Face peeling at home: 26 TOP effective recipes

In order for your skin to always be healthy and radiant, it’s not enough just to wash your face and apply cream at night. Facial peeling should also be an integral part of personal care. Subcutaneous fat, the remnants of urban dirt, dead epithelium - all this can make life difficult for us. But what to do when there is no opportunity to visit a professional cosmetologist and expensive procedures? Today we will learn how to make high-quality and absolutely inexpensive peeling at home, which will help the skin to fragrance, and you remain confident in their beauty.

Types of peeling

When starting a facial cleansing procedure, it is important to know that peeling at home differs from a professional one in a sparing effect and a lower intensity of the effect of components on the skin structure. That is why the procedure at home can not do much harm. There are 3 types of cleansing:

1. Superficial - the active components of peeling products penetrate only into the upper stratum corneum of the skin. Saves from photoaging, rashes of different origin and heterogeneous skin color.

2. Medium - the stratum corneum is destroyed up to the grain. Such peeling will help get rid of superficial wrinkles and improve tissue regeneration.

3. Deep - the effect of cosmetics on the entire epidermis, creating a lasting lifting effect.

Important: at home we can conduct only surface, chemical or mechanical, peeling. Otherwise, the procedure can lead to burns on the face, the appearance of pigmentation and scarring.


So, if you still decide to carry out the peeling procedure at home, first you need to prepare your face for what will happen to him. For surface cleansing, special preparation is not required. But still:

• Choose a drug or home recipe for the procedure.

• Try an elbow peel. This is required to prevent an allergic reaction on the face.

• 24 hours before, use a scrub to remove the dead skin layer of the face.

• Before starting the procedure, be sure to rinse off the makeup. Preferably with a mild cosmetic or milk.

• Use lotion or tonic to remove dirt and subcutaneous fat.

Home Peeling Cosmetics

The mass market offers us a number of ready-made cosmetics for face peeling. All of them are based on the so-called alpha and beta hydroxy acids obtained organically (from reed, lemon and other citrus fruits).

1. Alpha-hydroxy acids - used for surface cleansing of the face. This subspecies includes glycolic acid, malic, citrus, sour-milk and even tartaric. Most drugs use glycolic acid with a concentration of about 25%. Alpha acid peels are best for girls with dry and normal skin types.

2. Beta-hydroxy acids - penetrate deeper than the first group, and have anti-inflammatory effects. Suitable for owners of sensitive and oily skin. These include salicylic and kojic acids.

There are a number of professional brands available for surface peeling at home. The most recommended of them: "Aquatonale", "Gigi", "Cosmedix", "Clarins" and others.

1. Aspirin (salicylic) peeling

Acetylsalicylic acid, simply aspirin, is, as we already know, the most prominent representative of the hydroxy acids of the beta group. Such superficial peeling is considered very effective, but is forbidden to people with an allergic reaction to aspirin.

You'll need:
3 tablets of aspirin
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon of soda

1. Stir the soda with water in a separate bowl. The mixture will be needed at the end of the procedure.

2. In another container, crush 3 aspirin tablets and pour in lemon juice. The resulting mixture should resemble a slightly liquid paste.

3. Apply the paste on the face and leave for 10 minutes. Important: avoid contact with the delicate skin around the eyes.

4. Wash off the peeling with a cotton swab and soda.

Why do peeling

The processes of regeneration, rejuvenation and effective renewal are launched.

Daily washing with soap, and even more so with cosmetic milk or lotion does not ensure the removal of dead cells of the stratum corneum that accumulate on the skin surface, preventing it from breathing, absorbing nutrients from masks, creams, and actively updating, thereby contributing to its aging and premature aging .

Deep and effective removal of the necrotic layer is ensured by special formulations - peels that clean off everything superfluous from its surface. After this treatment, the epidermis begins the enhanced production of its own collagen and elastin, which serve as the basic skeleton of the skin at the cellular level. The processes of regeneration, rejuvenation and effective renewal are also launched.

What is the difference between home peeling from salon

From home peels you will never get burns and red spots

You need to understand that home-made natural formulations are the safest for the skin, since they carefully and gently remove the dead stratum corneum, simultaneously ensuring the supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements important for the health of the epidermis.

However, they act only on the surface and in the upper layers of the epidermis, while chemical types of peelings are able to penetrate deeply, reaching the middle layers of the dermis itself. For this reason, home peeling will not relieve your skin of wrinkles, age spots, scars remaining after acne, but with regular use it will significantly improve its condition, increase turgor density, elasticity and provide a healthy complexion. In addition, from home peels you will never get burns and red spots that do not disappear within 2 to 3 weeks.

Do no harm

Peeling can be professional, made in the salon, or homemade, independently prepared means. The first is more aggressive, deep, the second is delicate, often superficial. In all, follow the rule: "Do no harm!".

Any peeling is based on a traumatic factor: removal of the upper stratum corneum by mechanical or chemical means. New cells that replace old ones transform the look. But the first time after the update, the skin is more sensitive, susceptible to external factors.

Keep this in mind and stick to the rules:

  • Peeling is not a one-time procedure! For the result, an average of 5-7 sessions will be required. Each is repeated: for normal and oily - no more than once a week, for dry and sensitive - no more than once every two weeks and only with gentle means.
  • Peeling is best done in the evening, so that at night the skin adapts to a new state,
  • After the procedure, provide the face with hydration and nutrition,
  • At first, avoid going outside or protect your face from heat, cold, ultraviolet radiation with protective equipment.

Peeling should not be carried out with dermatological diseases, purulent inflammations and wounds, as well as around the eyes and lips. How to apply funds? Only on a clean face: remove makeup from it, wash with a cleansing gel or milk. And now we’ll figure out how to make different types of peeling.

Chemical facial peeling - simple and effective recipes for home use

Chemical peeling at home for the face is not a myth, but a reality. In the salon, such a procedure will be expensive, but at home you can make such a peeling simple and much cheaper.

There are a huge number of ways and recipes, you just need to choose the one that will satisfy all the requirements and wishes.

What problems will the procedure solve?

During the peeling, also called exfoliation, you will remove a layer of dead cells from your face. The procedure will be beneficial if you suffer from acne, notice the appearance of wrinkles, or want to narrow the stretched pores. Facial skin peeling will also eliminate freckles, age spots and hyperpigmentation.

Normally, the integuments cope with cleansing without your help. But because of the aggressive external environment that affects the inhabitants of the metropolis, additional measures have to be taken to rejuvenate. Skin condition also worsens the following:

  • Cell renewal slows down due to age-related changes. As a result, the outer layer of the epidermis turns into the accumulation of dead tissue, which prevents the penetration of care products. And under the dead cells lies healthy and young skin: to make it pleasing to the eye, apply peeling at home.
  • Stress worsens your appearance, because under their influence the body produces hormones that slow down cell regeneration. If you often worry, then you need regular procedures.
  • Lack of sleep causes early aging, because during rest, the skin accelerates recovery. If it is not possible to allocate 8 hours for sleep, regular peels are necessary.

Although healthy integument renews naturally, external factors affect your appearance. To shine with beauty, you need to learn how to do face peeling.

3. Tropical peeling

Tropical fruits have fruit acids that are beneficial to our face. Sweet pineapple, kiwi and papaya are best suited for superficial facial cleansing at home. Cut the pulp of the fruit into slices, crush it in mashed potatoes, and add a little honey for an anti-inflammatory effect. You can apply the mixture for a maximum of 5 minutes. Rinse off with cool water. After the procedure, use a moisturizer.

General recommendations and rules before / after the procedure

In order for the peeling to take place without consequences, carefully consider the following tips and tricks.

  • Always spend a session on clean skin, devoid of daytime contaminations and residues of decorative cosmetics, otherwise they can penetrate deep into the pores and lead to undesirable inflammatory reactions.
  • Prepare the mass for peeling in small quantities, it is best for one use, since such natural compounds have a short shelf life.
  • Do not peel if your skin has wounds, cuts, herpes, a fungal infection and other dermatological problems that require treatment under the supervision of a specialist.
  • Before applying any new composition to the face, be sure to test for an allergic reaction to avoid complications such as edema, redness of the skin, peeling and itching.
  • When applying such products, always avoid the area around the eyes and lips.
  • If there is a rejection reaction to the peeling composition, immediately drink any antihistamine (anti-allergic) and visit your doctor.
  • This procedure is best carried out in the evening, so that the skin recovers during the night and is not sensitive to any weather conditions.
  • Keep peeling formulations on the skin for 5 to 15 minutes, after which they are thoroughly and gently washed off first with warm and then cool water (boiled or filtered).
  • In conclusion, a light moisturizing gel or cream is applied to the skin according to the type of skin, which contains anti-inflammatory and nutrients.

To obtain a visible effect, the selected recipe is used in courses - 2 times a week for 1-2 months.


"Grinding" is rather a technical term, but mechanical removal of the upper layer of the epidermis is very similar to it. In the role of abrasive are solid particles of home scrubs. "Scrape" the old cells will help coffee, oatmeal, salt.

The peeling composition is applied to moist and, preferably, slightly steamed skin. For 2-3 minutes, a light massage is carried out along the massage lines of the face, after which the composition, if it has nutrients, can be left for 5-10 minutes as a mask, then rinse with water.

An old acquaintance, often used as a scrub. Grinded and brewed with boiling water grains of coffee exfoliate, cleanse, tone. Recipes are simple and affordable:

  • combine a tablespoon of coffee grounds with honey and low-fat kefir in the same amount, add egg whipped into the foam,
  • mix a tablespoon of coffee grounds and kelp powder, add a couple of aloe leaves, grated, pulp, a teaspoon of flaxseed oil,
  • dry skin: on one part of coffee grounds, half as much sour cream, add the mixture with a few drops of essential oil (rose, neroli, orange, chamomile).


A delicate ingredient suitable even for sensitive skin. It is saturated with vitamins and minerals. If the flakes are large, it is advisable to grind them.

  • add the same amount of granulated sugar, a little fresh aloe juice, a few drops of lemon juice to one part of the main ingredient. Dilute the mixture with water to a creamy consistency,
  • pour three parts of oatmeal with one part of warmed milk, add a few drops of lemon and a little honey,
  • for dry skin: beat the chicken yolk and a teaspoon of cane sugar, add about half a tablespoon of olive oil, pour the oatmeal with the mixture and mix.

Budget, but very effective scrub with antiseptic properties. Cleanses pores, eliminates oily sheen, retains moisture in cells. It’s best sea (it has more trace elements), but cookery is also suitable. The main requirement, salt should be fine:

  • mix salt and soda in equal proportions, add a few drops of lemon juice and dilute with water to a pulp state,
  • for dry skin: one part of salt, two parts of sour cream and a little olive oil,
  • for mature skin: mix honey and salt until thick sour cream.

What nuances to consider: a dermatologist gives advice

Before using any means, keep in mind that without a thorough approach, you risk harming yourself. To prevent unpleasant surprises, listen to the advice of cosmetologist and dermatologist Jordanna Matiolli. Since she has been working in the field of beauty since 2001, her comments are based on years of observation.

  • If this is your first time going to do a peeling, give up doing your own experiments. Contact a dermatologist-cosmetologist to assess the condition of the integument and find the right option. At your disposal are the chemical type of removal of dead cells, produced by applying weak solutions of hydroxy acids, and the mechanical one - scrubs with small particles are applied to the skin, which by friction remove the upper layer of the epidermis. Unambiguously say which method is better in your case, only the professional who conducted the inspection can.

Before doing facial peeling at home, consult a specialist. If you decide on independent experiments, choose a ruler designed specifically for your skin type.

Benefits, effect and effectiveness of funds

Home Peels have high efficiency in application.

Moreover, the active components included in them have a lower concentration. This reduces the risk of damage to the skin in case of improper use of the product.

At home can't get a face burn, which will lead to scarring or increased pigmentation.

Compounds made from natural products are characterized by a milder effect than chemicals used in salons.

During the procedure no discomfort observed.


It is possible to free the face from the keratinized epidermis not only mechanically, but also chemically. In it, the upper layer is not scraped off, but burned. In salons, special preparations with concentrated fruit acids are often used for this. They are able to penetrate into the deepest layers.The procedure is unsafe and in the case of low qualification, a specialist can provoke the appearance of scars, age spots.

Chemical peeling with home remedies is often superficial, less often median. For it, the same fruit acids are used, but in their natural form. The most popular are lactic (in fermented milk products), citric (in citrus), glycolic (in sugarcane, beet) acids.

In addition to them, as home chemicals, peels are used: with salicylic acid, with calcium chloride. They cleanse old cells and excess fat, stabilize the sebaceous glands, and reduce the risk of acne and blackheads.

The products are used on clean, dry skin, left for the time indicated in the recipe, washed off with water. Suitable for home procedure:

  • juice of fresh lemon. Apply and leave for 10-15 minutes. The procedure cleanses and whitens the face,
  • kefir (yogurt) cleanses, moisturizes and restores skin elasticity at any age. Apply to face and leave to dry,
  • salicylic acid (part of aspirin). Dissolve a couple of tablets in water to a mushy state, add a few drops of honey or aloe juice, apply on face for 5 minutes,
  • calcium chloride. Dries, therefore it is applicable only on oily skin. For one procedure, ampoules of a 5 percent drug are enough. Apply a liquid in one layer with a cotton pad, allow to dry, then the next and so on 3-4 times. Foam the usual toilet soap on your fingers and apply it over calcium chloride, massage. The mask should roll along with the exfoliated cells. If there is no effect, change the soap.

See even more peeling recipes in these videos:

Peeling at home for the face will increase satisfaction from reflection in the mirror. The main thing is to follow the rules of its conduct, do not use ingredients that you are allergic to.

My blog makes sure that your beauty does not require sacrifice: neither physical nor financial. Read all materials, subscribe to updates and be beautiful!

Why do we need chemical peeling at home?

Many people wonder - why do we need chemical peeling at home?

First of all, it is needed to save money, since in the cabin such a procedure can cost you several thousand rubles.

If we talk about peeling in general, then it is necessary for deep cleansing of the skin and pores. Such a cleansing procedure allows you to get rid of dead skin cells, increase oxygen access to the skin, get rid of facial wrinkles and blackheads, as well as age spots.

Deep peeling makes the skin regenerate faster, after which the use of cosmetic products is more effective - they are quickly absorbed and have a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

3 types of chemical peels

Chemical peeling at home can be of several types, depending on the means used:

  • with fruit acids - ideal for inflamed and dry skin, eliminates fine wrinkles and blackheads,
  • with salicylic acid - promotes faster collagen production, eliminates acne, blackheads and unpleasant black spots, suitable for any skin type,
  • with calcium chloride - ideal for oily skin, eliminates black spots, nourishes the skin, makes age spots and freckles less noticeable.

The procedure must be done correctly, the formulation and proportions should be observed, follow the recommendations. Deep peeling is an effective method, but only if done according to the rules, otherwise you can harm your skin, provoke the appearance of inflammation and irritation.

Not every woman knows how to do chemical facial peeling at home, but in vain. After all, this is a simple and very necessary procedure, which will allow you not only to preserve the beauty and freshness of the skin, but also help to save money at beauty salons.

Indications for peeling

When should you think about chemical peeling?


  • with signs of aging
  • for preventive purposes,
  • with increased oily skin, enlarged pores,
  • if there are age spots,
  • if the skin fades and fades,
  • to get rid of post-acne.


Any procedure has contraindications and skin cleansing is no exception. By the way, reviews of chemical facial peeling at home in most cases are positive. If you want to achieve good results, follow the recommendations.

It is highly recommended not to do peeling in the summer, as the subsequent exposure to ultraviolet rays will be detrimental.

This is especially true for girls who have freckles and age spots - after cleansing and getting sunlight on the skin, the rashes will intensify and become more noticeable.

Before the procedure, be sure to conduct a dermatological test.

A dermatological test is necessary in order to establish whether you have an individual intolerance to the components.

The test is easy to do - for this, apply a small amount of the product to the bend of the elbow or the back of the wrist. Observe the result during the day. If the skin does not redden, does not itch, and there are no other unpleasant sensations, then the procedure can be carried out.

Also, serious dermatological diseases and some restrictions can be attributed to contraindications.


  1. herpes,
  2. active phase of acne with severe inflammation,
  3. the appearance of neoplasms,
  4. the presence of scratches and open wounds.
  5. minority (it is not necessary to carry out the procedure for people under 18 years of age, since it is possible to harm young and thin skin, the recommended age is from 25 years).

It is not recommended to carry out the procedure for pregnant and lactating women, people with cardiovascular pathologies.

Advantages and disadvantages of home peeling

Chemical peeling is a popular procedure that is regularly done in salons. You can also do it at home.

For a home procedure, it is worth using gentle mixtures, follow all the rules of the conduct.

One can distinguish such obvious advantages of peeling at home:

  1. No need to wait for the record, go somewhere. Home manipulation can be done at any time.
  2. By peeling at home, you can save money, as in the salons the procedure is not cheap. Such purification will be almost free if you use the usual products (aspirin, fruits, etc.).

Despite the advantages, you can notice such disadvantages:

  1. Using special peeling compounds, a person runs the risk of running into trouble, as it is easy to make a mistake.
  2. It is worth carrying out multiple times, because such an effect as after peeling in the salon cannot be achieved at home right away. The fact is that for home mixtures, a low acid concentrate is used.

Purification by the method of Ladushka Kazarina

Chemical peeling at home from Ladushka Kazarina is a huge success on the Internet. Kazarina is a famous blogger who specializes in beauty. All her beauty recipes are simple and affordable, so every woman can check their effectiveness.

For home microdermatism, Ladushka advises you to buy milk thistle flour (or seeds).

Milk thistle flour can be used as an independent scrub - for this you need to add a little water to the powder and let it brew.

It should turn out to be a mushy mass. It must be used as a scrub. You can add other components to such a scrub, for example, oat, grape or corn flour.

See the video for details:

Salicylic acid

If you want to make chemical peeling for the face of the house, buying in the pharmacy all the necessary components will not be difficult.

Preparations for home microdermabrasion will cost you a penny, but you can evaluate the results immediately after the cleansing.

Therefore, do not postpone, because the skin of the face needs constant care and aging very quickly.

Salicylic acid can be of different concentrations, keep this in mind before peeling. Concentration can be from 2 to 30%.

The higher the percentage, the deeper the substance will penetrate the skin. That is, it is with the help of salicylic acid that you can even perform very deep peeling on your own and without any effort.

Mid-surface peeling with an acid concentration of 20-30% is recommended not earlier than 40 years. This cleansing is suitable for aging skin with multiple facial wrinkles.

If you take acid with a concentration of from 2 to 20%, you can make a surface peeling that is suitable for any type of skin.

Superficial peeling rejuvenates the skin, evens, improves complexion, eliminates acne and black spots, makes freckles and age spots less noticeable.

In the pharmacy you can buy a ready-made product, if it is not there, then at home it can be quickly prepared.

  • To do this, you need two tablets of acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Dissolve the tablets in water (you need a little, just a few drops, so that the tablets turn into a mushy state) and add honey, mix thoroughly.
  • If desired, you can add a little soda - this will improve the properties of the scrub and help to more effectively cleanse the skin of dead layers.
  • You can also replace aspirin tablets with salicylic acid in the form of a powder that is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription.

Calcium chloride

The drug is also quite affordable and anyone can buy it. Chemical peeling at home with calcium chloride is simple, the product is prepared on its own.

To do this, you need to take a solution of calcium chloride and ordinary soap, best for children. Keep in mind that calcium chloride can also be of different concentrations - 5 or 10%.

If you need to make a soft and gentle peeling, then give preference to a 5% solution. For deeper microdermabrasion, take a 10% solution.

Before the procedure, it is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the face, remove the remnants of makeup. Now a thin layer is applied in several layers. After, in the same way, a layer of soap is applied.

The keratinized skin cells will now easily roll off, while the pores are deeply cleansed, even the ingrained dirt is removed along with the black dots. After peeling, wash your face with warm water and be sure to apply a nourishing cream to your skin.

Fruit Acid Peels

It is also quite an effective procedure, which is suitable even for inflamed skin. To prepare the scrub, you can use any fruit acids that you can find in the pharmacy.

Glycolic and mandelic acid are preferred, as they have the most beneficial effect and contribute to faster regeneration.

Chemical peeling for dry skin at home is easy to prepare yourself.

Great recipes exactly for dry skin Is a glycol and fruit scrub. Glycolic scrub is also easy to prepare from improvised means.

For this, take regular sugar and unsweetened homemade yogurt (fatty kefir may also be suitable). Mix the ingredients thoroughly and gently apply the mixture on your face, rinse with water.

Fruit scrub is also effective - mix apple gruel with mashed strawberries 1: 1, carefully rub into skin, rinse with water. Such peels are suitable for sensitive and inflamed skin, but do not apply to deep cleansing.

If you need to deeply cleanse your skin, consider microdermabrasion with salicylic acid and calcium chloride - these are proven and reliable methods of cleansing.

Some more chemical peeling recipes

If you want to make a chemical peeling of the face at home, recipes you can choose the most diverse.

The main thing to remember - when using new ingredients and preparations, be sure to check your skin for allergies. This will help to avoid many unpleasant consequences.

  1. Salt peeling is a great option for oily skin. For cooking, you need a spoon of table salt (you can sea, but finely ground), a spoon of cream. Mix the components and apply with massage movements on the face, rinse.
  2. An interesting recipe with a bodysuit. Take hydrogen peroxide and dilute with a bodyside to the consistency of sour cream, apply on face for 20 minutes.
  3. Classic peeling - ammonia, camphor, boric acid, glycerin are mixed in equal proportions. A hydroperite tablet is added to the mixture. Everything is thoroughly mixed and soap is added - until a pasty state is obtained. The finished mixture is applied to the face and kept until completely dry. It is washed off with warm water or wiped with a cloth with calcium chloride. Such a scrub gives amazing effects and deep cleansing.

Practicing beautician

I consider home-made peels useful for every person, but only in case of using a surface effect. I recommend using weak formulations so as not to harm yourself. Conducting a deeper peeling should be entrusted to a professional. Otherwise, inexperience can seriously injure the skin. All peels (whether chemical, laser or mechanical) create a burn.

With glycolic acid

The composition of these products should include cane sugar, which contains glycolic acid in sufficient quantities. It refers to alpha hydroxy acids.


  • sugar (cane) - 50 g,
  • lemon juice and yogurt - 50 milliliters.

Squeeze the juice from the lemon and combine it with the rest of the ingredients.


  • sugar (cane) - 50 g,
  • egg - 1 pc.,
  • sour cream - 50 milliliters,
  • almond oil - 20 drops.

Separate the yolk of the egg and beat it. All components mix well.


  • sugar (cane) - 50 g,
  • oatmeal - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • almonds - 10 pieces,
  • cream - 50 milliliters.

Grind oatmeal and almonds with a coffee grinder, add them to the rest of the ingredients and beat thoroughly.

With alpha hydroxy acids

First, cane sugar is mixed with lemon juice and homemade unsweetened yogurt (1: 1: 1 ratio). The composition of these products contains citric, lactic and glycolic acids, which have a deep cleansing effect.

Next, this mixture is applied to the face area with your fingertips, lightly massaged for 2 minutes and left on the skin for 10 - 15 minutes.

Combination skin type

If you are the owner of a combination skin type, only comprehensive care is suitable for you. For problem areas with enlarged pores and a fatty type, use an aspirin, salt and almond peeling recipe. If the cheeks, forehead and neck are prone to dryness, we recommend using home peeling products that are suitable for all skin types.

With acetylsalicylic

The well-known and ubiquitous acetylsalicylic acid belongs to beta-hydroxyacids and is widely used in home cosmetology.

It penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin than glycolic acid.

The easiest way to prepare peeling based on it is crushed tablets added to a small amount of nourishing cream.


  • acetylsalicylic acid - 2 tablets,
  • honey - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • jojoba oil - 10 drops,
  • water - 1 tsp.

Crush the tablets thoroughly, dissolve in water and combine with honey and oil.


  • acetylsalicylic acid - 2 tablets,
  • clay (blue) - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • kefir - 50 milliliters,
  • apricot oil - 20 drops,
  • water - 1 tsp.

Dilute clay with kefir and let stand for about 10 minutes, grind tablets and dilute with water. Combine all ingredients and mix well.


  • acetylsalicylic acid - 3 tablets,
  • aloe juice - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • honey - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • water - 2 tsp.

Crush the tablets and add water. After they are completely dissolved, mix all the ingredients and beat thoroughly.A few more recipes for exfoliation with aspirin are in a separate article.

Face cleaning with aspirin - watch a video with the recipe:

With fruit

Acids (citric, lactic, malic, tartaric) found in many fruits and berries belong to alpha hydroxy acids and are used to actively cleanse normal or dry skin.

They are characterized by anti-inflammatory and whitening actions.


  • clay (blue) - 1 teaspoon,
  • banana - 1 pc.,
  • olive oil - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • water - 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Dilute clay with water and leave for 10 minutes, prepare mashed potatoes from half a banana. Heat olive oil slightly. Combine all components and mix thoroughly.


  • strawberries - 5 berries,
  • egg - 1 pc.,
  • coffee - 10 beans
  • apricot oil - 20 drops.

Crush strawberries, grind coffee in a coffee grinder, separate the yolk from the egg and beat.

All components mix well.


  • grapes (with seeds) - 10 berries,
  • honey - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • egg - 1 pc.,
  • potato starch - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • grape seed oil - 18-20 drops.

It is advisable to choose sour grapes for cooking. It must be crushed together with seeds in a blender.

Separate the yolk of the egg, beat well. Combine honey with grape seed oil, heat a little in a water bath. Mix all the ingredients.

Homemade face peeling mask with grapes:

Rules for care after face peeling at home

In order to avoid any complications and undesirable effects, even after surface peeling, the following recommendations should be observed:

1. A week after the procedure, clean your face from makeup and dirt only with mild cosmetics.

2. Use moisturizers 2 times a day.

3. Avoid overheating, sunbathing, hypothermia and other chemical and mechanical damage.

4. In case of pigmented changes in the skin, an urgent appeal to a cosmetologist or dermatologist.

Compliance with safety rules and hygiene standards will definitely make face peeling a simple, beloved and necessary procedure in your diet for personal care. We hope our little tips will only help you become even more beautiful and charming.



  • pineapple - 200 g
  • papaya - 100 g
  • gelatin (ready) - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • honey - 1 tsp.,
  • jojoba oil - 9-10 drops.

Peel the fruit, clean the seeds from papaya. Cut the pulp into small pieces, grind in a blender.

Pour gelatin with water, let it swell, and then heat it in a water bath until it is completely dissolved.

Combine all components, mix thoroughly.


  • Kiwi - 1 pc.,
  • kefir - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • lemon juice - 1 tbsp. a spoon,
  • potato starch - 20 grams,
  • honey - 1 teaspoon,
  • almond oil - 18-20 drops.

Peel the kiwi, thoroughly crush, squeeze the juice from the lemon. Mix honey with almond oil, warm a little. Combine all components, beat well.

How to do it right and how often

For the cleaning procedure to succeed, follow recommendations:

  1. Choose the recipe that best suits your skin type.
  2. A day before peeling, remove dead skin cells with a scrub. It can be made from natural products. If there is no time for this, then you need to buy a ready-made remedy in advance.
  3. Before applying the prepared composition, wash with warm water with the addition of a mild detergent for the face, such as soap or gel. Then wipe the skin with a tonic.
  4. It is recommended to pre-steam the skin, visit a bath or sauna. This greatly enhances the cleansing effect.
  5. Treat eyebrows, eyelids, nostrils and lips with petroleum jelly. This is done so as not to cause skin irritation in these places due to hypersensitivity.
  6. Test the prepared cleansing composition by applying it to the wrist or to the area behind the ear. If after one hour an allergic reaction or other uncomfortable sensations do not appear, then you can use it for its intended purpose.
  7. Apply cleanser to the face with massaging movements for 5 minutes, then leave it on the face for another 10 minutes, then wash with warm water, rinse with herbal infusion (chamomile, calendula).
  8. Wipe the face with an antiseptic, and after 5 minutes apply a moisturizer to prevent a feeling of tightness.

Face peeling at home need to do in the eveningso that the skin can recover from stress during the night.

After 8 procedures, you need to give your skin a rest several months, and then you can resume the course of cleansing.

Here is the face in the photo before and after regular peeling:

With beta hydroxy acids

It will be required in advance to prepare in a separate, not metal container, a solution-neutralizer, consisting of soda and water, taken in the same proportion.

Tablets of aspirin - acetylsalicylic acid, related to beta-hydroxy acids, are mixed with a small amount of lemon juice until a liquid slurry is formed.

The composition is applied to the face with light circular movements along the massage lines, left for 10 minutes, and then washed off with a pre-prepared neutralizer solution using a cotton pad.

Fruit with glycolic acid

For this recipe you will need: gelatin powder, honey (optional), pineapple and papaya.

For this recipe you will need: gelatin powder, honey (optional), pineapple and papaya.

Fruits are prepared first - they are ground in a blender to a puree state (1: 1). To this mass add honey and gelatin powder (2 tablespoons). Gelatin is a source of natural collagen needed to restore skin elasticity.

You will need to heat the composition in a water bath or in a microwave oven until the gelatin is completely dissolved, and then cool in the refrigerator.

Apply this composition to the skin of the face and leave for 15 to 20 minutes.

With oatmeal and almond

Hold the product on the face for 15 minutes

Oatmeal and almonds (1: 1) are ground in a coffee grinder to a powdery mass. In a separate container, milk fat cream is mixed with strong infusion of green tea (1: 1), 1 drop of rose oil is added to the mixture. Both formulations are mixed until homogeneous, allowed to stand for 20 minutes, after which they are applied to the wet face with massaging and light movements strictly along the massage lines. Hold the product on the face for 15 minutes.

For oily skin, this recipe is slightly changed, adding skim milk instead of cream, and rose oil is replaced with lemon or tea tree.

With coffee grounds

Apply the product on a moisturized face, wait for drying and rinse off.

Coffee grains ground in a coffee grinder or wet grounds can be used as an effective peeling composition. With dry skin, it is diluted with a small amount of fat milk cream, sour cream or any vegetable oil, and with oily skin - kefir, whey or homemade yogurt. Apply the product on a moisturized face, wait for drying and rinse off.

With freshwater sponge (badagi)

Exfoliates dead skin cells from oily skin exfoliation from a bug

Effectively, deeply exfoliates dead cells from oily skin peeling from a dry powder, dried and ground into powder. It is diluted with hot water to a slurry state, 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide are added, applied to the skin and kept for 10 minutes.

With cucumber, sea salt and oatmeal

Soak the composition on the face for 10 minutes

It will be necessary to grind oatmeal in a coffee grinder, take a tablespoon of them, add juice from fresh cucumber and a tablespoon of sea salt to form a porridge. When applied to the skin, actively massage the problem areas. Soak the composition on the face for 10 minutes.

From cranberries and essential oils

Ground cranberries combined with almond oil

Cranberries crushed to a state of gruel (20 pieces) are combined with almond oil (5 ml), ½ tablespoon of crushed oatmeal and a teaspoon of granulated sugar. Quickly, until the sugar has dissolved, apply mass to the face in a circular motion. They wait 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

With soda, oatmeal

For combination skin, the following peeling will have an excellent effect. Ground oatmeal (a tablespoon) is mixed with raw chicken yolk, honey and baking soda (each a teaspoon). When applying the composition to the face, it is necessary to carefully massage the problem areas of the skin, and then rinse off with cold water.

Preparations for surface peeling at home -

Facial peeling at home is best done with products based on alpha or beta hydro acids, i.e. designed specifically for surface peeling, and not for medium or deep. In peeling products, manufacturers use acids obtained from organic sources, such as citrus fruits, sugarcane, willow bark.

    Alpha hydroxy acid
    used for surface peeling. Glycolic acid is most commonly used, but other fruit acids can be used: citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid and tartaric acid (the latter is produced from the skin of grapes).

It should be noted that peeling of the face with glycolic acid can be both superficial (at an acid concentration of 25-40%), and medium (at higher concentrations). Peels with alpha hydroxy acids are mainly indicated for patients with dry and normal skin.

    Beta hydroxy acid
    this type of acid includes, for example, salicylic cyst. Beta hydroxy acids have some advantages over alpha hydro acids, as they have the ability to penetrate deeper into the pores of the skin, which means the ability to use lower concentrations of acid (which reduces the risk of complications)

    In addition, salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties, which means that it is preferable to use peeling based on it in people with sensitive skin. In addition, salicylic acid is fat-soluble, and therefore peels based on it are especially indicated for people with oily skin, in the presence of acne on the skin.

    Professional brands of surface chemical peeling products containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids: MD Forte, Agera RX, Skin Obsession, Dermaceutic, Jan Marini, LA Peel, ICP, “Mene & Moy”, “Skinceuticals Gel Peels”, “Mandel”, “Cosmedix”, “NeoStrata”.

    With carrot juice and oatmeal

    Grain-based peels deeply clean dead cells from the stratum corneum

    This peeling not only effectively removes the stratum corneum, but also gives the skin the color of a natural tan.

    You will need fresh carrot juice, ground oatmeal (tablespoon), sea salt (teaspoon). The more you add carrot juice, the more intense your tan will be. Apply the composition to moisturized skin, massage well, hold for 10 - 15 minutes.

    Grain-based peels deeply clean the stratum corneum of dead cells, help cleanse pores, and trigger cell renewal and rejuvenation processes.

    With chocolate

    Take quality cocoa powder (3 tablespoons) and mix it with 100 grams of brown sugar. After that, olive oil (1 teaspoon) is added to the mixture and again everything is thoroughly mixed. Apply to the skin in a circular motion, leave for 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Compositions with natural cocoa powder contain vitamins of groups A and B, as well as trace elements - potassium, magnesium, iron, which strengthen skin cell membranes, improve metabolic processes, blood supply and promote rejuvenation.

    Tomato sugar for deep cleaning

    Leave the mass for 5 - 10 minutes and rinse well with cool water

    Ripe tomato (tomato) is washed under running water, cut into 2 halves. Take a small saucer, pour sugar into it. Half of the tomato is lowered with a slice down (into sugar), wait a few seconds for the sugar to penetrate the pulp, after which they begin to clean the problem areas of the face skin with rotational movements. Leave the mass for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse well with cool water.

    Ripe tomatoes contain a substance called lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant that rejuvenates, regenerates, protects against ultraviolet radiation and renews the skin at the cellular level. In addition, they contain components that eliminate inflammatory processes on the skin, acne, narrowing enlarged pores, tonic, firming, smoothing complexion.

    Sugar is a strong exfoliant (exfoliating dead cells) containing glycolic acid. By combining sugar with organic acids of tomato, you get an effective composition that deeply cleanses the skin by simultaneously performing physical and chemical types of peeling, so the result of such a procedure doubles.

    What is this procedure

    The word "peeling" means "cleansing", "skinning" and is a cleaning of the skin from the upper, dying layer of cells. Normally, the keratinized epithelium is desquamated itself, but due to environmental problems, malnutrition, various internal diseases and age-related changes, this does not happen on time.

    Our skin becomes less elastic, becomes covered with black dots, it becomes dry or, conversely, too greasy. Brown spots, wrinkles and pimples appear on it.

    How to make your complexion even, get rid of extra freckles and wrinkles?

    Do it yourself: sugar scrub recipes

    Prefer a mechanical way? It will please with simplicity, since many scrubs (so-called exfoliating agents) can be made independently. But dermatologists warn that particles of substances that create friction should not be large. To avoid microtrauma of integuments, use sugar: the ingredient is used even by famous brands.

    The following options are at your disposal:

    The use of sugar for home procedures will reduce injuries to a minimum: scrubs will win even over ready-made options, the formula of which includes crushed apricot kernels or walnut shells. After all, grains of a sweet substance do not have sharp edges, and the effect will be gentle.

    Natural remedies: take advantage of the gifts of nature

    It will be possible to make easy facial peeling at home by applying products from the refrigerator:

    Additional recipes for physical face peels at home can be found in the video:

    Contraindications include individual intolerance to the components, increased sensitivity of the integument, and the presence of skin diseases.

    Chemical exfoliation: is it possible to do at home

    You performed a chemical exfoliation at a dermatologist and were satisfied with the result. The only complaint is related to the cost, since a professional with experience will not work for a penny. And now you are thinking about whether to make chemical peeling of the face at home: recipes can be found on the network, so why pay more? Alas, on the Internet you will find reviews of upset women who tried to save on the procedure.

    Problems appear even when you use ready-made mixes. The consequences can be estimated by the example of a vlogger (the so-called video blogger) by Chrissy Dixon, who is fond of beauty topics. Having decided to do a deep cleansing without the help of a dermatologist, she bought a product based on trichloroacetic acid in an online store. The girl knew that this component is used in professional salons and clinics, and the price of the drug was not suspicious ($ 26).

    Chrissy already did similar procedures in the salon and did not expect unpleasant surprises. According to her, she was ready for tingling and burning, but after applying the product she felt that her face seemed to burn in a fire. The girl quickly washed off the exfoliator, but her skin was damaged: a chemical burn and uneven traces remained for a long time. What to say about the use of funds prepared by you yourself?

    Chemical peels at home are often unsafe, because their effect is based on the decomposition of intercellular bonds. Simply put, you apply a product that dissolves the top layer of cells. The more active acid you use, the more tissue will be destroyed. Without the supervision of a professional, the result is often burns, which are accompanied by pain. If you are preparing the mixture yourself, then you will not be able to determine the proportions and make an adjustment for the type of integument. Exfoliation at home is possible only when using ready-made products from well-known brands: purification will be shallow, but harmless.

    TOP 5 remedies for home procedures: experts recommend

    To do chemical facial peeling at home, use the products recommended by Ellie Flynn, a beauty expert who works with fashion magazines. She offers options for any wallet:

    Decided to make a chemical peeling at home? Refuse independent experiments with components and use finished products that have passed testing.

    Should I buy peeling kits from a cosmetologist

    Looking through the offers of online stores, you will see sets for professional peeling. Similar options can be found at cosmetologists: wanting to save money, women decide to carry out the procedure on their own. But employees of the American clinic The Skin Clinic Welness warn that a considerable part of the clients are people who tried to do deep exfoliation at home with a deplorable result. The harm is sometimes irreversible, because the result is:

    • hyper- and hypopigmentation,
    • chemical burn
    • scars.

    Deep chemical exfoliation should not be carried out even by a person with a diploma of a cosmetologist who has taken a course. Only entrust the task to a dermatologist who is able to assess the situation in the complex: a professional will ask more than one question before setting to work and identify possible contraindications. For example, if herpes often appears on your lips, then aggressive peeling can lead to rashes on the entire face. It will not be possible to take into account the subtleties without a special education, because in addition to the integument special care is required before, after and during the procedure.

    Saving, trying to do a deep peeling at home, will not work: you will spend more money on restorative treatment.

    Natural Acid Recipes: Beauty from Your Fridge

    Wondering, is it possible to carry out chemical exfoliation without harming the integument? Although you will have to forget about the intense impact, gentle methods are at your disposal. To achieve the result, use products from the refrigerator:

    These procedures can be repeated once every 1-2 weeks, after making sure that you are not allergic to the ingredients.

    Things to remember after exfoliation

    To give yourself beauty, you need to not only know how to make a peeling at home, but also take into account the rules for subsequent care:

    • with excessive sensitivity of the integument, refuse exfoliation,
    • during the recovery period, use sprays and creams to protect against ultraviolet radiation,
    • after chemical exposure do not resort to physical, otherwise damage the epidermis,
    • apply moisturizer regularly
    • wash with a gentle foam
    • do not carry out the procedure in the presence of wounds and severe inflammation in the treated areas.

    Correct these rules and you won’t have to complain of redness or irritation.


    The process of removing dead cells is good for the skin if you follow the rules. You will have to forget about the deep impact in home procedures, because you do not have sufficient competence. Choose gentle mechanical methods or use the chemical properties of natural products to make your own mixes. Also at your disposal are lines from cosmetic brands designed for gentle cleansing.

    The depth of exposure distinguishes three types of procedures:

    • superficial
    • average - 0.4 mm inside the epidermis,
    • deep - to a depth of 0.6 and more millimeters.

    The second is best entrusted to a professional from a beauty salon or carried out according to the instructions of a cosmetologist. The third is done only by specialists, often under general anesthesia. At the same time, there is a high risk of developing infection and other complications.

    We will use the first method for the house, which I will talk about in more detail.

    1. The recipe for home peeling with alpha hydroxy acids -

    • Step 1 - Mix 2 tablespoons of cane sugar and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, then add yogurt to a bowl. These foods are sources of glycolic, lactic, and citric acids.
    • Step 2 - on the cleaned face (with your fingertips) apply a thick layer of the resulting paste.
    • Step 3 - Leave the paste on your face for 10-15 minutes, then rinse it off with cool water.

    2. The recipe for home peeling with beta-hydroxy acids -

    Aspirin is nothing more than acetyl-salicylic acid, which refers to beta-hydroxy acids. But remember that such peeling can not be used for allergies to Aspirin.

    • Step 1 - Mix baking soda and water in a separate container, and mix. You will need this solution to neutralize the acid after the end of the peeling procedure.
    • Step 2 - Place Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) in a shallow dish.
    • Step 3 - mix aspirin with lemon juice to make a slightly liquid paste.
    • Step 4 - Apply a paste to the face cleansed with mild detergents, avoiding the area around the eyes.
    • Step 5 - Allow the paste to dry for 10 minutes, and then wipe the skin with cotton swabs dipped in a solution of neutralizer from soda and water.

    3. Fruit peeling with glycolic acid -

    You will need: pineapple, papaya, regular gelatin, honey (optional). Fruit peeling of the face - reviews about it are only positive, but remember that to achieve the effect you need a course of 6-8 procedures.

    • Step 1 - with a knife, peel the pineapple and papaya, cut the fruit into slices, then half a glass of pineapple and papaya slices - mix in a blender until puree.
    • Step 2 - Put the fruit puree in a small bowl, and then add 2 tablespoons of gelatin in the puree. Gelatin will allow the mixture to hold well on the skin of the face.
    • Step 3 - If you wish, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey.
    • Step 4 - Heat the mashed potatoes in the microwave for a minute or less, or until the gelatin dissolves. After that, put the mashed potatoes in the refrigerator.
    • Step 5 - when the mixture cools down - it can be used for application on the face. Pre-clean your face with mild detergents. Do not apply to eye and lip area.
    • Step 6 - After application, leave the mixture on the skin for 10-15 minutes.
      Next, the mixture must be washed off.

    4. How to make professional glycolic peeling at home -

    You will need a drug containing 30% glycolic acid “Skin Obsession 30%”. We do not recommend starting peeling with more concentrated solutions. You need to increase the concentration gradually. This drug, according to the degree of effectiveness, is 100% equivalent to the peeling that you can get in the salon.

    Application chart
    to achieve the optimal result through the use of superficial peels - a course of treatment is necessary, and one procedure will not be enough. The first 2-3 procedures are used “Skin Obsession 30%”, which is applied to the skin strictly for 1 minute. The time of applying the drug to the face during the next 2-3 procedures can be increased to 3 minutes. The following procedures can last no more than 5 minutes.

    Next, you need to decide whether you are satisfied with the result. After you have reached the 5-minute application of 30% glycolic acid, you can increase the concentration of glycolic acid in the peeling to 40% by buying the drug “Skin Obsession 40%”. Next, a similar course of treatment is performed, as for 30% glycolic acid.

    After a peeling course with 40% acid, you can again increase the concentration of glycolic acid up to 50%. Remember that solutions of glycolic acid more than 50% can not be used at home!

    Multiplicity of procedures
    2-3 weeks should elapse between repeated procedures, which depends largely on the sensitivity of the facial skin. As a rule, you will see the first persistent results after a course of 4 procedures.

    How to conduct this peeling at home -

    • Step 1 - Clean your face with a mild detergent.
    • Step 2 - wipe the skin with alcohol to degrease.
    • Step 3 - Prepare a soda solution in a separate container that you will need to neutralize the peeling.
    • Step 4 - Smear the eyebrows, lips and nostrils with Vaseline to protect against peeling solution.
    • Step 5 - Pour a small amount of glycolic acid into a glass container.
    • Step 6 - Using a brush or brush, quickly apply the solution on the skin, starting from the forehead, moving down to the nose and chin, and then to the cheeks to the cheeks.
    • Step 7 - Apply one coat evenly, avoiding application to the eyes, lips and neck, and note the time.
    • Step 8 - as soon as time is over - wipe your face with a soft cloth dampened in a solution of a converter. After 1 minute, wipe your face again. At the time of washing off the solution can strongly pinch the skin. Rinse skin with water afterwards.
    • Step 9 - dry your skin, then apply a thin layer of moisturizing oil, or you can use a soothing, nourishing mask.

    What to expect in the process of glycolic peeling on the face -
    1) The skin will tingle - this is a good sign! After 30 seconds, the tingling usually decreases, but this does not mean that the peeling has stopped working.
    2) In no case should it hurt or pinch, but slight discomfort is possible. If this happens, immediately flush the solution with a neutralizer.
    3) The skin may turn red, this is normal.

    How to behave after face peeling -

    To avoid side effects and complications, which may include burns, superficial scars, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation - carefully follow these recommendations.

    How to care for your face after a superficial peeling -

    • cleanse your skin only with mild detergents,
    • moisturize the skin 2 times a day,
    • it is impossible to tear off peeling skin, because this can lead to depigmentation of the skin and even to the appearance of small scars,
    • for 4 weeks you can’t appear in the sun without sunscreen, otherwise there is a risk of hyperpigmentation (brown spots on the face).
    • you should immediately consult a doctor if you notice signs of infection or pigmented changes.

    How to care for your face after medium or deep peeling -

    • if necessary, use analgesics (paracetamol or nurofen),
    • clean your skin with warm water and mild detergents,
    • apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment (usually included) several times a day to reduce the risk of infection,
    • often during the healing process itching can disturb, antihistamines will help to cope with it,
    • 2 days after treatment, go to your doctor for a second examination,
    • avoid physical activity for several weeks,
    • avoid skin scratches to avoid the risk of scarring,
    • avoid direct sunlight, and also use sunscreen (after skin healing) for 6 weeks,
    • you should immediately consult a doctor if you notice signs of infection or pigmented changes.

    We hope that our article on the topic: Facial peeling at home - turned out to be useful to you!

    Ready-made chemicals

    You can buy ready-made combined preparations for mechanical and chemical cleaning:

    • gels with natural ingredients - flax seed, cereal extracts, bran, vitamins and fruit acids,
    • chemical fluids and lotions based on glycolic and other acids,
    • funds, which include a small concentration of trichloroacetic, salicylic, glycolic, lactic acid, can be purchased at pharmacies,
    • agents with an enzymatic composition that stimulate softening and separation of the upper layer of the epidermis,
    • finished scrubs based on plant components, with charcoal, abrasive particles, etc.,
    • complexes for sequential use, consisting of scrubs, creams and masks.

    Prices can be very diverse, from 300-400 rubles and above. The main thing is to always read the composition. There are unscrupulous manufacturers who do not even indicate what they put into their funds. Such a cream or gel should not be used.

    Before using any new composition, be sure to do an allergic test, applying a small amount of the substance to the bend of the elbow for 5-10 minutes.

    Soapy with sugar:

    • whip soap foam in your hands,
    • apply and dry slightly,
    • take a spoonful of sugar and sprinkle on soap,
    • massage and rinse.

    A mixture is also suitable, based on a disinfectant liquid:

    • a tablespoon of grated soap without flavoring,
    • on a teaspoon of ammonia, camphor and boric alcohol,
    • 1-2 tablets of hydroperite,
    • glycerol,
    • mix everything and apply on face.

    Rinse off better with the help of well-known calcium chloride. Before applying the above described product, make a test for an allergic reaction.

    You can also use lemon juice to wipe the face, ground oatmeal with fresh cucumber, milk or kefir, soda, ground almonds with olive oil, rice flour and ground coffee from ground coffee.

    These remedies are effective, suitable for everyone and practically safe.

    Before and after the session

    Before the session, you need to completely remove the makeup residue.

    Any finished composition for peeling is applied to clean, slightly damp skin, distributed in a circular motion, starting from the central part - to the periphery. After you washed off the composition with warm water, you need to treat the skin with a cream that suits you.

    Often, the cream is removed after a few minutes and a mask is applied in its place.

    The procedure can be carried out two to three times a week.

    Since your face becomes more tender after cleaning, you need to take care of its protection with the help of special ointments.

    After peeling, you can’t sunbathe and be in direct sunlight.

    Facial peeling at home: contraindications

    Absolute contraindications are:

    • individual intolerance,
    • less than two weeks after hair removal,
    • systemic skin diseases, dermatitis, eczema,
    • seborrhea,
    • herpes,
    • blackheads
    • open injuries, wounds and burns.

    First you need to recover from the underlying ailment, and then apply the procedures for rejuvenation and purification.

    There is another way

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    You will need only five minutes of time every day to not only increase your tone and improve blood circulation, but also strengthen the barrier functions of your dermis.

    Dead cells will be desquamated more actively and you will be happy looking in the mirror, even without the use of face peeling at home.

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