Top Medium Hair Wedding Hairstyles

The veil is an integral symbol of the bride’s outfit, without her the image seems inharmonious. She creates an atmosphere of festivity, envelops the bride with a mysterious halo. Many girls prefer hairstyle options without this element, especially if the wedding is held in a European style. However, recently there has been a tendency to return to the splendor and solemnity of outfits with a veil. therefore wedding hairstyles with veil will be a great decoration for your look.

Actual: Wedding hairstyles 2019 for all types of hair.

Fata and its types

There are a lot of types of veils, they vary depending on the length. Shoulder optionsin turn, can also have different lengths. These are short, curvaceous models, light veils and nets. They are ideal for most styles of wedding dresses, but will look especially good with short dresses like the princess, with a corset and a full skirt.

Veil to the elbow It is considered a universal option, and the length to the fingertips will fit all dresses except short ones.

Long veil It is usually worn for weddings. It complements the dress with a train and should be 10-15 cm longer. Also, a long veil goes well with elegant, not fluffy dresses.

How to choose a veil to the type of face and figure

If the bride round face, she should give preference to a short veil to the shoulders and a hairstyle with matched hair. If they are loose, and the veil is magnificent, the face will appear larger.

Smooth a square face with heavy cheekbones a veil will help to the shoulders or elbows in combination with a lush hairdo.

For oval and triangular faces any veil will do, you just need to choose the right hairstyle so that it does not burden your face.

Correctly selected veil is able to correct, balance the figure. Flatten big breasts or protruding belly a light, soft, long flowing veil will help. If your shoulders are small, your chest is narrow and your hips are voluminous, you should pay attention to short, lush veils. It is better for full girls to abandon her or try on a veil.

Very often veils are decorated with various decor, embroidery, lace, stones, beads. It should coincide with the decor of the wedding dress, so it is better to select everything at the same time. Otherwise, the image of the bride will not be harmonious and natural.

How to choose a hairstyle for a veil

Different types of veils imply appropriate hairstyles. They should be in harmony with the outfit as a whole, so the choice must be approached very carefully. It is necessary to consider the type of person, the shape of the veil and the style of the dress. You can experiment with different images in advance to find the right one, otherwise you can get the not-so-expected effect. A wedding hairstyle can be hidden on the veil or lies on it.

Wedding hairstyle with veil and loose hair

Loose hair allow you to create a cute and touching image. As a rule, for a wedding hairstyle, curls are made slightly wavy. So that the hairstyle does not look too simple, you can decorate it with natural or artificial flowers, decorative hairpins.

Wedding hairstyles with veil on long hair go well with soft curls falling on the shoulders.

Loose hair will fit veil capewhich simply pounces on hair or fastens on a hairdress. The length must be chosen so that it covers the hair. In some cases, stylists offer models of short fluffy veils to the shoulders for long, combed hair. This option is also ideal if a ribbon or bandage is used instead of a veil.

French braid

Hairdressers actively use french braid as an element of hairstyle for the bride.

For example, in the hairstyle in the photo on the left, the curls are curled, and the braid is intended for their formation.

And in the photo below, the braid goes over the entire volume of the head, it even becomes imperceptible that the face is triangular, the frame from the pigtail creates a soft oval, and the oblique fringe emphasizes the cheekbones.

The braid, turning into a beautiful bunch under the back of the head, looks gentle and romantic. Neat weaving along the hairline looks delicate. The styling is created on curled curls.

Sometimes the braid is braided a little carelessly, leaving short curls hanging down.

Varieties of products for the wedding ceremony

There are many different types of accessories for styling for a wedding, they differ in certain criteria. The bride looks mysterious, and the veil is short or long.

A lush veil will hide loose hair, the mesh goes well with the crown.

A light veil is in harmony with flowers or a wreath, the collected hair in the hairstyle will not come out in different directions.

With the veil on the face, all the styles of dresses will look, whether it be a corset, a short model or a fluffy one.

If the head cover is up to the elbow, it is considered universal, then the veil that reaches the tips of the fingers will even fit a short dress.

A very long veil is chosen for the wedding, you can even take it with a train, but you must understand that this will cause some inconvenience. The model looks elegant with a beautiful and chic outfit, where there are a lot of jewelry and rhinestones.

How to choose a dress

It is worth considering the parameters of the figure, the length and color of the hair. First of all, you need to decide on the dress, and only then pick up additional jewelry.

A hairstyle complements the wedding look with a veil: without or with bangs, loose hair or gathered hair - try all the options.


The first thing that is important to remember: the veil should be suitable for the wedding dress in texture, color, style, decorative elements. The accessory can be decorated with rhinestones, beads, lace ribbons, beautiful embroidery or braid. The veil embroidered with pearls looks rich. Usually, an important element of the image of the bride is made of nylon, crepe de chine, thin lace or organza.

Second: including the veil in the hair, do not forget that it draws attention to the face, so the makeup should be perfect and match the image, and the face should be fresh and clean.

A variety of models of wedding veils is not limited to traditional options. Every year more and more unusual and interesting models appear. For example, a mantilla, a bridal veil or an accessory in the form of a hood.

Common braid

An ordinary braid of three strands can also frame the head, here it is one of the structural elements that emphasizes the occurrence of beautiful curls.

The photo below shows an excellent version of a wedding hairstyle for medium hair for a round face, visually stretching the silhouette, making the look more noble.

This braid is braided from the hairline, the usual of 3 strands, locks are woven into it for fixation, the braid is wrapped at the bottom, in the number of revolutions that the length allows. The hairstyle is neat and very sculptural.

By face type

Perfect slim girls will suit any outfits. For donuts, it is better to choose hairstyles with a long veil. If a woman is very voluminous, then it is better to completely abandon the veil or train.

Dependence on face type:

  1. Round. Follow the rule: the more magnificent the veil, the wider the face appears. The best choice is a light medium veil. Curls are best collected in a bundle.
  2. Square. The ideal length of fabric is up to the shoulders. To further smooth the cheekbones, do high volume styling.
  3. Oval. For this type of face, any accessories and jewelry are suitable. The veil is selected according to the style of the dress.
  4. Triangular. Extra splendor will help visually round the chin. Layering and small lace will help to hide the sharpness of the face.

If the bride’s outfit is artsy, it is better to use ordinary tulle or translucent satin. For a simple dress decor, a veil with fine drapery, lace trim and even beads is suitable.

Hairstyles with loose hair

Styling with her hair looks romantic and feminine. The tips of the strands can be curled with a styler and give the hairstyle a little volume on the top with a comb. In these cases, harmoniously completes the image of the veil in the form of a cape. She can just cover her head. Such a decision, by the way, will be appropriate for the sacrament of weddings in the church.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair with a veil can be made on the basis of straight curls. The veil in this case is usually fixed on the crown. Perfectly smooth hair without traces of the master’s hand will balance an extravagant bow with an elaborate lace veil or a chic dress with many accents.

How to choose?

  • Short veil Fits a baby-dollar dress with a short skirt and a corset,
  • Shoulder model goes well with simple elegant classic-style hairstyles,
  • To the elbow - Perfectly complements a wedding dress with crinoline and corset. The best hairstyle for this model is curls decorated with a wreath or diadem,
  • Long veil It is combined with a wedding dress with a train and an elegant hairstyle in the Renaissance style.

Varieties of veils differ in the number of tiers: single, double, multi-tiered and short.

Laying with a veil is chosen depending on the shape of the face:

  • Visually lengthen the face will help a short veil with a smooth texture. This option is best for chubby girls,
  • The shoulder-length accessory will adjust the square face and soften the cheekbone line. As a hairstyle, choose lush waves or volumetric curls,
  • Almost any veil model and hairstyle are suitable for a person in the shape of a perfect oval. Caution should be taken only for bulky and heavy styling.

You can reduce the wide hips and make the lower body less massive with a short veil.

Fish tail

The fish tail is a volume braid with small weaving.

A simple braid on its side looks simple and can be used for a boho style wedding.

However for medium hair, the fishtail looks better laid in various forms on the head.

  • Braided from the crown, wrapped in a low bun. It looks very openwork and makes it possible to decorate weaving with flowers.
  • Weave a fishtail braid along the hairline. This makes the shape of the head more sculptural, allows you to create an emphasis on the eyes and cheekbones. The remaining pile of hair can be laid in the form of curls.

For short hair

You can beautifully lay curls of any length. There is a large selection of hairstyles for short hair, on which you can install a veil.

  1. Curls. Delicate waves can be done even on their own. You can fix the accessory at the back just below the crown to visually lengthen the hair.
  2. Collected hair. If the hair is not very short - make a low bun. On it you can fix a long train.
  3. Four of a kind with veil. A short veil is a good way to add a bit of coquetry. You can also use additional jewelry: a crown, hairpins with flowers and decorative scallops.

Hairstyles with collected hair

Practical girls often prefer the collected hair. On the bride’s long hair, you can create a whole work of art using weaving: fishtail, French braid, etc.

Wanting to tame her long hair, the bride will not have to sacrifice in an exquisite manner, because you can make a beautiful low or high bun for the wedding, which is just in trend this season. Such hairstyles in combination with a wedding veil add charm and sophistication to the bride. A bundle, shell or babette can be supplemented with flowers or accessories. And the bride’s hairstyle with a crown and a veil will help to create a royal image.

Flower of hair

Complex patterns of braids wrapped around the head are possible to any lengthIn some cases, the hairdresser may use faux strands. Using braids from hair, you can weave interesting structures, for example, a flower from hair.

This type of styling can also look with loose curls, especially if they are beautifully highlighted.

For medium

This is the best length for a fantasy flight. You can create romantic and extravagant hairstyles for medium hair.

For the celebration in the Greek style, a long train is suitable.

Wedding hairstyle on medium hair with a veil gives you the opportunity to a wide selection of additional accessories. Try not to allow combinations of more than three colors.

Wedding hairstyle with veil and gathered hair

The collected hair is perfect for single-layer and multi-layer veils. For a single layer, it is better to choose options with bouffant, lush, high knots.

If the veil is two-layer, it is better to choose strict, laconic hairstyle options without complex elements and decorations. Multilayer veils will require splendor, volume and even pretentiousness in the hairstyle. Overhead hairpieces, many large and small curls are appropriate here.


It is not difficult to choose a hairstyle for long hair, and most of the styling goes well with a veil:

  • Greek The hair is combed in a straight part, give it volume and fasten it with a hairpin at the back. You can completely lift the curls up and fix the veil at the base,
  • Ponytail - A classic hairstyle for a wedding. Based on it, you can create a more complex styling by fixing the accessory on top,
  • High beam allows you to emphasize the beauty of the neck, arms and shoulders. Laying in the form of a beam needs perfect execution, because any careless detail will destroy the whole image. For single-layer veils choose simple bunches. For multi-tiered models create more complex volumetric hairstyles. Styling without decor accentuates a richly decorated and spectacular veil,
  • Curls. Large curls, a light wave or strands laid in a careless shell are equally good on long hair. The veil is fixed on the crown or a little lower, on the back of the head. The image can be used for a wedding or for a traditional ceremony in a registry office.

Moreover, A great option for long hair is the Greek knot. Hair is collected on the back of the head in a tight bun and laid in the form of a cone, placing a veil under the base of the hairstyle or releasing from the center of the knot.

French waterfall

Brides who are not sure that they have high structures on their heads can emphasize the beauty of their long curls with one of the most popular wedding styles - french waterfall.

This is a very beautiful and not difficult to perform hairstyle.

She doesn’t do it on straight hair for a wedding.

On curls - a more common wedding option, it looks elegant, the blonde gives frivolity.

The hairdresser first curls curls, and then weaves one transverse braid, weaving strands from the top of it and from the head of hair into it. You can stick hairpins with flowers and beads into the braid. At medium length it looks charming.

For long

For urban mermaids and princesses with long hair, you can choose a short veil and do any hairstyle. These can be loose curls, collected bundles and combing on the side.

Emphasize the length of the strands using a complex model: a veil covering the head and a long train.

Wedding hairstyles for dark hair with a veil can be made more tender. A bouquet of white roses or daisies will also complement the bride’s style.

Wedding hairstyles with veil and decorations

A veil on the collected hair can be attached to the crown or nape, therefore, in this embodiment, all kinds of decorative elements are desirable: tiaras, brooches, massive hairpins, combs. In this embodiment, the hairstyle remains open, which makes it possible to diversify it. You can create light options for braids and weaving without fear that the movement of the fabric will spoil the shape.

They look especially attractive wedding hairstyles with diadem and veil. It should be borne in mind that the diadem should be combined with the dress and veil in color and decor. The hairstyle in this case can be of varying complexity, but the best with a diadem will be high hairstyles based on a ponytail, curls, loose hair, babette, malvina. The diadem is attached using a comb or invisibility, should not fall or crush.

Right choice

The stylistics of the hairstyle is chosen for the acquired veil, as more often the hairstyle is done on the day of the celebration, which means that all the accessories are bought. And depending on the styling itself, the veil can be attached in different ways, under the hairdo or on top of it.

Curls with a veil are in harmony, so approach the choice responsibly. Try on any new items, the choice takes into account the type of person, the style of the outfit and the features of the celebration. It is recommended to conduct experiments with images in advance, the result will be expected, and the hairstyle is done both under the veil and on it.

Loose hair

The styling options with flowing curls look very impressive. A correctly selected veil will emphasize in this image the girl's harmony and her elegant neck.

On the middle hair of the bride with bangs, asymmetrical wedding hairstyles are sometimes chosen. So loose hair will look natural even after long dances. For such styling options, a veil mounted on the back of the head is suitable. Hairstyle of the bride with bangs, if it is elongated, can be done in retro style. To do this, the bangs are curled in waves and fixed on the side.


Girls with hair just below the shoulders have an equally large selection of wedding hairstyles:

  • Shell helps to emphasize the elegance of the image, while a light veil is placed on top,
  • Locks twist with an iron or curlers. If a veil is urgent in design, then the hairstyle is additionally decorated with ribbons and flowers,
  • Hollywood wave emphasizes the romantic nature of the bride. A great addition is a veil up to the shoulders without decor,
  • High weave hairstyle will hide the cons and emphasize all the advantages of any face shape, and the veil placed below will complement the wedding outfit,
  • Babette, which has become popular thanks to the incomparable Brigitte Bardot, is perfect for medium length hair. To give curls volume, use a roller. Decorate the hairstyle with a diadem with a veil that gives the image sophistication and femininity, as well as ribbons, rims with rhinestones, fresh flowers or pigtails,
  • Asymmetric braid will add a twist to the image. Straight and oblique bangs go well with this hairstyle. Complemented with a veil, braids look romantic, festive and playful.

Greek scythe

Greek braid - a luxurious styling of curls, which is usually done on long hair. When choosing a hairstyle for medium hair, the hairdresser will suggest using false locks that are pinned on the back of the head, their shade is chosen lighter than natural to create an ombre effect.

Greek braid gives the bride a regal look like any hairstyle with a diademIt can be decorated with flowers. The hairstyle is complicated in execution.

  1. First, the hairdresser corrugates the hair along its entire length to create volume.
  2. Then curls curls with a curling iron and stabs them.
  3. In a fanciful way, pulling curls, the master forms a Greek braid, using varnish to create a form.

Greek braid is often made on its side.

How to pin

The veil can stay on short hair with hairpins, hairpins or clips. The salons offer styles with a built-in comb or head net. In 2019, you no longer need to come up with attachments for fastening.

The bride has a difficult choice. On the Internet there are many photos of hairstyle ideas with veils. It is very difficult to decide.

Wedding hairstyles with long veil

Very often, brides want to decorate the image long veilbut don’t know which hairstyle to choose. Now your task has become easier, since almost any hairstyle is combined with a long veil, it can be a smooth elegant hairstyle or a complex hairstyle with braids or weaving. The only thing to avoid when choosing a long veil is too high or lush hairstyles. Wedding hairstyle with long veil should be elegant and romantic.

Wedding hairstyles with a veil on medium hair - photo

A girl with medium hair length will become the owner of a beautiful hairstyle, their choice is rather big.

If a woman is strict, then her Hollywood waves will soften her, and a gulka is also considered.

Curls will suit a mischievous nature who loves fun and is always in a good mood.

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair with a veil in the form of curls and tows will attract the attention of others. If the event is held in retro style, it will look perfect on your hair babette.


Brides with short hair choose a hairstyle with a veil a little more difficult than long-haired girls. If a girl with a short hairstyle wants a styling that needs long curls, then you will have to use false locks, tresses or a hairpiece.

Although a short haircut decorated with a beautiful veil looks irresistible, you should not choose a long veil overloaded with decor. Models up to shoulder line and above are well suited. For example, a bridal veil or in another way “Juliet's cap” will emphasize the cheerful nature of the bride. This accessory, decorated with embroidery and stones, is mounted on the sides with the help of invisibility.

Complement the hairstyle from short hair with a veil semi-precious and precious stones, rhinestones, pearls, diadem.

Short Hairstyle Wedding Hairstyles

Short veil Usually it looks easy and playful, usually such a veil is selected for a dress with a corset and a full skirt. If your ideal bride is an image of a princess, then you should pay attention to such a veil. With a short veil, both loose curls and gathered hair will look great. Also, hairstyles with bangs are suitable for this type of veil. If you choose a hairstyle with collected hair, it is better that the hairstyle is gentle and airy, preferably with curled hair. In this case, leave a few strands in the face.

With diadem

The tradition of decorating hair with a diadem on the wedding day came from ancient Greece. The accessory looks equally good both on long curls and on short styling.

A diadem with a veil is used in the following cases:

  • Weave. Classic braid, waterfall braid or French - all options are equally good,
  • Crown. To create it, a tight braid is braided from strands around the entire circumference of the head. For a more feminine look, several strands are pulled in a French manner. You can make a crown of two or even three weaves,
  • Hairstyles from the rollers in the style of the 40-60s. They can be semicircular, elongated, lateral. The diadem is fixed at the base of the roller.

Wedding hairstyle for long hair with a veil - photo

Long hair is most often loose in the hairstyle to make the image of the bride cute, causing touching feelings.

At the wedding, curls curl, high hairstyles are also excellently obtained from long hair.

The simplest option involves the presence of some jewelry, such as hairpins or artificial flowers.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair under a veil in the form of a cape are done simply, stylists choose the perfect option with a bandage or ribbon.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Short haircuts do not interfere with charming brides. The absence of long curls can be compensated by a veil and other hair accessories, and a charming lady will appear in front of the groom.

A simple hairstyle for a wedding with a veil, chosen with taste, will make the image natural and relaxed. Short hair can be left straight or curled. Miniature brides will be given airborne weightlessness by a scattering of soft waves or curls. Some short haircuts allow you to beat the halo of the head with cute weaving. Such a “rim” along with a veil will give the bride romance.

Thinking over the wedding hairstyle, do not forget that for short hair, along with a veil, you can still attach a diadem, brooch or hairpin. Exclusive handmade jewelry will emphasize the individuality of the bride.


Weaving begins with the division of the head into separate zones. Pre-crimped hair from different zones is pushed under each other by a darn method.

The weaving technique is very complicated, but very beautiful openwork hairstyles are obtained. Weaving is not a braid, but locks randomly intertwined on the head. Very rare and elegant look.

This video tutorial details and phases a complex hairstyle for medium hair that can suit both the bride herself and the bridesmaid:

Wedding hairstyle with veil and bangs

Hairstyles with a veil are perfect for girls with bangs, in principle, there are no restrictions on the choice of hairstyles. Bridesmaids with bangs will suit any length of the veil. If you have a straight bang, then you can choose a hairstyle with gathered hair and a lush veil, with a slanting bang you can try hairstyles with curls on your side, in this case you should choose a medium length.

With a bang

You can not ignore the main trend of recent seasons - wedding hairstyles with bangs. To create them, naughty and curly hair is straightened with an iron. The veil is fixed on the back of the head or at the base of the hairstyle with the help of invisibility.

Hairstyles with bangs:

  • curls
  • shell,
  • weaving, including a French braid,
  • asymmetric styling.

The slanting bangs emphasize the youth and perky nature of the bride. For a themed wedding in retrostyle, the bangs are slightly curled. Styling with bangs and veils complement beautiful accessories: comb, hair clips, wreath or diadem.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair with a veil - photo

The image of a girl with short hair is divine and beautiful, there is romance and refinement of taste.

Short haircuts with a veil are chosen by many, and there is usually no time for growing curls.

A hairstyle on a square with a veil is gorgeous, and there are also other options for short hair.

Wedding hairstyle for short hair with a veil on the back and top requires only styling, no incredible combinations will be required.

Even for a simple hairstyle, it is quite beautiful and elegant to comb them more luxuriously or make the main emphasis on veils.

For such a celebration, you can try and step by step to perform any hair style you like.


A bunch with a veil is a guarantee that the accessory will not be lost in a fit of celebration. The fabric is fixed with a comb, hairpins or woven when collecting hairstyles.

Braids are an option for long hair.

Hairstyle with bangs and veil can also be varied. The strands are combed to the side, twisted, fixed on the top of the head or simply stacked.

Wedding hairstyles with diadem and veil

In the assembled tail, it is better to fix it at the top or in the neck. As ornaments, tiaras, combs, ribbons and much more are suitable.

The hair is attractive, open and sophisticated, it can be varied in different ways, using certain colors and shapes of the accessory.

Options for wedding hairstyles with a veil and a diadem or tiara are light, the form does not deteriorate. The diadem must be suitable for the dress, no unnecessary difficulties.

Braids with a veil and accessories are attractive, you can also make curls, babette and other types. With the crest, things are exactly the same, he should not press and fall off the hair.

Wedding hairstyles 2014 with a veil - fashion trends

Wedding fashion is constantly changing, offering brides the most diverse looks. After all, many want to be not only beautiful, but also fashionable. Today in trend light and romantic hairstyles. These are simple, slightly sloppy styling, all kinds of asymmetry. They blend perfectly with veils of various lengths.

To the owners short hair designers and stylists advise giving up veils in general. Instead, you can use original jewelry in the form of a large flower, ribbon, hair clip or brooch.

If a wedding is planned in classical or palace style, it is better to choose a hairstyle with hair raised up. You can use lush bouffant and large curls.

Particularly relevant for the wedding remain greek hairstyleswhich can be stylishly and variably decorated with hoops, dressings, plaits, ribbons and beads. They are combined with medium-length multi-layer veils.

Wedding hairstyles with veil - photo

Fluffy or single layer?

It has its own combination rules. So, a wedding hairstyle with a lush veil requires a simple concise styling. And with a single-layer veil, you can decorate any hairstyle: from simple loose curls to complex styling (bunch, weaving, etc.).


Wedding hairstyles can be created with a crown, veil and other jewelry. The choice depends on the length of the hair and the dress of the bride.

  • hair clips, hairpins with beads,
  • real and artificial flowers
  • decorative scallops
  • bows and ribbons,
  • battery powered lights
  • butterflies and birds.

Wedding hairstyles with a diadem and veil make the girl a real princess.

High beam

A regal option that allows you to demonstrate becoming a brunette. A blonde with such hair will look very stylish, although this type of styling gives fewer options for overflowing color on strands, but it suits a monochrome tone. It is better suited to a strict closed dress with long sleeves. To make a simple high beam:

  1. To collect hair in a ponytail and slightly weaken their tension.
  2. Divide the tail into strands.
  3. Each horse’s tail is combed, twisted and pinned by invisible

The average hair length is the most convenient option for this, since the strands are not very long and are wrapped in one turn. The wedding look is acquired through the tiara.

Wedding hairstyles with an unusual veil

This option is suitable for bright and courageous girls who are not afraid to experiment, it can be an ultra lush veil, a veil net, or an unusually tied veil. If you want to create a unique image, then an unusual veil will help you with this. We look at the ideas:

The veil will always be the most important attribute of a wedding image, choosing wedding hairstyles with veil You will look feminine and beautiful!

Veil Length

A long wedding veil goes well with hairstyles of any complexity. Although, according to the classics, a floor-length veil is chosen for a spectacular Hollywood wave or wavy curls. A long veil is most appropriate for a wedding ceremony.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles with a veil and loose hair obey one rule: the length of the veil should cover the hair completely. The exception is miniature veillets in retro style.

Brides who have a wedding hairstyle made with gathered hair and decorated with a long veil look very impressive in the photo. Moreover, styling options can be very diverse: from elegant shells and weaves of varying complexity to air bunches.


High royal styling is the best option for fluffy dresses with a train. To create it, curls are collected in a ponytail on the crown, laid in the form of a flower or formed into a shell. At the same time, the veil is mounted on the top or back of the head.

The styling emphasizes the neckline and neckline well, therefore, for a dress with an open top, it is most often chosen.

Highly raised hair blends well with bangs. Tall and lush styling is used in conjunction with a voluminous veil.

Fancy options

Courageous brides experiment with the length of the veil, its color and texture. The image can complement the illumination - built-in garlands on batteries directly into the hairstyle.

How to make wedding styling unique:

  1. Veil.Choice for a retro style or wedding of a mature woman. The future spouse, before saying “yes,” manneredly throws the veil back like in an old movie. Fairytale choice.
  2. Color. Fatin is used not only in white, but also in other shades: champagne, beige and even sky blue. Want a bright pink decoration - you just want to.
  3. Lace. Most often, they only do the framing. For those who have a simple cut dress without decorative elements, it is allowed to choose a veil completely from lace.
  4. Flowers They are embroidered on the fabric itself or woven into the hairstyle. The combination with flowers and veil is suitable for young girls.
  5. Mini size. Suitable for mature women who add a touch of passion to the event.
  6. Maxi size. Long loose curls with a veil - this is an unusual option, if the train stretches 2-3 meters on the ground.
  7. Lush veil. Layering suits miniature girls with small breasts and narrow hips.

Low volume beam

A low beam covering the neck makes the back visually smoother and gives regal posture. When creating hairstyles, hairdressers use a roller that attaches to the back of the head.

The creative bundle is made using the harness technique, where each strand is curled with a harness, stretched and stabbed with a hairpin. A hair clip is used for decoration. You can run curls around the temples or along the forehead.

Watch a video tutorial in which a step-by-step guide on how to make a low bun hairstyle with a roller on medium length hair:

Wedding hairstyles with bangs and veil

Wedding hairstyles under a veil with attractive bangs of various shapes and lengths have no restrictions. The bride chooses any length, and a low bun with a veil or a hairstyle on her side is ideal for her. The collected hair is in harmony with the lush accessory, and the average length is better combined with curls and decoration.

There are many fashionable and modern trends that completely modify the bride, each of them wants to look beautiful and attractive, the best on this long-awaited day.

There are girls whom stylists offer to abandon the product, considering it unnecessary and redundant. As the original decorations are: flowers, rubber bands, ribbons, headbands, tiaras, hairpins, invisible.

In the case of a classic wedding, the choice is much simpler than if it is a grand palace. Lush bouffants and wavy curls with a veil in combination are the most relevant.

Greek hairstyle loves a lot of jewelry, but they are placed not only on the outside of the veil, but also in layers if it is a multi-layer model.

Flirty veils and nets often act as an alternative to veils, can be combined with hats for elegance.

The product offers decor or its absence, lace, rhinestones, pearls or beads are used as decorative elements, they are distributed throughout the product and make the bride even more beautiful. The veil is attached to hairpins or invisible in any hairstyle. An outfit is required if the traditions of a particular country or customs are followed. Some wedding styles include the image of the bride in this outfit.

What accessories to complement the image?

All kinds of hair accessories not only decorate the hairstyle, but also serve as an additional mount for the veil. For these purposes, stylists keep in their arsenal pearl hair clips decorated with invisible stones, tiaras or tiaras. These elements must be combined in style with a wedding veil and other details of the image.

A bunch of curls

Blondes and fair-haired are better to make a bunch of curls, which will give tenderness and romanticism.

A high beam can be formed from short curls.

  1. Part of the hair at the crown is tied with a tail.
  2. The tail divided into locks is curled into curls.
  3. The remaining strands also curl with a curling iron.
  4. A roller is put on the tail.
  5. Curled strands are pricked on the roller so that only curls are visible.
  6. The lower strands are lifted, wrapped in a bundle and pricked with an invisible beam.

The bundle can be made both neatly and with drop-down sloppy locks.

A low beam can be fixed on the side, the principle of formation is the same, only the tail for creation is done on the side.


To look charming, it is not necessary to do complex styling. Curls freely loose on the shoulders always look feminine. Some useful ideas that will definitely come in handy:

  • The classic version - smooth curls covered with a beautiful veil,
  • You can refresh the look by adding fresh flowers to the curls,
  • Curls are removed from the face or collected in an elegant low hairstyle. When creating, they necessarily create an additional basal volume,
  • Lightly disheveled strands are suitable for a young bride. In this case, choose a veil model up to the shoulders and above,
  • With a long veil, hair is laid well, laid to one side and slightly curled with tongs,
  • Original curls with weaving. Individual strands are twisted with flagella or braided into thin pigtails and fixed with invisibles in an artistic mess. The lower part of the hair is wound on curlers or curled with tongs. A veil is chosen light and small so that it does not hide the created masterpiece. Place the accessory anywhere on the hairstyle of your choice.

You can add exclusivity to the image by decorating your hair with compositions from fresh flowers, decorative stilettos, pearls or rhinestones.


Bridesmaid hairstyle “shell” - a conservative and elegant styling that will give regal grace. Looks spectacular on dark monochrome hair, often without a veil.

Variant with fleece:

Curls and curls can be released from the shell, stacked on top. Oblique bangs will go to the owners of wide cheekbones and puffy lips.


This is the tall hairstyle that Audrey Hepburn loved.

It looks most elegant on straight hair.

Babette Technique

  1. Straight hair is collected in ponytail.
  2. It is divided into strands, two are pinned with hairpins, all the strands are combed in layers and filled with varnish, stabbed with invisibility on the back of the head.

On liquid hair, a babette can be formed with tulle, a lightweight fabric that is pinned to the tail and wrapped around a sheaf.

Babette looks on women with a regular oval face and a straight, short nose.

Babette can be wrapped with plait, natural or artificial.

With flowers

Live plants in the hair should be treated with a special tool. So they will stay fresh longer and retain their attractive appearance. Most often used in hairstyles with a veil:

For short hair, use one or two large buds and fix them with hairpins. The veil should be single-layer so as not to overload the image with details.

On hair of medium length create a hairstyle with air loops. Hair is divided into two equal parts and collected in high tails. Then pull out individual strands and fix them on the head. A bridal veil is fixed to the finished hair with a comb and decorated with flowers.

For long hair, veils and flowers are combined with weave and curls, removed sideways. As an accessory, use a veil-mantilla or a single-layer veil on the crest.

Hair bow

Bow can be formed on babette. Three narrow locks are taken from the bulky kiwi, they are combed, varnished, combed and a bow is formed from them, stabbed with invisible or hairpins.

A bow can be an independent structure.

With a long

Long veil is suitable for hair of any length. Girls with a short haircut will be able to visually lengthen the strands, and brides with luxurious hair will emphasize the beauty of the hair.

A perfectly smooth hairstyle with a knot is combined with a single-tier veil made of transparent material. With a long veil, asymmetric options also look good: curls tucked to one side, styling with a side part or uneven bangs.

Loose hair combined with a long veil look cute and romantic. In this case, the veil is mounted almost on top of the head.

Hairstyles with veil

  • single-tier with a pattern,
  • bunk,
  • short
  • long, with
  • with a veil
  • multi-colored.

The veil should be fixed on the hair so that it is not blown away by the wind.

Beautiful wedding hairstyles for medium hair with a veil are created using fastening with hairpins, hairpins, a comb.

Attaching a veil to a babette creates a beautiful combination of hair and fabric, and attaching it to a babette allows you to lower the veil onto your face.

A veil with a comb and embroidery can be pinned, both to a bun on curls and to loose hair.

The veil on the side Greek braid does not hide the splendor of the hairstyle.

The veil veil looks very gentle, which can fit any hairstyle with a bun.


Today, brides are increasingly choosing a short veil slightly above shoulder level.

Choosing a hairstyle for a short veil, take into account its texture and hair length. Wedding hairstyles with a haircut and a short veil can be different: pixie, square, hat, garzon, bob.

A short veil visually makes the face rounder, so brides with curvaceous forms should refuse it.

A traditional veil is attached from behind, emphasizing the open neck and collarbones. A retro-style bridal veil is worn under a short wedding dress.

Hairstyles with wreaths

Wreaths are used for weddings:

  • in ethnic style
  • boho style
  • beach weddings
  • in country style.

The wreath should be made of natural flowers. The wreath is attached with hairpins to the hairstyle.

Long curls go better to a large wreath.

A careless hairstyle can be decorated with a wreath with small flowers.

Hippie style involves a wreath of large flowers and leaves, curls can look messy.

With mantilla

A long veil with lace trim is called a mantilla. It is best combined with light, slightly sloppy styling. Mantilla is secured with studs or invisible.

The veil cut requires a high beam, lampadion or an elegant knot on the back of the head. It is also used in tandem with a scythe in the Greek or French style.

But on loose hair the mantilla will not hold, therefore, such a model with smooth styling will have to be abandoned.

Hairstyles with bangs

If the bride has a fringe that suits her, then it is not necessary to put her hair on. Any wedding hairstyle can be done with bangs.. However, the oblique volumetric bangs that smoothly flow into the main shock fit best into any style.

A short oblique fringe will emphasize a sharp chin and highlight cheekbones.

Direct bangs are also acceptable, but not everyone goes for it, the stylist’s advice will help if it’s worth leaving such a bang. Smooth hairstyles look best with straight bangs.

Wedding stylists love to let short curls along the edge of the face.

Mounting Tips

In order not to worry about styling and get the most out of the ceremony, to fix the veil, you should use the advice of professionals:

  1. Possible ways of attaching a veil to the hair must be rehearsed in advance. It’s good to put on a veil a few hours a day before the ceremony
  2. To fix the accessory, not fixing means for styling are used, but invisibility, hairpins or combs,
  3. It is necessary to decide whether the veil will be fixed in the hairstyle throughout the wedding day or not. In the second case, you will have to make much less effort for reliable fixation,
  4. The connection of the veil with the hair needs to be combed slightly before fixing the accessory,
  5. Using a veil in combination with curls, several strands are collected to attach an accessory to them,
  6. It’s easiest to fix a veil on short hair with a comb,
  7. If additional decorations are used in styling, for example, fresh flowers or decorative hairpins, then the veil is fixed with invisibility at the very bottom, under the hairdress, so that it does not cover the decor.

Retro waves

The effect of a retro wave, fashionable in the 20-30s, hairdressers create as follows:

  1. The strands are wound onto a large curling iron.
  2. Comb to form a small wave.
  3. The perpendicular position of the curling iron in relation to the strand creates a bend.
  4. For strength, fill the styling with varnish.

Such a wave can be made in 2-3 strands, the remaining ones are wrapped in a bundle.

A stylish modern option is a retro wave on the square.

Fashionable option - retro waves on a bob-car.

Flowers in hair

Hairstyles with flowers look very gentle on brides:

A wire with a ribbon is attached to the flowers intended for styling, so that you can easily insert into the shock and tie the flowers together.

Most often, brides use:

Colors: white, pastel colors, red.

Charming hairstyle with weave, a bun on curls and a rose.


Choosing the right veil and hairstyle is an important point in creating the image. It doesn’t matter how long the bride’s hair is, or what dress she chose - you can choose an accessory for any option and look dazzling. The main thing is to carefully study possible ideas, choose a suitable hairstyle for a veil and be sure to create a trial version a few days before the celebration.

Greek styling

The antique style of styling is achieved by wrapping a braid or ribbon around the hair, a braided golden rim.

In the Greek style, weaving and high bunches on curls are actively used.

You can braid a French braid from the crown and release curls from the back of the head.

Curls formed by flagella and stabbed with studs with a hoop or ribbon around the head. And also the Greek style is the hair covering the ears, put in a bun. The diadem, flowers, and other jewelry will complement the image.

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