What is the dream of an open coffin: interpretation of various dream books

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Dream Interpretation - Mortuary (coffin)

Seeing a dead father and talking to him is a loss in business.

Be careful in dealing with partners.

Seeing a dead mother is a loss of money through friends.

Seeing a deceased person as alive, joyful and happy - a bad influence from the side will entail great losses.

Be more decisive, energetic and persistent in your plans.

Talking with a deceased relative asking you for a favor is a warning about the need to heed the advice of a wise person.

Dream Interpretation - Coffin

Seeing a coffin in a dream portends obstacles, for the elderly - the near death or loss of an expensive relative, for family people - profit and prosperity, for young people - a wedding and a long comfortable life.

The coffin, seen in the church, - to an unsuccessful marriage. An open coffin - to a fun celebration. Strewn with flowers - to failures and diseases. To see a friend in the grave is to receive important news. Lying in a coffin - to acquire a quiet occupation, long life. Carrying a coffin in a dream is a harbinger of a disease that will overshadow the upcoming triumph. To see how others carry it is sad circumstances and evil news.

To lower the coffin into the grave is a tragic death. Digging a coffin pit is a happy marriage. Burying a coffin is a chronic disease. To hammer in a coffin is very scared.

Seeing yourself sitting on a tomb - to quarrels, followed by repentance and mutual forgiveness. Buying a coffin is a big expense.

Seeing a tomb in a dream - in reality, get protection, and through it gain good luck. Being locked in a tomb in a dream is to disappointment and retirement.

Interpretation of the meaning of sleep in various dream books

What is the dream of an empty coffin open? On the one hand, it promises success in business, universal recognition, love, popularity among friends and acquaintances. Everyone wants to be with you, and you are dear to many. And on the other hand, despite all this, you feel a deep inner emptiness, you feel lonely and deserted. You are looking for your place in life and do not find it.

This means that you have come to a difficult period when you have to change something. Perhaps this will be a change of work, moving to another city, a change of partner. Try to choose the right direction, then you will soon be able to improve your life, both in personal and material spheres.

Who saw the dream: girl, woman or man

If a young girl sees a dream, then she will have a successful soon marriage. Why does a woman dream of an empty coffin without a lid - it promises happiness in family life, well-being and peace in the family. If she sees such an object in her house - you can be calm, it means the health of family and friends.

For a man, a dream will bring success in business and good career opportunities. Well, if the material from which the coffin is made is quite expensive. For example, if he is with a beautiful edging, gold patterns and studded with velvet. Then the man will have a very fast and incredibly high career take-off.

If you dreamed of a lot of coffins

The dream in which you saw a lot of coffins promises you good health and a long life.

Why empty coffins dream - oddly enough, this is a favorable dream that promises you good health. If you are unwell now, rejoice - soon the disease will recede. If the coffins are in the distance, and you are watching them, expect improvement in their financial situation. Pay attention to the appearance: decorated with gold carvings, a coffin upholstered in velvet, portends a large cash flow. The number of such coffins and their size are directly proportional to the amount of your future income.

It may happen that you see your name on one or several of them - such dreams promise loneliness and longing. You have accumulated a lot of unfinished business, you need to find the time and energy to finish them all. Then a new period of life will open, more successful in all areas. Perhaps you will find a new job, more interesting than the previous one, or meet your soul mate, if you are single, or some business that you tried to cope with for a long time will finally work out.

If you saw a lying dead man

Quite often, people wonder what the coffin with the dead man dreams of. Such a dream indicates the need to gather in the family circle. Perhaps one of the family members is sorely lacking in attention. In this case, a joint trip is the best option, and if this is not possible, then you can limit yourself to banal gatherings in the walls of the hearth over a cup of hot tea.

If you see someone from friends or relatives in the grave, then this person will have a successful period in his life. A close relative or acquaintance lying in an open coffin experiences strong love and affection for you in reality. You can safely rely on such a person in the most unexpected situation. To such people, dream books are recommended to show as much respect and attention as possible. A stranger, seen in a coffin, will tell the sleeping man about upcoming acquaintances with new people and even with his soulmate.

Whatever questions you might ask, for example: “Why does my grandmother dream in a coffin?”, “What does my father dream in a coffin?”, “What does my husband dream in a coffin?”, You will receive one answer that is identical to all questions. All of these kinds of dreams speak of a long and happy life of the person whom you saw in such a situation.

What color was the coffin upholstery?

A simple wooden coffin without frills will indicate a quick overcoming of difficulties and an easy solution to the problems created. Try to remember all your unfinished business and take the time to finish them. A wooden coffin with ropes indicates that you should be as careful as possible in everyday life, because an absurd movement can lead to serious injury due to a fall from a height.

The golden open coffin portends a tremendous success in life. It is even possible that the most cherished dream will come true much faster than you expected. Also, this dream speaks of a safe environment in the family circle. Feel free to forget about quarrels and scandals, because now you are not afraid of them. A family idyll and mutual understanding await you, and this, as you know, is the key to a happy life for any person.

If you dreamed of an empty red coffin, it means that serious changes are coming in your relationship with your loved one. It is possible that a new side will appear in your relationship that you have never noticed, or that you will have an unexpected joint journey that will forever remain in your memory. But remember that there are many envious people around. Your happiness can cause gossip and gossip behind your back. Do not worry too much, be indifferent to such situations, because indifference is the main weapon against envious people.

The black coffin promises a series of difficulties that you will have to overcome before completing the work you have begun. We saw ourselves in it - we won’t be able to avoid problems. You will feel lonely, it will seem that nobody needs you, the spleen will attack, and you can even get depressed. Remember that for the most part these are just your sensations that will pass sooner or later.

The coffin lid, seen in a dream separately from the subject itself, symbolizes minor illnesses that will overtake you in the near future. In such a situation, it is recommended to end all addictions, go in for sports and devote all your attention to your family.

Where exactly did you see this item?

To dream of an empty coffin in a carpentry workshop, as well as to assemble it yourself, means that everything is in your hands. There is probably a lot of energy in you now, perhaps even a mystical one. You can handle absolutely any business. Seeing an unfinished coffin during the assembly process is also a good sign. You will be warned in time about the impending danger, or someone from your distant acquaintances will bring you good news or give what you have long wanted.

If you have something in mind: a new project, marriage, a business plan, a trip - feel free to take it and don’t put it in a hurry. Such a dream portends that now is the time to take risks.

Carrying an empty coffin in a dream means that the attention of other people is very important for you, you want to attract it by any means, possibly even with unseemly acts and dishonest actions. But your actions are not thought out and often, even stupid. Perhaps the reasons for this behavior are that someone offended you and you want to prove your worth in any way. Stop, don't do it. It can end very badly.

A closed coffin, like an open coffin, can indicate good health.

A coffin that fell in a dream is a good sign. Unpleasant events and illnesses in the near future will bypass you. A favorable environment is being formed for the embodiment of their wildest desires. In professional terms, significant changes are also expected, for the better.

A dream with an empty coffin in your home means that some of the household members will have a good time, for example, a spouse will get promoted, or the child will pass the exam well. If someone in the family is sick, then this is a good omen that promises recovery to a sick person.

To dream of an empty open coffin standing in a church means that you offend someone with your actions. Perhaps this is unintentional, but the other person really hurt and hurt. You need to reconsider your behavior towards relatives and friends.

A coffin buried in a pit may be dreamed of by a person who in the near future will encounter difficulties in the physical plane. Perhaps this will be a sudden injury, because of which it will be necessary to postpone all important matters. It is worth being as careful as possible in everyday life, limiting yourself to significant physical exertion.

To see a living person in the grave: interpretation according to different dream books

  • Children's dream book. The familiar living person in the grave means that soon this person will commit a bad and condemnable act, but it will be better for you to forgive this person, since the breakdown will be extremely difficult.
  • Love dream book. Seeing someone you know in the coffin is feeling inconvenient and misunderstanding in your relationship. If you value this person, the time has come to clarify your relationship - now is the most favorable period for this.
  • Dream Book of Azar. To see a living person in a coffin is an expansion of the house, an increase in the family. A stranger is sleeping in a coffin - someone is slandering behind your back, but it will not harm you. To see a photograph with the funeral of a living person - respect for old age, will have to help close relatives.
  • Big dream book. Fear of communication. Soon you will feel a sense of awkwardness, you will not be able to find the right words, you will feel at ease. To see how the dead man rises from the grave - a temperamental interlocutor suppresses you with his activity in the conversation.
  • Italian dream book Meneghetti. Cessation of communication due to a quarrel. A man will upset you, offend you. Crying at a funeral is betraying or committing an unacceptable act, such as a crime. If the coffin is closed and you don’t see, but only know about who is inside - perhaps a person’s misunderstanding, unfounded insults.
  • Dream interpretation of the XXI century. A dream in which you see a dead person in a tomb in reality a living person, means that a new hobby harms your health.
  • Indian dream book. A warning that you have undertaken an unprofitable or impossible task that could lead to disappointment and material and moral losses. A close person comes to you in a dream to support and cheer up, believing that everything will work out.
  • Online dream book. The dream in which you see the deceased father in the tomb is a warning. Sleep can talk about an impending illness that will be associated with the head.
  • Slavic dream book. Your Spirit has formed and received a proper place in your paradigm. You have formed as a person and are ready for actions worthy of heroes. Browse your current occupation and take it to the next level.
  • Intimate dream book. Hypochondria, suspiciousness. To see and be scared - to face the sad consequences of self-medication. Mourn is a nervous disease. To see a familiar person in a coffin - You are undeservedly condemning this person.
  • Russian folk dream book. Boredom, longing. Communication with an ordinary person. Attendance at a funeral - to take part in a long and boring event, painful duties. To see a friend in the grave is no longer interesting for you to communicate with this person.
  • Dream Interpretation of spiritual seekers. Seeing a dead buddy, a family member - a breakdown or loss of a favorite thing.
  • Imperial dream book. Seeing a familiar person in a coffin in a dream is bad news about him. This person in the near future can commit a terrible act that will break your relationship. A person rising from the tomb is a sure sign that your unflattering opinion about him is false.
  • Psychoanalytic dream book. If you see a person lying in a coffin, then he is a symbol of change. It can be changes in the weather, changes in your personal life or career. Perhaps something exciting today will soon lose its meaning for you.
  • Children's dream book. A dead man in a coffin is a sign of a crime or public court. You may soon witness a crime or immoral act. If the deceased is familiar to you, in the future the act of this person will cause your condemnation.
  • Mythological dream book. An open coffin is a warning that you should not start new things until you complete the old ones. If one of your friends is in the grave, then it's time to put things in order not only in business, but also in your relations with loved ones.
  • Dream interpretation of Druids. A loved one in the grave is the forgiveness of someone who is offending you now. A stranger in the grave and you can’t see the face - adding to the family, new love. Closed coffin - an unresolved issue will cease to bother you.
  • Sonnik Grishina. Seeing your mother dead in a coffin in a dream is a crisis of communication with her mother. You are losing a kinship and understanding. It is necessary to resolve the conflict or find a way to understand each other, otherwise the breakdown may become irreversible. It is highly likely that your dream is encouraged to ponder and simply enjoy life.

Interpretation of meaning in various dream books: Miller, Wangi, Freud and others

According to almost every dream book, an empty open coffin symbolizes the end of an important stage in life. In this case, it is worth completely trusting the higher powers, gaining spiritual energy and being ready for new twists of fate. Perhaps those people who were close to you will show themselves completely from the opposite side in the future, and work that brings moral satisfaction will become uninteresting and boring.

It is also worth paying attention to the emotions experienced in the dream.If there was a fear of death, then the past has completely exhausted itself as a result of the lifestyle you lead. It's time to radically change your life, devote time to self-knowledge, play sports and, finally, quit boring work. Often a person is afraid of change, not even suspecting that fate had long ago reserved for him a huge number of interesting prospects.

Dream Wanga - you feel lonely

Bury an empty coffin in a cemetery - you can change your life with your own hands.

The seer said that a person who saw such a dream needs to change himself, his habits and his character, perhaps even his sphere of communication. Perhaps you feel a strong loneliness, emotional discomfort, you are sad, and you do not know who to turn to. Nobody seems to need you, and nobody loves you. But as soon as you decide on a change, your mood will change.

If you dream about taking part in a funeral, this symbolizes your bad and unjustifiably offensive behavior towards someone. Be attentive to others and do not offend other people. If you see yourself standing above the coffin or covering it, or burying it, you will do everything you can to change the circumstances for the better.

Freud's Dream Book - Check Your Health

The psychoanalyst linked the image of the coffin with the female reproductive and genital organs. Therefore, if a woman sees the coffin in an empty dream, it means future illness or infertility. A closed coffin indicates a possible pregnancy. In male dreams, this is a symbol of great sexual desire. If a man sees himself lying inside - this portends a very bright new romantic relationship and new strong relationships with the fair sex.

Modern dream book - you will encounter obstacles

Most often, an open empty coffin in a dream speaks of great future changes. If you saw yourself inside - some big project may not work out, because something will seriously hinder you. If the coffin was with the lid closed, then it is better not to tackle important matters at all - success will be extremely difficult. See someone else lying inside - expect great cares, hassle and a lot of problems that will require your intervention and great work.

Dream interpretation of Nina Grishina - implementation of plans will slow down

In the dream book of the astrologer Nina Grishina, such dreams have several interpretations,

  • If you dream of a coffin open and empty, then the life of your loved one or friend is threatened by a serious illness,
  • We saw ourselves inside - such a dream speaks of existing barriers that will interfere with the implementation of your plans,
  • To see inside the dead man is to commit unpleasant acts or to fear something.

Dream Interpretation Hasse - expect bad news

According to some dream books, an open empty coffin symbolizes difficulties and obstacles.

Based on the interpretations of Hasse, if you saw a wooden coffin in a dream, this indicates future difficulties in life. The dream interpretation calls not to stop when faced with obstacles, but to show strength of character and perseverance, the only way to achieve your goal.

To look inside the coffin - to troubles, to be inside - to a long and carefree life.

Seeing a few people take the coffin out of the house may mean you should expect some bad news. Perhaps this will be connected with one of the close relatives, who will suddenly overtake a terrible disease.

In this case, it is recommended to show maximum interest in the life of each of the representatives of the family circle, because it is possible that timely intervention can prevent a terrible tragedy.


No matter how strange it may sound, but to see an open empty coffin in a dream is a good sign in most cases. After all, such a dream symbolizes changes in your everyday life, and from time to time, any person needs to change the situation, activity and rhythm of life. No need to be afraid, but you need to accept it and try to make these changes pleasant and less painful for yourself. We wish you good luck and good dreams!

See the dead man - Wangi's Dream Book

A dream with a dead person is interpreted by Wanga as a harbinger of injustice to the dreamer.

If there were many deceased in a dream - this is a warning about a major disaster or tragedy.

If in the role of the deceased turned out to be a close friend - it is a harbinger of change in life. It is important to listen carefully to everything the deceased says, as this will make a deep sense.

General interpretation of dreams about the coffin

Most often, the dead predict the change of weather. The presence of a coffin is optional, it does not matter for interpretation. It is also considered the forerunner of pleasant changes: useful purchases, good guests.

The usual plots of dreams about the dead:

  • the deceased comes to life
  • the dead man begins to speak
  • the dead man rolls over, moves in every way,
  • just had a funeral
  • someone is buried alive
  • funeral service for the deceased
  • the dead man opens his eyes.

An ongoing funeral portends a change. The situation, the weather in a dream suggest the type of future changes. A sunny day promises favorable events, rain and bad weather threaten with sad events. Carry the coffin of a deceased friend in the rain (in reality he is alive) - wait for betrayal. A funeral awake alive promises longevity. To bury a living close acquaintance - soon he will help to resolve difficulties, he will significantly support.

The dead man opened his eyes - a warning: a former acquaintance will come up. The dream has an additional interpretation: painful memories will soon cease to pester, the soul will feel relief.

A dream funeral threatens a failed marriage. Such a dream before the wedding is a direct warning, do not rush. A similar plot is dreaming of self-doubt individuals who call into question the choice of a partner.

The deceased male portends to the girls an early date, the groom will be found. The old man promises the groom older than the dreamer, the young - the same age. The richer the dress, the more luxurious the decoration - the richer the man will be in reality.

To a married lady, a vision promises an admirer, a lover. A man will see a dead man - they will help to overcome tormenting problems, a dead woman predicts happiness. The ill dreamer kisses the dead man - recovery is near.

What does own funeral mean?

Attend your own funeral - waiting for longevity, prosperity. If until this moment the dreamer was tormented by the solution of problems, the dream promises a quick, painless solution. Revive - begins a new happy streak of life. A new place awaits a man, promotion, a girl - marriage.

Lie down in a coffin, accidentally fall - sad news, events are coming. The fall warns - someone close conceived a betrayal. Solving problems that have become awake will require a lot of effort. Just lying, sitting on the lid - the dream has 2 interpretations. First: it’s time to finish what’s begun, to “bury the problem." Second: dangerous troubles begin.

Why dream of a coffin with a deceased relative

The death of loved ones and the longing for loss usually respond with painful dreams that make you relive difficult moments. There are only one way to get rid of such visions: let go of grief. Find the strength to live on, heal the wound from loss.

In addition to direct interpretation, a dream can warn:

  • to see the deceased brother - someone needs the help of a sleeping person, later he will thank a hundredfold,
  • the deceased relative gives advice - remembering in reality his words, following them, you can avoid trouble,
  • a relative got out of the coffin - there are bad people nearby, bad influence is high, friends may turn away, the dreamer will be without support,
  • hug the deceased cousin - change is near,
  • kiss the dead - let go of fears
  • to accept the gift of the dead - promises profit, to give - deprivation, loss,
  • the rarest interpretation - the dead man portends unexpected guests.

The church needs to remember the dead man after such a dream, preferably at the grave, to order a memorial service.

What is the dream of a dead father in a coffin

I had a dream about a dead father, burying him is an important dream. Dream Interpretations advise to especially note the circumstances, the behavior of others, the dead man, his own feelings.

Details are important:

  • it's time to count money, home finances sing romances - it's time to put an end to slackness,
  • the plan threatens with risks, the result of an adventure is not worth the effort,
  • subconscious remorse requires a way out, it's time to ask for forgiveness, to confess, to lighten the soul in every way, things will get better right away,
  • the deceased father is considered a warning, the family is in danger, it is time to rally, support loved ones,
  • the longer the funeral procession - the more troubles to expect
  • dad came to life - wait for important guests,
  • crying dead - beware of troubles, sorrows.

Interpreters also believe that a woman's deceased father is a warning: it is time to reconsider goals, behavior, the wrong path has been chosen.

Islamic Dream Man Dead

To bury a dead man in a coffin according to this dream book means a new acquaintance with a person who will provide material assistance to the dreamer.

  1. If no one carries the coffin, this is a bad sign foreshadowing imprisonment.
  2. If in a dream it was possible to carry the coffin with the deceased on your own - this is to increased authority among friends and excellent profits.
  3. If the dreamer is in the role of a deceased, this is a symbol of quick enrichment.


For a future mother, after such a dream, first of all, you need to listen to your feelings in a dream:

  1. If in a dream the dreamer experienced fear and discomfort, the dream book recommends visiting a gynecologist and beware, because a dream can be a warning about a miscarriage or a difficult birth.
  2. If there were no negative feelings in a dream, there will be a serene favorable period ahead and problems will remain in the past.

Interpretations of sleep about an open coffin with a deceased depending on the details

Depending on where the coffin with the deceased is located in a dream:

  • in the house - to the long-awaited meeting with relatives,
  • on the street - to the disclosure of the secrets of the dreamer by ill-wishers.

Depending on how many dreamed open coffins with the dead:

  • a lot - to feel unwell in the coming days.

Depending on the actions:

  • to see an open coffin with a relative - to the bad news,
  • open the coffin indoors - to exit a difficult situation.

TOP 5 negative values

  1. Carry an open coffin with a dead man into the house dreaming of a dangerous situation.
  2. Putting him on a bench and reading a prayer - to a feeling of guilt for a perfect misconduct.
  3. Dropping him in church is at risk of injury.
  4. To bring in a hearse - to troubles due to excessive frankness.
  5. Saying goodbye to the dead and closing the lid of the coffin is stressful.

What is the dream of an open coffin with a dead man according to Miller’s dream book?

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream portends an awkward situation at work.

  • an open coffin with a deceased mother dreams of a conflict with a loved one,
  • father - for a long journey,
  • a stranger - to commit a rash act,
  • distant relative - to an unpleasant surprise.

What does it mean if you dreamed of an open coffin with a dead person, according to Freud’s dream book?

Interpretations from Freud's dream book:

  • to make an open coffin with a dead man on the street dreams of fulfilling all desires,
  • bring to church - to the betrayal of a loved one,
  • put into the grave - to the need to make an important decision,
  • to dig in - to fatigue from work.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus

According to the dream book of Nostradamus, such a dream portends success in the business begun.

  • an open coffin with a dead father dreams of a protracted depression,
  • grandfather - to the deterioration of well-being,
  • the other is the risk of making a serious mistake,
  • brother - to a new romantic relationship,
  • uncles - to the respect of others.


A stranger lying in a coffin is dreaming of life changes. A change of work, sphere of activity, or breakdown of relations with a sexual partner is likely.

If the coffin is in the dreamer's house, a series of quarrels and conflicts with households will soon come.


A terrible dream in which a deceased loved one was seen has the following interpretation:

  • father - you should pay attention to the financial issue,
  • mother - ahead of problems with business partners or children,
  • grandmother - a serious decision is yet to be made. In a dream, grandmother needs to be heeded, because they can be prophetic,
  • hug the dead man - for big changes, kiss - get rid of complexes and fears.

(Revived) alive in a coffin

  1. If in a dream the dead person suddenly came to life, the dreamer should prepare for the visit of unexpected guests.
  2. Also, a dream can be interpreted as an opportunity to make large profits in reality.
  3. If a dead person, rising from a coffin, has entered into a conversation with a dreamer, this is a bad sign foreshadowing serious misfortunes and troubles. The earlier the conversation with the dead was interrupted, the easier it will be to overcome all the misfortunes.

Dream interpretation Kananita

According to the dream book of Kananita, such a dream portends longing for loved ones.

  • an open white coffin with a dead man dreams of minor troubles,
  • red - to a happy family life,
  • black - to worries about the health of relatives.

  • an open coffin with a dead person and death with a scythe - to favorable changes.

Aesop's Dream Interpretation

According to Aesop's dream book, this dream reflects vain worries about the health of relatives.

  • an open coffin with the deceased father dreams of unpleasant conversations,
  • mother - to the intrigues in the team,
  • brother - to the accusations of others,
  • sister - to the help of loved ones.


The resurrected dead - to the resolution of the old hidden conflict between the dreamer and his loved one:

  1. If the resurrected looked great and was in a good mood - the conflict will be resolved peacefully and both sides will be satisfied with the decision.
  2. If the resurrected caused horror or tried to attack the dreamer - during the communication there will be long disputes and new disagreements between the parties.


The naked dead man is a messenger of a series of troubles and misfortunes in the near future.

  • if the deceased is in the dreamer's house on the bare floor and no funeral ceremonies are held, this is an inevitable symbol of loss,
  • if the dreamer saw himself in the role of a naked dead man - this indicates a speedy release from oppressive obligations and duties,
  • if the dreamer was lying on the cold floor, serious financial problems and poverty lay ahead.

In an open coffin

If a pacified deceased lies in an open sepulcher, this portends the transition of the deceased's life achievements to the dreamer in reality. It is also likely to receive an inheritance or news from distant relatives.

  1. If the deceased was a wealthy person - this is to improve the financial situation,
  2. if the deceased was poor, losses and expenses are ahead.

In a closed coffin

This dream means that the sleeping person in real life is trying to erase from memory or hide from others the unpleasant situation that occurred through his fault. If the coffin with the deceased is opened in a dream, all the secrets and secrets of the dreamer will be known to the public.

To dream of a coffin with a dead man is a symbol that scares many people. However, according to most dream books, he does not prophesy death or serious illness. As a rule, if a dream has a negative meaning, these are small current troubles in the dreamer's life, which they will soon be able to overcome.


Loff's dream book parses such stories:

  1. An empty box hints at the spiritual poverty of the sleeper. It is necessary to spend energy on self-development. Closed - the presence of a secret. If it becomes known to the general public, trouble will happen.
  2. Putting an unfamiliar woman in him - to sudden changes, a man - to the planned ones.
  3. A friend appeared in it, a loved one - a harbinger of trouble.
  4. Carry or see the deceased in a wooden box - financial growth.
  5. The dead man came to life, moves, opened his eyes, wants to get out - guests will come.

Wash the deceased, his new "home" is a bad sign. There will be death in the family.

Why does mom dream in a coffin

To bury mother in reality is painful and difficult, such a dream also leaves painful sensations. The deceased mother in all dream books is considered a harbinger of impending problems.

Key Interpretations:

  • family troubles, the dreamer stopped trusting the partner,
  • fears hinder finding the right path, darken the future,
  • children will cause trouble, require attention,
  • the dreamer will experience maternal feelings when she sees a new acquaintance.

The deceased mother portends the disease, asks to take care of her health. Also, the dream has a joyous decoding - we should expect good news.

Healer of Akulina's Dream Interpretation

Deciphering from the dream book of the healer of Akulina:

  • to see in a dream how an open coffin with a dead person is brought into the house - to the disease,
  • to the church - to the experiences
  • to the ritual bus - to an unpleasant conversation.

Why does a woman dream in a coffin

What is the dream of an open coffin with a dead person if there is a woman inside? Such a dream is a warning. Obstacles hinder the execution of the plan, you should be more persistent, give your best. Trouble ahead, intrigues, slander, gossip are possible. The dreamer needs less trust in random people, to get together, to correctly assess the situation.

English dream book

According to the English dream book, such a dream promises to receive moral support from close friends.

  • to see in his house an open coffin with a dead man dreams of success in any undertakings,
  • in someone else’s - to change life priorities,
  • on the street - to sever relations with an obsessive person,
  • in the cemetery - to participate in a dubious matter.

Chinese dream book

This source of interpretation sees a positive sign in the domino with the dead. Namely:

  1. Standing indoors, in an apartment or in a large hall is a joy in view of getting rid of disturbing factors.
  2. To bring from the street into the room - career prospects. If there is a husband in him, then he will be appointed to a high position (for a woman).
  3. Floating on water - wealth. His wife is in him - she will receive an inheritance.
  4. The new, beautiful domino you ordered or buy means getting rid of your suffering.
  5. By itself, it soars from the grave pit - happiness.
  6. The dead man got out of the box - prosperity.

Misfortune prophesies the image of a conversation with a corpse in the Chinese dream book.

Why dream of a dead grandmother in a coffin

Dreamed of a deceased grandmother? You should remember the words spoken, behavior. A good mood, a smile, affectionate speeches will succeed in completing a long-standing affair. Grandmother came to life, crying - the family is in danger, it's time to smooth out conflicts.

To bury, to visit a cemetery, to hear a bell ringing - to wait for sad news.

A deceased grandmother may also dream when:

  • serious matters will require the dreamer's decisions,
  • the subconscious mind wants to give useful advice through her lips.

Why dream of coffins and alien funerals

Watching someone else’s funeral in your dreams is a bad dream. Popular interpretations promise a variety of troubles, the severity of which depends on the plot details.

  • just to watch the funeral - difficulties will begin, because someone harbored dislike,
  • poor funeral, modestly dressed dead man - circumstances will turn out well, on the contrary, a rich pompous farewell, a luxurious coffin - it’s a bad thing, someone will try to spoil the reputation, the dreamer will lose the trust of important people,
  • people grieve, cry, the stronger - the better the circumstances, in front of a strip of peace, prosperity,
  • grieve for himself - the dreamer is cleansed by the soul, begins anew.

Genuine grief promises business success, inner peace, insight.
For a single man to attend a funeral - an ambulance.

The crowded procession is a bad sign, the dreamer will have to overcome many obstacles.

Clear weather portends an amendment to the financial situation.

Miller interpretation

Miller's dream book gives the following explanation of why the coffin with the deceased is open. The dreamer will have to experience repenting of committed evil deeds, a high risk of getting sick, and a big quarrel.

With your own hand, close the lid, hammer with nails - eliminate some personal flaw, overcome the vice. Victory over oneself, with small passions poisoning existence, is what a closed coffin with a dead man dreams of.

It's time to relax

An open lid may be a harbinger of a festive mood, a favorable event. If the dreamer is an avid fisherman, hunter, dream promises rich prey, mushroom pickers will also be lucky.

In a dream, a good man died, relatively familiar? Important news should be expected.

Who saw

It is important to consider the age, profession, condition of the dreamer.

Seeing a dead man in a coffin without a lid promises:

  • it’s time for the elderly to take stock of life,
  • family will improve material condition,
  • young single - the wedding is coming,
  • the farmer must be wary of the safety of crops, the risk of crop failure, mortality of livestock is high
  • businessman is waiting for a financial trap, runs the risk of collecting debts,
  • lover waiting for an unhappy marriage.

How did you feel

A coffin without a lid is a hint: there is some kind of work for the completion of which a little remains, the final touch.

Experienced emotions will allow to more fully interpret what was seen. Rejoice, experience happiness, rise - success will descend, everything will turn out. Sad, frightened - change will not please.

Do not hurry

The subconscious mind shows a willingness to change circumstances with a coffin stopped at home without a lid. They may relate to matters of material, family, love.

"Fresh" dead man promises a quick enrichment. An open coffin is also considered a chance of promotion. However, if the dreamer conceived a new, not yet fully verified project, the omen becomes bad, circumstances can turn against, the rice of failure is high.

Caution will not hurt

Close dreamed of the dead - a difficult vision, but auspicious. The dreamer will live a long happy life, wait for his grandchildren. A man who has come to life, crawled out of the grave, predicts the arrival of guests from afar.

Stranger dead turned in a dream? You should be careful to be attentive to everything that happens.

Other interpretations

A living dead relative is considered a reminder of the need to complete forgotten, deferred affairs.

Dead people can mean:

  • to see the dead - changes are coming,
  • crowds of mourners, many wreaths, flowers - friends will invite you to come off,
  • vigil at the tomb, to carry it - the opportunity to travel will turn up
  • to wash the body - soon to experience pleasure,
  • the dead lie neatly nearby - a career will accelerate, wealth will roll over,
  • closing the lid - a lot of money,
  • remove the lid, talk - there is trouble
  • the dead man fell out - wait for trouble.

List of used literature:

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  • Eliade M. Myths, Dreams, Mysteries. Per. from English - M.: REFL-book, 1996.
  • Jung K. G. Memoirs, Dreams, Thoughts. Per. with him. - Kiev: AirLand, 1994.

Big dream book of Phoebe

According to Phoebe's dream book, this dream can portend the theft of a valuable thing.

  • open coffin with deceased grandmother dreams of new responsibilities at work,
  • grandfather - to the disease,
  • another - to a serious conversation with the boss,
  • a stranger to solving problems.

Islamic dream book

Interpretations from the Islamic dream book:

  • look at a dead person lying in an open coffin, dreaming of important changes in life,
  • and cry - to problems in marriage,
  • to come and close his eyes - to useless pastime.

Russian dream book

According to the Russian dream book, such a dream portends small difficulties.

  • to carry an open coffin with a dead man dreams of false accusations from ill-wishers,
  • to put on the ground - to the long-awaited meeting with relatives,
  • drop - to reward for the labors.

Slavic dream book

Values ​​from the Slavic dream book:

  • an open coffin with a dead man in white clothes dreams of overcoming obstacles,
  • in black - to a little trouble,
  • in torn - to an accident.

Ukrainian dream book

According to the Ukrainian dream book, such a dream can promise problems at work.

  • an open coffin with his late father dreams of unpleasant events,
  • mother - to difficulties in communicating with relatives,
  • grandmother - to the deterioration of reputation,
  • grandfather - to worry about a loved one.

Family dream book

Family Dream Interpretations:

  • walking past an open coffin with a dead man dreams of bankruptcy,
  • look at him - to participate in social activities,
  • and experiencing fear - to self-doubt.

Esoteric dream book

According to the Esoteric dream book, this dream is a harbinger of conflict with colleagues.

  • to carry an open coffin with a dead person dreams of making an important decision,
  • put it on the bench - to achieve goals,
  • drop - to an unsuccessful romance,
  • close - to move to another city.


Representatives of the ancient people attributed the stories of the deceased to unfavorable. They foreshadow all kinds of misfortunes. If a living dead person reaches out to a sleeping person, the latter will end up in dangerous circumstances. The sarcophagus is driven past - miraculously you will be saved from robbers, fire or hooligans. It’s the punishment for a nasty deed done before to drag the trund to itself, to bring it to the church.

Attention: prophetic dreams come not only from Thursday to Friday. Lunar day and other factors matter.

Dream Interpretation by Numbers: Interpretation Table

Day of the monthValues
1To betrayal by a loved one
2To success at work
3To start your own business
4To a relative's illness
5To participate in a dubious case
6To trouble during a business trip
7To misappropriation of other people's merits
8To meet an old friend
9To a lifestyle change
10To boredom and useless pastime
11To depression or fatigue
12To the illness of the child
13To quarrels and misunderstandings with family members
14To frustration and worries
15To difficult choice
16To a fun party
17To sadness and disappointment
18To move
19To break the relationship with a partner
20To replenish in the family
21To new acquaintances
22To the conflict with relatives
23To public humiliation
24To an unpleasant conversation with a loved one
25To a rash act
26To inheritance
27To the deterioration of health
28To losses
29To loss of trust in relation to a loved one
30To lingering apathy
31To the conflict with the leader

Dream interpretation for women

  • to a virgin, an open coffin with a dead person dreams of trouble
  • unmarried girl - for an affair with a man who will be married,
  • pregnant - to a favorable period in life,
  • the bride - to worry about the health of relatives,
  • married woman - to cheating on her husband,
  • elderly - to vain experiences.

Dream interpretation for men

  • to an unmarried guy, an open coffin with a dead man dreams of insults from others,
  • the groom - to a quarrel with the bride and her relatives,
  • to a married man - to dissatisfaction with family life,
  • divorced - to solve problems,
  • an elderly man - to have a good time.

Moon Dream Book

Interpretations depending on the phase of the moon:

  • in the full moon, an open coffin with a dead man dreams of helping relatives in a difficult situation,
  • at the new moon - to the period of stability,
  • to the growing moon - to the denial of help from relatives,
  • on decreasing - to the appearance of an opponent.

Intimate dream book

According to the Intimate dream book, such a dream portends participation in an adventure.

  • an open coffin with a deceased relative dreams of communicating with unpleasant people,
  • a stranger to sadness and worries
  • loved one - to problems at work.

  • for a married woman, such a dream is a harbinger of conflict with her husband.

Summer dream book

According to the Summer Dream Book, such a dream symbolizes fears of life's difficulties.

  • an open coffin with a dead man in a black suit dreams of problems in the family,
  • in white - to the praise of the leader,
  • in very dirty - to move.

Autumn dream book

Interpretations from the Autumn Dream Book:

  • look at the dead man lying in an open coffin, dreaming of a conflict with the leader,
  • and read a prayer - to solve old problems,
  • and cry - to a period of calm,
  • and laugh - to successfully overcome obstacles to the goal.

Home dream book

According to the Home Dream Book, such a dream portends a bankruptcy of a business.

  • to see in the house an open coffin with a dead person dreaming of unpleasant events,
  • on the street - to deception from others,
  • in church - to undue risk,
  • in the cemetery - fortunately.

Dream Interpretation of the subconscious

According to the dream book of the Subconscious, such a dream promises to overcome financial difficulties.

  • to look at a deceased relative lying in an open coffin, dreaming of deceit,
  • to a stranger - to small troubles,
  • on the enemy - to doubts about the correctness of the choice made.

Dream Interpretation by day of the week

Value depending on the day of the week:

  • on Monday, an open coffin with a dead man dreams of an unhappy marriage,
  • Tuesday, to causeless anxiety,
  • on Wednesday - to tears,
  • on Thursday - to disrupt plans,
  • on Friday - to meet new people,
  • on Saturday - the need to correct other people's mistakes at work,
  • on Sunday - to a conflict with a friend.

Interpretation according to different dream books

Dream Interpreter Grishina

A vision in a dream of a dead man in a coffin - it is the personification of the dreamer's fear, longing and oppression, his confused state of mind. Carrying the coffin on your hands (or shoulders) itself portends profit, financial well-being. To put together a coffin with one's own hand indicates an increase in the career ladder, success in training.

Lying in a coffin means that a person misses his education, his student years. This also suggests that the dreamer lacks information to solve a problem.. In this case, you should not be proud, but it is better to go for advice to a more knowledgeable, experienced person.

Be a dead man in a dream over which friends and relatives cry indicates obstacles to the intended goal. To see a closed coffin that is buried in the ground means an incident that the dreamer tries to forget, but cannot.

Dig a strange grave in a dream, open a coffin with a dead man predicts the speedy disclosure of any secret, secret. The dreamer must remember that sooner or later everything secret becomes public domain, therefore, it will be necessary to prepare morally and financially for the disclosure of some of its secrets.

Dream Interpretation Sheminsky

See the iconic living person in a coffin as a dead man portends luck to the dreamer and good relations with the dreamed subject. For young people in love, such a dream portends a soon marriage.

Married people a dream predicts success in business and getting a profitable, profitable offer. Being in the place of a dead person alone means that in reality the dreamer will be able to safely complete the long-begun work.

Dream interpretation of Felomen

I dreamed of an unfamiliar dead man in a coffin - it is a harbinger of financial profit, improving financial standing. If the deceased cries in the coffin, this calls on the dreamer to exercise caution and discretion, because events will soon occur that will knock the soil out from under his feet.

Seeing an open coffin without a lid with a dead person means that dreamers expect great misfortunes in reality. Losing the coffin lid or breaking it means that the person’s plans will be successfully realized.

Closed coffin indicates failure, the dreamer's hidden excitement. The living dead speaks of an unexpected, unplanned arrival of guests.It is also possible to increase a person’s income, receive a bonus or other cash reward.

If the dead man is in a dream came to life right in the coffin, this portends the receipt of positive emotions - a meeting with old friendshappy holiday and so on. To see how a dead man turns over in a coffin means developing current affairs, receiving an unexpected surge of strength, inspiration in creative accomplishments.

A large number of dead in coffins indicates that soon the dreamer's life will change dramatically, but which direction is still unknown. Two coffins with the dead indicate a difficult choice between the two options in reality. Perhaps this choice is related to the sphere of romantic relations.

Personally carry the coffin with the dead promises the sleeper successSuccessful completion of an enterprise. But nothing is given just like that, and to achieve the result, you need to make an effort and time.

Family dream book

See a coffin with a dead person in a house portends a failed marriage, family destruction, unhappy, even tragic love. See yourself in the place of the dead warns of serious illness or a breakdown in relationships with loved ones, possibly even stopping communication for many years.

Carry a coffin on his shoulders suggests that the dreamer is “driven” at work, that he is very tired due to many duties and deeds. Such a work schedule can adversely affect the health of the sleeper.

Gypsy dream book

Sleeping with a dead man in a coffin predicts a person a long life and good health, the extension of youth. A dead man who has come to life in a coffin foreshadows the appearance of many troubles in the life of a sleeping person in his personal and family life.

English dream book

Open coffin portends great misfortunes, sorrows and sorrows in life. The dream book indicates that such troubles cannot be avoided and that you will have to come to terms with your fate.

Seeing cheap, wooden, poorly knocked-down coffin indicates poverty, the dreamer's poor position. If the coffin is expensive, luxurious, made of gold, then this predicts success and wealth, a lucky chance that will come from another country.

Dream Book of Zhou-Gong

To see a living dead in a dream - it means that soon the dreamer will receive guests in his house. Also, such a dream indicates a speedy move of the dreamer, a change of scenery. To see how a beautiful, luxurious coffin is being buried in the ground means a calm, measured life, as well as making any profit.

To see how a dead man rises from a coffin, starts a conversation with people present at the funeral, portends any misfortune, a black stripe in life. In dreams, you should not start a conversation with the dead, otherwise you can incur numerous troubles and trials.

Seeing yourself in the place of a dead man in a coffin - to a happy outcome, to success in his personal life. A dead child in a coffin indicates an addition to the family, as well as an early wedding.

Modern dream book

See the risen dead man speaks of impending danger, of insult inflicted on a vengeful man who will certainly strike back. Also, the dreamer may be threatened with an accident or an attack by criminals.

Crying dead means an upcoming quarrel with relatives, a high-profile family scandal. The conflict will have many unpleasant consequences, even negatively affect the state of mind of the dreamer.

Corpse with open eyes in a coffin predicts monetary profit from an unexpected angle - it will be a pretty pleasant and profitable surprise. In addition, a dream indicates the acquisition of new things in the house or receiving expensive gifts from someone.

Deceased from a coffin indicates the dreamer’s longing for early departed loved ones, by unwillingness to let them go, say goodbye to them.

Deceased relatives

Sleep with a deceased relative has several meanings: on the one hand, a dream portends troubles and problems, loss of material resources, on the other hand, it is a warning about the imminent danger of life and health of a dreamer, and on the third, it reflects the longing of a sleeping person for a dead person, unwillingness to let go of a deceased person.

Grandmother or grandfather dreams of any important event in life, you should pay attention to the environment and the financial side of things. Seeing a deceased mother or a dead father in a dream warns of health problems - the dreamer needs to undergo a medical examination in the near future.

The deceased brother or sister in a dream indicates that a loved one in reality needs the support and assistance of a sleeping person. The deceased friend or girlfriend means that the dreamer needs to listen to someone’s advice in reality and follow it.

In a dream, resurrecting a deceased relative means, in fact, some person exerts a bad, harmful influence on the dreamer. In this period of life, it is better for the sleeper not to start any enterprises, not to enter into new romantic relationships and not to invest large sums of money in dubious matters.

A dream in which a dead relative lies in a coffin, talks about the injustice that the dreamer faced in his life. This also indicates a possible fraud, even fraud by a friend.

Kissing a dead person means to part with your fears and phobias, lose doubt and become more confident. To go after the dead somewhere - to depression, a serious illness and even their own death. Seeing several dead relatives at once indicates the instability of the human nervous system, the development of his mental illness.

A dream in which the dreamer takes something from the hands of the deceased, portends a long life.

Correction of values ​​on gender and dreamer's state

Maturity of a person’s psyche, his experience, level of tasks to be solved have a significant influence on night images. It is customary to take these factors into account when forming interpretations:

  1. To a married lady, the deceased man indicates the presence of a secret admirer. If desired, she can have an affair on the side, which will experience true happiness.
  2. It is not good for family people to see a dead man who jumped out of their grave and swears terribly. This is a sign of a great scandal.
  3. For men, plots are recommended to rely on sincere friends in difficulties. Those of the dreamer are clearly available.
  4. A pregnant woman does not need to be wary of dreams.

An unmarried dead man prophesies an early wedding. The groom describes the following details:

  • the guy is in the domino - the peer will get caught,
  • the old man is covered with a rich shroud - an older man with a fortune,
  • the deceased careless vow - the poor man will make an offer,
  • in the grave of a lady - the wedding will break,
  • cover near the house - an unexpected date and a swift declaration of love.

Children's dreams of a funeral are interpreted negatively. This is an indicator of the presence of offspring of internal problems, improper attitudes, fears.

Living dead

A deceased person rising from a coffin in a dream is a favorable sign, foreshadowing the receipt of money and the solution to many of the dreamer's material problems. To see how a coffin with a living dead is floating on water, it prophesies receiving not just a large, but a huge amount of money.

If a dead person jumps out of a coffin, then this, on the contrary, portends poverty and lower social status. It is possible that the dreamer will lose his job or be left without a livelihood, so it is worth preparing for difficult times.

A crying dead man points to trouble, quarrels, and insignificant loss of money. If the risen dead man swears and curses those around him, this means that the sleeping person feels some kind of guilt before the dead person for mistakes that he is no longer able to correct.

To see how the dead man moves, but does not get up from the coffin, warns about the death of the dreamer himself or his loved one. If a dead man came to life and turns over in his grave, this indicates the return of old debts and the fulfillment of promises.

The deceased is talking in a dream with a dreamer - means, in reality, the sleeper neglects any advice or information received. Perhaps the man himself is afraid to admit to the revealed truth.

Many dead people

A lot of deceased in coffins is a sign of the completion of any phase in their lives, in particular, romantic relationships. For young free people, such a story means tying themselves up by marriage. A dream portends a married couple a comfortable life, well-being, and for people aged - receiving news from relatives.

Dead people in coffins in a church means obstacles and misfortunes, as well as getting into an accident, an accident. Also, a dream speaks of hard, but low-paying work that a person will have to do.

If many dead from coffins suddenly come to life, this prophesies the arrival of distant relatives. Seeing a large number of closed coffins - to the tragic events in life.

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