy.

The easiest way is for owners of gray eyes. Even a small scarf in bright blue or green can help them. A sweater or any other piece of clothing is also suitable. The main thing is that it be noticeable. A well-chosen combination will help to make the gray eyes appear blue. This method is considered the easiest and safest.

Owners of the green iris can make the color more expressive if they heed the advice of makeup artists. They can definitely tell you how to change eye color at home. To do this, they will need a contour pencil in gray or brown. Such an emphasis directly on the eyes changes color perception.

Wardrobe Items

The owner of gray-blue eyes, wearing a sweater of intense turquoise color, with daytime color, will easily beat the “transformation” of her eyes into a deep blue or bright blue shade.

Bright accessories will help ladies in such matters: scarves, hats with brim, jewelry, especially earrings with large stones. But in order not to be disappointed, you should shade your eyes with more saturated colors of one gamut. It is impossible to make brown eyes cornflower blue.

  • For blue eyes, colors are suitable: dark blue, light blue, indigo, aquamarine
  • Owners of swamp-colored eyes can make their eyes more attractive; clothes of turquoise, jade, emerald shades will help.
  • Yellow eyes or walnut will sparkle with bright colors when using accessories of intense brown shades: chocolate, chestnut, mocha.

Gray and blue eyes

Attractiveness and a keen mind are what people of such eye colors are endowed with. You are sociable and easily get along with people, amorous. You can say that you are also extremely quick-tempered and like to be capricious.

Holders of blue eye color are romantic natures who are prone to reverie and sentimentality. Also, they are very suitable expression that says about five Fridays a week, because blue-eyed can change their mood and plans a hundred times a day.

They make new friends easily. When the blue-eyed is in a good mood, everyone around is also fine, but when they are in anger, hide everything.

Gray-eyed, however, stand firm. They are not in a hurry, before making a decision, they think things over well and for a long time. Such people are reliable, hardworking, conscientious, good partners and friends.

Patient, usually keep all the emotions and feelings in themselves - but for the time being, if they are pissed off, they look like a large and dangerous volcano.

Stages of growing up

Everyone knows that most babies are born with blue eyes. But for many of them, the color is already changing by the year. It can turn green, honey or even dark brown. The leading role in this process belongs to genetics, and parents are not able to influence this process.

But with age, people no longer wonder whether it is possible to change the color of the eyes. After all, their iris begins to lighten. Bright blue eyes turn into light gray, burning dark brown become honey.

Special drops

We are talking about therapeutic ophthalmic preparations based on prostaglandin or its synthetic analogues. The active component of these drugs is capable of changing the color of the iris with prolonged use, or rather, enhancing pigmentation. As a result, gray or blue eyes become dark, more often - brown. This is due to the fact that the active component contributes to an increase in melanocytes in the iris of the eye, as a result of which their shade changes. The duration of this effect is individual. In some people, a couple of weeks after discontinuation of the drug, the dark shade of the eyes returns to natural, in others this process can take several months. There are other side effects of this drug. In particular, not only the iris of the eye, but also the skin of the eyelids becomes darker. This is especially important for public people.

But you must understand that this type of iris change works only in one direction. A brown-eyed person will not notice any effect, much less become blue-eyed.Given that in most cases people want to make their brown eyes lighter, this method can be considered not the best.

Decorative cosmetics

Using the ability of light eyes to reflect light, you can learn a simple way to change their shade using makeup. To do this, you need to apply only some of the subtleties of applying shadows.

Based on the natural color of the eyes, you need to choose means of decorative cosmetics of the same gamut, but brighter and more saturated tones. As described in the previous method.

And then apply eye makeup according to the scheme:

  1. Paint the inner corners of the upper eyelid with lighter shadows.
  2. Gradually moving to the outer part of the eyelid apply darker tones
  3. On top of the shadows, make an accurate thin “arrow” of bright, but corresponding to the selected color gamut. To do this, you need a liquid eyeliner or eyeliner.
  4. On the lower eyelid, right under the cilia, blend an eyeliner or a strip of eye shadow with a neutral pastel color, such as silver.

These manipulations will help not only visually change the color of the eyes, but also make them more expressive and large.

Color contact lenses

The easiest way to change color is to use contact lenses.

Cosmetic lenses that allow you to change the color of the iris are 2 types:

  • Hue - contribute to enhancing their natural tone. They look natural and invisible. These are translucent, uniformly and slightly colored lenses, through them a picture of the iris is visible. These lenses are suitable for light-eyed people. They do not have the ability to fully decorate the color of the iris.
  • Colored (cosmetic) - have a picture similar to the iris pattern. They radically change their eyes, even in the case of their own very dark tones to light. The area where the color pattern is applied is opaque, it does not participate in the process of visual work. For vision, a transparent central area is defined, it is located in front of the pupil.

The easiest way to change eye color with lenses

  • Subspecies of color - crazy lenses (crazy, theatrical, for carnival) - with a diverse thematic selection of drawings and a rich color palette.
  • The value of wearing lenses is contained in emphasizing the natural beauty of the eyes, or, decorating your natural color, makes your image more attractive, first of all, in your own eyes.

    In addition to the disadvantages of the general property, which are manifested in individuals with discomfort from wearing lenses, tinted lenses are devoid of disadvantages.

    Colored lenses have enough flaws. The fact is that the pupil, responding to illumination, then decreases, then increases in diameter. The middle transparent part of the lenses is designed for an average size so that the opaque part does not interfere with vision.

    • If the pupil is narrowed, then the color of the eye can be visible through the transparent zone - others will notice the difference.
    • In the dark, when the pupil expands beyond this area, the colored part will interfere.
    • A colored lens has an increased weight and if it does not sit very tightly on the iris, when blinking, the color zone may shift, which will interfere with vision.
    • Some carnival models have a film that does not transmit light well, or that has the ability to distort, this leads to muscle strain.
    • Lenses with increased density are contraindicated in people prone to eye irritation.

    How to change eye color with accessories: glasses can help. Glasses help recreate a new color perception of the tone of the iris.

    Modern glasses are equipped with colored lenses of various colors, hiding genuine eyes, the appearance takes on a completely different look. The warm color palette associated with yellow-orange and brown-red colors is intuitively associated with the sun, summer day, campfire heat on a cool evening, pleasant sensations of warmth and softness are evoked.

    On the contrary, cold shades from blue-blue to violet-green evoke associations of fresh water, the bottomlessness of the sky, cool grass and foliage. Warm tones are more pleasant for a person; they create a feeling of security, unlike cold ones. Therefore, glasses of warm shades are better placed towards themselves.

    Many people use glasses as fashionable pieces that add magnetic chic. A particularly strong impression is created from chameleon glasses. From the presence of ultraviolet, the glasses become dark, but if the sun is gone, then they again regain their transparency.

    Gradient colored glasses can help - the transition of tones from dark to light, and vice versa. Several colors may be involved in such a composition, and quite inappropriate to each other.

    The advantages of this method are obvious:

    • this is primarily safety, a person does not perform any manipulations with the eyes,
    • reversibility - took off his glasses, everything returned,
    • colored glasses can carry out color therapy - light rays, receiving a colorful tone, cause certain associations in the body, contribute to the treatment of diseases.

    The disadvantages of this method include:

    • the fact of unreliability of obtaining the desired shade of the eyes,
    • through stained glass, the world appears in the same tinted color, this helps to narrow the field of view.

    Serious illness

    Sometimes people who do not think about how to change the color of their eyes at home find that another person is looking at them in the mirror. Blue-eyed people are most likely to encounter this. But this does not threaten brown eyes. The iris changes its shade with the progression of Fuchs and Posner-Schlossmann syndromes. These are diseases of the cornea. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor if you notice that their color has begun to change.

    Posner-Schlossmann syndrome is manifested by an increase in intraocular pressure. But it is not accompanied by glaucoma. Doctors suggest that this may be an allergic disease. But Fuchs syndrome is a dystrophy of the cornea. It is characterized by the fact that epithelial cells begin to die, which are responsible for pumping fluid from the transparent layer - the stroma. With these diseases, only one eye can change color.

    Makeup, clothes, lighting

    Almost every person can remember among his friends people whose eye color is like a chameleon - change over time. Additional methods may contribute to this.

    By the way, it is proved that clothes very much affect the color perception of the eye iris. So, to enhance a pale blue tint or emphasize blue, you must wear blue or turquoise clothes. We are talking about the shade of clothing for the upper body - jacket, dress. If you use the recommended colors for a skirt or trousers, then the desired effect can not be obtained. Green eyes are especially emphasized by purple and red shades in clothes. You can enhance the beauty of the eyes with brown-eyed people using clothes of golden, yellow and white robes.

    About the same shades can be used in the case of makeup. So, copper or lilac eyeliner will give its native green shade depth and radiance. Blue eyeliner enhances the charm of brown eyes. If you make the inner eyeliner with a colored pencil, and on top of it - classic black, then the eyes will look radiant, and visually increase in size.

    You can change the color of the eyes at home, give them a more saturated shade and lighting. So, in a darkened room, the iris becomes brighter, and the pupil itself expands. As a result, the eyes acquire a special expressiveness and charm.

    Brown eyes

    Finally got close to the most common eye color in the world. Brown-eyed - impulsive, passionate, conflicting, because they do not like to admit someone else's right, and in most cases they prove and defend only their point of view.

    They love when they praise and hate teachings and advice. Easily fall in love with yourself. It is brown eyes that can persuade almost anyone. Very demanding and picky.

    These are the most basic eye colors, but do not forget that often the colors are mixed with each other and no less interesting colors are obtained.

    1. How mood affects eye color

    Vivid emotions are always a shake for the body. With violent joy or intense anger, not only does our heart rate change, our breathing accelerates, or, conversely, takes our breath away, but also there is a noticeable emphasis on the color of the iris. It can become more saturated, sometimes dark, sometimes lighter.

    Perhaps the most pure color can be observed in people experiencing happy moments.

    If the baby was born with blue-gray eyes, then a surprise may well await you. The secret of blue eyes, also called "Sky effect", lies in the low content of melanin in the iris, so the light is scattered, and at a low density of stromal fibers it appears even brighter - like blue. And most babies at 3–18 months of life, eye color may darkenif there is an accumulation of melanocytes in the iris. In particular, it is not uncommon for residents of mountain regions that blue transforms into walnut. This largely depends on the color of the eyes of the parents. Sometimes the color is fully manifested by 10-12 years.

    But in babies born with brown eyes, everything is stable, this is their bright shade for life. Due to the high melanin content, the outer layer of the iris absorbs and reflects light, which gives brown. By the way, brown-eyed people have a special bonus - more low percentage of eye diseasesbut be sure to wear sunglasses. And yet, according to research, brown-eyed people in the Czech Republic are usually perceived as more reliable, but light-eyed women have fewer problems with negativity and depression.

    By the way, recent studies have shown that about 16 affects the color of the eyes genes, which makes it very difficult forecasting.


    No, you won’t have to turn to psychics. And although this method will initially cause smiles and distrust, there are very positive reviews about its legal capacity.

    Those who tried this method claim that they were satisfied with the result. It is achieved by auto-suggestion. And even if not everyone has the gift to realize their dreams with just one flight of thought, we can safely say that this event will not bring harm to the body.

    A recipe from experts who need to be done daily, preferably in the morning and before bedtime:

    1. To sit or take a recumbent pose is as convenient as possible; for this, a soft sofa or favorite chair is suitable. No one and nothing should distract.
    2. Close your eyes and focus on the color that you long for. It is necessary to imagine how this color envelops the outside and gradually fills the body from the inside.
    3. Having felt that the body is completely filled with color, try to move it into the eyes. Inspire that the natural shade becomes more and more faded, and the new color, replacing the former, becomes brighter and brighter.

    The duration of the procedure is at least half an hour. A month of regular classes - and it is quite possible that the efforts will be crowned with success. To support the effect, it is necessary to repeat the sessions at least twice a month.


    Eyes can get a different shade from the selected color of the wardrobe. There can be no drastic changes, but the tone of the clothes can emphasize its natural shine and brightness of the eyes, change the color to a tone or a half tone.

    The disadvantages of the method include the fact that with different lighting the outfit will look different. At home, the outfit will perfectly emphasize the depth and beauty of the eyes, and in street bright sunlight you can not achieve the same effect.

    • Green color is emphasized by brown, burgundy, green, dark red or purple tones of clothing.
    • Golden or yellow, light: milk, warm shades will suit brown eyes. With such outfits, the eyes will become deeper and more seductive.
    • For gray or blue eyes, the colors blue, steel, turquoise, blue are not only light, but also a dark palette - the eyes will change the color of clothes and take on a blue hue.

    You can shade the color of your eyes by resorting to light scarves or scarves, and accessories will also help: necklaces, brooches, earrings of the desired range.

    3. "Live" nutrition and cleansing the body of toxins

    IN alternative medicine there is a theory about the relationship between the color of the iris and the condition of the internal organs. This area is called iridology, but due to the lack of a solid evidence base it is still referred to as pseudoscientific. But Dr. Robert Morse, a detoxification specialist whose patients were about 1/4 million people, has long been fond of iridodiagnosis, notes: according to his observations, the upper quadrant of the eye is associated with brain health, and the inner circle - with the digestive system. At the same time, he says that the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet can significantly change eye color, and created a series of videos about his research.

    One girl, using his method of raw diets for 6 years, shared a photo that shows how the color of her eyes changed. According to the doctor, the abundance of a yellowish tinge indicates a large number of toxins. Having adjusted the intestines, the girl observed a change in eye color from greenish-brown to a lighter and brighter shade, as well as the impeccable whiteness of proteins. At the same time, the detoxicologist notes that the pigment in each person is unique and requires individual analysis. And about the products he says that Spinach helps keep the eyes young and brightens, honey can give a lighter shade, seafood makes the color more juicy, and olive oil, onions, nuts also affect the shade.

    Other eye shades

    • Hazel-gray - the owners of this eye color are inconsistent, with a contradictory character and their relationship with others is very difficult for them.
    • Gray-green are non-self-reliant people and usually they take the blame “for all sins” on themselves, although they show courage and activity.
    • The green-brown eyes of a wise and calm person. They always achieve their goal, as they are hardworking and assiduous.
    • Yellow or snake-colored eyes are a rarity. People with such eyes are generous, soft, “warm” like the sun, faithful and good-natured, although they can be insidious and unpredictable.
    • The blue color also symbolizes fidelity, kindness, devotion, constancy.
    • Dark brown and black eyes in people who are sociable, cheerful, purposeful, conflicting and hot-tempered.

    Now that the color values ​​of the eyes are already clear, you can start writing about how to change the color of the eyes or slightly adjust it.

    Contact lenses

    The best option for changing eye color at the moment is contact lenses.

    They can be both for vision correction and decorative. But this method can be considered relatively safe, only if the basic rules are observed:

    You can only wear lenses if you are not allergic or irritated. Be sure to observe the lens wearing mode

    All this costs certain financial expenses. Before you spend money, it is better to first make sure whether the method is comfortable. In fact, most people who decide to resort to it remain, to put it mildly, disappointed - the process of putting on lenses is not a pleasant one. Not everyone copes with the sensation of a foreign body in the eyes.

    If the option is suitable, you need to correctly determine the choice of shade. You can also experiment, but you should take into account the saturation of the natural color of the eyes, putting on the brown eyes with purple lenses, you will end up with a black color.

    Observing the rules for the use of lenses, and the mode of wearing (giving the eyes rest), you can really realize the dream about the color of the eyes.

    What is the danger of using hormonal drops

    You must understand that drugs containing prostaglandin are a medicine.They are used to reduce intraocular tone, that is, there are indications for their use. A person without appropriate symptoms should take such drugs with great care, since they cause changes in intraocular pressure. Prolonged use of such ophthalmic preparations can lead to irreversible loss of vision, and then a change in the iris of the eye will seem like normal whim.

    To be at least briefly a different person, to change something in oneself - it always attracted a person. You can create an unforgettable image without operations and other radical methods, using home remedies. You must understand that not always of them can be effective and even safe. You need to understand that the most important thing is health, without which eyes of any shade will no longer look beautiful. Finally, if the iris of the eyes still changed its natural color, then it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist. This may also indicate upcoming problems.

    4. Makeup and wardrobe can change the shade of the eyes.

    Women have a magical tool with which they can significantly change the shade of the eyes or make it more saturated. And “magic wands” are makeup in various shades, clothes, hair color and jewelry. For example, girls with brown eyes with the help of outfits of golden, pink and light green colors can noticeably “lighten” the iris.

    And blue-eyed or green-eyed effectively enhance the juiciness of eye color, using jewelry from turquoise, emeralds and stones of blue shades. Wherein neutral white, gray and black colors will make it possible to show true eye color. By the way, if you wear glasses, ask your specialist to pick them up with AR lenses that will be more comfortable for you, as well as neutralize glare, which allow others to see the color of your eyes without distortion.

    How to change eye color without lenses

    The first and easiest thing you can do is use makeup. When we “shade our eyes”, accordingly, their color also changes. For example, Smoky eyes will turn brown eyes into black or dark brown. Proper eye makeup can make them darker and more saturated.

    The second is to change clothes. For example, if a gray-eyed man puts on a blue shirt, or a lady ties a dark blue scarf, then her eyes will turn a shade of blue. Remember that the color of clothes can change the color of the eyes.

    The next thing you can do is dye your hair. Suppose if you have brown eyes and your hair has been dyed black, then your eye color will be a tone, or even darker. And if the hair is dyed light chocolate or red, the eyes will be honey or hazel.

    Do not forget also that over time, the color of the eyes of all people changes, because most people are born blue-eyed, but over time, the color changes. Also, by old age, the color of the eyes becomes less bright, and fades, turning from blue to gray, and from black to hazel.

    Perhaps many have noticed that the color of the eyes changes due to the weather, this is especially pronounced in people with gray and blue eyes. Also in stressful situations, our eyes become darker.

    Special eye drops

    How to change the color of the eyes using the medication method: one of the ways to solve the problem is hormonal drugs that treat glaucoma. It is noted that prolonged use of the drug contributes to the darkening of eye color. The composition of a potent drug contains components with bimatoprost, latanoprost or their analogues.

    This color change method is only suitable for light tones to darker. The result can be seen after 3 weeks, a bonus to this is an increase in eyelash growth. Before applying the drops, you need to visit a doctor, he will tell you whether to use them at all.

    Drops have very serious consequences from their use:

    • The pressure inside the eye quickly decreases, and the blood supply and nutrition of the eyes subsequently worsen.
    • Since this is a means of combating the disease, it will lead to other eye ailments, up to blindness.
    • It is not clear how the drugs will individually affect the color of the eyes - it is possible that they will become different in tone.

    You can buy a hormonal drug in a pharmacy only by prescription, it is problematic to buy without it. You can also purchase the drug online from distributors, there are many advertisements on the Internet.

    5. Sunlight and place of residence

    Eyes brown shades - the most common on earth: they can be found 70% of the world's population on all continents - from Australia to the Americas. And in some regions, almost all residents - 95% of the Japanese, the indigenous people of China, the Middle East, South America, Southern Europe and Oceania. In the United States, almost half of the inhabitants are brown-eyed.

    The people with blue eyes are most in Northern Europe: 89% of the population in Estonia, Denmark and Finland, 75% in Germany, 50% in the UK. Sometimes this shade is found in Syria, among Ashkenazi Jews, Tajiks and among the mountain Pamiri. By the way, in 2008, genetics at the University of Copenhagen revealed that the blue iris is a mutation in a gene that arose 6–10 thousand years ago. Dr. Eyberg noted that “initially all had brown eyesand the mutation reduced melanin production. ” According to scientists, for the first time this happened in the north-west of the Black Sea.

    But green eyes - only 2 % the inhabitants of the planet. The hue was formed due to the moderate content of melanin and the mixing of yellow-brown pigments. Most often found among residents of Spain, Ireland, Russia, Brazil, Iceland, Pakistan. A the rarest eye color is yellow, It is formed in the presence of lipochrom pigment.

    Intraocular pressure

    Knowing about their properties to make eye color more saturated, many begin to experiment with them. But it is worth remembering that by checking how to change the color of the eyes to blue with the help of drops, you risk health. They can be used only as directed by the ophthalmologist if indicated.

    How to change eye color by auto-suggestion

    There is also such a technique for changing eye color - as self-hypnosis. I do not know how effective it is, but you can try. To do this, a whole month, or even two, every day you need to close your eyes and present for 20-30 minutes the color of the eyes that you want to get as a result.

    In short, if you want black eyes, imagine yourself with black eyes, and like this for half an hour in a comfortable chair, think about it.

    Laser color correction

    To change the color of dark eyes is possible laser technology Lumineyes, invented by the American physician Greg Homer. In just half a minute they can be converted to blue. A low-intensity laser burns the brown pigment melanin to a certain extent. After a month, the iris changes color.

    Before the operation, a computer scan of the iris is performed to accurately determine the points on which the laser beam should act. This method is new - the year 2011 began its use. The experience of laser exposure from California (where it appeared) is gradually being transferred to other countries.

    Ophthalmologists do not recommend the use of laser correction.

    All the nuances of the consequences of the operation have not been studied and not tested by time, and the possible consequences make us think about the complications.

    • After the intervention, the color cannot be returned - the changes are irreversible.
    • Like all surgical operations on the eyes, it can affect visual impairment up to its loss.
    • Excessive pigment removal may lead to an unusual eye with intense penetration of light, photophobia and bifurcation of objects will occur.
    • Perhaps the development of glaucoma, due to the closure of the drainage channels of the eyes.
    • The disadvantages of the method include its high cost - about $ 5,000.

    6. Laser "lightening" eye color

    Earlier implant implantation operations were carried out, which implied a big risk, sometimes it was a matter of loss of vision, as happened with one Argentinean Instagram star. But since 2011, they began to develop laser correction, which was invented by Dr. Greg Homer from the United States. With the help of a laser, melanin cells are destroyed, due to which the iris can be “lightened”. I.e people with brown and black eyes can become blue-eyed, blue-eyed, or gray-eyed.

    By the way, the procedure lasts only about 20 seconds, and the final result is visible after 2–4 weeks. Homer came up with the idea of ​​a dermatologist friend who burns moles and pigment with a laser. The first studies showed that surgery does not affect vision, but, it takes time to study all the consequences. As Greg himself noted: “You can safely go to the procedure after I allow it to be done by my daughter”.

    The power of auto-suggestion

    If you are a fan of unconventional approaches to all processes taking place in life, then you will like the method of auto-training. To do this, every morning and evening, imagine yourself with the desired eye color and pronounce your desire out loud. You can make appropriate changes to your photos for better visualization. Fortunately, modern computer programs for image processing allow this.

    This is the easiest and most affordable method if you cannot decide how to change eye color at home. The main thing is to believe in the result and do it in a relaxed state. It is believed that it is best to influence the subconscious in the first minutes after waking up and before falling asleep. If you come up with a rhyming conspiracy and pronounce it, it will be just wonderful.

    How to change eye color to blue or blue video

    In fact, self-hypnosis is a very effective thing, but if the owners of black eyes want gray, it probably is not realistic, but if you make dark brown with blue or blue with blue, I think it’s really possible to achieve this with the help of auto-suggestion .

    You can change the color of the eyes, resorting to various hormonal eye drops. If you regularly drip such drops, then the color changes to a darker one. But do not forget about the side effects that are possible after such experiments.

    Before starting to drip something in the eyes, you should consult with your doctor, otherwise the results from changing eye color are much sadder.

    By the way, if your eyes, for some reason, have changed their color, say they turned brown from gray or vice versa, this is an occasion to see a doctor, since such changes can be a sign of a serious illness.


    Another ophthalmic surgery was invented by ophthalmologist Alberto Kahn. He practiced in the treatment of eye diseases, and initially the procedure was intended to eliminate eye defects, such as albinism, coloboma. Now the development is patented, and anyone who wants to change the color of the eyes can resort to it. Of course, if he can lay out 8 thousand dollars for such a pleasure.

    The author of the procedure himself claims that this surgery is harmless, but some experts dispute this, naming the possible risks:

    • Visual impairment, up to blindness
    • Photophobia
    • Increased intraocular pressure
    • Exfoliation and corneal ulcer
    • Headache


    Initially, this method was developed to eliminate congenital abnormalities in the development of the eyeball, in particular, the iris. It consists in the implantation of the implant in place of the damaged iris. It can be bluish, greenish or brown - depending on the natural color of the patient's eyes. But over time, the operation began to be carried out without medical indications to everyone who wanted to change the shade of the iris.

    The main advantage of surgery is that the implant can be removed if the patient changes his mind over time. There are many more disadvantages, these include:

    • a long list of side effects and possible complications (cataracts, glaucoma, visual acuity up to blindness, exfoliation of the cornea, chronic inflammation),
    • high cost - from 8 thousand dollars,
    • the operation is carried out only abroad.

    It is noteworthy that the developer of the method does not recommend, without urgent need, to put his health at great risk and perform the operation. Often, due to serious complications, the implant has to be removed, after which the patient needs to undergo a long course of treatment. Despite this, there are enough willing to take a chance.

    7. People with chameleon eyes

    In some people, both eyes change color. This unusual phenomenon has not yet been fully explored. But scientists agree on one thing - this is not a disease at all, but a unique feature inherent in some people. This is most pronounced in humans. with blue-green or hazel-green eyesalso called Hazel. Doctors do not find vision problems in such individuals; there is also no confirmation that this “gift” is transmitted genetically.

    According to the observation of biologists, a uniform change in the shade of the iris is associated with processes in the nervous and endocrine systems, but often the reason lies in the Rayleigh scattering and the amount of melanin. “Chameleon” eyes always react to stress, love affairs, fatigue, and the environment and climate change can also cause color changes. A psychologists observe unpredictability in such people and a certain tendency to mischief, in fact, we are talking about a mixture of temperaments.

    Science achievements

    But everyone understands that changing their own genetic characteristics by the power of thought is impossible. In this case, ophthalmologists will come to the rescue. They will tell you how to change the brown eye color. It is easy to do if you buy the lenses of the desired shade.

    At the same time, note that only Color lenses are suitable for a dark iris. They are able to completely change the color of the eyes. But people with blue or gray eyes can opt for shade options. They will add brightness to the iris and make the look more expressive.

    With the right lenses, addiction takes a few minutes. The main thing is to listen to all the advice of an ophthalmologist, to properly care for them, to remove lenses at night. It is important and in time to change them. Do not forget to thoroughly rinse the lenses that change the color of the eyes with a special solution and make sure that no infection gets into the container for storing them. Otherwise, you may have problems with the eyes, they will turn red, inflammation will go.

    How to change eye color with lenses

    The easiest and most proven way to change eye color is with colored lenses. This is especially simple for those who constantly wear contact and toric lenses for astigmatism with corneal defects.

    They should be selected depending on what color your eyes are, because if they are light, you can choose tinted lenses, but if your eyes are dark, then you need to buy color lenses.

    In the modern world, the choice of lenses is just crazy, you can choose any color, from red to the pattern of a cat's eye.

    But here we also take into account some inconveniences that may occur during the use of lenses.

    This is discomfort, price, limited service lines and, of course, if all the rules are not followed and, first of all, the rules of hygiene and eye care, negative results are possible.

    Therefore, we repeat, before you begin to put lenses in your eyes or even buy them, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

    Surgical intervention

    Not everyone knows about this yet, but now there is an opportunity to not even think about how to change the green color of the eyes. You can have surgery and get the color you want for the rest of your life. True, finding a clinic specializing in such procedures is quite difficult. Such an operation was invented by the ophthalmologist-surgeon Delary Albert Kahn.He received a patent for his invention in 2006, its validity expires only in 2023.

    Initially, such an operation was performed for patients with certain eye defects, such as ocular albinism, heterochromia, coloboma. But now it is used simply to change eye color.

    The procedure is that a special implant is implanted in the iris. He covers it with a disk of the chosen color. You can make blue, brown or green eyes. Moreover, if the patient changes his mind, the implant can be removed. But the cost of such an operation is quite high. To give for the realization of a dream will have about 8 thousand US dollars.

    What absolutely can not be done

    In pharmacies, this medicine can be found in the form of eye drops called:

    Carrying out long-term treatment with this group of drugs, one can observe such changes: gray and blue eyes gradually become darker, and can even acquire a brown tint. The fact is that in addition to the main purpose, the drops cause the accumulation of melanin in the iris. The fashionable women decided to take this side effect of the medicine into service, without thinking that it was very dangerous. Doing this is strictly prohibited.

    Whatever eye color was presented by nature, you always need to remember the main thing: the most beautiful eyes are healthy eyes.

    Hypnosis and auto-suggestion

    This method is the most entertaining and controversial. If you believe in the power of auto-suggestion, hypnosis, have the skills of meditation, you can experience it - there will not be much harm in any case. What is this way:

    1. You need to retire in a quiet place, take a comfortable pose and relax.
    2. Close your eyes and try to clearly present the desired color.
    3. Continue to visualize the picture mentally until it becomes as real as possible.

    Experienced people say that a session must last at least 20 minutes before the process begins. You need to repeat the sessions until the desired result is obtained.

    Thus, you can change the color of the eyes at home without surgery and contact lenses. But before deciding on such a step, think about why you need it. Is it worth arguing with nature? Are you sure that if you make your eyes green, your life will give a sharp turn, you will become more successful, happier and more beloved?

    Visualization and meditation method

    If a person has a strong desire to change his image due to the color of his eyes, but he does not want to undergo operations, he is afraid to use doubtful drops, for such a case they came up with a method of self-hypnosis and meditation. According to some reviews, the color change occurs in a few months, but There is no scientific data on this subject.

    The method is very simple, but it needs to be done regularly. You need to meditate every other day for 10-15-20 minutes, in a relaxed position, imagining how the color changes. By the end of the session, present your eyes in close-up with an already changed tone. During the day, you also need to maintain the idea that the color has changed. If you really want to try, you can experiment - the method is harmless.

    How to change eye color forever video

    The cost of this procedure is approximately $ 5,000. There are also certain side effects after such an experiment, such as double vision and photophobia.

    Changing eye color with surgery is not only expensive (about $ 8,000), it is also very risky. After surgery, blindness, cataracts, glaucoma and various inflammations are possible. Is eye color worth the price?

    How to change eye color? I would like to end up with the fact that just like nature does not have bad weather, there are no people with ugly eye color. The main thing is that the eyes always shone with happiness and joy, be healthy and bring only positive moments to our lives.

    Health and Emotion

    How to get the desired color of the iris using a special diet? Incoming nutrition affects the content of melanin in the body, including the iris, and affects the density of fibers in the stroma.

    If you change your diet and eat certain foods, you can achieve a certain eye color as a result:

    • The strongest influence is the use of honey Is a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients. If you constantly consume honey, then it helps to brighten the color.
    • Nuts able to make the tone lighter, you need them without heat treatment. They are also rich in nutrients and omega-3s, especially almonds and walnuts.
    • Fish products, Due to the content of phosphorus and magnesium, it helps to clarify, fatty varieties are rich in omega.
    • Another kind of product - spinach, it contains vitamins A, B, P, PP, K, C, a large proportion of iodine, lutein (protection against cataracts). With the systematic inclusion of spinach in the diet, the color becomes darker and richer.
    • Chamomile broth olive oil, ginger will give saturation, from frequent use the look becomes deeper, brighter, at the same time add softness, warmth, tenderness.

    If you start to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins, then your eyes will shine. The most harmless way to cleanse is with herbs (decoctions, infusions).

    The most popular and effective fees consist of components:

    • 1 fee - 1 tsp a mixture of tansy and fennel, 3 tbsp. l with a slide of a mixture of buckthorn bark, yarrow, motherwort, dandelion. Pour 3 cups of boiling water, hold for 5-10 minutes, drink 0.5 cups half an hour before meals, up to 4 times a day, no more.
    • 2 collection - 5 tbsp. l a mixture of flax seeds, horsetail, Althea root, pour 2 cups of water, boil for 15 minutes, leave for 0.5 hours. Prepare the infusion in the evening, drink one half an hour before bedtime, and drink the second half in the morning half an hour before meals.

    The emotional component greatly affects the tone of the iris. In anger, the eyes become darker saturated, but the cold shine repels others. On the contrary, a favorable mood gives the eyes luminosity and blueness, the eyes radiate joy and kindness, which undoubtedly attracts people.

    Photoshop magic

    The modern world can not do without the Internet and social networks. Many people post their “avatars” and photos in them. The natural desire of a person to make a photo so that the owner likes it. In the photo editor you can convert the look as a whole and change the color of the eyes. Photoshop will magically turn any eye color into the one you like.

    The key points of working in the editor are described below:

    1. Open any photo editor and upload a photo with good resolution.
    2. Highlight the eye, surround the iris without eyelids.
    3. Create a new layer, copy a portion of the iris onto it.
    4. Choose a color balance.
    5. Select the finished layer, change the blending options.
    6. You can play with blending layers.
    7. Save the result.

    Prohibited Methods and Techniques

    People use several methods to change the color of the iris.

    All these methods are very harmful and can lead to consequences that will have to be treated in a hospital setting:

    • Drops of liquid honey for clarification, used daily. Honey is not a safe product - it causes allergies and mucosal irritation. This is not a bactericidal substance, bacteria and fungi can live in it, when ingested, they die in the human stomach, when instilled into the eyes, they can cause inflammation. In addition, the honey solution can adversely affect the capillaries, cause hemorrhage.
    • Hypnosis. Yes, indeed, under the influence of hypnosis, a change in tone can occur, but only for the duration of the session, after its completion, the color returns to the original version.
    • Hormonal drugs. They act on the pupil, increasing it, and on the shade of the iris, making it darker. These funds, acting on a healthy body, begin to destroy the hormonal system, affecting the emotional state of a person.

    How to achieve the desired result, each determines independently. When choosing, you must take into account those conditions that will lead to a color change safely. Do not waste health on dubious ways to change eye color.

    Article design: Mila Friedan

    Watch the video: How to change your eye color with honey (April 2020).