Beautiful and fashionable haircuts for teens 14-16 years old

Choosing a hairstyle for a child can be difficult. It should be comfortable, hair should be easy to style and, of course, the hair should be stylish and emphasize the beauty of the girl. All about such haircuts can be found in the article about haircuts for girls with photos.

Rules for choosing a haircut, taking into account age

There are generally accepted rules for choosing a new haircut, which you need to follow in order not to make a mistake in choosing.

Adolescents aged 13-16 should choose haircuts based on some features:

  • the new look should be in line with fashion trends,
  • a haircut should not take a lot of time for styling,
  • you need to choose a new image based on external data: face shape and hair type,
  • choose a haircut based on the occupation of adolescents.

Hair length choices for girls aged 14-16

In adolescence, young girls are most careful in choosing a new haircut. In the period of formation of personality, I want to stand out from the crowd. Depending on who the girl wants to see herself - a romantic long-haired beauty or a short-cut rebel with bright hair color, you can choose an equally stylish hairstyle, based not only on personal preferences, but also on the appearance.

Asymmetric Short Haircut

Hairdresser cuts hair, making different lengths of strands. The hairstyle has a long bang, the hair is laid on one side, so they can get into your eyes. It is important to get a haircut in time to maintain the shape of the hairstyle, as well as to style by drying the hair with a hairdryer and giving them the necessary direction with the help of styling products.

Asymmetric short cut in a teenager

Beautiful haircuts for girls in short hair

Short haircuts for teens do not lose their relevance for many years. Usually they are chosen by brave girls, striving for extraordinary. The following are the most popular haircuts for teenage girls with short hair.

PixyIt is distinguished by its variability and versatility. A characteristic feature of the haircut is the shortened strands in the occipital and temporal zones. The crown is covered with longer hair, and the bangs are formed on the basis of the girl’s personal wishes. It can be oblique, asymmetric, ultrashort or elongated.With the help of styling, you can create many different images: romantic, daring, evening or hooligan.

To design a hairstyle, you should use varnish or a special gel. More mischievous haircut options are achieved by highlighting the strands with “feathers”, and for a longer haircut option, you can comb the hair on one side and style them with varnish. For festive evening styling, various accessories are used - hair clips, headbands or ribbons.

GarzonIt is performed using the graduation technique when one strand is superimposed on another. At the same time, the hair remains shortened on the lower part of the nape and reaches the maximum length in its upper part. Garson can be classic, elongated and ultrashort.Haircut has many styling options. To give the hairstyle volume, just wash your hair, apply foam or mousse and blow-dry your hair. For longer hair, a sloppy styling option using curling irons is suitable. For lovers of a more daring hairstyle, you can style your hair with a "crest", combing the strands to the top. You can fix the result using varnish or gel.
Asymmetric beanIt differs from the classic bean in the presence of a contrasting length on the right or left side of the face. Long strands reach the cheekbones and gently frame the face. The hair on the top of the head, back of the head and crown of the head is trimmed with graduation, which allows you to achieve the desired volume in these parts of the head.Various styling products are used for styling hair - mousses, foams, powders that create a basal volume. There are many variations of hairstyle creation. For a more romantic option, elongated strands can be shaped into a light wave with the help of an iron or curling irons, hair in the back of the head is smoothly combed and secured with invisible hair.

Pixie Haircut

Such a hairstyle is that the hair on the crown is longer than on the temples and the back of the head. A haircut opens the neck and ear zone, so if the girl is lop-eared, then it is better to refrain from such a hairstyle. Styling hair is easy - to dry, give the gel or mousse the necessary shape.

Kids haircuts for girls 2018

Now mothers are very responsible for choosing baby haircuts for their daughters. And almost always they ask the advice of a competent hairdresser. But sometimes it turns out that the opinions of a professional and mother do not agree. Using the ideas and photos of haircuts presented in this article as clues, each woman will find the appropriate type of fashionable and stylish haircut for her daughter.

The season of 2018 prepared a wide variety of trending directions for the creation of children's styles. And for mothers who dream of changing the haircuts of their daughters, you just need to choose the option that suits your face type and age.

In 2018, the following hairstyles are relevant for babies:

Short or long cascade

baby haircuts with pinned to the side or in the middle of the head with bangs,

And now we will consider in more detail stylish children's haircuts.

Beautiful haircuts for girls on medium hair

If a short haircut is too bold a step for a young girl, there are many stylish options for medium hair length. It can be various variations of a square, a haircut with a ladder or a bob in a classic frame.

A classic square is a medium-length haircut, which is characterized by the presence of strict geometry in the design of the strands. The master fixes the desired length in the nape of the neck, and then cuts off all the remaining hair, fitting it under locks in the back of the head. The result is a smooth cut reaching the level of the chin or slightly lower.

The classic version of the caret does not require much effort in styling, it is enough to rinse the hair and then dry it with brushing, twisting the tips slightly inward. For a more romantic and evening look, the strands can be wound on tongs or an iron. Careless waves will create additional volume and give the hairstyle a completely different look.

In addition to the classic, there are elongation with asymmetry, graded and leg on the leg. You can also choose different types of bangs for haircuts - straight elongated, ultrashort, oblique or asymmetric.

The cascade is classified as multilayer haircuts. Its essence lies in the stepwise cutting of strands, with a minimum length in the crown area and gradual elongation in the parietal and occipital zone. Thus, the hair is given an additional volume, so the haircut is well suited for owners of thin hair.

The cascade also has many variations, including:

  • cascade with bangs and without,
  • graduated
  • ragged,
  • asymmetric.

A haircut can be styled in various ways, suitable for both a casual look and a more festive look. The easiest option is to apply a little mousse to wet hair and dry the strands with a hairdryer, twisting the tips inward.

For an evening exit, the option of creating a basal volume is suitable, which can be achieved with the help of large curlers placed in the region of the basal zone. Also, for volumetric styling, use a regular hair dryer, which dries the hair by tilting your head down.

Bob haircut

The classic version of this haircut is short hair in a straight cut. Hairstyle involves an even parting with a straight bang to the eyebrow or without it. It is easy to style, especially if the girl’s hair is straight, in the photo there are 2 variations of the haircut on straight and curly hair.

Kare on straight hair

Curly hair

Criteria for choosing haircuts for boys

When choosing a haircut for a boy, it is important to consider not only the personal preferences of the teenager, but also pay attention to a number of features:

  • age,
  • hair structure
  • face shape
  • temperament.

There are many stylish haircuts that are suitable for both lovers of short cropped hair, and for adherents of bold length and volume.


The haircut is elongated strands in front and significantly shortened at the back of the head. The hairstyle is universal and suitable for girls with any type of hair. The bangs can be oblique, straight, asymmetric or elongated (not recommended - such bangs are harmful to vision).

Bob bob with slanting bangs

What ideas are right for two year old girls

When the two-year-old daughter-paw is approaching, mother always thinks about what to do with her hair: whether to let them go further or still choose a haircut for the child. And if you cut, then how? The best option is boy style. To diversify such a hairstyle, you can use the hook and playing with the shape of a haircut. A similar choice will be correct if the hair is still not strong enough and grow unevenly. And if your baby also attends kindergarten, morning hair styling will not take much time.

If, by the age of two years, children's hairs have grown decently, have grown stronger, and you want to stay on some interesting children's haircut, pay attention to the caret. There are a lot of variations that need to be selected depending on the shape of the girl’s face and your preferences. For example, you can play with the length and density of the bangs, add a ladder, profile curls. And do not forget about children's rims, elastic bands and hair clips: with their help you can transform any haircut, and the little ones adore them.

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Haircuts for boys with long hair

Long hair is chosen by adolescents seeking to express themselves and stand out from the crowd. They go beyond stereotypes and are not afraid of condemnation.

For these guys, the following options are great:

Cascade RackIt differs from the classic version by the presence of "torn" strands, carelessly laying down in layers and creating additional volume. Suitable for thin, slightly curly hairHaircut allows you to experiment with images: comb your hair back, create the effect of wet locks with a gel. You can supplement the haircut with an elongated oblique bang.
BeanThe strands in the nape of the neck are cut short and reach maximum length at the crown. Temporal locks and bangs slightly elongated. They can be trimmed with an oblique cut or create the effect of negligence.It does not require much effort in laying. It is enough to wash the hair, apply a little mousse to the root zone and dry the locks with a hairdryer.
Cap with a smooth transitionSuitable for thick straight or slightly curly hair. Haircut technique: a volume is created in the parietal region, which is connected by shaving with shortened strands at the temples and at the back of the head. The transition may have clear boundaries or be slightly smoky.For daily styling, it is enough to wash your hair and blow dry the hair with a brush using a brush. Pay special attention to the volume at the roots.

How to get a haircut for a girl aged three to four years

Upon reaching the age of three, the daughter can already express her preferences. And it may well be that your opinions will not coincide. It is important to be able to come to a common decision, and not to suppress childhood desires in the bud. Instead of the phrase: “You won’t cut your hair because it’s ugly!”, Say: “I like your choice, but, unfortunately, something else is fashionable this season.” Be sure, my daughter will listen to you, because the words of a mother at this age are very important, and little fashionistas in many ways want to be like elders.

Professionals recommend giving preference to simple and shortened baby haircuts, such as caret, bean or their varieties. Remember that it is very difficult for both mother and kindergarten teachers to tidy up a regularly decaying hairstyle.

Some three-year-old girls are very fond of ponytails and pigtails, while others cannot stand them, and each hair styling is like torture for them.

By the age of four, children's hairs are already quite strong and dense. Therefore, you can fearlessly choose a haircut to your liking from various types of caret: classic, graduated, with and without bangs, with a ladder. There are also many children's stylish variations on the bean: shortened, bean-caret, layered. There are enough options.

Important! Scientists recommend that before reaching the age of five do not get too carried away by pigtails and tails. This is due to the fact that when pulling hair with rubber bands and hairpins, hemodynamics are disturbed, and this negatively affects both their growth and children's health as a whole.

Teenage Short Haircuts

Short haircuts for teens are diverse and suitable for almost all types of guys' looks. They do not require special care and are ideal for those who lead an active lifestyle or go in for sports.

The most popular short teenage haircuts are:

  • "Hedgehog" - A short haircut option suitable for coarse and thick hair. Its essence consists in cutting hair in the neck and temples using scissors or a machine. The strands in the upper part of the head remain more elongated (up to 5 cm). The hair is cut with a smooth transition by the method of thinning, and then stacked in the crown area in tousled rows. A haircut is suitable for guys with the right features and a athletic physique. To style your hair in style, just apply a little mousse to the elongated locks in the direction from the roots to the ends and blow dry with a hairdryer.
  • Boxing - ultra-short haircut, during the creation of which the hair reaches its maximum length in the crown area (up to 3 cm) and the minimum in the temples and neck area (up to 3 mm). The transition line in this case quite sharply demarcates the zone of long and short strands. Haircuts are not suitable for guys with curly hair and a thin face. Boxing does not need additional styling and always looks neat on short hair.
  • Half box differs from boxing by the presence of smoother transitions. The maximum length of the strands in the crown area can exceed 3 cm. The haircut looks softer and has more styling variations. Many changes have been made to the classical technique of the semi-box, allowing you to experiment with a haircut: leave strands long in the top of the head and put them in a "crest", shave the temples and draw curly elements on them, create asymmetry using elongated bangs.
  • Haircut "Caesar" suggests the presence of short hair in the back of the head and temples The crown is covered with longer elongated strands that pass into the bangs with a perfectly even cut and clearly blackened whiskers. The transition from short to long hair can be smooth or sharp. A haircut is suitable for all types of faces except round. It is not recommended to wear “Caesar” for hair owners with a porous structure.
  • Iroquois - a bold haircut, the essence of which is to shave the hair in the temporal zone and maintain the maximum length in the neck and forehead. The height of the long strands is arbitrary and depends on the personal preferences of the guy. Hair is laid with “needles” or combed to one side. Choosing a haircut is for teenagers with thick straight hair, since it is difficult to give the necessary shape to thin strands.
  • Canadian implies the presence of length in the crown area, which smoothly passes into short-cropped whiskey and the back of the head. Photo Canada - a popular haircut for teens and adults

The classic version of the haircut allows you to save the longest strands in the crown and crown. But there is also a sporty option, in which the hair is cut short.

What haircuts are suitable for girls aged five

Babies who have reached the age of five already know how to demand from their parents what they need. In these young years, girls are quite moody, and sometimes it’s quite difficult for a mother to choose a baby haircut so that her daughter likes her, suits her and is not problematic for her parents.

Everyone knows that long baby curls require careful care. If there is time and opportunity - braid braids, tie bows or ponytails.

But still, not all girls will be able to withstand the everyday, permanent children's hairstyles. And her loose hair is tangled.

Therefore, the most convenient length at this age is on the shoulders or a little shorter. The following valuable tips will help you make your choice. It is better for five-year-olds not to offer a short haircut - babies do not always think before saying something, therefore, because of short hair, a girl can be called a boy, which clearly injures the children's psyche. Moreover, such a hairstyle is not very decorated and can not be pulled in a ponytail. The most successful children's haircut for girls in 2018 is a straight square. His classic model goes with every type of face. In addition, it can be curled or stabbed on the side with a cute hair clip, if you need to add solemnity.

You can add a ladder to the children's haircut of the caret: it will visually give the hair a thicker and more voluminous look. Especially this option is suitable for curly girls.

And the bean, in turn, has a distinctive feature: an oblique cut and elongated front locks. This is fashionable and convenient, because the curls that are in front can be braided or stabbed.

The choice of hairstyle depending on the source of external data

Short haircuts for teens are selected individually. When choosing a new hairstyle, it is important to rely on the features of the appearance, since one or another hairstyle fits a certain shape of the face.

Both girls and guys distinguish 4 main face ovals:

A round face is characterized by the same ratio of length and width. This form is characterized by the presence of a wide forehead and clearly defined cheekbones. Holders of a round face should choose haircuts that will help visually stretch the shape. Guys fit Canadian, British and Iroquois. For girls it is better to choose a pixie, bob or elongated square.

The oval shape of the face is considered universal and all types of haircuts are suitable for it. The oval face is characterized by the presence of a narrowed forehead and chin, and the most protruding parts are at the level of the lower part of the eyes.

For guys with an oval face are suitable:

  • boxing,
  • half box,
  • Hedgehog,
  • Canadian,
  • bean,
  • four of a kind.

Girls should choose options such as bob, bob, garzon and cascade.

The square shape is characterized by the presence of wide cheekbones and a massive chin. Guys with a square oval face need to choose haircuts that emphasize manly features, and girls, on the contrary, will use hairstyles that give the image softness and femininity.

  • Hedgehog,
  • Canadian,
  • Caesar,
  • cascade rack.
  • bean,
  • graduated cascade
  • asymmetric square.

The triangular shape is characterized by the presence of a pointed chin and wide cheekbones, tapering to the bottom. With this form, it is necessary to choose haircuts that visually expand the lower part of the face. For teenage boys, hairstyles with asymmetrical bangs combed to the side, such as Canadian, bean or mohawk with long strands, are suitable.

Girls should choose a garzon, surround or bob.


Good in that it suits different types of faces. A haircut is a transition of short strands from the face to longer to the back of the head. The hairstyle has variations - with or without bangs, a cascade along the entire length or only in front.

What are the fashionable baby haircuts for young ladies from the age of 12

At this age, girls are even more demanding when choosing haircuts and hairstyles. It matters to them what impression they will make on the opposite sex or how they look from the outside in a new image. When choosing a baby haircut, girls are guided by their basic requirements, the main of which are the contour and shape of the face. For fashionable beauties with a round face shape, in the season of 2018, a slight lack of symmetry will look good, and for girls with a narrow one - elongated straight bangs.

It is already permissible for hairdressers to use sophisticated technologies to create haircuts for teenagers, which helps to model popular or unique children's hairstyles.

In 2018, haircuts for girls will be fashionable, made in the following styles:

Each person’s hair grows in his own way: someone is struggling with naughty curls, someone is unable to get rid of his sleek bangs, and someone has problems with creeping out eddies. Possessing these features, it is better not to experiment with bangs, so that it does not look like a lifeless tuft of hair.

For each age and hair length, there are certain suitable models.

Haircuts for curly hair

Short haircuts for teens with curly hair should be selected with special care. Not every haircut is suitable for a porous structure, especially for guys.

To give the hairstyle a neat and stylish look, boys need to choose the following options:

  • Square - the hair is cut in the shape of a classic square, but it is complemented by a bang, reaching the level of eyebrows. The strands are made out of different lengths, which gives the hairstyle additional volume and a perky look.
  • Grunge - the strands in the crown area are elongated and their length gradually decreases towards the back of the head. The area of ​​temples is almost shaved. Hair from the crown of the head goes into an elongated bang, which can be combed to the side.
  • Iroquois - Suitable for boys with small curls. The longest part of the hair runs along the head and is located in the center. The temporal part is shaved to the back of the head, creating a sharp contrast between long and short strands. For lovers of experiments in the field of temples shaved curly elements.
  • Ragged haircut - has many levels, thanks to which a light mess is attached to the hairstyle. Haircuts of this type do not require styling, thanks to the already curly strands that set the mood for the whole image.

You can also choose many different haircut options for young girls with curly hair, which will emphasize the natural curl and give the hairstyle a special zest.

The most suitable haircuts for girls with curly hair:

  • classic square
  • bob, haircuts, like idols

Short haircuts with various variations are chosen not only by teenagers, but also by world stars, whom young boys and girls strive to look like.

Short ragged haircuts with graduated strands raised to the top, choose Kristen Stewart and Audrey Tatu. This hairstyle is perfect for both everyday wear and evening wear, it is enough to give your hair a little volume with a large curl.

Pixies with long asymmetric bangs - the choice of Lily Collins and Jennifer Lawrence. The haircut option is suitable for those who like short haircuts, but are not ready to completely say goodbye to the length of the hair. Oblique bangs allow you to play with images and create many styling options.

Classic bob has become the choice of famous world stars - Emma Watson and Elizabeth Moss. Variation haircuts with graduation and elongated bangs pleased Cary Mulligan, and the elongated bob was chosen by Rita Ora and Hilary Roda.

Male representatives are also not afraid of experiments with appearance. Boxing with a sharp transition in the temporal zone is chosen by football player Eden Hazard.

Actor Chris Hemsworth chose to change long curly hair for a stylish half-box, and Zac Efron preferred the “underker” - a haircut with long strands in the parietal zone that turn into an elongated bangs.

The idol of modern youth Tim Belorussky also chooses an undercut with a long bang, but with some modification - shaved temples.

The square “hedgehog” appealed to Robert Pattinson, who always wore curvy haircuts.

Short haircuts are often chosen by adolescents seeking change and an active lifestyle. At the age of 14-16, young people strive for independence and can make a choice without the help of parents. But it is worth remembering that the success of the chosen haircut depends on individual characteristics, so before you visit the master, it is worth exploring all the subtleties of your appearance.

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A haircut will come in handy for thick and heavy hair, because it involves profiling strands, that is, the hairdresser will remove everything that is knocked out from the styling. A similar hairstyle was worn by the heroine of teenage films Hilary Duff.

Description: Haircut "ladder"

Fashionable children's haircuts for girls for different hair lengths

Stylists offer to consider several modern children's haircuts for girls in 2018, which are suitable for different ages and for different hair lengths.

A short square will definitely suit the smallest princesses. In addition, this baby haircut is a good option for both smooth and slightly curly hair. With bangs, the square also looks stunning. However, in cases where the hair does not grow correctly, and the strands do not fit as it should, it is better to leave the square without a bang.

Older girls, as well as adolescents, can use asymmetry or classic bob. If your choice is in favor of an oblique and long bangs, then you need to cut it in such a way that the locks of hair do not fall on the eyes.

Caret and elongated bob-car will suit mature fashionistas. When choosing one of these popular school options in 2018, mothers are obliged to think about how much such a children's hairstyle will interfere with a girl, say, do her homework. Elongated side curls will need to be stabbed to school so that they do not interfere with writing or reading.

Universal are considered children's haircuts for medium-long hair. They will look great on babies, schoolgirls, and even high school students. Giving preference to one or another option, it is necessary to take into account the structure and appearance of children's hair. And most importantly, it is important not to go too far, following fashion. Nevertheless, a children's haircut, fashionable in 2018, should first of all be natural and not make the child more adult.

The playful middle cascade is also good for babies. It can be performed with or without bangs. This reincarnation of hair will give an image of lightness, make a baby face even nicer. This haircut is ideal for thin hair.

If there is a desire to make mom and daughter the same hairstyle, then you need to pay attention to the graduated caret or bob-caret. This haircut looks great with bangs. Fashionistas can be asymmetric, but then a girl, unlike her mother, should not make an excessively sharp transition angle.

To school, adult teens can be offered a long bean, trimmed like an elongated cascade. Such a children's haircut looks gorgeous on curly hair. This hairstyle is also very convenient and versatile. It can be collected in school in the form of a ponytail, and it will not interfere during the educational process. If the girl goes to the party, it is very simple to turn her into a beautiful styling.

If you choose a baby haircut for medium-length hair, then the hairstyle can be changed daily. In school, it is most convenient to do strict styling, pin side curls. This primarily refers to elongated cascading haircuts. And the reason is not only that the hair falls on the eyes and interfere. Any cascade or elongated bob-car to a young girl adds age. At school, it is unreasonable to appear in the image of an matured beauty.

Turning an elongated haircut into a stylish baby hairstyle for her daughter, who goes to the garden, mother must think through several different options for every day. The loose hair of the baby is clearly not going to suit the caregivers. Because the elongated side strands during lunch will definitely be in a bowl of soup, and after a quiet hour they will look like a messy bundle.

What can you think of with an average hair length?

To make one or several high tails is the fastest children's hairstyle. However, not every girl (much less a small one) will suffer all day long hair pulled over her head. As a daily hairstyle, this option is definitely not suitable.

If there is time to braid the girl with braids, then you can not worry: until the end of the day the baby will be with a haircut. The best children's option is pigtails on the sides. They can be made with spikelet, oblique vice versa or with classic weaving.

The most fashionable children's hairstyle is a hair band. But to do it, you have to work out.

For a girl with a children's haircut on medium hair, having a desire, you can combine the tail and braid in one hairstyle. To do this, a high tail is initially made (two can be), and after that the ends are braided. It turns out very neat, beautiful and fashionable.

Having decided to make a haircut for the little daughter, it is best to use the services of a hairdresser who has experience, especially with children. Mom may like a particular hairstyle that suits her princess. But an extremely competent specialist at first glance can understand how true and successful the choice of mom.

No need to make the baby the latest and fashionable haircut or hairstyle if she destroys the immediate children's image. The appearance of the girl should be appropriate for her age, because fast growing up for a child is not very good.

5 nuances to consider in a baby haircut for a girl in 2018

When choosing a modern baby haircut for girls in 2018, pay attention to the following important aspects:

A hairstyle is needed not only stylish and beautiful, but also comfortable. Its laying should not take much time.

The bangs should be trimmed regularly. If you choose a haircut with a long bang, pin it with a hairpin or invisibility. Remember that a short fringe is more convenient and safer, because it certainly does not provoke strabismus.

Add bright accessories to any children's haircut - girls really love flower headbands, hair clips, crabs, bows and so on.

Consider the shape of your child’s face when choosing a hairstyle. For girls with a round shape, asymmetry and long hair are suitable. Skinny babies with an oval face are a shorter option.

Teach your girl to care for her hair from an early age. For starters, combing them well with a wooden comb several times a day is enough. Then the baby’s hair will always look well-groomed and neat.

In order for any girl’s haircut to look stylish and beautiful, you need to constantly take care of your daughter’s hair. Moreover, nowadays you no longer have to spend a lot of time performing complex and unpleasant procedures at home. It is much easier to turn to real professionals for help - the Veronika Herba Health and Beauty Center, equipped with effective and modern equipment.

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Elongated caret

Hair to the shoulders is cut straight, in one line. A similar haircut can be worn with bangs, especially if the girl has a very thin face with sharp cheekbones and a nose. A square with elongated locks on the face is suitable for everyone, especially recommended for girls with a heavy, prominent chin and other facial imperfections.

Kare for a girl with elongated strands in front

Elongated bob

An extended version of this haircut is called lob. The hairstyle is suitable for owners of straight and wavy hair, it is easy to style. Hair length can be up to the shoulders and slightly lower (by 7 cm).

Bob haircut on singer Selena Gomez

By the way, it will be useful for girls to learn to style their hair on their own, without the help of their mother. In the video, the girl shows how to clean her hair with a comb and hairdryer without using additional beauty gadgets.

Smooth, the same hair length

This type of haircut does not require styling, any hairstyle can be easily built from it. All ends are evenly cut, bangs are missing. For girls who dream of becoming models - an ideal option, you can rarely cut your hair, removing only split ends.

Famous model Kristina Pimenova with long straight hair

A multi-layer cascade with side parting or asymmetric strands has brought celebrity into fashion. The cascade can be worn with or without bangs, but if the hair is thick, then the bangs need thinning.

Cascade haircut in a girl

Graduated haircut

Hair cutting as if "on the steps" at different angles. The hair length will be different, but the lower part of the hair will remain long. The smoother the transition from short strands framing the face to the main length, the more neat and beautiful the whole hairstyle looks.

Graduated haircut - a star example

Shaved whiskey on long hair

An ingenious option for the most daring is to shave a small area of ​​hair on one part of the head. A haircut looks bold and stylish, it should be done only if the teenager himself wants to have such a hairstyle.

Oblique bangs and long hair

If the hair is good, but the girl’s soul requires change, then an oblique bang will be an excellent option for updating the hairstyle. Its plus, unlike other types of bangs, is that it suits any type of face: it can be short and long, covering part of the eye. A similar hairstyle is worn by the heroines of the popular animated series Gravity Falls - Wendy and Mabel.

Short oblique bangs

Actress Emma Stone with long oblique bangs

On the video you can see options for fashionable haircuts for teens. In the video, the hairdresser talks about trending haircuts and gives tips on choosing a haircut.

Haircuts like idols

There is nothing wrong with the fact that girls want to be like their favorite heroines. In adolescence, children often choose an example to follow. And most often, girls want to look like an idol outwardly, which is nice - hairstyles for heroes are most often invented by stylists and a haircut like a favorite star is a good idea.

Hairstyle like Natasha Romanoff - The Black Widow in the Marvel Cinema Universe

A hairstyle like that of Scarlett Johannson in the movie “Avengers” will suit redhead girls and allow them to look stylish. The heroine changes her hair in every film about Avengers - there is plenty to choose from!

Curly hair

Winx cartoon heroines

Despite the fact that the characters are drawn, fairies always have complex hairstyles and long hair. For example, the Fairy Tekhni with a short haircut. The character wears a pixie haircut with an elongated bang - a fashionable and stylish option can be repeated in the real world.

Girl's pixie haircut

Anime heroes

If the girl is a fan of Japanese cartoons and wants to be like anime heroines, then you can experiment with a haircut and haircut. The heroes of Japanese animation have different lengths of hair, but the main attribute of the hairstyle is a long thick bang and strands that frame the face.

Long hair with thick bangs

Short hair and long bangs

The girl must learn simple styling skills herself

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