Beautiful nude manicure: photos, news, ideas of nude manicure

When choosing a festive nude manicure 2019, you should focus not only on your imagination, but also on tradition. How can you stylishly and not vulgarly decorate a festive manicure? We will tell and show in this collection.


Let your French manicure be a holiday on New Year's Eve! Stylishly looks version of the jacket, made not only in the classical technique, but also in the style of gradient. Such an elegant design at the peak of popularity and demand.

Gradient french sequins are characterized by a smooth stretch, without clear boundaries. For example, all nails can be covered with pale pink gel polish, and only the middle and ring fingers can be decorated with sequins.

Classic French sequin manicure and rubbing in a French are two more delightful evening options.

Matte nude

New Year, birthday, party - not a reason to abandon the matte finish of the nails. Matte nude marigolds look concise, restrained and noble. The only thing, as elsewhere, needs a measure, especially on holidays, because there is a risk of overdoing it with decor. Therefore, large parts, patterns, it is desirable to use not on all nails. Dilute the matte manicure with evening dresses that will complement it.

A translucent coating resembling expensive porcelain and white crystal sand is a great idea for New Year's manicure.


Confetti is an indispensable attribute of the New Year mood and other celebrations. Also, iridescent colored circles are a simple but effective way to decorate your manicure. So that the design does not look like a “Christmas tree”, one or two nails can be decorated with kamifubs.

If your manicure color is beige, then no problem: the shining circles of gold color are perfect. Alternatively, you can combine neutral colors.

Rub and foil

The main decor of nails in the New Year can be rubbing and foil. Well, and, of course, on their basis and the nude substrate, you can compose a lot of evening nail designs, with unusual original effects. A corporate event on the eve of the coming year is an occasion to realize the most daring ideas.

Luxurious overflows on nails are created in several ways: using mirror foil, stickers (slider) or rubbing.

Colored foil and rub favorably emphasize the feminine style, laconic evening dresses. Tip: let such a shining design become the main emphasis in the image.

Glitter, rhinestones and sparkles.

This is the most popular decor on holidays, it blends very nicely with the entire beige and brown palette. The main thing in this case is to bet on shades (and not on the picture). Sequins and glitter can be ideal helpers when creating a New Year's manicure at home. Example: pink plus gold + dark gray.

If rhinestones do not cause negative emotions, why not select one fingernail on your hand with them, and cover the neighboring nails with a pearl rub.

Mother of pearl, mirror coatings or with a shimmer are still interesting and solemn nail design options. At the same time, they look with a nude base very attractively and stylishly. A good choice for short lengths and extended nails.

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A gentle and beautiful nude manicure looks elegant and relaxed, making the handles well-groomed and neat, perfectly combining in different styles of clothing. The novelties, styles and ideas of nude manicure 2019-2020 will allow you to easily look for yourself a sophisticated and stylish manicure to any outfit.

Nude shades of varnish in manicure are colors that are close to the natural and natural skin tone: beige, milky, cream, pink, peach, etc.

The peculiarity of nude shades is that they do not merge with the skin color, but are as close as possible in color and allow, as if, to shade the skin color.

Nude manicure is trendy and popular this season, due to its practicality, versatility and harmony in any bow you choose.

Without any difficulties, you have the opportunity to combine your chosen manicure nude with makeup and clothes, succinctly complementing a stylish and fashionable appearance.

Beautiful and fashionable nude manicure will give you sophistication and lightness, which makes the manicure nude in the 2019-2020 season so popular among the fair sex.

They decided to perform a nude manicure on their hands, then give preference to the oval shape of the nails, as well as not too long nails.

Naturalness is an important component of a fashionable manicure nude, which is demonstrated in the form, length and color shades of varnish.

Check out our fashionable review, which shows the most fashionable ideas and newest nude manicure, the beautiful and fashionable nude manicure 2019-2020 in the photo in our selection below.

Concise and restrained manicure 2019-2020: classic nude manicure

Classic manicure nails are natural and natural shades of varnish without unnecessary decor and decorations in the form of rhinestones, beads, stripes and other details.

Classic nude manicure is beautiful with its simplicity and conciseness, without attracting undue attention, but at the same time it looks sophisticated and cute.

The advantage of a manicure nude is its practicality and versatility, and it also visually makes fingers thinner and more elegant, which allows you to skillfully adjust the shape of fingers and nails.

Beautiful nude manicure 2019-2020 with rhinestones and decor

Rhinestones, beads, various jewelry and original decor for manicure will help you complement the nude manicure in delicate shades of color.

On delicate and natural color shades, rhinestones look especially beautiful, transforming and perfectly complementing a fashionable manicure nude.

The decor and decorations for nude manicure are very diverse, such as elegant pebbles, laconic beads, kamifubuki and many others, which will make your manicure not only beautiful, but elegant and unique.

Fashionable nude manicure with a pattern and prints.

Original drawings and prints are appropriate on any fashionable manicure, if you choose them correctly - the nude manicure 2019-2020 was no exception.

You can complement a beautiful manicure nude with both minimalist drawings and complex and intricate compositions.

Delicate nude manicure 2019-2020 can be created with the help of stamping, which allows you to get very beautiful, sophisticated and delicate drawings on the nails. Also, do not forget about geometric patterns that are appropriate for the office or delicate flowers.

Nail manicure ideas 2019-2020: matte nude manicure

Exquisite manicure in the style of nude 2019-2020 is also represented by matte nude manicure, which is beautiful and sophisticated in its own way.

Matte nude manicure looks concise and restrained, made in different techniques - ombre, moon nude manicure and jacket - will complement your best look for a special occasion, as well as for every day.

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