How to care for extended eyelashes at home?

The procedure for eyelash extensions has recently become increasingly popular. After all, care for extended eyelashes at home is very simple. You must adhere to certain rules.

Many girls look with envy at those beauties who have long and thick eyelashes like a fan. Nature could reward some of the fair sex with such a gift, but many ladies nevertheless, are looking for lengthening and voluminous mascara in stores, and someone is increasing eyelashes.

This type of service has become popular not so long ago. There are many different reviews about him on the Internet. Girls who are going to build artificial cilia begin to doubt the appropriateness of this procedure. They may have many questions on this subject.

Do I need to take different care of extension cilia? And how to wash? Do I need to paint them or not? How to remove extended eyelashes? Most are convinced: extended eyelashes cause a lot of problems, this is a fragile thing that must be handled with the greatest care and think about them constantly. This is far from the case. To attract the attention of others, looking at them from under the chic cilia, it is enough just to adhere to existing rules.

Positive sides

What can we say about the pros? They are clear to everyone. This is the beautiful appearance of the eyes. And this is important for those who try to make their image as attractive as possible. The extension has a list of "pluses", namely:

  1. It is an excellent option for those women who by nature did not get long, thick eyelashes.
  2. Do not, daily, worry about the fact that eyelashes need to be dyed. So, there is no need to buy mascara (saving money), and spend time tinting the eyes. False eyelashes have a rich black tint. So, it turns out that part of the makeup has already been done, and this saves time, especially in the morning when a woman is going to work.
  3. Visits to the master for correction are coming. This is an opportunity to communicate, receive recommendations for the care of appearance.
    The appearance of such eyelashes is always perfect, regardless of whether it is morning or evening. It happens that after a dream they need to be combed a little, if they do not look perfect.
  4. There is an opportunity to fantasize, creating each time a new image. You can experiment with the form, and with the length, and with the type of growth.


  1. It is impossible to do without “minuses”. Building has its drawbacks:
  2. It is necessary to go to a specialist so that he performs the correction. In the event that you need to look 100% so that fans are delighted, you need to take care of the impeccable condition of artificial eyelashes. After a certain time, you need to carry out a correction in the cabin.
  3. Natural eyelashes, after 4-6 visits to the master, will begin to look exhausted. To restore them, you need to use cosmetics. For the full restoration of their own cilia, it may take six months.
  4. How to sleep, you have to constantly think. In the event that the girl is used to sleeping on her stomach, she will have to abandon such a habit. Otherwise, one morning, waking up, you can see the "artificial beauty" on the bed.
  5. It happens that there are allergic reactions to glue, or the material used to make cilia.

Contraindications to the procedure for eyelash extensions

It is necessary to have an idea of ​​the list of conditions and personal characteristics of the body, when wearing extended eyelashes is not recommended. If, nevertheless, a girl, despite all the “buts”, grows eyelashes, she may have health problems.

To avoid trouble, you need to consult a doctor.

  • If a girl wears contact lenses, eyelash extensions are contraindicated. Allergies may occur. Or the inflammatory process begins, and damage to the retina. The long corners of the eyelashes can scratch and damage the contact lens. Thus, an infection will get into the eye. The risk of the retina receiving mechanical damage increases.
  • If there is conjunctivitis, this is a big obstacle to the eyelash extension procedure. This is due to the fact that the slowed-down process of inflammation continues for centuries. Intervention of various kinds contributes to complications, and the treatment process will not bring positive results.
  • When natural eyelashes are thin and fragile, you will have to go through a certain recovery course to strengthen them. Only when cosmetology therapy comes to an end will it be possible to think about building up.

Eyelash Extensions

To date, cosmetologists have not developed a specific list of care products. Are they needed at all? Dust sits on long eyelashes. To remove it, you just need to use water.

To properly care for your face, any cosmetics based on water will do. The main thing is to have a low or zero fat content, and not be in the composition of alcohol. Suitable use: milk, tonic, emulsion, cream, etc.

Any kind of cosmetic oils can not be used. If oil enters the hairline, the adhesive will be neutralized and the eyelashes will peel off.

Basic care rules

If a girl began to wear fluffy long artificial cilia, she would have to constantly remember them and provide them with proper care. From the first hours, as soon as the extension procedure was completed, one must strictly follow the rules.

They are specially designed by cosmetologists who are professionally engaged in such procedures. Recommendations for caring for extended eyelashes at home are not complicated.

But in daily chores, women often forget to do them. As a result: eyelashes fade and fall out. The main thing is to do everything, as cosmetologists recommend. Then there will be no troubles with extended eyelashes.

The main rule for the care of such eyelashes, which the master informs in the salon, is that only after 2 or 3 hours, artificial eyelashes can be soaked.

If you break this rule - the glue, not yet sufficiently fixed on the eyelash growth line, will become soft. As a result, the extended eyelashes in the salon will disappear. All the beauty created by a specialist will be lost. The master is not to blame for this, so there is no point in blaming him for this.

Now we must forget that you can rub your eyes (either with a handkerchief, or with your fingers). You can’t touch them (as those who have for the first time built up “beauty”) like to pull. Many ladies like to check how firmly the hairs are fixed on the eyes, and pull strongly. The lashes can fall off, the easiest touch can. The design is fragile, and it requires maximum respect for itself.

Those who like to sleep on their stomachs will need to look for a more comfortable sleeping position. When the face touches the pillow, there is a risk that the eyelashes will be damaged, fall out, break.

Now you have to forget about several layers of makeup. If you build artificial eyelashes, you can apply eyeliner, apply shadow. But when cosmetics will need to be removed, then you will have to act as carefully as possible so as not to touch your beautiful “thickets”.

You can remove the shadows using a sponge dipped in cosmetic milk. The arrows are removed using cotton swabs dipped in makeup remover.

Owners of bags under the eyes, dark circles, crow's feet, will have a hard time. Previously, they could use creams, gels to keep the skin around the eyes in good condition.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Fans of a spectacular and seductive look are interested in how long you can wear extended eyelashes and what needs to be done to preserve their pristine appearance.

The rules of fine wear are:

  • Eyelash extensions do not need correction within 1 month after the procedure, provided that the extension is made by a real professional.
  • With proper care, makeup can be worn for a long time without loss of pristine beauty.

After a certain time, natural eyelashes will grow back, and extensions will break off and it will be necessary to remove them. This procedure is also carried out in the cabin, as self-removal can lead to the loss of natural hairs.

Also, very often, beauties are interested in: how many extensions in a row can be carried out. Specialists do not limit the number of procedures if there are no individual contraindications. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a break for 1 month every 6 months. During the rest period, it is recommended to use burdock or other oil, which stimulates growth and promotes the restoration of natural hairs.

Extension eyelashes have many advantages, among which in one place with prolonged wearing are:

  • Acquiring a beautiful expressive look without much hassle. It is especially important for those women whom nature has deprived with thick eyelashes.
  • Comfortable to wear and save time on makeup. Artificial material looks luxurious in any complement.
  • No need to use mascara. There is no need to tint the grown cilia. Water based mascara is optional.
  • Increased eye protection from mechanical damage, dust particles.

The procedure has practically no drawbacks. But before you go to the salon, it is recommended to study contraindications.

How to care for eyelash extensions

How to keep makeup in its original form after building? Caring for extended eyelashes is simple and does not require special events.

When caring at home, it is recommended to follow certain rules:

  • If necessary, tint the eyes, preference should be given to aquatic cosmetic products.
  • Oil-based cosmetics for care lead to the fact that the extended hairs peel off. Therefore, in the presence of artificial eyelashes, oily compositions should be discarded.
  • Do not take off your makeup yourself, as you can tear along with artificial and natural hairs.
  • In the first 72 hours after the procedure, you should refuse to go to the sauna or bath (in places with high temperature and humidity).
  • Avoid mechanical effects on the eyes: do not pull, do not rub.
  • Sleeping in the face-to-pillow position leads to deformation of artificial hairs and the loss of their presentable appearance.
  • Hair extensions do not frizz. It is strictly forbidden at any stage of wearing.
  • Tears corrode glue and adversely affect makeup. That is why after performing the build-up procedure, it is not recommended to cry.
  • It is not recommended to wet your eyelashes with sea or chlorinated water. In the shower you should not direct a stream of water to your eyes.

Adhering to simple recommendations, you can minimize basic care and delay the correction time.

Precautions 48 hours after the procedure

  1. Within 2 days after the completion of the building procedure, try to avoid rooms with high humidity, saunas, baths, solariums.
  2. During the first day, contact with water is excluded, otherwise some of the new eyelashes may leak with water. In the following days, avoid intense friction, the use of washcloths for washing.

Advice! In the first days, and in the following, minimize eye-hand contact, a towel, etc. The eyelashes that are grown are fragile and can simply come off from strong friction.

Everyday care at home

Daily care for “artificial” eyelashes providing them with a longer life is as follows:

  • Sleep face up. It is not recommended to stick your nose into the pillow during sleep - this can adversely affect the eyelashes.

  • False eyelashes are beautiful on their own, so they do not need additional makeup. Do not use mascara, makeup remover.
  • Once every 3 weeks, be sure to visit the beautician to make a correction.
  • Eyelash curlers are not used on extended eyelashes because the latter simply peel off.

Important! Oil-based care products and decorative cosmetics are the main enemies of extended cilia. Fats reduce the resistance of the glue, as a result of which the eyelashes easily fall off. For skin around the eyes, use water-based products.

The period of wearing cilia may depend on the type of skin. With combined and too oily secretion gets on the glue base, destroying it. But greasy cream, lotion or tonic destroy glue. Therefore, if you want to keep the extensions of your eyelashes - for a while, give up intensive moisturizing of the eye area.

In the first 24 hours

In the first day it is extremely important to carry out certain manipulations:

  • After the procedure, comb the cilia with a special brush.
  • If the eyes turn red (a nuisance often causes the glue to evaporate) use a fan. It is recommended to refuse eye instillation.
  • Even the slightest contact with water is unacceptable. After building the first day it is forbidden to wash, take a shower, wipe the area near the eyes with tonic.

In the future, care will become easier. Nevertheless, cosmetics can only be used on a water basis, and makeup must be carefully removed with a cotton pad.

Preservation of appearance and durability of the extended eyelashes

There are several secrets to preserve the beauty and durability of new cilia:

  • Brush. A cosmetic brush helps to care for the eyelashes, separate them so that there is no need to use mascara.

  • Special products that protect the cilia and glue from the negative effects of the environment.
  • Avoid salty sea and ocean water, chlorinated pool water can also destroy the adhesive structure. Before resting, it is worth stocking up with a protective mask. Eyelashes also often disappear from excessive heat and humidity, so for the sake of beauty you will have to sacrifice a trip to the sauna, bathhouse or a simple hot bath.

Important! After water procedures, the extended eyelashes dry very slowly, and moisture penetrating the glue can destroy it. By the way, salt from tears is also a destructive factor. Therefore, cosmetologists recommend drying the cilia and skin with a fan for 2-3 minutes.

Visiting the ponds

Swimming in fresh water is not prohibited. But diving in seawater should only be after wearing special glasses. Points are also needed when swimming in the pool.

Professionals do not recommend eyelash extensions for those women who often visit the pool or water park, since chlorine corrodes glue and reduces all work to nothing.

Why do extra eyelashes fall out?

The highest quality makeup lasts more than 2 months, and then correction is required. Nevertheless, there are cases when hair loss occurs earlier than this period.

The main reasons are:

  • Natural renewal of natural hairs. Since artificial material sticks to its own cilia during their natural renewal, it disappears.
  • Weak natural onion. This physiological feature leads to premature loss of artificial hairs.
  • Individual intolerance. If allergies, itching, redness occur, immediately remove the bunches.
  • Improper care after the procedure, in particular a violation of the rules of care in the first 24 hours (time is required for the glue to completely dry) leads to premature loss of artificial beams.
  • Illiterate work of the master. Waxed hairs fall off, as a rule, in those cases when the master uses low-quality glue or performs the extension technique with violations. Errors of the master lead to the detachment of individual beams, loss and fragility of natural hairs. Also, a violation by the master of the rules of the procedure is fraught with inflammation of the eyelid.

In order for the extension procedure to bring a positive effect, you should first prepare your eyes. It is advisable to abandon the use of carcasses 3 days before the manipulation.

Eyelash extensions are a modern long-lasting “make-up” that does not require special care. This is a new trend in the world of decorative cosmetology. The opportunity to acquire lush long eyelashes and become the owner of a sexual look without much effort.

How to care for eyelashes after building? Treatment Overview

  • For eyelash extensions, delicate materials are used, and if you do not provide good hair care for such hairs, they will fall out quickly.
  • Care and treatment involves Not only the use of special tools and various compressesbut and compliance with a large number of prohibitions and restrictions.
  • Otherwise, cilia will fall out regardless of how well the master performed the work.
  • But in the absence of care for extended cilia, their lifespan is reduced several times.
  • If the hair follicles do not fall out with the hairs, this only threatens to shorten the life cycle of the hairs.
  • But if the hairs fall out with the root - gaps form, which cannot be filled, as a result, a number of cilia become less thick and voluminous.
  • When building sometimes use cheap glue of low quality.
  • Especially often this happens when building at home.
  • Non-professionals are not always aware that the adhesive composition included in the standard building kit is lower in quality than individual professional adhesives.
  • The use of such standard formulations reduces the cost of the procedure.
  • Therefore, in these cases, proper care is especially important.

Beauty should be in moderation and without harm to health

Standard extended eyelashes last about 14-20 days, after which you should go for correction. You need to stop after 4 months of “wearing” false eyelashes to give your own eyelashes the opportunity to recover.

The period of wearing cilia depends on the individual characteristics of the body. If your eyelashes grow quickly after extension, then artificial eyelashes can be worn longer for 1-1.5 months

To speed up the restoration of native eyelashes every other day, lubricate them with castor oil. Such a simple way will help not only restore, but also grow your own thick eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions are beautiful and comfortable. And if you take care of them at home correctly, you can extend the period of beauty by at least 7 days, as evidenced by the reviews.

TOP 3 common mistakes

A professional master should tell you what you can and cannot do with extended eyelashes. But for some reason, many girls make the same mistakes. It’s easy to care for your eyelashes, it’s much more difficult to change your habits. You can not rub your eyes, touch your eyelids, lean your hand. It is necessary to minimize any physical effect on the area around the eyes. If severe itching appears, then it is wiser to go to the mirror and scratch the right place with a clean, clean finger, trying not to touch the eyelids and eyelash growth line.

The most common mistakes:

  1. Frequent eye wash. The first 24 hours it is generally impossible to wet the area around the eyelashes, the adhesive should get stronger.It is advisable to clean the face with a disc so that drops of water do not accidentally fall onto adhesions.
  2. A visit to the pool, sauna, beach. Often eyelashes are made before a significant event or vacation. But it is the temperature change, chlorinated, salt water that shortens their service life. Eyelashes lose their attractive appearance, peel off.
  3. Self-removal of eyelashes. At home, this can be done, but only correctly. In most cases, the bundles are torn off, which leads to the destruction of natural eyelashes.

By the way! Crying after eyelash extensions is also not recommended. The tear fluid contains salt, which destroys the glue and irritates the mucous membranes. Therefore, the next few weeks will have to look at the world only from the positive side.

What is daily care

Most conventional cosmetics do not suit extended eyelashes. It is worth taking care of selection and replacement in advance, especially for girls with dry and sensitive skin. Oils and other fatty components are the main enemies of extended eyelashes. They dissolve the glue, the bunches begin to fall out, and unevenly.

How to care for extended eyelashes:

  1. Morning washing of the eyes is preferably carried out with plain water without the use of foams and gels. In temperature, it should be warm, a few degrees above room temperature.
  2. You can’t wipe your eyelashes, as they can be damaged. Pat your face gently with a towel.
  3. Combing eyelashes is the key to a beautiful look. It is advisable to purchase special brushes, as in mascara. They will help to smooth the native eyelashes without harm, even out the extensions of the bundles, and eliminate the need to tint.
  4. To remove makeup from the eyes, you need to use a cotton pad dipped in micellar water. The tool should suit extended eyelashes. Wipe the upper and lower eyelids with a disc, trying not to affect the growth line and the location of adhesions.
  5. For skin care of the eyelids, you need to choose the most lightweight water-based products. They must be absorbed quickly, do not leave grease on the surface. It is also important not to apply skin products immediately before bedtime, it is better to do this in advance.

After the eyelash extension procedure, the eyes may turn red and watery. This reaction is caused by evaporation of the adhesive. It is very important not to rub your eyelids, it is undesirable to bury something if there is no urgent need. It is best to use a fan. He will help out at other times, it is better to keep the fan in his purse. It is a fan recommended to dry your eyelashes after washing. If the eyes continue to watery, itching, mucous membranes reddened, then we are most likely talking about an allergic reaction, more often it occurs on glue.

Makeup Features

The grown eyelashes allow you to facilitate daily makeup, just comb them enough. But for many girls this is not enough, they prefer to additionally apply shadows, draw arrows. In this case, it is worthwhile to understand that the emphasis will be on the eyes, you do not need to choose bright lipsticks, contours, sparkles.

  1. To draw arrows, it is advisable to use liners or eyeliners with small and thin brushes, which are convenient to start and use behind wound eyelashes.
  2. Do not apply oily shadows, use bases and proofreaders with care. Any oil-based cosmetics is prohibited.
  3. Loose shadows also need to be applied carefully so that they do not have to be shaken off from extended eyelashes.
  4. It is undesirable to use persistent cosmetics, which will have to be removed with aggressive two-phase agents. Choose only what is washed off with plain or micellar water.
  5. Mascara on extended eyelashes can be used, but it is undesirable. If you want to tint, then only the inside with natural hairs. It is not necessary to weight long artificial eyelashes, this will give an additional burden to the eyelids.

On extended eyelashes, curling irons can be used, but infrequently.They will help to keep the attractive bend longer, to make the look open. It is important that there is a protective rubber layer inside. Sharp creases should be avoided, and besides, they look unnatural.

Proper sleep is not only a guarantee of health

Usually extended eyelashes are long, curved, have a perfect shape and do not require curling. If the bunches are puffing and sticking out in different directions, bends and creases are visible on them, then this indicates an incorrect rest.

How to fall with extended eyelashes:

  1. You can’t sleep with your face in a pillow. Even lying on your side, you can bend the side beams, so you can only do this during a day's rest, controlling the position.
  2. It is advisable to use silk pillowcases or other materials with a slippery surface. If you accidentally touch the cilia does not catch.
  3. Before going to bed, shadows, arrows and other cosmetics are always removed.

By the way! Pillowcases made of natural silk will not only help protect the cilia, but also are useful for hair, prevent tangling and cross-section. It is also proven that this material is best suited to skin with dermatitis and acne.

Timely correction

It is very important not only to take proper care, but also to do the correction on time. The average wear time is 2-4 weeks. You can’t leave artificial eyelashes for more than a month; Their eyelashes grow back, and under the influence of the grown bundles and glue they bend, break off, and the bulbs weaken. Loss may not begin immediately, but after a few days or even weeks. Stopping it will be very difficult, so it’s better to prevent it.

The total wearing time of artificial eyelashes should not exceed four months. Next, you need to give centuries a rest. If thick and heavy beams with a theatrical (puppet) effect are used, then it is not recommended to keep them for more than two months, and correction should be carried out every two weeks.

Masks and compresses for care and treatment

This will help to extend their wear. and will provide additional protection against external negative factors:

  1. Burdock oil, aloe juice and chopped parsley must be mixed in equal proportions.
    The product is applied along the hairline for 15 minutes.
    After that, it is removed with clean warm water without any hygiene.
  2. Cilia can castor oil overnight or apply twice a day for 10-15 minutes - in the morning and before bedtime.
  3. Olive, burdock, peach, almond and castor oils are mixed in the same ratio, such a tool is applied once a day for half an hour.
    This composition has a complex effect due to the different properties of all components.

Using this mixture moisturizes the skin of the eyelids, stimulates blood circulation and accelerates the growth of natural hairs.

Burdock mixes little with oily vitamin solutions - they must be added to the oil in the amount of only a few drops.
Preferably, such solutions contain vitamins A and E.

The composition is applied with a cotton swab only on the cilia, without affecting the skin of the eyelids: in some women, this can lead to irritation.

In equal amounts mixed herbs sage, thyme, cornflower, chamomile and calendula.
You should get a teaspoon of such a collection, which is poured with boiling water for one hour.
In the resulting infusion, moisten cotton pads and put on closed eyelids for 15 minutes.

The procedure is enough to repeat once a day.

Varieties of eyelash extensions

There are several effects of eyelash extensions:

  • classical - this technique allows you to adjust the shape of the eyes, as a result, eyelashes will resemble natural ones as much as possible,
  • sparse - the effect is created by combining hairs of different lengths that are glued in a certain order,
  • "Cat's eye" - eyelashes are glued in a certain order, medium-length hairs are attached from the inner corner of the eye to the middle of the eyelid, and long eyelashes are attached to the outer corner from the middle of the eyelid,
  • glamorous - achieved by gluing 2 or more hairs to one of your own,
  • "Fox gaze" - long hairs are glued at the outer corner of the eye, and short ones at the inner corner,
  • squirrel - achieved by fixing in the outer corner of the eye longer hairs,
  • color - eyelashes of various colors and shades are used.

Types of volume:

  • incomplete volume - with incomplete extensions, synthetic elements are not glued to each eyelash, but alternated through 4 to 5 natural hairs. This type of volume is suitable for those who have long eyelashes by nature, and who want to give them a natural look,
  • total volume - achieved by attaching artificial hairs to each natural, recommended for clients with short eyelashes,
  • 2-d and 3-d volume - The extension takes place by gluing 2 - 4 synthetic eyelashes on one natural eyelash, as a result the look becomes expressive and irresistible. This type is the most expensive and time-consuming
  • hollywood volume - the technique is characterized by a build-up of 5-10 artificial hairs per natural. This type of volume creates a fairly strong load, so it is recommended for owners of strong, healthy eyelashes.

What can not be done after the procedure?

  • Do not rub your eyes with your hands
  • do not visit baths, saunas and pools at least in the first 3-4 days,
  • do not use cosmetics based on fats and oils,
  • don't wash my face too often
  • do not wipe your eyes with a hard towel,
  • Do not use contact lenses, and with very long hairs - also glasses.

Can I drink alcohol after eyelash extensions?

Alcohol indirectly affects the wearing time of artificial cilia, especially if you drink on the first day after the procedure.

Toxins released through the skin on the face have a devastating effect on the glue, and hairs fall off within 2-3 weeks.

The more often you drink alcohol, the less this period will be.

Home eyelash extensions

Beautiful and long eyelashes - this is one of the parameters that determine female attractiveness. However, not everyone can have bright and fluffy eyelashes by nature, and cosmetics can only heal and slightly improve their quality. Guided by this, women resort to the procedure of building, which to a large extent allows to cope with the problem. At the same time, eyelash extensions require special care and follow a number of rules, which allows you to increase the wearing time of artificial "framing" of the eyes.

Eyelash Extension Techniques

There are two main techniques for building: ciliary and fascicular.

Among the sublingual extensions distinguish:

  • japanese technique - carried out by gluing one artificial eyelash on one living. The length of the cilia may be different depending on the wishes of the client. Material used: mink, sable and silk,
  • indonesian technique - differs from Japanese technology in that it uses a special glue with a vitamin complex in the composition,
  • american technique - the building takes place using silicone materials, which are able to withstand sudden changes in temperature and a humid environment. This technology is suitable for those who often go to the pool, sauna or bath.
  • surround technique - involves the extension of several synthetic eyelashes on one natural eyelash, thus creating 3d and 5d volume.

Beam extensions are performed using ciliary bundles that are attached to live hairs. The bundles are kept for a short time, but the big plus of this method is the speed and low cost of the service. Suitable for those who want to make eyelash extensions, and at the same time not damage their own.

Eyelash Extensions

The most popular building materials are: mink, silk and sable.

  • mink - hairs are thin, about 0.01 - 0.07 mm., Do not cause discomfort, are suitable for the classic way of building, have a light shine, imitate natural eyelashes,
  • sable - suitable for those who prefer very thick eyelashes, a width of about 0.2 mm. They create a weighting effect, so use this material only on healthy, natural hairs. Not suitable for regular build-up,
  • silk - lightweight material with a glossy surface, bright black. Creates an imitation of painted eyelashes, thickness - 0.1 - 0.15 mm.

Tips: how to care for extended eyelashes at home

Proper care of acquired eyelashes will increase the time interval between corrections, as well as prevent premature hair loss and fracture. To avoid such unpleasant circumstances, there are a number of rules that every girl who has resorted to the described procedure should take into account.

Pros and cons of eyelash extensions

As with any cosmetology service, the extension procedure has its pros and cons.


  • extended eyelashes can adjust the shape of the eyes,
  • care for extended eyelashes as often as possible. Then they will last without correction for about a month,
  • there is no need to use mascara and curling tongs, which significantly saves time,
  • if there are no contraindications, and the master has professional skills, then the procedure is absolutely safe.


  • the procedure for ciliary augmentation lasts about 3 hours,
  • once in 1-1.5 months you need to visit a cosmetologist to correct hairs,
  • artificial eyelashes require careful handling. You can’t touch your eyes unnecessarily,
  • the procedure is not recommended for prone to allergic reactions and various eye diseases.

Why do not extended eyelashes?

False eyelashes can start to fall out for several reasons:

  • wrong technology (glue not applied accurately, hair not glued, etc.),
  • substandard, cheap materials,
  • oily skin of the face. Owners of this skin type are advised to regularly use a degreasing agent for the eyelids,
  • taking medications and antibiotics,
  • features of the woman’s body (hormonal background, weak root system of native hairs).

How to wash your face

In the process of washing, aggressive agents, for example, soap, should not be used, a foaming gel or a light tonic will be the best option. First of all, rinse your face with warm water and apply the used product, and then rinse it off quickly. Gently pat the washed face with a towel, avoiding touching the area around the eyes.

The above method is suitable if there was no makeup on the eyes. If the eyes are still made up, then the cosmetics are gently wiped with a cotton pad soaked in water.

The remains of cosmetics are removed using a cotton swab, but you should be extremely careful, because if you touch the cilia once, nothing will happen, but in a situation of systematic effects, the hairs will begin to fall off or break.

What can not be done after eyelash extensions

  • in the first 24 hours after the procedure, contact with water should be avoided, as the glue is not dry and the artificial hair can peel off,

In the first 24 hours, the rules for the care of extended eyelashes excludes contact with water

  • it is not recommended to use creams with a greasy texture and oil-based cosmetics,
  • you need to comb the hairs only with a special brush and do it as carefully as possible,
  • Use water-based mascara for eyelash makeup. You can apply it two days after the procedure,
  • You can not remove eyelashes yourself.
  • Care for eyelash extensions: the rules

    The grown eyelashes are a lifesaver of any modern girl. They make the look expressive and attractive. In this article we will consider 6 golden rules that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your eyes forever.

    • During the day after the procedure, you can not wet your eyelashes. The glue completely polymerizes during this time.
    • Do not rub your eyes. You do not need to touch your cilia every 5 minutes, correct. The master has already done everything for you.
    • Try to sleep only on your back. By the way, it’s also good for posture.
    • No need to color extensions eyelashes. The make-up procedure will significantly reduce the wear time.
    • In the eye area, do not use oily creams or oils. They dissolve glue for eyelash extensions.
    • It makes sense to refuse to visit the baths and saunas. Be sure to observe this rule 2 days after building.

    Rules for applying and removing makeup

    In principle, eyelash extensions do not need additional makeup, however, some women still resort to this procedure. To make-up does not become “mourning” it is necessary to follow a number of conventions.

    For drawing eyelash extensions you can not use ordinary mascara, because it contains many components that can dissolve glue.

    At the same time, it will be extremely difficult to wash off such makeup, and therefore it is necessary to use special mascara for eyelash extensions.

    Far from all means are suitable for drawing the eyelids. Set components that are oily based immediately set aside.

    It is acceptable to use dry eyeshadow, but apply and blend them with extreme care so as not to damage the eyelashes.

    The eyeliner is also not capable of causing problems, but the eyeliner should be deleted from the necessary tools for creating the image, since it is half composed of hard-to-wash waxes.

    You should carefully consider the choice of makeup removers, since the compositions of many of them can adversely affect the glue that holds the artificial beams.

    You should refrain from oil products, as well as milk for makeup removal.

    Such deprivation may seem to some extent difficult to fulfill, however, after a few days from the moment of building up, you quickly master and get used to the rules.

    Care on the first day after building

    How to care for extended eyelashes immediately after the procedure:

    • after the master finishes work, you should comb the cilia. Thus, you can check the quality of the work of the leshmaker, the presence of glues and lumps will indicate unprofessionally performed work
    • in the first hours after the build-up, slight redness of the eyes is possible: this is due to the evaporation of the glue. It’s not advisable to use drops at this time, it’s better to purchase a fan in advance,
    • any moisture in the eyes must be avoided,
    • You can wash your face one day after building up, and a trip to the sauna or pool is possible after 3 days.

    How to care for eyelash extensions correctly, a simple reminder will tell:

    How often do corrections

    Correction is the process of refreshing, removing unsuitable elements and replacing them with new ones. The time interval between corrections is determined by several parameters. Firstly, the way in which the care of artificial eyelashes was carried out is important. If the operating rules were not followed and the client was not careful after building up, then a correction may be needed very soon.

    Secondly, how long eyelashes last is determined by the level of skill of the specialist conducting the procedure. On average, cilia should be worn for about three weeks.

    Of course, if you take good care of the hairs, then in a month they will be in good condition, but at the same time their own cilia will grow, their length and appearance will accordingly change.

    For this reason, correction must be done once every three weeks, unless of course it is needed sooner.

    Daily Care Tips

    How to care for extended eyelashes, a professional leshmaker must tell at the end of the procedure.

    Key recommendations:

    • when washing, use water-based cosmetics,
    • water should be at room temperature,
    • you can’t rub your eyelashes,
    • it is better to wipe your face with a terry towel with patting movements, without touching the hairs,
    • for daily skin care you need to choose a cream without oil in the composition,
    • to prevent sticking and tangling of hairs, several times a week they need to be combed with a brush,
    • in order to avoid brittleness of artificial eyelashes, it is necessary to use special care products,
    • sleeping position should be on your side, and better on your back,
    • it is desirable to experience as little negative emotions as possible. tears destroy the glue.

    Pros of Extension Eyelashes

    More recently, the services of a leshmaker were used on the eve of some bright event: vacations, weddings, photo shoots. Today, this procedure is in constant demand. Regardless of the time of year and holidays. In any hairdressing salon, beauty salon, look studio there is a master on eyelash extensions. Why is this service so popular? There are several reasons:

    • Time saving. Oh, these sweet extra 15 minutes of sleep in the morning, they are priceless! Or maybe a cup of coffee in peace and quiet? You will definitely find what to spend your free time on.
    • The ability to look attractive always. And in the pool, and on the beach, and waking up in the morning in the apartment of a loved one without a makeup bag at hand.
    • The ability to adjust the shape of the eyes. Yes, a professional master with the help of modeling effects can visually hide flaws. I’ll tell you more about this later.
    • It is really beautiful! Not a single mascara will give you such a languid, enchanting look as extended eyelashes can do.
    • Instant effect. No need to wait for the eyelashes to grow when using any “magic” serum. No special curling accessories are needed. Only 3 hours of time and voila, you are a beauty!
    • Long-term result. Having studied the simple rules of quality socks, you can enjoy your reflection in the mirror for a month.

    How to remove eyelashes yourself

    Experts believe that the independent removal of eyelashes leads to injury to their own hairs, or even their tearing together with artificial ones.

    However, there is always the opportunity to carry out a house removal procedure without the help of a master, but it should be understood that the risk of harming yourself and your cilia in this case remains.

    There are three most common ways to act on glue in order to remove expanded bundles:

    • debonder is a fairly effective means by which glue for building dissolves in a few minutes. When using it, you must be extremely careful, since the component refers to aggressive mixtures and, if it comes into contact with the eyes, can injure the cornea,
    • fatty vegetable oil - burdock or castor oil is suitable for the removal procedure. After applying the product, you should wait a bit and after half an hour you can carry out the separation of artificial hairs from natural ones. If this time was not enough, then a mask of oil, which will not only help remove eyelash extensions, but also improve your own, is applied at night,
    • fat cream - to implement the procedure using this product, use a cotton swab to distribute the cream along the length of the eyelashes and wait a while. When separating the hairs, you need to be careful so as not to injure the eye.

    How a bath and a sauna affects extended eyelashes

    Building masters do not prohibit visiting a bathhouse or sauna, but not earlier than after 2-3 days.

    A few tips will help preserve the beauty of fake eyelashes:

    • do not put makeup on your eyes before visiting a bath or sauna,
    • the temperature in the steam room should not be higher than 70 degrees,
    • lovers of bath procedures are better not to do beam extensions and too long hairs. At high temperature and humidity, they are damaged most often,
    • after exiting the steam room, wet a drop of water on eyelashes with a dry towel,
    • Do not visit baths and saunas more than once a month.

    Cons eyelash extensions

    If at this moment you are already familiar with the price list, stop for a minute, do not get excited. Despite all the advantages of a tempting procedure, find out the cons. Because the possible consequences of eyelash extensions will cool you.

    • Redness, eye discomfort. There are many reasons. This is an allergic reaction to glue, and the mechanical effect of artificial eyelashes on the eyelid, and the “curvature” of the master, unfortunately, too.

    • Eyelashes do not hold. It happens. Again, this may be due to the “gimmaster”, or individual characteristics of the body.
    • Native eyelashes deteriorate. No matter how you are told that the extension does not harm your eyelashes, a look in the mirror after removal will put everything in its place. We consider in more detail the above-mentioned disadvantages of eyelash extension when describing the technology of the procedure itself.
    • High cost. Of course, you can find wizards for any wallet. But the level of service and wear time will be appropriate. More often than not, low-quality consumables and a craftsman who only “stuffs” his hand are behind a low price. Eyelash extension is a very painstaking work. A good master knows the intricacies, is confident in the materials and takes the money he deserves for his services.
    • Time. For someone, 3 hours is nonsense (on average, the procedure takes so long), and for someone, the flour is unbearable. On a comfortable couch, under a soft rug, eyes closed .. Horror! But seriously, some girls find it really hard to lie still for so long.
    • You can’t sleep with your face in a pillow. That is, you can certainly sleep, but your appearance in the morning will not please you. From such rough contact, eyelashes wrinkle, get confused and wrinkle. Even sleeping on their sides can make them look unkempt.

    So, eyelash extensions: the pros and cons we examined. Each girl will decide for herself, depending on individual characteristics and lifestyle. And so that eyelashes do not fall out after extension, if the pluses still outweigh the scales, we read the article further!

    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions for Eyelash Care

    Oddly enough, but to build up eyelashes is not the most difficult. Difficulties arise in the process of wearing, and in order to protect yourself and your new image, it is important to understand the details. Below are answers to the most popular questions that arise for girls before going to the builder.

    Types of eyelash extensions

    If you decide to do eyelash extensions, it will be useful for you to find out what the process is based on. This will help determine the choice of effect, volume, length and bend.

    There are 2 types of eyelash extensions:

    • classic, when 1 artificial eyelash is glued to each native eyelash,
    • voluminous when more than 1 eyelash is glued.

    The most popular are the so-called 2D, 3D volumes. When a bundle of 2 or 3 artificial ones is glued to each native cilium. With such volumes, no additional eye makeup is needed. No arrows, no shadows for every day will be needed. A "Hollywood" look can be made using bundles of 5-15 cilia. This volume is used when you need to achieve a theatrical effect.

    False eyelashes vary in thickness. The larger the volume, the finer the cilia should be. This is often the problem of “gumaster”. It happens that the client does not understand the essence of the procedure and wants it to be “thicker, thicker and more authentic”.And the master can not, or does not want to explain, that it is destructive for his own eyelashes! After all, not every one can bear such a burden, they fall out of gravity together with an artificial beam. As a result, they didn’t seem to be with extended eyelashes, and they were left without their own.

    Now the trend is a natural look. And increasingly, girls choose short lengths and natural curves. Times "plowed" before our eyes go. Nevertheless, for lovers of "brighter" there are lengths up to 2 cm! Bends are needed to create an eye shape close to perfect. You can open your eyes or make a visual "arrow".

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    Eyelash Extension Effects

    Professional eyelash extension includes the selection of the right effect. Natural, squirrel, fox, puppet - each of them is designed for certain eyes.
    Girls with an almond-shaped form should choose a build with a natural effect. He doesn’t correct anything, he just gives the look expressiveness.

    Using the fox effect, you can visually “stretch” the shape. It is suitable for owners of round, convex eyes.

    The squirrel effect is designed to open the eyes. It will help to correct the overhanging eyelid and the lowered outer corners.

    The puppet effect is rather decorative. With this extension, eyelashes are glued to one, often quite long, length. For girls with wide-set eyes, the puppet effect is indispensable.

    You may also be interested in an article: Strengthening hair (causes weak hair, strengthening masks with recipes, serums, vitamins for the beauty of hair, which oils can be used for hair).

    Makeup and eyelash extensions

    Make makeup is not difficult if you follow some rules for applying it.

    Step-by-step instruction:

    • any makeup begins with washing. After the eyelashes are completely dry, they need to be combed,
    • after applying the concealer or foundation, apply and shade the shadows with a special brush,
    • apply liquid eyeliner, trying not to stretch the skin, and not getting on the hairs,
    • if mascara is used in makeup, then it should not have fats in its composition and should be applied in one layer,
    • after the mascara dries, the eyelashes need to be combed and the eyebrows tidy,
    • it is impossible to twist the grown hairs, this will lead to their quick deformation,
    • Micellar water is suitable for removing cosmetics from the eyes. She easily removes makeup, and her composition does not harm the hair extensions.

    Recommendations for the care of eyelashes after removing the extension

    After removing eyelash extensions, your own hairs can be injured, for this reason it is necessary to apply for some time masks for eyelashes with a complex of vitamins A and E, as well as vegetable oils: castor, wheat germ, almond, flaxseed, etc. It is also important to remove makeup every time before going to bed and not fall asleep with painted eyes.


    Katerina: I built my eyelashes and went to the sea for 2 weeks and nothing bad happened. Of course, some fell off, but I rode on the surf and dived all the time.

    Vika: For three days I walked around with eyelashes, and then in the morning I found a bunch of hairs on the pillow. I didn’t like it at all, very upset, because I gave a lot of money for the procedure.

    Lena: This is the third time I am building my eyelashes and am completely satisfied - all that is needed is to handle your eyes with care. The first days terribly infuriates that you can’t sleep on your stomach and so on, but soon you get used to it, and everything becomes fine.


    Caring for extended eyelashes depends on the quality of the wizard

    Eyelash extensions can be compared to beadwork. Work requiring tremendous attention. We will go a little deeper into the technology of the process in order to understand why the master cannot be rushed.

    Before the procedure, preliminary cleansing and degreasing of eyelashes is mandatory. To do this, first remove makeup, cleanse the eyes with soap foam, and then treat each eyelash with a special tool. Depending on how thoroughly this step is carried out, the quality of the adhesive bond depends. And glue for eyelash extensions is a very moody thing! He needs a certain humidity, temperature, a little distracted, he has already froze. The master in the process monitors his every movement, fumbling here will not succeed. Adhesives for eyelash extensions have a short shelf life and a high price. And if the master decided to “save”, then you won’t have to wait for a good lasting result.

    Artificial cilia should be glued with a minimum indent from the eyelid. But do not rest against it. This is a very subtle skill that appears after many hours of training. Another nuance of long eyelash wear is the tight fit of the native and artificial eyelashes. The hitch area should be maximum. Detachment leads to the rapid loss of extended cilia. The professionalism of the master is also of key importance here.

    Do not chase a quick build. High-quality work is considered to be one that is performed without gluing and omissions. It is impossible to work out each cilium in an hour and a half. Visually, you will not see passes, but the sock will be less, since thinned spots will become noticeable faster. The situation when 2 extended eyelashes stick together is called gluing. Discomfort for the eyes is inevitably associated with it. The master should spend 10% of the eyelash extension time on checking the absence of glues.

    Cosmetics and eyelash extensions

    How to care for extended eyelashes, and what cosmetic products to choose in order to maintain their flawless appearance for a long time:

    • Cosmetics for daily care should be with a composition that does not have oils. In order not to be mistaken in choosing the right remedy, you should contact your store consultant or your master.
    • Women with oily skin should regularly use degreasing agents. Those who have dry skin and cannot do without the use of a fat cream should apply it as far as possible from the eyes.
    • As for decorative makeup, experts do not recommend the use of waterproof mascara.

    Eyelash extensions: consequences can be avoided

    The harm from eyelash extensions can be significant. Redness, irritation, lacrimation, even suppuration of the eyes. Most of these problems can be avoided if you are lucky enough to meet a good master. To get started, use the recommendations of people (better friends), carefully read the photos of previous works. Do not be an “experimental rabbit” for students. Poor work will upset you much more than you will appreciate the low price. Pay attention to the workplace of the master, consumables should be disposable. Cleanliness and neatness show a responsible attitude to work and the client.

    Consider the date of the visit to the wizard in advance. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure in the following periods:

    • taking antibiotics
    • hormone therapy
    • critical days and ICP,
    • during pregnancy and lactation,
    • with inflammatory processes in the body,
    • intoxicated.

    The wearing of eyelashes made at this time is unpredictable!

    It’s in your interests not to distract the master with talking! Even a calm conversation sets in motion all the muscles of the face, eyes and eyelashes tremble. You already understand yourself that for quality work, the master needs full focus on the process. Any conversation will inevitably divert his attention.

    What can not be done immediately after the procedure?

    There are a number of factors affecting the long-term result and the rate of eyelash loss. These are actions that can harm extended hair.

    In order for the eyelashes not to crumble on the first day, it is worth observing the following care recommendations:

    1. A day after the procedure, you should protect your eyes from exposure to water. It may prevent the adhesive from freezing. Replace your face wash with a micellar makeup remover.
    2. You can’t cry - this will also lead to peeling of the material.
    3. It is forbidden to visit places with high humidity and temperature drops for two days. These include saunas, baths, tanning salons. Similar conditions can also affect the bonding properties of the adhesive. This will lead to subsequent hair falling off.
    • Remember: any influence of extraneous factors can lead to a deterioration in the result of building.
    • In order for the cilia to last longer and look beautiful, it is necessary to study the rules for caring for extended eyelashes.
    • Follow these conditions daily:
    1. Do not sleep with your face in the pillow. Otherwise, the eyelashes will bend and begin to fall off along with the healthy ones. It is worth lying on your side or on your back. Plus, you can put your hand under your head - this will also protect your eyes from touching the pillow.
    2. Mascara is not recommended. This cosmetic product reacts with an adhesive. There is a risk of inflammation, the appearance of itching in the eyelash line. There may also be problems removing such makeup.
    3. Eyes can not be washed and applied to make-up remover (except micellar water). There are no guarantees that any components will not enter into a reaction hazardous to the eyes with glue.
    4. While there is artificial material on the eyelashes, do not use curling tools. Such manipulations will cause them to come unstuck.
    5. Limit the mechanical effect on the eyes - they can not be actively rubbed and scratched. Do this very carefully. Rough movements will cause the cilia to peel off.
    6. Eliminate “washbasins” that contain oils. Fatty foods are also banned. These substances are able to neutralize the active components of the glue, which means that the life of the eyelashes will be less.
    7. With the right care, eyelashes can last more than three weeks. The products you use should be water-based so that the effect on plastics is minimal.

    To understand how to wash girls with artificial eyelashes, you should watch thematic videos.

    Proper care for extended eyelashes provides for constant correction. You need to do it every three to four weeks. So synthetic eyelashes will remain beautiful longer. In addition, they will maintain a healthy look and natural hairs.

    There are a number of cosmetics and tools designed specifically to maintain the beauty of eyelashes. Building masters recommend using these:

    1. Brush. This item will help prevent bonding. The only caveat is the fixation point. It cannot be touched. As this will lead to peeling.
    2. Products that protect the adhesive base. They are sold in specialized stores. There they will choose the right tool for all types of eyelashes.
    3. Tonics. Natural hair products are also on the market. They will strengthen them without damaging glue and artificial eyelashes. Typically, such tonics are produced in bottles with a thin brush. Due to this, the liquid is easy to apply to the root part.

    It is worth adopting all the tips for caring for extended eyelashes in order to last longer. Despite the fact that they are made of artificial materials, they need to be monitored in the same way as natural ones.

    Care for extended eyelashes or not to do eyelash extensions?

    Our time can be called the heyday of beauty technology. Now, in one way or another, you can "improve" any part of the body. If you do something with your appearance out of love for yourself, the procedure will add confidence and bring joy.But it’s worth thinking a few times before doing something, because it’s fashionable now. The fact that all the girlfriends visited the procedure is also a so-so argument. On the other hand, eyelash extension is an experiment for only a month. It’s possible to hooligan!

    Men have long admired the beauty of female eyes. She was praised by poets, artists tried to capture. And these days, the eyes are considered one of the sexiest parts of the body. The languid look of half-eyelashes. What else do you need to feel like a beauty?

    In which cases you can not eyelash?

    Beauticians identify several factors in which it is not recommended to build. Such contraindications are dangerous to health and affect the result of the procedure:

    • increased oily skin in the eyelids - this adversely affects the adhesive strength,
    • pregnancy,
    • allergic to glue components,
    • sensitivity - may increase due to foreign objects on the eyelashes, chemicals,
    • eye diseases - conjunctivitis, glaucoma, blepharitis,
    • it’s worthwhile to postpone the procedure to people who have received chemotherapy,
    • taking medications of the antibiotic group - they provoke active hair loss,
    • watery eyes - this will violate the structure of the glue and will not allow it to bond synthetic material with natural hair well,
    • the weakness of natural eyelashes - they will not withstand the severity of artificial material and quickly crumble.

    A similar memo must necessarily be with a girl who decided to build up. Indeed, the timely detection of contraindications will protect against the development of eye diseases.

    Caring for eyelashes is easy. You just need to make a list of the most important rules, then this process will be simple and effective!

    Eyelash extensions and contact lenses

    There are no contraindications to eyelash extensions for those who wear contact lenses daily. But their constant use can reduce the wearing time of artificial eyelashes.

    A few tips will help you avoid various complications and extend the life of your fake eyelashes:

    • Before the extension procedure, you need to remove contact lenses and put in a container with a solution. Thus, particles of glue will not get on the lenses and will not cause irritation,
    • put on lenses carefully, without touching artificial hairs,
    • solution for storing contact lenses should have a soft and high-quality composition.

    Artificial eyelash care in winter

    Frequent changes in temperature and cold negatively affect natural eyelashes, and even more so on artificial ones.

    • To protect hairs from falling out in the winter, you should take vitamins A and E before the onset of the cold season to strengthen your native eyelashes.
    • Burdock oil is good for strengthening eyelashes, but you need to use it daily, a month before building.
    • Special glue fixers will also help to keep artificial eyelashes.
    • During the winter period, do not use oily creams. To protect against chapping, it is better to use mineral powder.
    • For those who use decorative cosmetics, lashmakers do not recommend using mascara in the winter.

    About eyelash extensions

    Thanks to the beauty procedure, women have the opportunity to fully enjoy their vacation without wasting time on makeup (while looking attractive). Increasing significantly reduces the process of transformation before going out.

    Artificial cilia increase the length and volume of native hairs, give them an attractive bend. Such manipulations make the look more expressive, saving women from complexes.

    How to sleep with extended eyelashes

    During sleep, you need to monitor the position of the body so as not to spoil the artificial hairs.

    The most suitable posture is on the back or side, without touching the pillows with eyelashes.

    Features of eyelash extensions at home

    Modeling eyelashes with artificial materials is easy to do at home, if you master the technique and take into account the features of the process. You can build up with separate villi and tufts. In the first case, the process will be long, therefore it is not suitable for home “lashmakers”.

    How to strengthen eyelashes and improve their growth at home

    To make it easier to master the technique, it is recommended to perform beam building. If there is a desire to apply ciliary modeling, you will have to visit the salon.

    Note! In the process, care must be taken - during the procedure, chemicals and sharp objects are used. Therefore, there should be no rush during the session.

    At home, in order to build up eyelashes, perform phased actions. The first step involves preparing materials and tools. Then they proceed to the main manipulations, following these recommendations:

    • for convenience, the mirror is set so that the entire ciliary row is clearly visible,
    • synthetic beams should be laid out in advance on light fabric in the manner prescribed by the selected scheme,

    Eyelash Extension Procedure

    • glue is squeezed onto a flat saucer in a small amount so that it does not have time to dry out,
    • Natural eyelashes also require preparation - they are cleansed of makeup and degreased,
    • so that in the process the lower hairs do not interfere while the upper row is being processed, it is recommended to cover them with special overlays,
    • the extension procedure itself includes such manipulations:
    1. they pick up an artificial eyelash bundle with tweezers,
    2. dipping 1/3 of the base into the glue,
    3. they are mounted on a natural hair gently so that the villi lie flat.

    Trim cilia, fix them by pressing the tweezers to the native hair.

    By learning simple modeling, you can create yourself any volume with a d-effect. So that the villi do not stick together, they are separated with a toothpick.


    The correction procedure allows you to remove damaged hairs and return the original appearance to the grown hairs. Duration of wearing is 3-4 weeks. Wearing them for a longer period is undesirable, as this will lead to the depletion of their own hairs. Correction made in time will save money and time spent in the office of the Leshmaker.

    Correction takes place in several stages:

    1. First, the master combs the eyelashes and determines which ones are damaged and can peel off.
    2. The eyelashes that need correction, the master processes a special solution that dissolves the glue.
    3. After removing the bad hairs, natural eyelashes are degreased and new, artificial elements are built up

    In no case should a professional craftsman stick the hairs on the eyelid without stepping back from the edge of about 1 mm. Also, you can not stick them on gun eyelashes, because they have a weak structure. To prevent the formation of lumps on a natural eyelash, only one artificial element is glued.

    Possible complications

    Modeling the ciliary row is a tedious process. Therefore, the novice skilled worker can make mistakes leading to complications:

    • red eyes
    • corneal burn
    • swelling of the eyelids,
    • eye infections
    • loss of native eyelashes.

    Note! The most common cause is eye contact with adhesive or vapor. A low-quality drug can cause allergic reactions and disrupt the structure of eyelashes.

    How often can eyelashes be extended?

    The constant wearing of eyelash extensions creates a strong burden on live hairs, especially if it is a 3-d or 5-d volume. With this type of building, you can walk with the extended elements for about 3 months, after which you need to give your own hairs 2-3 months to recover. If the deterioration of natural eyelashes is not observed (do not break off, do not fall out), then you can wear them up to six months.

    An experienced lashmaker must always take into account the individual characteristics of each client’s natural eyelashes, this will help determine the optimal load on the hairs.

    How to remove eyelash extensions yourself

    You can remove the extended eyelashes at home using various means.

    1. Castor or sunflower oil.

    • First of all, you need to remove the make up from the eyes, if any,
    • after washing you should steam your face,
    • apply oil using a cotton swab to the eyelash growth line,
    • wait 10 - 15 minutes
    • remove artificial elements and wash with warm water.

    2. You can replace castor and sunflower oil with burdock. Before use, it must be heated to a comfortable temperature. If the first time it was not possible to remove the grown hairs, then the procedure is repeated as many times as possible.

    3. A debonder or albucid can cope with the task of removing eyelashes. Both funds are sold at the pharmacy. Use them with caution and avoid contact with eyes.

    • Albucid is applied in several layers with a cotton pad, after 30 minutes the grown elements are removed.
    • The debonder is applied similarly. After 5 minutes, you should try to remove the eyelashes, if this did not happen, you should apply another layer.

    Those who have sensitive skin, these funds will not work, you can replace them with a remover. It acts the same way, but has a more delicate composition.

    Eyelash Care After Extensions

    After removing the grown hairs, it is important to restore the native eyelashes.

    For this, the use of various folk remedies is suitable:

    • Castor oil - allows you to update and strengthen hair follicles. The oil is heated in a water bath to the optimum temperature and applied for an hour to the eyelash growth line. Apply this procedure for at least a month.
    • Burr oil - has a similar effect as castor oil. Heals the eyelashes and moisturizes the skin of the eyelids.
    • olive, almond and peach - oils can be used individually or used in combination. Prevent hair loss, give a shiny, healthy appearance, saturate with vitamins, accelerate growth. Relieve irritation after removing extended eyelashes.

    Beauticians assure that it is especially important to properly care for natural hair before deciding to make extension eyelashes.

    Article design: Mila Friedan

    Home eyelash care

    It’s not enough to know how to grow artificial villi; you need to provide them with proper care. The main memo includes such moments:

    • the first day after the procedure, you can’t wet the cilia,
    • for 48 hours, visits to the sauna (bath), solarium, pool,
    • forbidden to rub eyes
    • It is not recommended to sleep with your face in the pillow.

    How to care for eyelash extensions

    Daily care at home for eyelash extensions requires special attention. If you do not adhere to the rules, model eyes will quickly lose expression.

    Everyday recommendations

    • They are washed only with water-based products,
    • Optimum water temperature - room temperature,
    • They wipe their face with a soft towel with patting movements, without touching their eyes,
    • Creams for daily care of dermis should not contain oils,
    • So that the artificial eyelashes do not break, they select special means (on the recommendation of the master).

    Important! Negative emotions should be avoided. Tears contain salts that destroy the adhesive used in building.

    Seawater and high temperatures have the same effect. Therefore, going to the resort, you should not abuse ultraviolet light and diving in the sea.

    Makeup Tricks

    Even with eyelash extensions, girls resort to mei-cap. The procedure itself is simple, but requires compliance with step-by-step instructions:

    • washing your face and waiting for the eyelashes to dry, gently comb the hairs,
    • apply concealer to the skin (if defect masking is necessary) or a tonal basis,
    • put shadows forever and shade
    • if liquid eyeliner is used, then when drawing, they try not to get on the villi, they do not stretch the skin,
    • use only special mascara without a greasy base, applying in 1 layer,
    • letting the dye dry, the eyelashes gently comb.

    At the end of the day, cosmetics are removed from the eyes with micellar water - it is safe for extended villi.

    Winter care

    Not only heat, but also cold has a negative effect on synthetic bristles. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure proper care in the frosty period:

    • if the building is carried out in the winter, then choose a special composition for fixing the glue, ensuring reliable fixation,
    • To maintain the attractiveness of the model range, you need to strengthen the native cilia:
    1. with the onset of the cold period, they begin to take vitamins in Aevit capsules,
    2. 30 days before the procedure, eyelashes are treated daily with burdock (or other suitable) oil,
    • in winter, it is better to abandon decorative cosmetics for the eyes,
    • protecting face skin from chapping, do not use oily creams, mineral powder is more useful.

    Regardless of the time of year, eyelash extensions require correction, which is carried out 3-4 weeks after the procedure. Damaged hairs and those that do not hold well are removed. In their place new villi grow.

    Tips from experienced doctors and cosmetologists

    Is it possible to go to the bath with extended eyelashes

    To look deep, artificial eyelashes held firmly, you need to listen to the recommendations of specialists:

    1. So that the synthetic hairs do not cause uncomfortable sensations, they are glued, departing from the base of the native eyelashes by 0.5-1 mm.
    2. When sticking inaccurately, you cannot remove the hairs by pulling.
    3. If after the session you didn’t like the bend of the extended villi, do not correct them with curling tongs. This will lead to a deplorable result.
    4. If allergic reactions and severe inflammation of the eyelids occur, synthetic bristles must be removed immediately from the eyes. To do this, just apply a greasy cream on the eyelashes and wait a few minutes.
    5. Contact lenses are not a contraindication for extensions, but reduce the duration of wearing eyelashes.

    Turning to modeling, adhere to the following rules:

    • so that the glue particles do not get on the lenses, they are removed before the procedure,
    • in the future, putting on and removing lenses, try not to touch the artificial villi,
    • saline for storage of optics should have a high-quality, soft composition.
    1. For water procedures, mousse or gel without alcohol and oils is chosen. Foam is neatly distributed with the fingertips on the eyelids, without touching the eyelashes.
    2. So that the villi dry faster after washing, you can hold cotton pads on the eyelids for several minutes.
    3. It is recommended to comb model cilia every night before going to bed.

    Eyelash comb brushes

    1. To make native hairs easier to cope with the "burden", for strengthening it is recommended to treat them with special tonics. Tools are applied to the eyelashes with a thin brush along the growth line.
    2. If a girl likes to visit a bath (sauna), then it is better to refuse beam building. Eyelashes quickly deteriorate when exposed to high humidity and temperature.
    3. When visiting the bath, observe the following rules:
    • before going to the institution do not apply makeup on model eyes,
    • the maximum permissible temperature of the steam room should not exceed 70 degrees,
    • moisture drops collected on the eyelashes gently pat dry periodically with a dry towel (do not rub),
    • the frequency of visiting the bath should be reduced to one trip per month.

    After removing the accumulated villi, the native cilia will require additional care using nutritious oils (castor, almond, burdock, olive, peach).They will saturate the hairs with vitamins, strengthen the structure, give a healthy, shiny appearance, accelerate growth.

    How to care in the first day after building?

    The first thing you can do is comb your eyelashes with a special brush. So it will be seen how well the specialist conducted the procedure. If some eyelashes turn out to be glued, or one hair extension is glued to two natural ones, you should immediately contact the master for correction of defects.

    In the first day of care after the procedure, it is not recommended to wet the eyes. Glue should be well fixed.

    Immediately after building it is impossible to do steaming masks, go to the bathhouse or sauna. Steam may prevent the adhesive from hardening completely. It is also impossible to apply moisturizers to the eyes during care. Because of them, the grown hairs can peel off.

    If you need to tint extended eyelashes, you can do this with special water-based mascara.

    You can buy it in a specialized store, the information is on the product itself. Also, in the first days after the procedure, eye shadow is contraindicated. They can cause eye irritation. In any case, cosmetics can reduce the wearing time, so you need to use it only in special cases.

    What absolutely can not be done after building?

    There are not many bans for extended eyelashes. But they must be strictly observed so that the effect lasts as long as possible, and the care was correct:

    • wash your eyes often
    • visit the chlorinated water pool,
    • independently remove extensions eyelashes,
    • sleep on your stomach when your face is pressed firmly against the pillow,
    • touch eyelashes while removing or putting on contact lenses.

    Can I wet my eyelashes with water?

    In the first 24 hours, extended eyelashes should not be in contact with water. The glue is still not sufficiently bonded and the hairs may fall off.

    In the future, eyes can be washed, but according to certain rules of care.

    You need to wash your face with boiled water, because bleach, which is contained in the water from the tap, can damage the glue and the hair extensions themselves.

    During washing, do not touch the eyelashes and rub them. Soap is not recommended, it is better to use gentle cosmetics for the care.

    Water should be at room temperature. Elevated temperature will negatively affect artificial hairs.

    If chlorinated or sea water has got on the extended eyelashes, then you need to gently rinse with clean water, then blot the eyelashes with a cotton pad and comb them with a special brush. Such care will eliminate the negative consequences.

    How to wash your hair?

    You can take a shower, bath or wash your hair without fear, if you follow a number of recommendations.

    • When washing hair, it is important to ensure that shampoo, balm or other hair care products do not get into your eyes.
    • After the process, you can wait until the eyelashes dry naturally and comb them with a special brush.
    • No need to wash your hair with hot water. Steam from it can ruin the glue.

    Is it possible to go to the solarium after the extension procedure?

    It is not recommended to visit the solarium on the first day after the procedure. It is advisable to do this two days after building.

    In the future, you can sunbathe under an artificial sun, but without abuse. UV rays do not adversely affect extended eyelashes.

    It is important to prevent sunblock from getting on your eyelashes. The greasy composition in the care products can dissolve the glue.

    Can I go to the bathhouse or sauna?

    After a few days, you can visit the bathhouse and sauna. However, the choice of temperature and type of establishment is important.

    It is better not to go to the steam room or to stay there for a very short time. High humidity will soften the glue. In general, a long time in the bathhouse or sauna is not recommended.

    The temperature should not exceed 80 degrees.

    You can’t go to a Russian bath, as it is the hottest. The same can be attributed to the Finnish sauna.

    Before visiting, all cosmetics from the eyes must be washed off.

    Is it possible to swim in the sea?

    Many eyelash extensions before going on vacation. However, some rules must be followed.

    • In the burning southern sun, it is imperative to wear sunglasses so as not to cause unnecessary discomfort to the eyes.
    • It is advisable not to swim with the mask, especially not to dive with it.
    • Wash more often to remove salty sea water from your eyes.
    • You can not dive, dive and visit the water park.

    Can I go to the pool?

    There are no restrictions for visiting the pool. It is better to choose a pool in which water is not purified with bleach, but with ozonation or other methods. You can swim in chlorinated water, but the stay time should be reduced.

    After swimming, you need to wash yourself in the shower. Further care is recommended to get your eyes wet with a cotton pad so that they do not remain wet.

    Eyelash extensions do not change the usual way of life, but it is important to follow certain recommendations in the care on vacation and at home. And then the result will exceed all expectations.